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WWF 2004

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Guest Prototype

Note: I'm a month or so in to my game, so instead of gong bckwards I'll post from where I'm at and if you have any questions abiut feuds, storylines, etc, just PM me.

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July 29, 2004

Your announcers are Michael Cole and Tazz

Cole: Welcome everyone to Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole along with Tazz, and partner, what a main event we have tonight.

Tazz: No doubt. Tempers will be boiling over for sure in this one, as WWF Champion Eddie Guerrero teams up with US champ John Cena to take on Booker T and Rene Dupree!

Cole: Both teams have no love lost for eachother, that’s for sure.

Michael and Tazz are interrupted by Booker T’s music as he and manager Teddy Long make their way to the ring.

Promo by Booker T

Booker: Last week, I proved to everyone that I am the best superstar in Smackdown today! I made believers out of all the doubters when I punk-slapped that sucka Eddie Guerrero and beat the WWF champion. I took that punk from pillar to post and gave him a one of a kind Booker T street beatdown! Ya see dawg, I wanted to take on Eddie like a man one on one and beat his ass fair and square. But Eddie took the cheap way out last week by not having the guts to get back in the ring with me and got himself counted out. So that way the belt stays on Eddie’s waist….for now. So what I want now is a rematch with Eddie for the title! I deserve a rematch and I won’t leave this ring until I get one. B’le that!


After a few moments of silence Kurt Angle’s music hits as he appears on the ramp with microphone in hand.

Angle Books a Match

Kurt: Booker, Booker, Booker. You know I was watching the match last week when you did in fact beat Eddie Guerrero. I saw the look in your eyes, the fire, the determination. I liked what I saw, Booker. And of course, leave it up to Eddie to ruin a great match and get himself counted out. He didn’t want anymore of the Book Man, oh it’s true! So Booker, you’re absolutely right. You deserve a rematch with Eddie, and as GM of Smackdown I’m going to make sure you get one. And you will get that rematch at SummerSlam! But it won’t be just any rematch. After last week, it’s obvious what Eddie’s strategy will be. So to make sure that Eddie can’t get himself counted out again, the match at SummerSlam, for the WWF Championship, will be a steel cage match!


Angle’s music hits as he makes his way back to the locker room as Booker and Teddy Long stand in the ring with big smiles on their faces.

Cole: What an announcement by Kurt Angle. At SummerSlam, Eddie Guerrero defends his WWF title against Booker T in a steel cage!

Tazz: SummerSlam is definitely heating up on the Smackdown side of things already Cole!

The music of JBL, John Bradshaw Layfield, hits the arena as the city slicker strides out to the ring for the next match.

JBL vs Hardcore Holly

Holly starts the match on the offensive, grappling with JBL and putting him down with s clothesline. Holly hits JBL with some stiff chops, backing him into a corner and whipping him into the other turnbuckle. JBL reverses another whip and hits Holly with a big boot. JBL slams Holly to the mat and tries for a powerbomb. Holly blocks it and backdrops JBL, followed by a nice dropkick and a side slam. Holly sets JBL up for the Alabama Slam, but JBL blocks it and turns it into a small package. Holding on to Holly’s tights, JBL gets the win and then hustles out of the ring while Holly looks on in anger.


Cole: JBL just stole a cheap victory from Hardcore Holly.

Tazz: And as much as I like JBL, I don’t think that result is gonna sit well with Holly. JBL always finds a way, though, Cole, you should know that. He’s a genius inside the ring and out!

We now go back to the interview area where Josh Matthews is standing by with Charlie Haas.

Interview with Charlie Haas

Josh: I’m standing here with Charlie Haas. Charlie, in recent weeks you seem to be having problems with RVD, saying yourself that you were going to use him as an example to take that next step in your career. Obviously RVD will have something to say about that.

Haas: The fact is, Josh, that it doesn’t matter what RVD says. Charlie Haas is on his way up the ladder here on Smackdown, and there’s nothing RVD can do about it. Why? Because you can’t hold down talent! I am the better wrestler, the better athlete, and the better susperstar than RVD could ever be. Let’s face it. RVD’s career is just about up in smoke, if you catch my drift. He has no concept of what it is to be a pure, natural athlete like Charlie Haas. He can only wish. So tonight I dedicate my match to Rob Van Dam. Pay attention Rob, because some day, if you try really hard, you might be able to become half the wrestler that I am!


With that Haas heads down towards the ring for his match.

Charlie Haas vs Billy Kidman

Haas starts off with some amateur wrestling moves, grabbing Kidman around the waist and then applying a hammerlock. Kidman fights out and uses his quickness to give Haas a dropkick and take him down with a flying head scissors. Kidman whips Haas off the ropes and connects with a clothesline. Kidman goes for a slam, but Haas slips out fo his grasp and hits a German suplex. Haas whips Kidman off the ropes and delivers a tilt-a-whirl shoulder breaker. Haas goes to the top rope to try a flying body block, but Kidman rolls through it and gets a close fall. Kidman gives Haas a brainbuster and goes to the top himself for the Shooting Star Press. Kidman leaps, but Haas moves out of the way. After Kidman crashes to the mat, Haas locks on the Haas of Pain and gets the submission victory. As Haas celebrates in the ring, RVD comes running down the aisle with a chair! As Haas turns around, RVD throws the chair at Charlie and gives him a Van Daminator! RVD stands proud and does the “RVD” thumb point as the crowd chants with him and Haas is laid out.


Cole: I think RVD just sent a very strong message to Charlie Haas.

Tazz: There’s no way even a fine athlete like Haas can prepare for a shot like that! Ooooh!

The music if Kurt Angle then hits the arena for the second time tonight as the GM of Smackdown makes his way down the aisle and into the ring.

Cole: What’s this about?

Angle Books Another Match

Kurt: You know, despite what you fans may think about me, I take my job as Smackdown GM very seriously. I am determined to make this show the best it can be, and to me that means giving you fans what you want and giving the well-deserving wrestlers in the back what they want and deserve. So tonight I am going to do just that. I am going to give an opportunity to a very deserving individual on this roster. I’m going to book a match for tonight. A special No DQ, 2 on 1, handicap match. And in this match I am going to place the FBI, Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli. And their opponent will be a certain deserving individual. And if this man can win this match tonight, I will make him the number one contender for the WWF title after SummerSlam. And this individual, who will get this opportunity tonight, is the Undertaker! Good luck Deadman. (100)

Cole: What a match! Tonight, it will be the Undertaker against the FBI, and if Taker wins he’ll be the number one contender!

Tazz: Plus, it’s a no DQ match, which will play right into Taker’s hands I think. I’m not real sure what has gotten into our general manager. Maybe he’s decided to turn over a new leaf.

Cole: I don’t know if I’d go that far.

Backstage Attack

We go to the locker room where the tag team champions, Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty seem to be ready to call it a night. As the champs empty out their locker, the Dudley Boys storm in the room and attack them from behind. D-Von throws Scotty into the wooden locker and he and Bubba gang up on Rikishi and actually tackle the big man into a wall, leaving a large dent and cracked hole. Bubba then grabs a chair and whacks Rikishi over the head with it, knocking him cold.

Bubba: Next week, boys, you and us for the tag team titles- if you have the balls!

D-Von: Testify!


Cole: The Dudleys have just taken out the tag champs, from behind I might add. The Dudleys are definitely a different team than what we’ve seen in the past. They have turned into gutless cowards!

Tazz: Naw Cole, the Dudleys have just gone back to their extreme roots and we’ll see if that turns into success for Bubba and D-Von.

Rey Mysterio pops up from the stage as we get set for out next match.

Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Noble

Noble starts out trying to ground Rey, hitting him with stiff blows to the back and delivering a suplex. Noble misses a clothesline and Rey takes him to the outside with a head scissors. Rey runs the ropes and dives to the outside onto Noble! The two roll back into the ring where Noble reverses a second head scissor into a powerbomb for a 2-count. Rey hits Noble with a dropkick and drops the dime for a near fall as Noble gets a foor on the rope. Rey goes to the top rope and tries a flying attack, but Noble boots him in the gut as Rey comes down and sets him up for the Tiger bomb. He lifts Rey up, but Rey turns it into a hurricanran as he reaches Noble’s shoulders and wraps him up for the win! As Rey celebrates with the crowd, the Cruiserweight champ Chavo Guerrero runs down to the ring and flattens Rey with the Cruiserweight title. Chavo then goes to the top rope and delivers a Frog Splash to Rey, leaving him flat on the mat as Chavo plays to the crowd and looks down on Rey with a scowl.


Cole: This feud between Chavo and Rey is really heating up. Chavo cant stand that Rey has pinned him TWICE in the past two weeks!

Tazz: But this week Chavo got the jump on Rey, and that’s why he is still the Cruiserweight champ. He’s always thinking. It doesn’t matter how many times you pin a guy when the title isn’t on the line, its if you step up in the big time matches, Cole.

Cole: Well hopefully Rey will get that title shot soon and have a chance to step up to the plate.

The FBI then hit the ring, and afterwards the bell tolls as the Undertaker makes his way to the ring for what could be his opportunity to regain the WWF title.

The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs The FBI


If Taker Wins, He Will Be The #1 Contender

The Undertaker starts out on fire, hammering away on both Nunzio and Stamboli. A clothesline takes Stamboli to the outside, leaving Nunzio to feel the wrath of a sidewalk slam and big leg drop for a near fall. Stamboli enters back into the ring and he and Nunzio double-team Taker. Stamboli attempts a body slam, but Taker slips out of it and hits Johnny with a chokeslam! This leaves Nunzio to beg for his own safety, but Taker picks him up and delivers the Tombstone! Taker covers Nunzio, feeling the #1 contendership in his grasp, when the Big Show runs out from the crowd and interrupts the pinfall. Big Show clubs Taker in the back and beats on the Deadman. Taker fights back up to his feet, only to have Show give him a big boot and hit the groggy Taker with a chokeslam of his own. Kurt Angle then walks out from behind the curtain, a smirk on his face. He walks down towards the ring as Taker sits up! Kurt motions to Show, who promptly gives Taker a kick to the head! Show then rolls Taker to the outside as Kurt seems to encourage Show. Big Show sets Taker up and gives him a chokeslam through the announce table! Show growls in triumph as Angle claps to his efforts on the outside and Paul Bearer holds the urn over Taker, trying to revive him.


Cole: I can’t believe this. Was Kurt Angle and Big Show in this together? Was this a set up for the Undertaker?

Tazz: I guess so much for Kurt turning over a new leaf. And now we have to announce table Cole!

The music of Rene Dupree hits, signaling the start of the main event for the evening.

Eddie Guerrero and John Cena vs Booker T and Rene Dupree

Cena starts the match out with Dupree. Dupree uses his strength to get the advantage on Cena, pushing his to the corner and delivering some thunderous chops. Dupree hits a side slam and then a neck breaker for a near fall. Dupree continues to work on Cena until Cena reverses a irish whip and hits a clthesline, followed by the Throwback and a five knuckle shuffle for a close fall. Dupree and Cena then hit eachother with a right hand, knocking both men out. Each of them crawl to the corner, until Rene tags in Booker and Cena gets the hot tag to Eddie. Eddie and Booker tear into each other, with Eddie getting the best of a slugfest and hitting Booker with a body slam and then the Three Amigos. Eddie boots Booker in the midsection and hits a brainbuster. Eddie scales the top rope for the Frog Splash, but Rene rushes over and pushes Eddie off the top rope into the ring. Cena then comes into the ring and knocks Dupree off the apron to the floor. Booker takes advantage of a prone Eddie and hits the Scissors Kick, but Cena breaks up the pin. Dupree re-enters and he and Cena brawl, while Booker tries to clothesline Eddie but is back dropped to the floor! Eddie chases Booker to the outside and the two men brawl into the crowd, out of sight. Meanwhile, as the ref is trying to call Booker and Eddie back into the ring, Cena grabs his lock and chain from the corner, wraps it around his fist, and drops Dupree with a loaded punch! Cena then makes the cover as the ref turns around and gets the victory for his team. Cena celebrates in the ring as the show closes.


