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WWE: Tristy Vs Gaby


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Five years ago, everyone thought he was a genius. Today, on May 14, 2004, the world has finally come to the realization that Vince McMahon is just a dumbass with a lot of money, and some really good luck.

Today, Vince McMahon replaced his entire writing teams, both RAW and SmackDown, not to freshen the product, but to cut costs on the budget. The former six man teams of veteran writers have been replaced by three man teams of high school seniors, all of whom will be graduating this June.

The writing team together are reportedly making what two members of the former writing teams would make in a year, so the move is a good financial decision, but could very well impact the product negatively.

Keep in mind, however, that last time Vince McMahon pulled a dumbass stunt like this with his writing team, we were given the Attitude Era of Stone Cold, The Rock and Triple H in their primes.

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Quick Recap of Judgment Day

-In the opening bout, Chavo Guerrero, with assistance from Chavo Classic, defeated Jacqueline to regain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

-Rico and Charlie Haas with Miss Jackie retained the WWE Tag Team Titles over the team of Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn with a German Suplex bridged into a pin on Gunn.

-Torrie Wilson beat Dawn Marie in a match designed purely for eye-candy.

-The Dudley Boyz with Paul Heyman defeated the team of Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio with a pin on Rey after RVD turned on him, and nailed him with the Five Star Frog Splash. After the match, RVD left with Heyman and the Dudleyz.

-Rene Dupree upset John Cena to win the WWE United States Championship with a Spinning Death Valley Driver.

-The Undertaker defeated Booker T in a good, old school bout. After the match, Taker, with assistance from Paul Bearer, put Booker into a bodybag, but the lights in the arena went out. The lights came back on in a big flash of bright white, and Mordecai was standing in the middle of the ring, nose-to-nose with The Undertaker. The two men stared each other down for several moments as the tension rose...until Mordecai backed off, climbed out of the ring, and then pulled the bodybag to him, and carried Booker T to the back.

-Eddie Guerrero retained the WWE World Title over John Bradshaw Layfield with the Frog Splash, after having kicked out of the Clothesline From Hell, and used a chair on JBL.

Also, over the course of the night, anoter video package was aired for Kenzo Suzuki, this time putting over the fact that he is one of only a few remaining Samurai in the world.

Rosters up next...

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user posted image

Eric Bischoff & Johnny Nitro Present: World Wrestling Entertainment RAW

NOTE: The Hurricane was traded to SmackDown! to compete in the Cruiserweight Division, in return for the services of Matt Morgan.

+ - Face

* - Heel

^ - Tweener

Main Event:

The Rock +

Chris Benoit + (World Heavyweight Champion, World Tag Team Champion)

Chris Jericho +

Shawn Michaels +

Triple H *

Ric Flair *

Kane *


Edge + (World Tag Team Champion)

Randy Orton * (WWE Intercontinental Champion)

Batista *

Scott Steiner *

Mark Henry *


Trish Stratus *

Christian *

Matt Hardy +

Lita +

Rhyno *

Shelton Benjamin +

Val Venis +

Tajiri +

Test *

Molly Holly *

Al Snow *

A-Train *

Jazz *

Lower Midcard:

Maven +

Victoria + (WWE Womens Champion)

Steven Richards *

Rosey +

Ivory +

Garrison Cade *

Eugene +

Chuck Palumbo *

Christopher Nowinski *

Matt Morgan *

Rob Conway *

Sylvan Grenier *


Johnny Nitro *

Tyson Tomko *


Stacy Keibler +

Nidia +

William Regal *


Mick Foley +

Vince McMahon +

Shane McMahon +

Eric Bischoff *

Jerry Lawler +

Lance Storm *

Tommy Dreamer +

RAW Portion Of OVW:

Matt Cappotelli +

Jimmy Snuka Jr. +

Alexis Laree +

Mark Magnus +

RAW Championships:

World Heavyweight Champion (88) - Chris Benoit

WWE Intercontinental Champion (80) - Randy Orton

World Tag Team Champions (70) - Chris Benoit & Edge

WWE Womens Champion (55) - Victoria

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user posted image

WWE SmackDown! Roster


Billy Gunn

Billy Kidman

Charlie Haas ***WWE Tag Team Champion***

Eddie Guerrero ***WWE World Champion***


Hardcore Holly

John Cena

Miss Jackie

Orlando Jordan

Paul Bearer

Paul London

Rey Mysterio

Rico ***WWE Tag Team Champion***

Shannon Moore

Spike Dudley

The Hurricane

The Undertaker

Torrie Wilson

Ultimo Dragon



Booker T

Bubba Ray Dudley

Chavo Classic

Chavo Guerrero ***WWE Cruiserweight Champion***

Danny Basham

Dawn Marie

Doug Basham

D-Von Dudley

Jamie Noble

John Bradshaw Layfield

Johnny Stamboli

Kenzo Suzuki

Kurt Angle

Mark Jindrak



Paul Heyman

Rene Dupree ***WWE United States Champion***

Rob Van Dam



Theodore Long


Big Show


Brent Albright

Chris Cage

Johnny Jeter


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May 17th, 2004

Last week Eric Bischoff announced that 20 participants would enter into a #1 contender's battle royale to determine who would go on to Bad Blood to face Chris Benoit for the Worlds Heavyweight Championship. No doubt that it was a blockbuster announcement, but the bigger story is the participants themselves.

user posted image

Which one of these 20 superstars will battle their way through 19 other superstars to earn the ultimate prize: a shot at the Worlds Heavyweight Title? Who knows! Tune into RAW to see who wins this historical match!

