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What Comic Book TPB Should I Get?


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Well i got a big list of Comic Books that have Trade Paper Backs. I plan on getting the first 2 or 1 of the TPB's depending on the price and which one it is. So the point of this is to just spread your opinion on which one you think is the best or suggest other TPB's. So here are the ones I am looking at right now:

Marvel Knights 4

Battle Royale


Y: The Last Man

100 Bullets



Thats all I can think about right now so if I think of anything else I will post it so tell me which one you think is the best or suggest a whole different title.

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To Numbahs - Thanks for the response and if at all possible could you give me a bit about the storyline for 100 Bullets without spoiling much?

To GoGo Yubari - Also thanks for the response.. but what is wrong with the 3rd volume?

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To GoGo Yubari - ic lol

To Numbahs - Just want to know if the arcs are continued with the same characters or if each arc was different with the whole 100 untraceable(sp?) bullets given to someone storyline?

Plus do any of these TPB's come with extras? I know that the Powers TPB's come with lots of extras so just wondering.

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Far and away, I'd recommend 100 Bullets as the best of the lot.

The premise, with the mysterious Mr. Graves presenting folks with 100 untraceable bullets to right some wrong they've suffered is really the focus of the first trade, with two stories as Numbahs indicated, and with very different outcomes. While the series primarily moves from one self-contained story to another, around about the third trade or so, things start to tie together and you'll find yourself going back to earlier stories with a new perspective.

The art isn't the usual superhero big-breasted chicks and roidraged guys stuff. It's more noirish, with heavy shadows and almost cartoony caricatures, but I find it to be refreshing and so utterly suitable to the stories that I can't imagine anyone else drawing the title.

If you do get it, please let us know what you thought. :thumbsup:

EDIT - Since you indicated you were open to suggestions, I'd also recommend Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons under DC Comics. You have gritty, mature comics as well as superhero stuff on your list, so I think you'll find it to be a cool intersection of the two if you haven't already read it. Sadly, it doesn't stand as revolutionary as it was at the time it came out as it had a great influence on the whole wave of mature superhero stuff, but it's still a high quality read.

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