Overall Rating= 79%

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Guest Prototype

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WWF News, Notes, and Rumors

* Heat has been dropped by Spike TV. Velocity will now be a joint show of Raw and Smackdown, with segments and matches from each brand. Velocity will also be announced by a joint commentating team of Jonathan Coachman and new WWF announcer Joey Styles!

* Smackdown scored its highest rating ever this week with a 6.23. There were 9036 people in attendance and WWF made $361440.

* A group of wrestlers were called up from OVW this week. Scott Steiner, William Regal, AJ Styles, Mark Henry, and Sabu were all called up to the main roster. No news on what or if creative has an idea for any of them, but management didn't want to keep them down in OVW too long after making all the progress that they could.

* Of the group called up, Mark Henry and/or Sabu seem to be the two rumored to be seen on camera first. No word on when that will be, but creative is rumored to have come up with some possible scenarios for these two stars to debut in.

Feud Status on Smackdown

Eddie Guerrero vs Booker T (91)

John Cena vs Rene Dupree (81)

Undertaker vs Big Show (94)

Charlie Haas vs Rob Van Dam (74)

Not alot to report today, don't forget to check out this week's Velocity coming soon!

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Guest Prototype

user posted imagePreview

This week on Velocity, it's the first ever joint presentation by Raw and Smackdown!

From Smackdown, "The Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak will be in action along with his manager Sable. Plus, in a re-match from last week, Paul London will take on Akio. Can these two match there 100-rating match from last week?

Plus, from Raw, Bobby Heenan's new protege Sean O'Haire will be in action, as well as Lance Storm facing Stevie Richards in the main event. You can bet Lance Storm will have something to say about Heat being kicked off the Spike TV for "pushing the envelope" as well.

All this and more this week on Velocity!

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Guest Prototype

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July 31, 2004

Your announcers are Jonathan Coachman and Joey Styles

Coach: Hello folks and welcome to the first joint edition of WWF Velocity! I’m Jonathan Coachman with my new commentating partner Joey Styles.

Joey: I’m excited to be here Coach, let’s get right to it!

The music of Kyo Dai hits the arena as Sakoda makes his way to the ring.

Sakoda vs Shannon Moore

Sakoda starts the match with some hard punches to Moore followed by a chop and a body slam. Sakoda drops Moore with a suplex. Sakoda attempts a stiff kick, but Moore blocks and turns it into a dragon whip. Moore goes on the offensive with a dropkick and a running cross body for a two count. Moore takes Sakoda down with a neckbreaker and goes to the top rope. As he does, Sakoda’s partner Akio runs down to the ring and gets on the apron. As the ref tries to keep Akio from entering the ring, he flips a chain into the ring to Sakoda, who places it around his foot. Moore leaps off the top at Sakoda, only to get a super kick in the face as he comes down. Sakoda slips the chain off as the ref turns around and sees Sakoda cover Moore for the win.


Joey: Quite impressive teamwork from Kyo Dai, and we’ll see Sakoda’s partner Akio in action later tonight.

We now go to the back area where we see Stevie Richards standing in a hallway.

Victoria Thanks Stevie

Victoria: Um, Stevie.

Stevie: Oh, hey Victoria. How’s it goin?

Victoria: Fine. Look, I just wanted to thank you for coming out and helping me last week, you know when Lance Storm was going to attack me?

Stevie: Oh, yea, sure, no problem. I was just doing the right thing I guess.

Victoria: Well, I appreciate it. Thank you. *Victoria gives Stevie a kiss on the cheek* See you around.

Victoria walks off as Stevie stands there, a little embarrassed.


The music of the Disciples of Syn then hits as Travis Bane makes his way out to the ring.

Bane vs Rosey

Bane starts the match on the offensive, hitting Rosey with some hard rights and stiff boot to the face. Bane clotheslines Rosey and tries to slam him, but cannot. Rosey fights back with a slam of his own and a samoan drop for a two count. Rosey whips Bane into the corner and splashes him. Rosey attempts another splash, but Bane moves out of the way and then successfully slams Rosey! Bane hits a leg drop for a near fall. Rosey reverses a whip and catches Bane in a sideawalk slam. Rosey scales to the middle rope and hits a falling splash on Bane. He covers him for the 1..2…Seven slides into the ring and breaks up the pin, causing the ref to call for the DQ. Seven and Bane double team Rosey until the Hurricane speeds to the ring. Hurricane runs after Bane, but is caught in a spine buster! Bane and Seven stand over the fallen heroes before leaving the ring.


Coach: The Disciples of Syn have just taken out our resident heroes. This is just going to add more fuel to the fire going in to the tag team title tournament on Raw.

The “Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak’s music hits as we go into our next match.

Mark Jindrak w/Sable vs Billy Kidman

Kidman uses his speed to get the first offense in on Jindrak, hip tossing him across the ring and knocking Mark to the outside with a dropkick. Kidman follows Mark to the outside, only to have Sable step in front of him and slow his progress. Kidman moves Sable out of the way, but is met with a forearm from Jindrak and then is thrown into the ring stairs. Jindak rolls Kidman back into the ring and hits him with a brainbuster for a nearfall. Jindrak whips Kidman into the corner and charges, only to have Kidman duck out of the way and hit a bulldog for a two count. Kidman boots Jindrak in the gut and attempts a face smash, but Jindrak breaks free and hits Kidman with a big boot to the face. Jindrak then picks Kidman up and hits him with the MJ Delight for the win. Sable enters the ring following the win as she and Jindrak pose in the ring.


Joey: Nice win for Mark Jindrak. He is definitely an up and comer to look for on Smackdown. I see good things for this guy!

We now go back to the interview area where Sean O’Haire and his manager, Bobby Heenan, stand by.

Interveiw with Sean O’Haire and Bobby Heenan

Heenan: Listen up nimrods. This man standing beside me is Sean O’Haire, in case you idiots didn’t know. O’Haire is something special, something epic, a monster to be reckoned with. He has the strength of ten men, the stamina of a long distance runner, the speed of a cheetah, and he is ready ladies and gentlemen! Ready to take his spot in the upper echelon of the WWF and become one of the greats. Because mark my words, this man, Sean O’Haire, is a future world’s champion, no doubt about it!

O’Haire: But then, of coure, he’s not telling you anything you didn’t already know!


We fade back into the arena where Akio, the second half of Kyo Dai, is in the ring for a rematch from last week.

Akio vs Paul London

This was a fast-paced match with London gaining the upperhand after some chain wrestling and a few hip tosses. London hits Akio with a hurricanrana for a two count. Akio ducks a clothesline and kicks London in the mug. Akio delivers a dropkick and then goes to the top for a moon sault for a close fall. London blocks a kick, ducks a punch, and hits Akio with an enzeguri. London climbs to the top rope, but Sakoda runs down the aisle and appears on the apron. London decides instead to leap off at Sakoda, taking both men to the outside floor! London gets back in the ring with a waiting Akio, who hits London with a running crescent kick. Akio goes to the top rope and flies off at London with a cross body, but London rolls through it and cradles Akio for the win! After the bell, Sakoda gets in the ring and both he and Akio take the boots to London. Shannon Moore then runs down to the ring, clearing the ring of Sakoda with a clothesline and after brawling with Akio, he and London send him through the ropes with a double dropkick!


Joey: Shannon Moore saves Paul London from a certain beat down from Kyo Dai. Maybe an alliance between Moore and London is in the future? We’ll have to see.

The music of Sean O’Haire hits the arena as Bobby Heenan leads his charge to the ring.

Sean O’Haire w/Bobby Heenan vs John Heidenreich

These two large competitors locked up in the middle with O’Haire pushing Heidenreich into the corner and hitting him with a few stiff chops. O’Haire whips John into the opposite corner and avalanches him with a clothesline. O’Haire hits a powerslam for a two count. O’Haire whiffs with a spinning kick and Heidenreich takes him down. John hits a slam of his own and gets a close fall with a piledriver. Heidenreich runs off the ropes, but misses with a clothesline and turns around into a swift kick to the jaw from O’Haire. O’Haire hits John with a Full-Nelson Bomb for a two count. Heidenriech makes one last comeback with a boot to the face that staggers O’Haire, but O’Haire slips out of a running powerslam attempt and hits Heidenreich with the Prophecy for the win.


Coach: Sean O’Haire looking impressive this week, and with the guidance of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, the sky is the limit for this kid.

The music of JBL hits as he makes his way to the ring for what is a scheduled promo.

But before JBL can even get three words out, Hardcore Holly’s music cuts him off as the Big Shot appears on the ramp.

Holly Challenges JBL

Holly: Bradshaw, I’m going to come out here and save these people from having to hear you run your yap about yourself. What I want to talk about is about this past Smackdown when you beat me, Hardcore Holly, on a fluke. You had to cheat to get the win, and it only goes to show how much of a gutless coward you are. But if you have the…..fortitude…..then I want a rematch with you on Smackdown, only this time it will be my kind of match. A hardcore match!

JBL: Hardcore, if you want a match with ol’ JBL here, then you got it. I’m not afraid of a hardcore match. Hell, I’m a former Hardcore champion! So if you want it, you got it.


Styles: It looks like we have a match set for this upcoming Smackown. Hardcore Holly vs JBL in a hardcore rules match!

The music of Rico then hits the arena as the flamboyant one, along with Miss Jackie, makes their way to the ring.

Rico w/Miss Jackie vs Funaki

Rico starts the match with a few “suggestive” tendencies, but soon turns serious after Funaki slaps the taste out his mouth. Rico then went on an aggressive offensive, hitting Funaki with a body slam, neckbreaker, and a series of kicks in the turnbuckle. Funaki fought back with a hip toss and even scored a near fall with a body block from the top. As Funaki was gaining momentum, Miss Jackie hopped up on the apron, taunting Funaki. Funaki turned his back on Rico, distracted by Jackie’s assets, and then fell victim to a swift roundhouse kick to the temple from Rico that secured him the win.


Styles: A nice win by Rico, and it’s always a treat to see Miss Jackie strut her stuff.

Lance Storm then makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic before the main event for tonight.

Lance: If you haven’t noticed, this is not Sunday Night Heat. Heat was cancelled by the network because it was “pushing the envelope.” It just goes to show what I have been preaching this last few weeks. Wrestling as we know it is becoming infiltrated with filth. It is being tarnished by things like bikini contests and bra and panties matches. Does no one care about the tradition of our sport anymore? I for one do, and I tried to make an example out of Victoria last week. And if it wasn’t for Stevie Richards, I would have. For the sake of the good of the sport! So now, Stevie, come on out and I’ll show you just what a traditional wrestling beatdown is all about.

Richards makes his way to the ring and we are ready to get it on.

Lance Storm vs Stevie Richards

Storm attacked Stevie just as he slid in the ring by taking the boots to him early. Storm hip tossed Richards and applied a few ground holds such as an armbar and leg lock. Storm whipped Richards into the turnbuckle, but Stevie moved out of the way of a charging Storm and Lance crashed into the buckle. Stevie hit a bulldog out of the corner and scored with a running elbow for a two count. Stevie went for the Stevie T but it was blocked by Storm and turned into a Northern Lights suplex for a two. Storm hit Richards with a suplex and went to the top rope, but Richards slipped out of the way of a missle dropkick. As Storm crashed to the mat, Molly Holly appeared and strutted down to ringside. Richards hit the ropes for an attack on Storm, but Molly grabbed Richards’ leg, causing Richards to be distracted. After turning back around, Stevie was met with a crescent kick from Storm and then immediately locked into the Maple Leaf. Stevie had no choice after a few minutes but to tap out. After the bell, Molly entered the ring as Storm held up Stevie and Molly smacked him across the mouth! Storm went to set up Stevie again, but Victoria ran out to the ring and cleared the ring of Molly while Richards got loose and clothesline Storm to the outside. The show closed with Storm and Molly on the ramp trash talking with Victoria and Stevie.