Also last week, the bizare Kane kidnapped Matt Hardy's on-again/off-again girlfriend Lita, and told her to "make the right choice". What did Kane mean? And will that statement effect Lita's mindset when she goes up against her former bestfriend, and current girlfriend of Christian, Trish Stratus?

It all happens on Monday Night RAW at 9/8 PM CT Monday night on Spike TV!

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user posted image

SmackDown Preview

-Off the heels of Judgment Day, Eddie Guerrero managed to retain his WWE Title against John Bradshaw Layfield, but fan favorite Rob Van Dam has seemingly signed his soul to the devil Paul Heyman when he turned his back on Rey Mysterio. This week on SmackDown, RVD will go one on one with Rey.

-Rene Dupree hits the streets this week, as he launches his "Saving America" campaign, as the new United States Champion.

-Chavo Guerrero defends the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against former RAW Superstar THE HURRICANE!!!

all this and more, including The Undertaker, Mordecai, John Bradshaw Layfield and MORE! This Thursday night on UPN!

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user posted image

*The usual RAW opening rolls, as we pan around the arena and fans hold up numerous signs including, "Veg > Christian" & "Bring Back Austin". We cut to the announcers table where Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler are positioned.*

JR: Hello fans, and welcome to WWE RAW! Tonight we have a great show for you, one that may top last week's blockbuster RAW!

King: Well JR, I doubt that could happen, unless Triple H wins the Battle Royale tonight!

JR: Well King, you're not the only one in WWE that thinks - and hopes, that 'The Game' should win the Battle Royale. Also tonight folks, two matches were made just before we went on the air live tonight. In his debut match with WWE RAW, Tyson Tomko takes on the newly abandoned 'S.H.I.T' Rosey!

King: And we have another blockbuster also. Evolution is demanding Tajiri be taken out of action for good tonight. Bischoff agreed with Evolution -

JR: No suprise there.

King: JR, I think you're going to like this one. Tonight Mr. Bischoff has made Tajiri compete, injured ribs and all, against a mystery opponent!

JR: Why would I like that one?

King: My sorces say that the mystery opponent could be a newly signed SmackDown! superstar!

JR: Well that certainly is something I'd like to see. Folks, we gotta take a quick commerical break, but we'll be back with Tyson Tomko's debut match!

*Commerical Break*

*End Commerical Break*

JR: Welcome back folks. Rosey is already in the ring, and by the look on his face, you can tell that he's not to happy about The Hurricane being traded to SmackDown! He better focus on the task at hand tonight, or Tomko could pull a major upset here tonight.

King: It's not really a major upset, JR. I mean, it IS Rosey.

JR: That's not very nice.

*Christian's music blares over the PA system as Christian, Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko all walk out from behind the curtain. Christian & Trish do their usual kissing bit, while Tomko walks straight towards the ring, focused on his debut match. Tomko climbs up onto the apron and walks over the rope, and straight towards Rosey.*

Tyson Tomko vs 'S.H.I.T' Rosey

user posted image Vs user posted image

JR: That's the bell! Rosey & Tomko are staring each other down, and neither man is seemingly budging.

*Tomko locks up with Rosey, and powers Rosey into a strong headlock. Tomko stays in that position for a few seconds until Rosey elbows his gut a few times. Rosey runs towards the ropes but Tomko knocks Rosey onto the mat with a standing shoulderblock. Tomko picks Rosey off of the mat, and whips him into the turnbuckle. Tomko charges at Rosey, but Rosey gets his leg up and clocks Tomko with it right in the jaw. Rosey props himself on the second rope, rubs his chin ala Crash Holly, grabs Tomko head, and pushes forward into a second rope bulldog.*

King: Whoa, I think that's the farthest Rosey has ever went off of his feet!

*Rosey makes the cover, but Tomko kicks out at 2. Tomko sits up and punches Rosey in the gut HARD, and stands back up. He grabs Rosey by the hair, runs forward with Rosey, and launches Rosey over the top rope, and lands with a sickening thud. Christian & Trish approach the fallen Rosey, and start kicking him everywhere, while Tomko distracts the referee.*

JR: Damnit that's not fair! Tomko is going to win this match thanks to that jezebel Trish & the CBL Christian.

King: Hey! You can't call Christian that, your buddy isn't here anymore!

*Christian picks Rosey up off of the ground and rolls him back in the ring. Tomko notices and, instead of going for the pin, drags Rosey into the middle of the ring, and summoning Hulk Hogan, attempts to leg drop Rosey, but Rosey rolls out of the way instead. Rosey gets to his feet and tries to clothesline Tomko, but he ducks and Tomko nails Rosey square in the face with a Big Boot. Christian & Trish are already celebrating, when Tomko goes for the pin. Suprisingly, Tomko only gets a 2 count. Tomko, enraged, stomps Rosey for a minute or two, and picks Rosey up again. Trish distracts the referee while Christian slides into the ring and gives Rosey an Uprettier for his troubles, then slides out again. Tomko covers Rosey, while Trish jumps down from the apron. The referee notices the pin attempt, and counts the three.*

Winner: Travis Tomko w/ Christian & Trish Stratus

Star Rating: *1/4

JR: Damnit! Tomko might have won his debut match, but he did it unfairly!