Overall Rating= 58%

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Guest FillerUgliest04

I like this diary. just a couple questions, maybe i'm missing something.

Why is it WWF?

Why is Bobby Hennan there?

Besides that, it's really looking good. I'm liking this Victoria/Richards reunion.

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Guest Prototype

user posted image

WWF News, Notes, and Rumors

* Velocity scored a 6.11 rating this week. There were 8027 people in attendance and WWF made $321080 from the show.

* The WWF also made $2,400,000 from merchandise sales in the month of July.

* Scott Hall almost got himself into some hot water by making some insulting comments about the WWF on a recent radio interview. Hall was confronted about this by management, but no other disciplinary action was taken.

* The Road Dogg, who just returned to the WWF last week on Raw as the mystery partner of Billy Gunn, was apparently injured during the after-match attack by the Outsiders. Road Dogg will be out aprox. 2 months. This throws a bit of a kink into the upcoming tag team title tournament on Raw, which the New Age Outlaws were rumored to be favorites in, but the Raw bookers will deal with the situation as best they can.

Don't forget to watch Raw this week!

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Guest Prototype

user posted image


This week on Raw- What will happen in the unfolding rivalry between World Champion Chris Benoit and HHH. And what part will Chris Jericho play? We know that Benoit and Jericho have had their problems in the past couple weeks in their tag matches against Evolution, and Jericho has told Benoit that he will gun for his World Title when the opportunity presents itself. Will Jericho act on that statement after the show closed last week with the two Candaians visibly arguing in the ring?

Plus, Shelton Benjamin will face the biggest challenge of his young career when he goes one on one with the monster Kane! Though this is a large task for Benjamin, it was Shelton himself who challenged Kane last week, hoping to prove that he will not be intimidated by the Big Red Machine.

Also, there are rumblings that the Outsiders, Hall and Nash, may show up on Raw despite Stone Cold Steve Austin's warning last week that they were not under Raw contracts and to never show their faces again. Hall and Nash have interrupted tag matches the past two weeks, demanding to be put in Austin's tag team title tournament, but Austin has refused.Austin vowed that, if they were to show up again, to take care of the problem personally!

In addition, what will HBK Shawn Michaels have to say to Randy Orton after returning to Raw last week following a parking lot beatdown at the hands of Orton and Evolution mate Batista the preceding week?

All this and more on the next edition of Raw!

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Wow, I haven't watched wrestling in forever, and came in here and say Sean O'Haire in the diary and got all excited and then figured out that you brought him up yourself. :'( Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire were my favorite WCW guys...

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Guest Prototype

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August 2, 2004

Your Announcers are Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler

JR: Welcome folks to another volatile edition of Monday Night Raw! I’m Jim Ross along with Jerry “The King” Lawler, and what a show this will be.

King: No doubt JR. Because tonight, Chris Benoit will have to defend his World title against Evolution’s animal Batista!

JR: That won’t be one for the weak at heart, plus Shelton Benjamin will go one on one with Kane.

JR is interrupted by the music of the World’s champ, Chris Benoit, as he makes his way to the ring!

Promo by Benoit

Benoit: You know, a lot of people had said in the past that I would never become World champion; that I couldn’t win the big one. But this title on my shoulder proves them all wrong. But there seems to be one man who cannot seem to accept that fact. Triple H, you cant seem to accept that fact that I beat you at WrestleMania, that you have tapped out to the Crippler Crossface, and that despite your best efforts I am still the World Heavyweight Champion! But I am a fighting champion, I am for real, but instead of coming out tonight and finishing this like a man, I’ve got your musclebound flunkie Batista in a match instead of you. That’s fine, though. Because once I make Batista tap out, I’m coming for you Triple H. And this time, you will tap out for the last time! Now, on another note, there seems to be a little, I guess you could say rift, between me and my friend Chris Jericho. Jericho, we have had out share of problems, of miscommunications, in the past few weeks. And you have made it clear that you will take a shot at my title whenever you can. And I would expect nothing less from you. But the fact of the matter is that no matter who it is, be it you, Triple H, Randy Orton, whomever, I will be anything and everything I can to keep my World title. So if you have a problem with me, Jericho, why don’t you face me like a man should and confront me to my face!


After a few moments, the countdown begins and Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring, a stern look on his face.

Jericho Confronts Benoit

Jericho: Chris, this whole beef between me and you, it’s been a bit manufactured don’t you think? Yes, it is my goal to become World champion again, and yes, if the opportunity presents it self I will take a crack at your title daddy! And I know we’ve had a few mishaps, a few accidents, on both of our ends in the past few weeks. You hitting me with brass knucks, communication problems in our tag matches, they were mistimed acts, no doubt about it. But the fact is, Chris, that you have a problem with Evolution. And the odds don’t look too favorable for you, my man. So if you ask me to, I will stand by your side and fight those bastards until I cant fight anymore! And when we’re done, I’ll come after your World title. But I will do it as a man. No sneak attacks, no double crosses, but just one day in the future Benoit vs Jericho one on one! But until then, Benoit, you have this….

Jericho then extends his hand to Benoit, who looks Jericho straight in the eye and shakes it.


JR: Well, it appears that Benoit and Jericho have reconciled their differences that they’ve had in the past few weeks.

King: I don’t know JR, if I was Benoit I’d watch my back. Everyone is gunning for that World title, even Jericho!

The music of Sean O’Haire hits as we get ready for our first match of the night.

Sean O’Haire w/Bobby Heenan vs Rosey

This will be a first real test for O’Hair against a larger opponent in Rosey. O’Haire starts the match with a few right hands and a stiff kick to the temple in the corner that staggers Rosey. O’Haire hits a hard belly to belly suplex for a two count. Rosey reverses an Irish whip and hits O’Haire with a big clothesline, followed by a hip toss and a slam to the mat. Rosey goes to the second rope and hits a falling splash for a near fall. Heenan on the outside slaps the mat, encouraging O’Haire, as both men hit eachother with clotheslines and hit the mat. Travis Bane, one half of the Disciples of Syn, walks out to the ring. Rosey is distracted by Bane’s presence, and after a few heated words, O’Haire hooks the big Rosey and hits an impressive Prophecy Slam for the win.


JR: A good win for O’Haire, who is definitely a force to be reckoned with here on Raw.

King: And it looks like the Disciples of Syn and the Justice League continue to have problems with eachother. But I agree, O’Haire looked pretty impressive.

The music of Christian then hits as makes his way to the ring with Trish Stratus.

Christian Sets a Challenge

Christian: Have no fear fans, because the People’s Champ is here! Now I know that everyone has seen the way that I’ve embarrassed my brother Edge in the past few weeks. But his jealousy just doesn’t seem to end. Edge, you’ve been chomping at the bit to get your hands on me for weeks now, but I’ve always been one step ahead. So Edge I’m going to do you a favor. I’m going to give you the chance to get what you want; a match with yours truly! So here’s the deal Edge. Tonight, you will face a member of X-Rated. And if, and that is if, you win, it will be me and you one on one at SummerSlam! So Edge, brother, if you got the guts, come on out here and accept my challenge!


The music of Edge hits almost immediately as the man himself walks out to the ring, a determined look on his face. Edge keeps his eyes on Christian, who is on the outside, as he awaits his opponent from X-Rated.

Edge vs ???

Edge awaits his opponent in the ring, but there is no sign of Test or Val Venis, the other members of X-Rated. Christian motions to the back for his stable mate, but out from the crowd on the other side of the ring comes Rhyno! Rhyno slides in the ring behind Edge, and before Edge knows what hit him is nailed with the Gore! Rhyno then goes to the outside to grab a chair and smacks Edge in the back with it. Christian, who is jumping for joy on the outside, looks on at the beating. After he is done, Rhyno leaves with Christian hugging his neck as the walk back up the ramp.


JR: This was a complete set up for Edge, King. And it looks like Rhyno of all people is a new member of X-Rated.

King: Well, all big celebrities like Christain need protection, and I think he just added some extra beef to his entourage with Rhyno!

Convenient after the preceding beating, Sex and Violence, Val Venis and Test, makes their way out to the ring for tag team action.

Sex and Violence vs La Resistance

A rare heel vs heel match that serves as a tune up for the upcoming tag title tournament. Val starts off with Conway and puts him in the corner for a few stiff chops and a whip into the opposite buckle, followed by an avalanche. Conway blocks a suplex and hits one of his own, followed by a short elbow drop for a two count. Conway tags Grenier who goes to work on Venis’ back with forearms to the spine and a back breaker. Venis reverses a whip into the ropes and hits a powerslam for a near fall. Venis inches over and tags Test as Grenier tags Conway back in. Test hits a hard clothesline on Conway, followed by a hip toss and full-nelson slam for a two count. Grenier grabs the Quebec flag on the outside as Conway grabs Test around the waist and attempts to sun him into the ropes and an awaiting Grenier on the apron. Test, though, ducks the flag pole shot and Grenier slaps Conway with it. Test gives Grenier a big boot off the apron as Venis flies off the top rope and hits the Money Show on Conway. Test, the legal man, then covers Conway for the win. After the bell, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash show up through the crowd for the third time in as many weeks! Nash and Hall enter the ring and clothesline Test and Val out of the ring. Sex and Violence wisely backtrack up the ramp as the Outsdiers grab La Resistance and hit Conway with a Jacknife and Grenier with the Outsdier Edge.


Hall then grabs a mic.

Outsider Segment

Hall: Hey yo! The bad guy and the big man are back! You think we were scared last week at Steve Austin’s little warning? Austin, we run this show, mane, not you.

Nash: The fact is, Austin, you can’t do a damn thing about me and Scott. We want in. In fact, we will state again that we want in on the tag team title tournament that you’re putting on. So it would be in your best interest, Austin, to just come out here and accept our bid.

With that the glass breaks and a pissed off Austin rumbles to the ring. He gets in the ring and goes nose to nose with Nash before grabbing a mic.

Austin: I told you two pieces of trash last week not to show your faces ever again. I tried to be reasonable, I tried to be professional, and I had your asses thrown out by security. But I told you last week that if it happened again I would take care of it personally. So I’m going to try and remain calm and give you boys to the count of three to get out of my ring before a personally kick both your asses and throw you out! One….two….

I’M BACK….Eric Bischoff’s music hits the arena and the Raw GM makes his way to the ring with a mic and a clipboard.

Eric: Slow down there Austin. You see, you may be an official authority on Raw, but you are still an assistant General Manager. I am still the GM here on Raw and I make the decisions around here. See Austin, I never asked for any help, especially from you. If it weren’t for being ordered to be my assistant GM by Linda McMahan, I would have fired you a long time ago, for the second time! And I would hate for you to do something drastic, such as put your hands on Raw talent without being provoked, and have a cause for termination. Cause you see Austin, probably unknown to you until this moment, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are Raw talent! As of this morning, the Outsiders have been signed to Eric Bischoff’s Raw! So Steve, Hall and Nash will be in the tag team title tournament whether you like it or not, because we are equal opportunity employers. In fact, I hold in my hands the official contracts for both Hall and Nash to sign right here and now. But before all that….

Nash and Hall then attack Austin from behind. The double-team the Rattlesnake to the mat. Austin tries to fight back, but Nash gives him a knee to the gut and hits the Jacknife Powerbomb! Hall picks up the prone Austin and delivers an Outsider Edge. Bischoff, beaming at their handywork, order Nash to give Austin another Powerbomb and he does with authority. This cant be good for Austin’s neck!

Eric: And now, if you will gentlemen…

Hall and Nash then take the clipboard from Bischof and sign their respective contracts.


Bischoff Announces a Match

Bischoff and the Outsiders head up the ramp, before Eric stops with a mic.

Eric: Oh yes, one other thing Austin. See, now that Hall and Nash are under official contracts, it would be against the Board of Director’s policy for them to lay you out like they just did. Good thing it was before you signed the contracts, right guys? But Austin, I will give you a chance to redeem yourself. At SummerSlam, Hall and Nash will officially end your career as assistant GM. At SummerSlam it will be the Outsdiers against Steve Austin in a handicap match!

Nash: Hey Austin, consider yourself provoked!


JR: I can not believe what has just transpired King! Eric Biscoff is a low down son of a bitch! And those Outsiders, who injured Road Dogg last week, have apparently done the same to Stone Cold Steve Austin this week.

King: I’m at a loss for words right now JR. As medics takes Austin off on a stretcher, I don’t know what to think. Obviously, this thing between Eric and Austin is personal and Biscoff is trying to put Austin out of action for good.

JR: This is sick!

Fire blasts from the stage as Kane makes his way to the ring for the next match.

JR: Well, here comes Kane who is set to answer the challenge laid down by Shelton Benjamin last week.

King: I know Shelton is trying to prove something tonight, and I know he isn’t afraid to take on larger guys, but this is a death wish in my book JR.

JR: Shelton did defeat the bigger A-Train a few weeks ago in preparation for this match, so Benjamin is capable of an upset here, and he has a lot of heart I know that.

King: More guts than brains is what I call it.

Kane vs Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin starts off quickly, going after Kane right at the bell with right hands and a standing dropkick that staggers the big monster. A clothesline sends Kane to the outside, and Kane slaps the apron in frustration. After re-entering the ring, Benjamin misses another clothesline and gets hit with a big boot from Kane. Kane whips Shelton into the turnbuckle, followed by a splash and a sidewalk slam for a two count. Kane whips Shelton off the ropes, but Shelton ducks another boot and hits Kane with a DDT. Shelton climbs to the top rope and hits a flying cross body for a two count! What an upset that would have been! Shelton continues his offense on Kane, hitting a crescent kick to Kane’s head. Shelton goes to the top again, but is clotheslined in mid air by Kane. Kane goes to whip Shelton into the corner, but it is reversed. Benjamin goes for a flying splash in the corner, but Kane moves out of the way. After crashing into the top buckle, Shelton is caught in a goozle by Kane and taken down with a chokeslam! Kane then covers Benjamin for the win. After the bell, Kane goes to leave the ring, but appears to have second thoughts and comes back through the ropes. He lifts Shelton back up and delivers another hard chokeslam, crippling Benjamin. Kane then lights the ring posts on fire, as is his trademark, and leaves to the ring.


JR: I admire Shelton Benjamin’s guts, but it just wasn’t to be, but he didn’t deserve that extra chokeslam from that monster Kane.

King: That should be a lesson to Benjamin. Don’t mess with the Big Red Machine!

The music of Evolution then hits as Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. He enters and grabs a mic.

A Challenge to Orton

Orton: You know, I pride myself on being called the “Legend Killer.” I pride myself on taking on each and every old timer that has crossed my path since I’ve been here. I’ve even got the gold to prove it. But I have to hand it to myself for this one, because this past week on Raw took the cake; when I took out the showstopper Shawn Michaels! The main event, the icon, dropped in a heap in the parking lot! It just goes to show that you do not mess with the IC champ, you don’t mess with Evolution, and you don’t mess with the greatest blue chipper in WWF history! I am the future now, HBK! I am the main event, I am the icon, and am the Legend Killer!

The music of Shawn Michaels hits the arean to a big pop! HBK himself then shows up on the ramp, mic in hand, as the fans continue to cheer.

HBK: Orton, you didn’t think you were going to get rid of ol’ HBK that easy did you? This thing between me and you has gone far beyond competition, it’s personal! And you know, maybe it’s because you remind me so much of someone else when they were young….me! When I first came to the WWF, I thought I was hot stuff, I thought I was the best. But it took a few good ass beatings to help me get where I got! And I think that’s exactly what you need too Randy! So next week, right here on Raw, you and me one on one for the Intercontinental title! Step up to the plate, show some guts, and let’s see just how good you really are!

The crowd pops as Randy looks a Shawn, stares at his title, and then nods his head! HBK’s music hits back up and we have a match for next week!

JR: I cant believe this! Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton for the IC title next week King! And I gurantee Orton will have to earn his stripes against HBK!

King: What a match JR! And what a way for Orton to solidify his spot as the Legend Killer on Raw. This will be great!

The music of the World Champion, Chris Benoit, hits the arena and we are ready for our main event.

World Title Match

Chris Benoit © vs Batista

Benoit starts the match with a flurry of stiff chops to Batista’s chest and boots to the mid section. Benoit hits a suplex for a two. Batista blocks another suplex and hits Benoit with one of his own. Batista hammers Benoit into a corner and runs in with a hard clothesline into the buckle. Batista beats on Benoit before hitting a powerslam for a two count. Batista continues his assault by throwing Benoit to the floor. Batista goes to whip Benoit into the stairs, but Benoit reverses it and Batista careens into the steel! Batista rolls back into the ring and is met with a few more chops before being whipped off the ropes. Batista ducks a clothesline and comes back with a hard forearm to Benoit’s head. Batista whips Benoit off the ropes and hits a spinebuster for a close fall. Batista sets Benoit up for a running power slam, but Benoit slips out the back and hooks Batista into the German Suplex position, hitting one, two, three suplexes and bridges Batista on the third for a two count. Benoit signals for the end, but Triple H runs out to ringside. Trips hops up onto the apron, distracting the ref until Benot lunges at HHH and knocks him to the floor with a forearm! As Benoit turns back to the ring, Batista boots Benoit in the stomach, and sets him up for a Batista Bomb. As Benoit is lifted in the air, he reverses his fall into a Crippler Crossface on Batista! Benoit has in cinched in. Triple H yells for Batista not to tap, but after a few grueling moments, the animal taps out and Benoit retains his gold! After the bell, Triple H enters the ring and immediately clotheslines Benoit to the mat. He puts the boots on Benoit until Batista recovers, and then it’s a two on one. Chris Jericho runs down the ramp with a chair in hand! Jericho gets in the ring and smacks Batista in the back with the chair! Jericho then sets his sights on Triple H, but as he swings for Triple H’s head, the Game ducks and Jericho smacks Benoit in the head with the chair inadvertently! Jericho looks shocked at what he’s just done, but doesn’t have time to think much about it as he is double teamed from behind by Triple H and Batista. The Evolution members put the boots to both men, and Triple H Pedigrees Jericho into the mat. The shows ends with Triple H posing over both Jericho and Benoit with the World Title in hand.


Overall Rating= 77%

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Guest Prototype

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WWF News, Notes, and Rumors

* Raw scored a 5.27 rating this week. There were 9014 people in attendance and WWF made $360,560 from the show.

* NWA:TNA has gone global! The up-start federation has attained global status and signed many of its stars to written contracts. Though this is a big achievement for TNA, they still are not in a position to seriously challenge WWF for the top company spot.

* Following this past week's Velocity, you can look for Paul London and Shannon Moore to begin teaming up for a few shows, probably against Kyo Dai.

* The tag team title tournament will begin on the next edition of Raw. The brackets for the tourney will be revealed next week and a tournament match will take place each week leading up to SummerSlam, where the finals will be held.

Don't forget to check out Smackdown this week!

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August 5, 2004

Cole: Hello everyone and welcome to Smackdown! I’m Michael Cole along with Tazz getting ready for action.

The music if GM Kurt Angle hits the arena as the Olympic Hero walks down the aisle with a smug look on his face. He gets in the ring and calls for a mic.

Angle’s True Colors

Angle: I’m not going to lie. Tonight, I don’t feel very good about myself. No, I don’t feel very good at all. I feel great! I feel proud, I feel esteemed! And I feel this way because last week on Smackdown I outsmarted one of the most tenured superstars on our roster. I outsmarted the Undertaker! I sent him into a match last week with the stipulation that if he won, he would be the number one contender. The catch was, he couldn’t win! I made sure of that by obtaining the services of the Big Show. You see, the Undertaker has been here in the WWF longer than anyone else on Smackdown. He’s held almost every title there is, he’s considered a legend; I mean, hell, you people even refer to him as the Phenom! It’s quite a legacy, I’ll admit that. Only I am doing him one better. See, the Undertaker has never won an Olympic medal. The Undertaker didn’t with the WWF title in his first year as a wrestler. The Undertaker has never been GM of a WWF brand. But now, the Kurt Angle legacy will be cemented into the history books of the WWF. Because my legacy will be that I was the man responsible for ending the Undertaker’s run for good! Oh it’s true! The Undertaker has lurked in the locker rooms of the WWF for far too long. It’s time for someone to put an end to it. And that someone is going to be me! Oh it’s true, it’s damn true!


As Kurt finishes his speil, the lights go out in the arena. A gong is heard and the crowd pops loudly. Another gong is heard, and the Undertaker’s theme plays! The Deadman then appears in the rampway and begins to make his way to the ring!

Undertaker Runs Off Angle

Kurt stands in the ring with a concerned look on his face, not knowing what exactly to do as the Undertaker stalks down the aisle. The Undertaker reaches the steps and brings the lights up. Taker enters the ring and stares a hole through Angle. Kurt seems to be frozen in his spot. Just as Taker seems to be about to take out Angle, the Big Show, who had run down the ramp during this time, comes down beside the apron and pulls Angle from the ring under the ropes. He and Angle backtrack up the aisle as Angle pats Show on the chest and remarks “Good job.” The Undertaker stares at Show and rolls his eyes back into his head as Kurt and Show reach the stage.


Angle Makes a Match

Just as Angle and Show get to the stage, Kurt grabs another mic from the back.

Angle: Wait. Hold on a sec. Undertaker, you want a piece of me? There’s nothing more I would like than to end your career personally. But I haven’t wrestled in a long time, and I would need atleast a few months to train. But I don’t want to wait that long to see your run on Smackdown ended. So at SummerSlam, Deadman, it’s going to be you against the Big Show!


Cole: What a match! Angle is going to apparently send the Big Show in to do his dirty work for him against the Undertaker. But what a match Taker versus the Big Show will be Tazz.

Tazz: Angle seems pretty intent on creating his own legacy by ending the Undertaker’s. And if I wasn’t able to do it myself, the Big Show isn’t a bad pick to do it for ya!

The music of Rob Van Dam then hits the arena, followed by Rey Mysterio popping up from the stage as we get set for our first match of the night.

Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio vs Charlie Haas and Chavo Guerrero

Rey starts the match out with Chavo. These two have been having their problems as of late. Rey starts the match how with a few dropkicks and a head scissors takedown. Rey whips Chavo off the ropes, leapfrogs him, and then monkey rolls him to the mat. Chavo, a bit frustrated, tags in Haas. Haas ducks a clothesline and grounds Rey with a belly to belly take down. Haas body slams Rey and delivers a leg drop for a two count. Haas tags Chavo back in who gives Rey a brainbuster for a two count. Chavo goes for a top rope axe handle, but Rey dropkicks him right in the mug in mid air. Rey inches towards RVD as Chavo does the same to Haas. Chavo tags Haas and Rey then makes the hot tag to RVD. Rob hits Haas with forearms to the head, backing him up in a corner and delivers two shoulder blocks to the stomach, followed by a backflip and a third. RVD takes Haas down with a kick and hits Rolling Thunder for a two. RVD goes to the tope rope for the 5 Star, but Chavo runs in the ring and crotches RVD on the buckle. Rey gets in the ring and he and Chavo brawl. RVD gets himself back up on the top rope as a groggy Haas gets to his feet. RVD leaps at Haas, but Haas ducks and rolls to the outside and RVD nails an unsuspecting Chavo with the kick to the jaw. Rey then drops the dime on Chavo and RVD covers him for the win! As Haas backtracks up the aisle, RVD pinches his fingers together, implying that Haas was “that close” from feeling the Van Daminator. RVD and Rey then celebrate their win with the fans.