King: Hey, you can't talk. Remeber when you faced William Regal? You cheated!

JR: That was completely different King! I don't have a future in WWE like Tomko does! I'm an announcer!

*Tomko climbs the turnbuckle in victory, as Christian & Trish point at Tomko and nod/smile. They eventually leave the ring, but not before Tomko gets a final stomp in on Rosey.*

*We cut to Eric Bischoff's 'office', where he and Regal are discussing something*

Bischoff: William, damnit, I told you not to let Eugene win last week? What happen?

Regal: I don't know Mr. Bischoff, but I assure you it won't hap-

*The sound of trash cans being thrown around and yelling come from outside of Bischoff's office. Regal & Bischoff both look at each other, and open the door. Outside, Conway & Grenier are yelling at Eugene. Bischoff comes between the two groups.*

Bischoff: Whoa Whoa Whoa! Rob? What's the problem here?

Conway: He beat me last week! He caught me off guard!

Bischoff: Well that's how things are, Rob. You lost the match. Not alot you can do about it now.

Conway: If you don't settle this, myself & Sylvan are going to SmackDown!

Bischoff: Whoa! No need to walk to SmackDown! guys. Alright, you know what I'll do? Next week, it'll be Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier versus Eugene..

*Regal is seen smirking in the background*

Bischoff: and William Regal! Have a good day gentlemen.

*Bischoff walks back into his office, and slaps Regal on the back, then slams the door. Conway & Grenier grin widely, and walk away. The camera zooms in on Regal's face, who looks like he just saw a ghost. Eugene comes from out of the camera frame and hugs Regal.*

Eugene: Yay! We get to wrestle next week!!

Regal: Yay indeed Master Eugene, yay indeed.

*We cut back to JR & King*

JR: You heard it! Next week it'll be La Resistance versus Eugene & William Regal!

King: I feel so sorry for William Regal. He has to put up with Eugene, and his actions..

JR: Well you have to admit, Eugene his a fast learner. You saw the training video.

King: Doesn't change that I feel sorry for William Regal, JR!

JR: Why don't you take Regal's place then?

King: ...don't give me nightmares, JR. Please.

*Fade to commerical*

*End commerical*

Lita vs Trish Stratus

user posted imageVsuser posted image

*'Lovefurypassionenergy' by Boy Hits Car hits, signaling the arrival of Lita, accompied by Matt Hardy. Lita, usually energetic, looks disturbed from the events that occured last week. A video is shown of Kane's abducting Lita, and Kane giving Lita a proposal. Lita slides into the ring, and does her 'Xtreme' taunts, and waits for Trish Stratus to come out.*

JR: Atleast Matt Hardy is out here tonight, to protect Lita from Kane.

King: He can't protect her from the Big Red Machine!

*Trish's music hits, but she doesn't come out. After a few minutes, the referee goes backstage to check what is going on. As soon as the referee disappears, he reappears again, this time being slung into the mini-titantron at the entrance. Flames shoot up from the stage, as Kane walks down to the ring. He reaches the apron when suddenly Matt Hardy attacks. Kane grabs Matt by the throat, and chokeslams him on the padding. Kane pulls himself onto the apron, and walks over the rope. Kane walks right towards Lita, and backs Lita into a corner. A few minutes go by with Lita pleading for Kane to go away. Matt Hardy, finally getting up from the chokeslam, attacks Kane from behind but it doesn't phase Kane.*

King: Ooooh, Matt Hardy chose the wrong day to mess with Kane.

JR: No one should ever mess with Kane.

*Kane walks Matt right into the middle of the ring, and kicks him in the gut. Kane lifts Matt up into the Tombstone Position facing the titantron, but does an about face and faces towards Lita. Kane grins wickedly towards Lita, and tombstones him into the mat. Kane gets up, and raises his arms into the air. He brings them down quickly, and flames spew out of the ringposts. Kane says a few things to Lita, and then backs towards the ropes and flips out backwards. Lita rushes to the aid of Matt, who is completely KO'd. Kane watches from the aisleway, and laughs manically as we fade to commerical.*

Winner: No Contest due to referee being attacked


*End commerical*

King: Wow. I think Kane has a serious crush on Lita!

JR: Folks, if you're just joining us, Kane attacked Matt Hardy, and offered Lita another proposal.

*A video of the Kane/Hardy situation plays*

King: Haha, Stalker Kane!

JR: That's not even clever, King.

King: Oh we-

JR: K-King, you'll never guess who's requesting to be interviewed. Folks, live from the WWE HQ's in Greenwich, the CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon!

*Vince McMahon appears on the screen. The camera slowly pans outwards to reveal Vince is in a board-room with Shawn Michaels.*

JR: Hello Shawn. How are you doing?

Michaels: I'm fine JR, but I'm not the one that requested to be interviewed, Mr. McMahon was.

McMahon: JR, King, good to see you. Truth is, I don't want to be interviewed, just make an announcement. Sadly, Eric Bischoff won't be in (insert city) next week to see his nephew & William Regal face La Resistance, because Mr. Bischoff will be here, in Greenwich, at WWE HQ. Why you ask? It's simple. He's being reviewed for his actions in recent months. Between conspiring for his nephew Eugene to lose his debut match, to letting Evolution basically have free-reign over RAW, to way back to last year when he allowed that monster Kane to tombstone my wife, he's a hazard to not only the superstars of RAW, but the show itself. Not to mention that he suspended Shawn Michaels for interfering in Triple H's match against Shelton Benjamin, while Triple H himself had interfered the week before in Shawn's Worlds Heavyweight Title match against Chris Benoit. So next week, Eric Bischoff won't be in attendence. Who knows, tonight may be his last RAW EVER. Thank you & goodnight.

*Shawn Michaels is smiling in the background, as the satelitte feed goes fuzzy. We see Eric Bischoff flipping out backstage in his office, with Johnny Nitro trying to calm him down.*

*We go back to the ring, where Tajiri has already entered the ring. His ribs are taped up, and has a bandage around his head.*

Tajiri vs ???

user posted imagevs ???

King: Here we go! I hear his opponent will a new superstar..

*"Holla...If Ya Hear Me!" The police sirens go off as the crowd roar. Scott Steiner walks out by himself, and flexes his massive biceps. Big Poppa Pump kisses his biceps, and slowly walks to the ring. He slaps a few hands, and walks up the steel steps, and inbetween the middle ropes. Steiner falls to his knees and kisses his biceps again. Steiner gets up and offers to shake hands with Tajiri.*

JR: Oh my god! Steiner! He's back from injury!

*Tajiri accepts the handshake, but is quickly backstabbed. Steiner grabs Tajiri by the waist and belly-to-belly suplexes Tajiri. Steiner shows off some more, and rolls Tajiri onto his stomach. He sits himself down on Tajiri's back, and starts crossfacing Tajiri with thunderous forearm shots. Steiner gets back up, and picks Tajiri up easily as well, and lifts him up in a Gorilla Press Slam position. Tajiri some how gets out of it, and starts to kick away at Steiner's legs and calfs. Tajiri backs up a few steps, and kicks Steiner in the face with a shin kick to the face. Steiner holds his nose, and blood starts to pour out of Steiner's nose.*

JR: I think Steiner's nose might be broken! Can Tajiri capitolize on this? Find out after these commericals!


*End commerical*

JR: Welcome back! Steiner his still bleeding from his nose. I'm being told that Tajiri could have possibly broken Steiner's nose with that shin kick.

*Tajiri continues to kick Steiner in the legs and arms, and finally weakens Steiner enough to were he might be able to hit the buzzsaw kick. Tajiri goes for it, but Steiner catches his leg, gets to his feet, and grabs Tajiri by the throat. Tajiri, somehow, does an enzuguri to Steiner's head. Tajiri goes for the pin, but gets only a 2 count. Steiner gets to his feet. Tajiri runs towards Steiner, but Steiner kicks Tajiri in the gut, and attempts to powerbomb him. Tajiri punches Steiner in the head a few times, but it doesn't seem to phase Steiner. Tajiri does what he has to, and sprays the green mist in Steiner eyes (barely). Steiner falls on his back in agony, and Tajiri does a standing moonsault and covers Steiner for the three.*

Winner: Tajiri

Star Rating: **3\4

JR: Tajiri wins, with what has to be a HUGE upset over Steiner!

King: Tajiri cheated to win, JR. How can you support that?

JR: King, you supported Tyson Tomko earlier when he won his debut match thanks to Chrisitan & Trish Stratus.

King: That's different.

JR: How is that different King?!

King: Don't get so emotional JR, you'll have a seizure.

*Fade to commerical*

*End commerical*

20 Man #1 Contenders Battle Royale

user posted image

*We go backstage where all four members of Evolution are walking backstage to the entrance way. They get there, and the 15 other men are already standing at the entrance backstage, waiting to get out to the ring. One man is noticably missing. Chris Jericho. All the men make their way through the curtain, and down into the ring. The referee counts all of the wrestlers, and notices Jericho isn't there. Christian grabs a mic from Lillian Garcia, and walks up to senior referee Earl Hebner.*

Christian: That's a funny question you asked there, Earl. You see..

*Christian starts to laugh*

Christian: Chris Jericho won't be hear tonight. Heh, he "missed his flight". What a coward.

*Christian turns around and places his hand on Batista's shoulder, expecting Batista to laugh too. He looks at Christian's hand, and kicks Christian in the gut. The whole ring begins to fill with chaos as all 19 men start pounding on each other. Hebner tells the timekeeper to ring the bell.*

JR: And this match is on!