Cole: An impressive win for RVD and Mysterio. And I don’t think, for all his talk, that Charlie Haas wanted any more of Rob Van Dam.

Tazz: Well I agree with Haas on this one. Live to fight another day my friend.

We now go the back where Teddy Long is standing by, clipboard in hand, along with Booker T.

Teddy and Booker Call Out Eddie

Josh Matthews: I’m standing here Booker T and his manager Theodore Long. Guys, what….

Long grabs the mic from Josh.

Long: Listen up playa. We’re gonna make this short and sweet. This man right here is the truth, ya feel me? He is the Bookerman, and he’s the next WWF Champion! And thanks to our gracious GM Kurt Angle, my man gets his rightful shot at the gold at SummerSlam in a steel cage match against that Mexican cracka Eddie Guerrero. Now what I have in my hand here is the official contract for that match. And what me and my man Booker are gonna do is go out there tonight and call out Eddie Guerrero to be man and meet Booker face to face and sign the contract for the match at SummerSlam. So Eddie Geurrero, if you have it in ya, be a man and we’ll see ya out there. Holla holla!


Cole: Well it looks like we’re going to have a contract signing here tonight for SummerSlam, but I don’t know if I trust Theodore Long or Booker T. Eddie had better watch himself if he comes out to sign that contract tonight.

Tazz: Well, I know Eddie wont back down from Booker and he’ll be here to sign that contract, Cole. SummerSlam is gonna be off the chain!

The music of Kyo Dai hits the arena as Akio makes his way out for one on one action.

Akio vs Shannon Moore

Moore starts off with a flurry of shots to Akio’s head and gut, ending up with a head scissors before playing to the crowd. Akio ducks a clothesline and almost takes Moore’s head off with a side kick to the head. Akio works on Moore’s back with forearms. Akio whips Shannon into the buckle and delivers a running kick to the face that drops Moore and Akio gets a two count. Akio again whips Moore into a buckle, but Shannon side steps a charginf Akio and wraps him up in a cradle for a two. Moore hits a suplex on Akio and goes to the top rope. Akio gets back on his feet and tries to get Moore off the top, but Shannon blocks a right hand and pushes Akio back down to the mat. Moore then flies off the top with a moonsault and hits it! 1..2..but Akio gets a shoulder up. That close call brings out Akio’s partner, Sakoda. Sakoda gets on the apron and reaches in his pant pocket. Akio and Moore both stagger to their feet. Moore goes to meet Sakoda at the apron and Sakoda flings powder at Moore, but Shannon ducks at the powder blinds Akio instead! Moore dropkicks Sakoda off the arpon and then rolls up Akio with a schoolboy for the win! Following the bell, Sakoda gets in the ring and takes out Moore with a stiff kick to the chest and puts the boots to him. Akio, after clearing his eyes, joins in the attack. Paul London runs down the aisle and slides into the ring to help Moore, but Sakoda meets him with boots to the back. Akio takes off his belt from his pants and begins to whip London! He gets some licks on Moore too before he and Sakoda leave the ring and walk back up the aisle.


Cole: There is certainly some bad blood brewing between Kyo Dai and Paul London and Shannon Moore.

Tazz: No doubt. Kyo Dai just whipped those two like they were two mules, Cole. Those two men are not ones to mess around with.

The music of JBL then hits the ring as he saunters down to the ring to answer Hardcore Holly’s challenge from this past Velocity- and this time it’s in a Hardcore match!

Hardcore Rules

JBL vs Hardcore Holly

Holly doesn’t waste any time and goes right at JBL with right hands, backing him up in a corner and slapping some stiff chops on his chest. JBL wants no part and rolls to the outside, but Holly follows. Holly reaches under the ring and brings out a trash lid and bashes JBL over the head with it. Holly picks up JBL and tries to whip him into the stairs, but JBL reverses it and Holly crashes into the steel. JBL catches his breath and then puts some boots to Holly. JBL looks under the ring and pulls out a trash can of his own, but as he tries to hit Holly with it, Hardcore boots him in the gut and uses the trash can on JBL! Holly rolls JBL into the ring. Holly delivers a nice dropkick to JBL and hits a big slam. JBL scoots into a corner, asking for a timeout, but Holly’s not having it. JBL, though, grabs Holly by the trunks and pulls him face first into the middle buckle. JBL goes outside and grabs a chair. He smacks the mat with it, waiting for Holly to get up. Holly inches to his feet, but as JBL swings Holly ducks and then dropkicks the weapon into JBL’s face! Holly picks up the chair and waits for JBL. Bradshaw reaches his feet and Holly charges with the chair raised high. JBL, however, kicks Holly in the “extremities” and then hits a folded over Holly with the Clothesline from Hell. JBL then picks Holly up and puts him down with a powerbomb onto the chair for the win.


Cole: And JBL picks up the win!

Tazz: Whether you like him or not, that was a nice win for JBL. Hardcore Holly is no easy customer, and JBL just beat him at his own match!

The music of the US champ, John Cena, hits the arena as the crowd pops big, and the Doctor makes his way to the ring.

A Promo Interrupted

Cena: That champ is here!! You know, if there’s one thing I cant stand, it’s cry babies. And the number one whiner on Smackdown is Rene Dupree! See he’s mad cause he cant take my shine. Too bad French Fry, how bout some cheese with that wine? And you know he’s drinking for one, and it’s a shame. All the ladies in America think Frenchmen are lame. If you ask me, I think he might be “fifi.” But don’t come at me dawg cause you cant see me!

As Cena plays to the crowd Rene Dupree comes from the crowd with the French flag. Dupree sneaks in behind Cena and decks him with the pole of the flag. Dupree the proceeds to beat on Cena with forearms and boots, and then hits the French Tickler on Cena. Dupree then grabs the flag again, pulls Cena to his feet, and nails Cena with the pole again in the mush! Cena has been busted open! With a smirk on his face, Dupree smears Cena’s face with the flag, smearing blood on the flag as well, and then waives the stained flag proudly in the ring before walking back up the ramp.


Cole: I can’t believe the audacity of Rene Dupree to smear Cena’s blood on his own country’s flag and then waive it around like it’s a symbol of victory.

Tazz: I’ve never seen Dupree like that before, Cole. He is focused and looks determined to take that US title from Cena.

The music of the tag champs, Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty, hits the arena as we get ready for tag action in a challenge laid down last week.

WWF Tag Team Title Match

Rikishi and Scotty © vs The Dudley Boyz

Scotty starts off with D-Von. D-Von uses his strength to bully Scotty into the corner and then delivers a smack across the chest. D-Von whips Scotty into the buckle and hits an avalanche. D-Von takes Scotty down with a neckbreaker for a two. Bubba tags in and beats Scotty with forearms to the back. Bubba whips Scotty into the ropes, but Scott ducks a clothesline and hits a flying version of his own. Scotty hip tosses Bubba and then hits a dropkick that sends Bubba to the outside. Scotty runs the ropes, apparently looking for a suicide dive om Bubba, but D-Von grabs his foot. Scotty, distracted by D-Von, falls victim to an attack from behind by Bubba and a Bubba Bomb for a two. D-Von tags back in and delivers a DDT to Scotty. D-Von signals for the end and goes to pick up Scotty, but Scott slips out the back and drops D-Von with a superkick! Both men inch to their corners, with D-Von tagging Bubba and Scotty reaching Rikishi! Kish clothesline Bubba to the mat, followed by a belly to belly suplex and a kick to D-Von who tried to come into the ring to help. Rikishi hooks Bubba and hits the Rikishi Driver. He covers, but D-Von breaks up the count. Scotty comes in to even the odds and we have a brawl. D-Von whips Scotty into a corner, but the ref is slammed into the buckle as well. D-Von and Bubba double team Rikishi out of the ring, leaving Scotty. Bubba slides to the outside and grabs a chair. D-Von holds Scotty up for a shot to the head, but from the back runs Spike Dudley with a chair of his own! Spike slides in the ring, and slaps Bubba’s chair into his own face with his chair! D-Von charges but gets a chair shot of his own! Spike beats his chest and leaves the ring. Scotty takes advantage with the WORM on Bubba and the groggy ref counts the three! Rikishi and Scotty celebrate as D-Von and Bubba are irate at what their little brother has done.


Cole: Spike Dudley, who we haven’t seen since Bubba and D-Von gave him that sick 3D on the floor, has just cost his brothers the belts.

Tazz: Spike needs to mind his won business. Didn’t he learn anything from the last beatdown his brothers gave him? He’ll pay for this one for sure, Cole.

After the ring is then set up with a table and chairs,the music of Booker T then hits the arena as he and Theodore Long makes their way to the ring, SummerSlam contract and clipboard in hand.

Contract Signing

Long: Now we told everybody that we were gonna come out here tonight and call out Eddie Guerrero. Now I have the contract for the WWF Title match at SummerSlam in my hands, playa, and if you got the guts come on out here and we’ll get this deal done.

Booker: Hey sucka! I’ve already beat you once, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were too scared to come out here and sign on for another match with me. So I tell ya what, man. We can forget about SummerSlam all together and you can just come out and hand the title over to me right now. Now can you dig that?

With that Eddie’s music hits and the WWF champion makes his way out and gets in the ring. He takes a seat in one chair and Book sits in the other.

Long: Now lets get it done, playa.

Booker is first to sign, and signs quickly. After a brief staredown, Eddie signs the contract as well and it’s official! Eddie vs Booker in a steel cage at SummerSlam.

Long: Now if you are man enough, Eddie, why don’t you shake the future WWF champion’s hand?

Booker extends his hand, and after a few moments of hesitation, Eddie shakes it. Booker pulls Eddie in close and the two men go face to face. Theodore Long then tries to rattle Eddie by smacking him in the back with the clipboard. Eddie turns, but Booker pulls him back towards him and knees him in the “huevos”. Booker puts the boots to Eddie, with Long getting a few shots in too. Booker sets Eddie up and hits the scissors kick! Booker isn’t down however. Book picks Eddie up and then delivers a Bookend to Eddie through the table! The show fades with Theodore Long jumping up and down and raising the arm of Booker T who stands above a broken table and Eddie Guerrero.


Overall Rating= 80%

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Guest Prototype

user posted imagePreview

This week on Velocity, check out the stars from both Raw and Smackdown!

Smackdown's "Reflection of Perfection," Mark Jindrak will be in action, and as always by his side will be Sable.

Speaking of up and comers, Raw's Sean O'Haire will compete, plus, after the altercations that took place last week, Stevie Richards will team up with Victoria in an inter-gender tag match against Lance Storm and Molly Holly.

Chech out these matches and more this week on Velocity!

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Guest Prototype

user posted image

WWF News, Notes, and Rumors

* Smackdown scored a 5.73 rating this week. There were 9042 people in attendance and WWF made $361,680 from the show.

* Rene Dupree impressed officials this week with his attack on John Cena. Rene got some good heat by showing his aggressive side, and officials hope this can carry over into making his feud with Cena even hotter.

* The tag team title tounrney brackets will be revealed on Raw this week.

Feud Status on Smackdown

Eddie vs Booker 91

Cena vs Dupree 84

Big Show vs Taker 94

Haas vs RVD 79

Dont forget to check out Velocity this week!