*Batista & Christian are in the far right corner of the ring brawling, Triple H & Rhyno are locked in a grapple hold on the ropes, and already, Ric Flair is close to eliminating Rosey. Triple H, Randy Orton & Batista rush over from where they were and help Flair. They all start to kick at Rosey & the ropes, and eventually the 'S.H.I.T' is eliminated.*

ELIMINATION #1 - Rosey by Evolution

*Triple H turns around right into a huge uppercut from Kane, and the other 3 members of Evolution immediately pounce on Kane, but the 3 of them are nothing compared to Kane, who tosses each of them off of him. Kane gets back to his feet, and grabs Triple H by the throat. Rob Conway comes from trading punches with Rhyno, and bumps into the already furious Kane. He grabs Conway by the throat and lifts Conway up in the air into a choke. He chokes Conway out, then just tosses Conway over the rope.*

ELIMINATION #2 - Rob Conway by Kane

*Triple H makes his way over to his semi-rival Shelton Benjamin, and starts nailing Benjamin in the back with stiff elbow shots. Benjamin turns around and meets Triple H with a hard right hand to Triple H's jaw. Over on the other side of the ring, Tajiri, Val Venis, Garrison Cade & Steven Richards brawl all over the ring. Tajiri gets an adrenaline rush from a punch from Val, and starts kicking away at Venis' legs. He eventually goes to his knees, and Tajiri hits the Buzzsaw Kick. Cade knocks Tajiri out with a standing dropkick from behind to his head, and Cade then proceeds to pick up Val and toss him over the rope.*

ELIMINATION #3 - Val Venis by Garrison Cade

*Tajiri gets up, but is quickly knocked down from a running knee by Triple H. He turns around and kicks Cade in the gut and delievers a weak Pedigree. Flair & Orton rush over and pick up Cade, and quickly toss him over the top rope. Orton dropkicks Richards out of the ring as well.*

ELIMINATION #4 - Garrison Cade by Ric Flair & Randy Orton

ELIMINATION # 5 - Steven Richards by Randy Orton

*Christian & Johnny Nitro, on the other hand, are on the opposite side, double teaming Edge. He gets in some minor offense, but Nitro clubs Edge in his neck with lightning quick elbows. Edge & Christian start throwing punches at each other, like brothers do, as Johnny Nitro moves to his bosses buddies, Evolution, but is met with a GORE! from Rhyno. Meanwhile, Christian has Edge reeling on the ropes. Edge reverses the situation, and starts choking Christian. Triple H runs over and pushes Edge from behind, while Christian drops and holds the bottom rope down. Tajiri tries to get revenge for Edge, but Christian just tosses Tajiri out of the ring and to the floor.*

ELIMINATION #6 - Edge by Christian & Triple H

ELIMINATION #7 - Tajiri by Christian

*Shelton Benjamin & Sylvan Grenier trade punches, with Benjamin getting the upper hand. Sylvan launches Benjamin into the ropes, and Syvlan runs after him. Benjamin stops dead in his tracks, and back body drops Sylvan out of the ring.*

ELIMINATION #8 - Sylvan Grenier by Shelton Benjamin

*Orton, Batista & Triple H all are taking a breather in the far left corner, but Rhyno, Kane & Matt Hardy charge the 3 members of Evolution. Rhyno goes after Batista, Kane after Triple H & Matt Hardy after Orton. Rhyno chops Batista in the chest, but it doesn't phase him. He lifts Rhyno up into a Military Press position, and tosses Rhyno into the brawling mess that is Matt Hardy, Triple H, Kane and Orton. They all fall to the ground, and Batista takes the chance to get Rhyno to his feet and toss him over the rope.*

ELIMINATION #9 - Rhyno by Batista

*Triple H & Orton turn on each other, and start trading punches to. Kane & Batista start to do the same as well. Flair comes rushing over to Orton & Triple H, but is soon stopped by a Shelton Benjamin superkick. Benjamin retreats to the far side of the ring, and Triple H sprints after him. Nitro grabs Triple H by the trunks and tosses Triple H over the top rope easily, with Triple H's momentum.*

ELIMINATION #10 - Triple H by Johnny Nitro

*Shelton Benjamin & Johnny Nitro give each other a high five, but Orton comes out of no-where and gives Nitro a (near) perfect looking RKO. Shelton punches Orton into the corner, and sprints to the other side of the ring. Shelton runs to Orton, but is caught by Batista with a spinebuster. Orton picks Nitro up, and gives him a stiff forearm shot. Orton performs a beautiful standing dropkick on Nitro, and then clotheslines Nitro over the top rope.*

ELIMINATION #11 - Johnny Nitro by Randy Orton

*Batista stomps the all-mighty hell out of Shelton, but is blindsided by a Big Boot, courtesy of Kane. Flair sneaks behind Kane, and gives him a low blow. Randy Orton runs over, jumps in the air, and gives Kane an RKO as well. Orton turns around into an eye poke from Flair, and gives him an RKO after Flair attempted a headlock. Shelton is up by now, and tries to superkick Flair, who is near the ropes, but knocks Orton out - and over, the top rope.*

ELIMINATION #12 - Randy Orton by Shelton Benjamin

*The lights go out, and the Jericho Countdown Clock appears on the Titantron. Christian turns towards the Titantron in shock, while Maven, who has been brawling with Matt Hardy for most of the match, sneaks behind Christian and attemps to throw him over the top rope. Christian 'skins the cat', and climbs back in the ring. He grabs Maven's arms from behind, and executes an Unprettier on Maven. Christian lifts up Maven, waves 'goodbye' to him, and tosses him over the rope.*