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Guest Prototype

user posted image

August 7, 2004

Coach: Hello folks and welcome to Velocity! Im Jonathan Coachman along with Smackdown’s Joey Styles.

Styles: And Coach, we’re gonna kick it off right not with some Smackdown cruiserweight action!

Ultimo Dragon vs Funaki

This was a fast paced match, with both start getting in some offense in the early goings. Funkai scored his only near fall of the contest with a tornado DDT. Dragon battled back, though, with stiff kicks to Funkaki’s legs and a leaping back elbow. In the end, Dragon was able to hit the Asai DDT for the win.


Styles: Dragon with a nice win tonight. And you can bet the veteran will be climbing his way back up the cruiserweight ladder in no time.

Christian’s music hits the arena and the leader of X-Rated, along with Trish, makes his way to the ring.

Christian w/Trish Stratus vs Maven

Christian took control early in the match, using chops to the chest and a back breaker for an early nearfall. Christian’s gloating after a DDT got him in trouble, though, as Maven rolled him up for a quick two, followed by a hip toss and nice dropkick. Maven went to the top rope to try and scored the upset, but Christian ducked a body press attempt and then hit Maven with the Unprettier for the win.


Coach: Christain picks up a win here on Velocity, and more importantly, can rub it in the face of his brother Edge.

We then go to the back where Sable is standing by with her man, “The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak.

Promo by Jindrak and Sable

Sable: What you see before you is perfection personified. The man standing before you has the total package; looks, physique, charisma, and skill. Get used to seeing a lot more of Mark Jindrak. He knows that you men want to be him, and I know you women want to be with him. But neither of those will ever happen. But what will happen is Mark Jindrak taking his spot at the top of the WWF. I want gold here in the WWF, and what I want, I get! And Jindrak here will make sure that I get what I want. So get a long, hard look at the Reflection of Perfection, because this is as close to greatness as you will ever get!


Rene Dupree’s music then hits as we get set for our next match.

Rene Dupree vs Billy Kidman

Dupree came to the ring with the same blood-stained French flag that he used to bloody John Cena this past Smackdown. Dupree tried to ground Kidman with power moves, using a body slam and elbows to the back. Dupree scored with a neckbreaker and got a two count. Kidman mounted a comeback after ducking a clothesline and hit Dupree with a dropkick, followed by a clothesline and a head scissors. Kidman went to the top, but Dupree cut him off and hit a big superplex. Dupree then signaled for the end and set Kidman up for a DVD. Kidman escaped the hold the first time, but was caught again after leap frogging Dupree and ran right into the Death Valley Driver position. Dupree planted Kidman and got the win.


Styles: A good victory for Dupree. And what a shot to Cena by coming out with a flag stained by Cena’s own blood! This feud for the US title is far from over.

The music on Evolution hits and Randy Orton makes an unexpected appearance on the ramp. He then makes his way to the ring.

In-Ring Promo by Randy Orton

Orton: The reason I have come out here tonight is to address one Shawn Michaels, a man whose legendary run in the WWF is about to come to a screeching halt. You see, Shawn Michaels, you just cant seem to let go, can you? You cant come to terms with the fact that your time has passed. The industry has evolved, if you will, and the what has become of that evolution is Randy Orton! But you cant accept that Shawn. So now you want to try and regain the spotlight, you want to try and ruin my thunder by taking my Intercontinental title? It’s not even about the gold, is it Shawn? It’s about you proving to yourself that you can still get it done; that you can still hang with the best, that you can still hang with the young guns in this business. Well I got news for ya Shawn…you cant! And I will prove that to you on Raw! I am going to beat you so far into the mat that you wont want to continue your career here in the WWF, and you will finally be forced to step down. The business has passed you by Shawn. And on Raw, the Legend Killer is going to add another name to his list, and everyone will know that the fire of HBK Shawn Michaels was put out permanently by Randy Orton!


Coach: Some strong words from Randy Orton, and I have to say that I agree with him one hundred percent! Shawn Michalels is going down this Monday!

The music of Sean O’Haire hits as Bobby Heenan leads his client to the ring for his match.

Sean O’Haire w/Bobby Heenan vs John Heidenreich

The two big men went at eachother hard in the opening moments, with O’Haire battling John into a corner with stiff forearms to the head and a spinning kick to the temple. O’Haire powered Heidenreich into a full-nelson bomb for a two count. O’Haire missed another kick, which allowed John to hit a big boot and a powerslam for a near fall. In the end, Heidenreich’s inexperience cost him as he charged O’Haire in the turnbuckle, but O’Haire moved out of the way. Heiedreich struck the pole with his shoulder, allowing O’Haire to hit him with the Prophecy for the win.


Coach: Another impressive win by O’Haire. This guy has all the tools to make it to the top of the ladder on Raw, no doubt about it.

The music of Mark Jindrak then hits the arena, as the “Reflection of Perfection” makes his way to the ring along with Sable.

Mark Jindrak w/Sable vs Orlando Jordan

Jindrak started the match on the offensive, jarring Jordan’s back with punches to the kidneys and a backbreaker. Jindrak hit a nice dropkick and then a suplex for a two. Jordan battled back, ducking a clothesline that led to some boxer punches to Jindrak’s jaw and a cross body for a two count. Jordan hit Jindrak with a brainbuster, which caused Sable to get up on the apron. Jordan and the ref were temporarily distracted by the sultry Sable, which allowed Jindrak to attack Jordan from behind and hit the MJ Delight for the win.


Styles: Thanks to the distraction of Sable, Jindrak picks up another win. And perhaps Sable was right about this guy. He has looked impressive in recent weeks.

RVD’s music then hit to a loud pop as he made his way out for one on one action.

Rob Van Dam vs Jamie Noble

Van Dam barraged Noble with forearm shivers and kicks to the midsection. Van Dam monkey flipped Noble out of the corner, frustrating Jamie. Van Dam ducked a clothesline, whipped Noble into the corner, and hit two shoulder blocks followed by a flip and third. Noble moved out of the way of a split-legged moonsault, however, and covered Van Dam with boots to the back. Noble hit Van Dam with a slam and a head scissors. Noble went to the top rope and tried a flying axe handle, but Van Dam dropkicked Noble in mid air! Rob then went to the top himself and hit the 5 Star Frog Splash for the win.


Styles: A good win for Mr. Thursday Night, Rob Vam Dam!

Promo Video

We then say a video package recapping the beat down of Steve Austin by the Outsiders on Raw. We see Austin confronting Hall and Nash, followed by the announcement by Bischoff that he had signed the two stars and reminding Austin that he couldn’t attack the talent unless provoked. We then see shots of Austin being hit with the Outsider Edge and Jacknife and Biscoff announcing a handicap match for SummerSlam- The Outsdiers vs Steve Austin. The video ends with a shot of Austin being put in a stretcher and Kevin Nash saying “Austin, consider yourself provoked.”


Coach: It was a plan executed to perfection by Eric Bischoff last Monday, and due to the beating he sustained, it is being reported that Austin will not be at Raw this week.

The music of Lance Storm then hits as he makes his way out with Molly for out main event, inter-gender tag match.

Lance Storm and Molly Holly vs Stevie Richards and Victoria

Storm started out with Richards, as the men can only wrestle the men in this match and vice-versa. Storm whips Richards into the buckle, followed by a back drop and a crescent kick for a two. Richards ducks a clothesline and hits Storm with DDT for a two count. Stevie tags in Victoria, bringing in Molly. Victoria hits Molly with rights and slams her to the mat, followed by a standing moonsault for a two. Victoria tries to whip Molly into the corner, but Molly reverses it and the ref is smashed in the turnbuckle between it and Victoria. Storm enters the ring, but Richards heads him off and they begin to brawl. Storm ducks a super kick by Richards and throws him to the outside. Molly tries to slam Vic, but she slips out and hits Molly with a clothesline. Victoria signals for the Widow’s Peak, but Storm sneaks up and hits Victoria with a super kick of his own, laying her out. Molly then makes the cover as Storm revives the ref and gets the three. Richards slides into the ring to check on Victoria as Storm and Molly make their way up the ramp, hands raised in victory, as the show ends.


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Guest Prototype

user posted image

WWF News, Notes, and Rumors

* Velocity scored a 5.56 rating, with 9,031 people attending and WWF making $361,240 from the show.

* Word right now is that, due to injuries sustained last week on Raw from the attack by the Outsiders, Stone Cole Steve Austin will not be on Raw this week.

user posted image


This week on Raw, in the main event, the "Legend Killer" Randy Orton will put hia Intercontinental title on the line against HBK Shawn Michaels!

Also, what will World Champion Chris Benoit have to say about not only the attack by Triple H last week, but also the inadvertant chair shot from Chris Jericho?

Speaking of Chris Jericho, he will go one on one with the Cerebral Assasin Triple H!

Plus, what more will the Outsiders do, after putting Steve Austin out of commission last week?

All this, and the tag team title tournament brackets will be revealed this week on Raw!

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user posted image

August 9, 2004

JR: Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Monday night Raw! I’m Jim Ross along with Jerry “The King” Lawler, and tonight is a night you don’t want to miss.

Lawler: That’s right JR, because tonight Randy Orton will defend his Intercontinental title against Shawn Michaels! We may see the Legend Killer add another name to his list tonight!

JR: Plus, Chris Jericho will go one on one with Triple H tonight….

JR is cut off by the music of Chris Benoit as the World Champion makes his way to the ring.

Promo by Benoit

Benoit: You know the old saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But it seems lately that the line between friend and foe has become slightly blurred. But when I thought about it I realized that the most important thing to me was this title! And I now realize that by having this on my shoulder, I am a target to everyone in the back, friend or foe. And Triple H, I know I am your target and how much you want this title. I know that every night you go to sleep you dream of that moment at WrestleMania when you tapped out! And Triple H, as long as I am the champion, you can try all your tricks to take this from me, but you will keep having that nightmare over and over and over again! And then there is Chris Jericho. Jericho, what has happened between us the past few weeks is over. The past is the past. But I have never been one to ask for anyone’s help, and I never asked you for your help Jericho, and I don’t need it! So mis-communication or not, accidental chair shot or not, stay out of my business! Now….


Benoit is cut off by the music of Sean O’Haire. Bobby Heenan leads his charge out onto the ramp with a mic in hand.

A Challenge to Benoit

Heenan: Hold it right there, Benoit. Hang on a second. You wanna talk about pride? You claim to be a fighting champion? Well then feast your eyes on your next challenger, Sean O’Haire! 6’8’’, 275 pounds, and so far undefeated since coming back to the WWF under my tutelage. So if you think you’re so tough, Benoit, why don’t you prove it in the ring against Sean O’Haire?

Benoit: If you want it, you got it!

Heenan jumps around on the stage, obviously overjoyed at Benoit’s acceptance.

Heenan: You just made the biggest mistake of your life, Benoit. Tonight, we will witness the crowning of a new World Champion, Sean O’Haire!

O’Haire: But then, Benoit, he’s not telling you anything you don’t already know.


JR: I cant believe this, King. Sean O’Haire will get a shot at the World title and face Chris Benoit tonight!

King: Well let me tell ya, JR, Benoit can not look past O’Haire, especially with a genius like Bobby Heenan in his corner. O’Haire has all the tools to pull the upset tonight.

The music of Jeff Hardy hits the arena as he makes his way to the ring with Lita for our first match.

Jeff Hardy w/Lita vs Matt Hardy

These two have had their problems recently, with Matt wanting the services of Lita back, which prompted Jeff to return to the WWF to defend Lita. Jeff takes the offense to Matt early, hitting a dropkick and hip toss that frustrates Matt. Jeff whips Matt into the buckle, but Matt moves out of the way of a clothesline and hits the Side Effect for a two count. Jeff blocks a suplex attempt and hits one of his own. Jeff goes to the top rope, but Matt grabs the ropes and crotches Jeff on the buckle. Lita hops up onto the apron, but is caught by Matt. Matt looks like he may try and kiss Lita, but Jeff runs at Matt from behind. Matt sees this, however, and moves out of the way. Jeff nearly collides with Lita, but is then rolled up by Matt who uses a handful of pants to get the win.