ELIMINATION #13 - Maven by Christian

*Chris Jericho rushes down to the ring with a chair, and slides in. He goes after Christian, but Kane steps in Jericho's way. They staredown for a few minutes, before Jericho CRACKS the chair over Kane's skull, denting the hell out of it. Jericho rushes after Christian, who slides underneath the bottom rope, and jumps the barricade. Jericho doesn't follow suite. He instead goes after Kane, who sits up, and grabs the chair away from Jericho. He raises the chair above his head, and cracks Ric Flair with it, who was behind Jericho! Jericho smiles and applies the Walls Of Jericho to Flair, who screams in pain. Kane goes after Batista, who is resting in the corner. Batista kicks Kane in the gut, but to no effect as Kane grabs Batista's second attempt of a kick to the gut, and places it on the rope. From out of nowhere, Shelton superkicks Batista in the face, who falls over the rope where his foot was proped.*

ELIMINATION #14 - Batista by Shelton Benjamin & Kane

*Orton runs back into the ring, and goes straight for Jericho. He turns around from punching Flair, and walks straight into an RKO. As soon as the RKO hit, Christian comes back from the audience. He slides back in just as Orton is sliding back out. He picks up Jericho by the hair, and with the help from Ric Flair, dumps Jericho over the top rope.*

ELIMINATION #15 - Chris Jericho by Christian & Ric Flair w/ interference from Randy Orton

*Matt Hardy rushes over and clotheslines Christian. Kane walks over to Matt, and uppercuts him. Flair stomps on Hardy, but Kane stops him and tells him to go and take care of Shelton Benjamin. Matt Hardy gets to his feet, and kicks Kane in the gut and tries to deliever a Twist Of Fate, but Kane powers out of it, and tosses Hardy to the ropes, and he bounces back into a Big Boot. Kane picks Matt Hardy up, and lifts him into a Tombstone Position, much like earlier that night. Kane drops Hardy on his head, and Hardy writhes around in pain. Kane picks him up and props him on the top turnbuckle, and then uppercuts Hardy off of the turnbuckle and onto the floor.*

ELIMINATION #16 - Matt Hardy by Kane

*Flair & Shelton are in the middle of the ring slapping chops to the chest. Shelton gets the clear upper hand, but Kane lifts Shelton up into a backbreaker, and drops him on his knee. Flair locks in his Figure Four Leg Lock, and Shelton screams in pain. Kane laughs manically, but Christian attacks Kane from behind with the chair that Jericho left behind. Kane turns around, but Christian clocks Kane square in the face with the chair. Kane falls, and Flair releases Shelton. He scoots to the other side of the ring, while Flair & Christian double team Kane. Christian turns Kane around, and gives Kane an unprettier. Flair picks Kane up, and props him on the ropes. Flair runs towards the other side, then back to Kane, but he moves out of the way, and Flair goes flying over the top rope.*

ELIMINATION #17 - Ric Flair by Kane


Christian, Shelton Benjamin & Kane

*Christian, Shelton Benjamin & Kane all stand in the middle of the ring, all three worn out. Christian makes the first move, as he cheapshots Shelton with a fist to the gut. Kane runs towards the ropes and hits Shelton in the face with his knee. Christian stomps on Shelton, and Kane goes to the top rope. Shelton makes it to his feet, and turns around to see Kane flying through the air with a Flying Clothesline, but pulls Christian in the way instead. Shelton takes advantage of this situation, and grabs the chair and jabs the end of the chair into Kane's ribs. Shelton goes to the top rope, but is soon met by Kane, who climbs the rope also. Kane grabs Shelton's arm, and it looks as if Kane is going for a Super ARMDRAG(!), but Christian gets to his feet just in time, and pushes both Kane & Shelton Benjamin to the floor.*

ELIMINATION #18 - Kane by Christian

ELIMINATION #19 - Shelton Benjamin by Christian

Winner: Christian

Status: OR: 62%

CR: 73%

MQ: 60%

JR: Christian! Christian! He's done it! Christian is going to Bad Blood to face Chris Benoit for the Worlds Heavyweight Championship! My god what an upset!

King: I can't believe it! Christian has done the unthinkable!

*Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko come out from backstage, and get into the ring to celebrate. RAW ends with Christian on the shoulders of Tomko, and Trish practically spasming.*

2004 World Wrestling Entertainment

Edited by Tristy
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Christian = Ratings

Hey, that was worthwhile.

Good first show Tristy, Christian was a big surprise for me personally. I liked the layout of the show, it was easy to read and I liked the bits of commentary in between. I'm looking forward to seeing what Gabriel can come up with to pull Smackdown from the gutter, should be interesting. Keep up the good work guys.

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I agree with caucasianheat. A great first show Tristy. The pictures and commentary during the matches were a great addition and the matches and segments were well written. I'm looking forward to Gabriel's show

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WWE SmackDown

May 20, 2004

The show opens with a highlight package of Judgment Day, putting the Mordecai/Undertaker confrontation as the main focus, and ending with a bloodied Eddie Guerrero hitting the Frog Splash on John Bradshaw Layfield to retain the WWE World Championship.

The pyros went off and the fans went nuts as Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed us to the show.

Cole: “Tonight Tazz, we have a huge Cruiserweight Championship defense from Chavo Guerrero, as he takes on The Hurricane, who will be making his return to SmackDown!”

Tazz: “That’s right Cole. The Hurricane gets a chance to end Chavito Heat’s title reign just days after he recaptured the belt from Jacqueline. And you can bet your ass Cole, that Chavito won’t be alone tonight.”

Cole: “Because Chavo Guerrero Sr. will be in the corner of his son...”

Tazz: “Chavo Classic.”

Cole: “What?”

Tazz: “His name is Chavo Classic, Cole... how would you like it if I called you Mitchell Colon?”

Cole: “... alright... looks like business is picking up already, Tazz! That’s Kurt Angle’s music!”

Tazz: “Settle down Cole, you’ll make Mr. Angle think you’re happy to see him.”

Cole: “I am happy to see him. Any time I see Kurt Angle it’s great. He’s one of the all-time WWE legends Tazz, and he’s not even officially retired yet!”

Tazz: “...now you’re just kissing his ass Cole.”

Kurt Angle: “I have decided that with their hard-fought win over Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam at Judgment Day, that the Dudley Boyz are deserving of a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles... but to be fair, I have booked a Number One Contendership Match for later tonight, between the Dudley Boyz and the team of... Billy Kidman and Paul London.”

Cole: “Wow...that match is going to be good.”

Tazz: “Yeah Cole, whatever... why is Mr. Angle wheeling himself off of the stage? Where’s that big guy who was doing that last week?”

The Titan Tron cut off Tazz as some new generic rock music started up, and Funaki’s name came on the screen. The fans exploded for Funaki, who ran down the aisle carrying a big sign that read “You Can’t Spell Funaki Without F-U-N!”

Next out was his opponent, Akio, who was accompanied to the ring by Sakoda.

Funaki Vs Akio w/ Sakoda

-The two men hooked up, with Funaki taking the lead early on, working over Akio’s shoulder, but the much faster Akio broke out of Funaki’s submission holds and used his speed to his advantage, as he caught Funaki with several stiff kicks, followed by a big Spinning Heel Kick, and then a running Senton Splash for a two count. Funaki fought his way back into the match, and had Akio reeling. Funaki hit the Bulldog for a two count, and then set up for the Tornado DDT, but just as he hit it, the Titan Tron changed to show a Kenzo Suzuki promo. Suzuki basically screamed for a minute or so in Japanese, which distracted all three men in the ring, allowing Sakoda to sneak in and hit Funaki with a Roaring Elbow, which allowed Akio to hit a beautiful Moonsault to pick up the three count and the win.

Winner: Akio

*** ¼


Footage of the American flag waving is shown, leading into the flag slowly burning up until nothing was left. Behind the remains of the burnt flag, stood brand new United States Champion Rene Dupree.

Dupree: “The flag you saw burning, was burnt not by me...Rene Dupree...but was burnt by your very own fellow countrymen. So before you go blaming Rene and the French like you always do, take a look around you at all of the people who hate what this country has become. The French would never burn their own flag, for we French are proud citizens of our great country. This week’s episode of Saving America will be a short one, as I, Rene Dupree, have some celebrating to do, after becoming YOUR United States Champion! Next week, I talk to Americans LIVE on SmackDown, in the ring! Until then America, remember... Rene loves you, but you have a ways to go.”

Cole: “That Rene Dupree sure is an arrogant son of a...”

Tazz: “Calm down Cole. Rene is a great United States Champion, and he’s promised to help save America. What more do you want?”

The crowd went insane with boos as Chavo and Chavo Classic made their way to the ring, but absolutely exploded as The Hurricane came out. The Hurricane shook hands on his way to the ring, and gave his over-mask to a young fan at ringside, which Chavo was disgusted at.

Chavo Guerrero =O= w/ Chavo Classic Vs The Hurricane

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

-Great match with lots of near-falls and good back and forth action. The Hurricane dominated the Cruiserweight Champion for several minutes, but a heel trip from Chavo Classic had the Hurricane fall flat on his face. Hurricane dove through the ropes with a Suicide Dive on Classic, but couldn’t keep the momentum going his way, as Chavo Guerrero attacked him on the outside, and drove him shoulder first into the steel ringsteps. Chavo worked over the Hurricane’s arm, and tried to force the challenger to submit, but the Hurricane battled out of that, and caught Chavo with a huge running Enziguri. Chavo tried to turn the tide his way again, but the Hurricane avoided a low blow, and caught Chavo with the Shining Wizard! Both men were down on the canvas and we had to go to


Back with the action, Hurricane scored a near-fall with a Suplex. Chavo Classic distracted the ref and tossed a pair of brass knuckles in to Chavo Guerrero, but the Hurricane blocked the attempted punch, and set up for the Chokeslam. Chavo dropped the knucks, but the Hurricane couldn’t get Guerrero up with the bad condition of his shoulder. Chavo blocked another attempt at the Chokeslam, and hit a DDT for the two count. Chavo tried for the Frog Splash, but Hurricane moved out of the way. The Hurricane set up for the Vertibreaker, but Chavo escaped it, hit a boot to the gut, and connected with the Gory Bomb for the three count.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero


After the match, Chavo Classic brought a mic into the ring, and held it as Chavo Guerrero made another challenge, to any Cruiserweight that he’s never faced before, in two weeks, on June 3.