JR: Matt Hardy pulls out a cheap win over his brother with a hand full of tights after he looked like he was going to force himself on Lita.

King: Lita was the one who got involved in the match, JR. Matt was right to defend himself; who knows what Lita was planning to do!

A graphic then comes up showing the bracket for the tag team title tournament. The bracket reads:

Justice League vs Disciples of Syn

Sex and Violence vs La Resistance

The Outsdiers have a bye into the second round due to the injury of Road Dogg keeping the New Age Outlaws from competing.

The winner of the Sex and Violence/La Resistance automatically goes to the finals.

JR: And what a surprise that the team to get the first round bye is Eric Bischoff’s personal thugs Hall and Nash.

King: Yea, and thanks to the Outsiders, Steve Austin has been at home recuperating from the attack last week and wont be here tonight, JR.

JR: They are nothing but thugs.

The music of the Disciples of Syn hits as we get set for a first round tournament match.

Disciples of Syn vs The Justice League

The larger Travis Bane started the match with Hurricane and used his power to overwhelm Hurricane with stiff shots in the corner and a powerslam for a two count. Bane tags in Seven who pounds on Hurricane’s back with axe handles. Hurricane finally gets a hot tag to Rosey who cleans house of both Seven and Bane. A big boot followed by a big splash flattens Seven, but Bane saves the pinfall. Bane grabs Rosey and holds him for Seven, but Rosey ducks the clothesline that sends Bane to the outside. Hurricane then comes off the top, unknown to Seven, with a dropkick that sends him into a waiting Rosey who rolls him up for the win.


JR: Hurricane and Rosey overcome the Disciples of Syn and advance in the tag team tournament to face the Outsiders.

We then go to the interview area where Mark Lloyd stands by with Shawn Michaels.

Interview with HBK

Mark: Shawn, you heard the comments from Randy Orton from this past Velocity, and he seems confident that he will not only beat you tonight, but end your illustrious career here in the WWF.

HBK: Randy Orton can think anything he wants to think. You see, Orton seems to lose sight of what this is all really about. It’s not just about the Intercontinental title, and it’s not just about Orton versus HBK. This is about respect. Orton doesn’t seem to have enough respect for me or the title he holds. This is about proving to a young punk that ol’ HBK can still go. Orton, I told you before that it is true that you have all the goods. You remind me of myself when I was at the stage of my career that you are now. And frankly, I needed a couple of ass kickings to earn my stripes in this business too. So I will be more than happy to provide that same experience to Randy Orton tonight. And on top of that, the IC title wont look too bad on the Show Stopper’s waist either!


JR: HBK clearly focused and confident.

King: I think he’s got a rude awakening coming tonight, JR. Randy Orton is gonna beat Shawn Michaels right out of Raw tonight.

The music of Edge hits the arena as he makes his way to the ring. If he can win this match tonight, he will get Christian one on one at SummerSlam.

Edge vs Rhyno

Edge was not intimidated by the newest member of X-Rated. Edge took the offense early to Rhyno with clothesline that rattled the Man Beast and a cross body that took him to the mat. Rhyno used his power to get back in the match, barraging Edge in the corner with chops and using a piledriver to get a two count. Rhyno whips Edge to the corner, but Edge moves out of the way of a splash and Rhyno smacks the turnbuckles. Edge hits a one-arm DDT for a nearfall. Trish Stratus came running down to ringside and hopped up on the apron, disctracting the ref and Edge. But her plans backfired when Edge moved out of the way of a charging Rhyno and the Man Beast ran into Trish. Edge then hit the Downward Spiral on Rhyno for the win. Christian appeared on the ramp and was livid that he would have to face Edge at SummerSlam as Rhyno carried an unconscious Trish to the back.


JR: Edge will finally get his hands on his no good brother Christian at SummerSlam, and Christian definitely has it coming.

King: Poor Christian!

We are set for the World Title match when…..IM BACK! Eric Bischoff’s theme hits as the Raw GM makes his way to the stage with a mic in hand.

Eric Announces a Match

Eric: Before this next match gets underway, I have an announcement to make. But first let me preface that announcement by wishing my assistant GM Stone Cold Steve Austin a speedy recovery after last week’s unfortunate set of circumstances. Now, on to the announcement. Due to the events of the past few weeks concerning our World Champion Chris Benoit I have decided that there will be a World Title match at SummerSlam. It will be Chris Benoit….defending against Triple H…..AND….his supposed good friend Chris Jericho in a Triple Threat Match!


JR: What a main event for SummerSlam! Benoit vs HHH vs Jericho for the World Title!

Benoit’s music then hits and we are ready for a World Title match.

World Title Match

Chris Benoit © vs Sean O’Haire w/Bobby Heenan

O’Haire put on a strong showing in the match, taking the advantage at the get-go by using his quick feet and power to deflate Benoit. O’Haire delivered a swift super kick to Benoit’s jaw for a two count. O’Haire continued the assault on Benoit, with the encouragement of Heenan. Benoit fought back into the match with hard chops to O’Haire and hit the three German Suplexes followed by the Sharpshooter, but O’Haire reached the ropes. Benoit signaled for the end and went to the top rope, but missed a flying headbutt. O’Haire saw his opportunity and picked Benoit up for the Prophecy, but Benoit reversed it into the Crossface! After some grueling moments, O’Haire finally had to tap out.


JR: A good win for the World champ, and not too bad of an effort from Sean O’Haire either.

King: He battled till the end JR, but Benoit comes out on top again. But can he handle Triple H and Chris Jericho at SummerSlam? I don’t think he can.

The music of the Outsiders then hits and Hall and Nash make their way onto the stage with a mic.

Outsider Promo

Hall: Hey yo! Last week, the Outsiders became official members of the WWF. And me and the big man here, we know how to celebrate, man. Take a look.

Footage of last week’s attack on Steve Austin is shown.

Nash: If that’s not a way to celebrate, I don’t know what is. And Austin, there’s more where that came from. Because at SummerSlam, two on one, you don’t stand a chance my man. You think last week was bad? Wait until you see the beating you get at the Pay-Per-View. And to just add some insult to injury, me and Scott are going to win the tag titles in a tournament that you set up yourself, Austin! You brought this all on yourself. SummerSlam, the Outsiders will be just too sweet! See ya then Austin!


JR: Those bastards are nothing but hired hitmen for Eric Bischoff. And if anyone has the guts and the brawn to take them out, even in a two on one situation, it’s Steve Austin.

TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! The music of Triple H hits as the leader of Evoluton makes his way to the ring.

Triple H vs Chris Jericho

This match was an even contest, with both men giving everything the had. Triple H got an early upper hand with a knee to the face. Jericho regained some momentum by sweeping HHH with a drop toe hold. Jericho went for the Loin Sault, but landed on his feet as HHH rolled out of the way and hit the Breakdown for a two. HHH blocked a Walls attempt by pushing Jericho into the corner. HHH then seemed desperate to win and went to untie the protective padding from the top turnbuckle. The ref saw this and reprimanded HHH, turning his back to re-tie the padding back on. This allowed Triple H to duck a Jericho clothesline and kick him with a low blow. HHH then hit the Pedigree for the win. After the match, Chris Benoit ran to the ring and brawled with Triple H. Benoit sent HHH to the outside with a clothesline. Jericho went up to Benoit in a seemingly harmless manner, but Benoit slapped the Cross face on him, perhaps in retaliation for the chair shot from last week! Jericho tapped out before Benoit let loose and walked back to the locker room.


JR: Benoit has taken both Triple H and Jericho out, King!

King: I take back what I said. Maybe he CAN win at SummerSlam!

The music of Evolution hits as the IC champ Randy Orton makes his way to the ring for the main event.

Intercontinental Title Match

Randy Orton © vs Shawn Michaels

Michaels went right at Orton at the bell, attacking him with blows to the head and a head scissors take down. Orton gained control of the match by working on HBK’s back, using axe handles and hitting a variation of a back breaker for a two. Both men put on a good show of stamina and showmanship. With the sweat pouring, Orton ducked a clothesline and hit an RKO out of nowhere. He covered HBK, but Michaels got a foot on the ropes at the last possible second. Orton couldn’t believe it and didn’t know what he had to do to put Shawn away. Orton went for another RKO, but Michaels powered out of it and hit the Sweet Chin Music before falling to the mat exhausted! HBK crawled over to Orton and covered him, but he took too much time and Orton kicked out at a close two. Both men staggered to their feet. HBK reversed an irish whip and hit a flying clothesline, followed by a trademark kick up and HBK was feeling it! HBK hit three rights and then whipped Orton to the corner, but Orton reversed it. Orton charged Michaels in the corner, but HBK jumped out of the way and tied Orton up in a victory roll for the surprising win!


JR: He did it! He did it! Shawn Michaels has beaten Randy Orton and is the new Intercontinental Champion!

The show fades with HBK celebrating his win and Orton in the aisle looking on in disbelief.

Overall Rating= 80%

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Guest Prototype

user posted image

WWF News, Notes, and Rumors

* Raw scored a 5.92 rating, the highest ever. There were 9050 people in attendance and WWF made $362,000 from the show.

* The placement of Sean O'Haire into a World Title match on Raw may have been a surprise to most fans, but management is apparently pretty high on O'Haire. Officials wanted to see how he could mesh with Benoit while also giving Benoit a solid win. O'Haire is slated to continue to receive a push and may even be put in a feud with Benoit over the title when he is ready.

* The SummerSlam card on the Raw side seems to be shaping up. The Triple Threat for the World Title was announced this week, plus The Outsiders vs Steve Austin in a handicap match, Edge vs Christian, and the finals of the tag team title tournament have all been scheduled for the Pay-Per-View.

* Road Dogg should return from his injury in about 1 1/2 months. Look for Billy Gunn to compete in singles competition until he gets back.

Feud Status on Raw

Chris Benoit vs Triple H 94

Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton 87

Kane vs Shelton Benjamin 73

Steve Austin vs The Outsiders 84

Dont forget to check out Smackdown this week!

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Guest ConcreteIsBack

Hey Man,

Interesting Shows,

I'm very keen to see how this shapes up! Full of interesting twists and turns so far

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. I hope you continue to read and provide some opinions.

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Guest Prototype

user posted image


This week on Smackdown, what will WWF Champion Eddie Guerrero have to say following last week's contract signing and subsequent attack by Booker T? These two are looking ahead to their cage match at SummerSlam, but the heat is definately on this week between these two!

Speaking of sneak attacks, the French Phenom Rene Dupree got one up on John Cena last week when he bloodied the US champ with a French flag. Will the "Doctor of Thugonomics" have an equal reaction this week?

And, what more will GM Kurt Angle and his hired henchman Big Show do to try and rid Smackdown of the Undertaker?

Plus, after returning last week to aid Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty in their match against his brothers, Spike Dudley will go one on one with Bubba Ray, his first match since being put on the shelf a few weeks ago by his own flesh and blood.

All of this and more this week on Smackdown!

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Guest ConcreteIsBack

Looking good,

I like the whole ridding Undertaker from the WWF. We can dream eh?

My favorite part though is the Booker vs. Eddie feud...Definate draw for me :thumbsup:

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Guest Prototype

user posted image

August 12, 2004

The show opens with a heated Eddie Guerrero making his way through the back area, until he comes to the door of Smackdown GM Kurt Angle and bursts through it to the surprise of Angle.

Kurt: What do you think you’re doing Eddie?

Eddie: Listen to me, Kurt. I want Booker T, homes! Last week he got a cheap shot on me, esse, but tonight it will be a different story. He will feel some Latino Heat, esse! O le lai! Now give me my match, Kurt!

Kurt: Now just hold on a sec! Now you and Book have a very big match coming up at SummerSlam, a steel cage match no less, and in your state of mind I think that putting you two in the ring tonight would jeopardize that match. But I did see what happened last week at the contract signing, and I’m a fair man, so I tell you what. I’ll give you a match tonight, Eddie. Not with Booker, though. But, if you can win the match tonight, next week you can have a match with anyone you please, be it Booker T or whoever.

Eddie: OK, Kurt. You’ve got a deal homes.

Kurt: Good. So tonight, it will be Eddie Guerrero against….Big Show! Now please leave my office!

Eddie leaves with a somewhat disgruntled look on his face as Kurt gives him a smirk.


Cole: What a match! Hello everyone and welcome to Smackdown, and as you just saw, what a main event for tonight. WWF Champion Eddie Guerrero goes one on one with Kurt Angle’s henchman the Big Show!

Tazz: And if Eddie can win, he gets to face an opponent of his choosing next week here on Smackdown!

The music of Kyo Dai then hits the arena as the two men from Japan prepare to take on the newly formed team of Paul London and Shannon Moore.

Kyo Dai vs Paul London and Shannon Moore

These four men have been having their problems recently on Velocity, which led to the teaming of London and Moore. This was an action packed cruiser match with a fast pace and nice moves from both teams. Akio started out with London and got an early advantage, using swift kicks and some double teams behind the ref’s back with partner Sakoda. The larger Sakoda tagged in, but London made a blind tag to Moore off an irish whip and Shannon surprised Sakoda with a dropkick. It soon became a four man brawl as the ref lost control. With the ref distracted, Sakoda loaded his boot with a chain and prepared to hit Moore with a super kick. Moore ducked the kick, however, and Sakoda hit Akio with the loaded kick! Moore threw Sakoda to the outside as London went to the top and hit the London Calling on an unconscious Akio for the win.


Cole: A nice win for Moore and London, and these two don’t make such a bad team together.

Tazz: Two young guns here on Smackdown getting a good win tonight.

The music of John Cena then hits to the surprise of many fans as the US champion makes his way directly to the ring and asks for a mic.

Cena Lays Down a Challenge

Cena: Yo, yo, yo! I’m gonna make this short and sweet. Rene Dupree, you think you’re a big man for coming up from behind me last week and laying me out? Well you got another thing coming if you think John Cena is just gonna lay down after that boy! So tonight, me and you get it on!

Rene Dupree then shows up on the video screen.

Rene: Cena….Cena, why so angry? Is it because I busted you open last week with the French flag? I still have the blood stained fabric right here. So tonight, if you want a match, you have got one, as long as the US title is on the line.

Cena: Title or no title, it’s on!


Cole: So now it appears that we will have a US title match here tonight, John Cena versus Rene Dupree.

Tazz: Man ol man, matches are just being made left and right tonight!

Rey Mysterio then pops up on the stage as we get set for cruiserweight action.

Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Noble

Rey started the match on fire, taking it to Noble with head scissors and cross body. Noble was able to fight back in to it, using his combination of power and quickness to take down Mysterio. Noble scored a near fall after reversing a hurricanrana into a hard powerbomb, but Rey kicked out at two. In the end, Noble tried to end the match with hit Tiger Bomb, but Rey wrapped his legs around Noble’s neck and scored with a hurricanrana if his own into a pinning combination for the win. After the match, Cruiserweight champion Chavo Guerrero slid into the ring and attacked Rey from behind, laying Mysterio out with not one but two brainbusters before taunting the crowd and leaving back up the ramp.


Cole: A sneak attack by our cruiser champion, and Chavo has taken out his number one contender.

Tazz: A good win by Mysterio, but Chavo shows exactly why he is the champion. He’s always one step ahead of the competition, Cole.

We now go to the interview area where Josh Matthews is standing by with Booker T.

Interview with Booker

Josh: I’m standing here with Booker T, and Book, what are your thoughts on tonight’s Eddie and Big Show match? If Eddie can win, he gets a match with any opponent he wishes next week, and it seems that opponent would obviously be you.

Booker: Look here, man. Eddie Guerrero is just upset at what me and my man Teddy Long pulled on him last week. All I got to say about that is, Eddie, don’t hate the playa, hate the game sucka! But as far as tonight is concerned, I ain’t got no worries man. Because Eddie isn’t going to beat the Big Show tonight. He’s seven feet, five hundred pounds man! I’d hate to be Eddie Guerrero tonight. But even if he can lie, cheat, and steal a win tonight, I’ll be more than happy to soften Eddie up next week and then take his WWF title at SummerSlam! Now can you dig that, sucka!


The music of Spike Dudley hits the arena as he gets set to make his in-ring return since being turned on and being put out of action by the Dudleys a few weeks ago.

Spike Dudley vs Bubba Ray Dudley

Bubba was accompanied by D-Von to the ring. Spike showed no fear of his big brother, attacking at the bell with rights and lefts. Spike takes Bubba down and hits a two-footed stomp from the top rope to the surprise of Bubba for a two count. Bubba, however, regained composure and took over with his power and size advantage on Spike. Bubba controlled the pace most of the rest of the way until Spike ducked a clothesline and hit a running torpedo headbutt into the gut of Bubba. Spike then went to run the ropes, but waa tripped up by D-Von. This distraction allowed Bubba to hit the Bubba Bomb from behind on Spike and pick up the win. After the match, both Dudleys brothers beat down Spike and looked like they might try to take him out again with a 3D, but the tag champs Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty ran down to the ring and saved Spike from further harm, running off the Dudleys from the ring.


Cole: Bubba gets a cheap win over his little brother Spike, and Spike may have been injured again if it hadn’t been for the tag team champions.

Tazz: I don’t think this feud between the Dudleys and Rikishi and Scotty, or even with Spike, is over yet Cole.

The music of RVD then hits to a loud pop as Mr. Thursday Night makes his way to the ring.

Rob Van Dam vs Rico w/Miss Jackie

Rico tried to pull some of his mind games on Van Dam, but after a swift kick to the legs and head, Rico turned serious quick. It didn’t help much, though, as Van Dam had most of the offense in the match, hitting Rolling Thunder for a two count. Rico did mount a small comeback, backing Rob into the corner and hitting a kick to the head after jumping off the middle rope. Rico missed with an elbow drop from the corner, however, and allowed Van Dam to leap up onto the top rope and hit a Vam Daminator kick to the side of the head, followed by the 5-Star Frog Splash for the win. After the match, as RVD was celebrating with the fans with his signature finger point, Charlie Haas ran down the aisle with a chair and smacked Van Dam in the back with the weapon, sneaking out of the ring as quickly as he had entered as Rob sank to the mat.


A Challenge for SummerSlam

Haas then grabbed a mic as he walked back up the ramp.

Haas: Hey Rob! I thought that this chair might bring back some past memories for you. And I know how you like to get “extreme” and “hardcore”, but that’s not my style necessarily. So I have a proposition for you. At SummerSlam, me and you one on one, so that I can show the world that I am a superior wrestler to you and every superstar on Smackdown! But there is one provision. Not only can you obviously not use any weapons, but you must use the Five Star Frog Splash in the match, or you will be disqualified!

Van Dam seems perplexed at the challenge, but then agrees to the match for SummerSlam.


The music of Rene Dupree hits the arena as we get set for our US title match.

United States Championship Match

John Cena © vs Rene Dupree

This match was intense, as Cena attacked before the bell had even sounded. Cena opened up on Dupree with slams and a Throwback early on for a two count. Dupree regrouped and hit a powerbomb for a near fall. Dupree took too much time taunting with his French Tickler dance, and Cena chopped him down with a clothesline and the 5 knuckle shuffle. Cena motioned for the FU, but Dupree slipped out of the hold and pushed Cena into the referee. Rene then hit a Death Valley Driver of his own, but there was no ref to make a count. Dupree went to revive the ref as Cena inched over to the corner and grabbed his chain and lock. As Dupree brought the ref back to his feet, Cena wrapped the chain around his wrist and clocked Dupree! This was done right in front of the ref, who had no choice but to DQ Cena. But Cena didn’t seem to care as he then gave Dupree an FU in the middle of the ring and threw up the “Word Life” sign as he played to the wildly cheering crowd.


Cole: A DQ win for Dupree, but how fired up was Cena tonight?

Tazz: No doubt, but Dupree did get the victory, and even though he didn’t get the title, I think he definitely deserves a rematch.

Eddie Guerrero then rode down to ringside in his low-rider as we get set for our main event.

Eddie Guerrero vs Big Show

Eddie tried to keep out of the clutches of Show early on, going after his knees with dropkicks and boots. Show eventually took over using his power to ground Eddie, hitting some hard slaps and a sidewalk slam. Big Show gave Eddie a good beating until Show missed a big boot and crotched himself on the top rope. Eddie took advantage and actually took the big man down with a cross body from the top rope. Show powered out of the pin, and charged Eddie in the corner. Eddie moved and Show smashed the ref in the buckle! Big Show then clasped Eddie in a goozle, preparing for a chokeslam. The lights then went out in the arena! A gong was heard and a purple light lit the ring, spotlighting the Big Show. Show looked confused, and then grew angry at the obvious sign from the Undertaker. The lights then blacked out again after another gong. When the lights came back on, Eddie stood behind Show with a steel chair! With the ref still out, Eddie waffled Show in the head with the weapon! Eddie then scaled to the top rope and hit a Frog Splash as the ref groggily counted the three! Eddie had scored somewhat of an upset over Big Show!


After the bell, Booker T and Teddy Long came from the back and marched to the ring, seemingly prepared to start the fight early with Eddie. Kurt Angle ran out and tried to restrain Booker as Big Show lumbered down the aisle and joined Angle.

Eddie Picks His Opponent

Eddie then grabbed a mic from ringside.

Eddie: Hey Booker, ese, you must be wanting to get it on a little early huh? Well that’s fine with me, homes, if we fight tonight because we won’t be going at it next week. Ya see, homes, in the beginning, yea, I was going to make myself a match with you next week if I beat Big Show. But see, ese, I’ve changed my mind! I’ve got somethine eveb better in mind! So Kurt, listen real good, homes, because next week I want it to be Eddie Guerrero…..versus…..Theodore Long!

A shocked Theodore Long cant believe what Eddie just said and begins to get irate as Booker and Angle try to calm him down and Eddie just smiles and laughs in the ring as the show closes.


Overall Rating= 73%

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Guest Prototype

user posted image

WWF News, Notes, and Rumors

* Smackdown scored a 6.16 rating this week, with 9014 people in attendance and made $360560.

* Lance Storm has sustained and injury to his hand, but should only be out one month. Storm had a small rivalry building with Stevie Richards that was largely showcased on Velocity, so it looks like that feud will either be put on hold or Stevie will have to find a new storlyine to be put in to.

* Rene Dupree has apparently told management that he has a drug problem. This is disappointing because Rene was slowly becoming an upper card heel on Smackdown and is in a US title fued with John Cena. In a somewhat surprissing move, management has decided not to take action at this time and hope that Rene can make it through to a blow off match with Cena at SummerSlam and then enter rehab.

*Speaking of SummerSlam, the card on the Smackdown side seems to be shaping up. Eddie Guerrero vs Booker T for the WWF Title in a Steel Cage Match has already been signed, as has The Undertaker vs Big Show and Charlie Haas vs Rob Van Dam. In addition to the Dupree vs Cena match, other matches rumored could include a tag title match between Rikishi and Scotty vs The Dudleys and Chavo Guerrero defending the Cruiserweight Title against Rey Mysterio.

Dont forget to check out Velocity this week, and thanks to all those who read!

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