Coming back from commercial, the screen shows Booker T standing in a pure white room, with nothing in sight. Booker looks around, and startles himself as Mordecai shows up, out of nowhere.

Booker T: “What you want with me sucka?”

Mordecai: “You, Booker T, have led a life of sin. From your younger years you have been a sinner among sinners.”

Booker T: “...and?”

Mordecai: “And I want to give you an opportunity at redemption. Booker T, what I am offering you is a complete cleansing of your soul.”

Booker T: “That sounds great, sucka... now how do I get out of here?”

Mordecai: “...a complete cleansing of your soul...for a price.”

Booker T: “What price?”

Mordecai: “I am in need of The Urn.”

Booker T: “The Urn? Hell, I could get that without trying. You got yourself a deal, sucka.”

The limo made it’s way out onto the entrance ramp, and John Bradshaw Layfield stepped out, and made his way to the ring.

JBL: “I was cheated at Judgment Day! I should be World Champion right now...not Eddie Guerrero! I DEMAND a rematch! You can’t treat upper class Americans like that Eddie... I could have you DEPORTED!”

The crowd erupted in boos, but the boos turned to cheers as John Cena came out.

Cena: “Mr. Layfield, you think you’ve been cheated? You think you’ve been screwed, and wrongfully mistreated? Why don’t you shut your mouth, cause I don’t need it. Get your ass out of my ring, just do me a favor and beat it. You lost to the better man. Eddie Guerrero wrestles better than you can. Stop being such an annoying dick, because what you say ain’t worth –“

Cena slid into the ring and motioned for JBL to get out, but Layfield threw a heavy punch at Cena, who blocked it, and dropped him with a punch of his own. Bradshaw slid out of the ring and retreated to the back as we went to...


A promo aired with some strange metal music playing in the background. The video was completely black, until a flash of silver showed up, then in black lettering, the words “You Thought You Knew Xtreme” showed up, and then vanished just as quickly.

Dudley Boyz w/ Paul Heyman Vs Billy Kidman and Paul London

#1 Contendership to WWE Tag Team Titles

-The Dudley Boyz came out with Paul Heyman in tow. Bubba and D-Von took their challengers too lightly, and the young high flying team took advantage of that, knocking the multiple time WWE Tag Champions off of their pedestals by shocking them as they took control of the match. Paul London caught both Dudleyz with the Dropsault, and then tagged into Billy Kidman, who came in an hit the BK Bomb on D-Von for a two count. Bubba tried to attack Kidman, but Billy caught him with a Drop Toe Hold, and then assisted London with a Standing Moonsault onto Bubba. The crowd went nuts as the Dudley Boyz bailed from the ring and took advice from Paul Heyman. While the Dudleyz had their backs turned, Billy Kidman used the top rope to propel himself up and over onto the Dudleyz and Heyman. The crowd went insane as London set up, but Heyman managed to scurry away, which garnered some boos. London ran, and did a twisting flip (almost cartwheel-like) over the top rope, and onto all three of the other men. The faces took Bubba back into the ring and double teamed him, but D-Von attacked London from behind, and sent him to the outside. While the ref checked on London, Heyman slid a chair in to D-Von, who cracked Kidman in the head with it. D-Von left the ring, and Bubba covered Billy, but Kidman kicked out at two! Bubba exploded at the ref, who threatened to Disqualify him. Bubba pulled Billy up, and set up for the Bubba Bomb, but Kidman reversed it into his corner Bulldog! D-Von came in but received a big Dropkick out of desperation. With all three men down, Paul London climbed to the top, and set up for the 450 Splash, but D-Von shoved the ref into the ropes, which crotched London, and then the Dudley Boyz connected with the Doomsday Device on London, and followed up with the Dudley Death Drop on Kidman for the pinfall victory, and the shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles, currently held by Rico and Charlie Haas.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

*** ½


The lights dimmed in the arena and a spotlight hit in the center of the ring, where Teddy Long stood beside a full length mirror, which reflected the image of Mark Jindrak, who was posing.

Teddy: “Let me holla’ at you, playas’. This here is the Reflection of Perfection, Mark Jindrak, and we’re sick of The Man holding him down, just because he looks good. So next week, playas’, we’re challenging anybody in the back, who thinks that they can beat the perfect human being in the ring...”

With that said, the lights completely dimmed, and the bell tolled...the titan tron showed a cemetery, and Paul Bearer standing, urn in hand, outside of a large Tomb.

Bearer: “Ooh yess....we said it would happen, and it did. At Judgment Day, the Undertaker defeated Booker T... Theodore Long, you should be careful what you wish for, because next week, when the Undertaker awakens, he will be coming for Mark Jindrak...ooh yess...and Mordecai, yess...Mordecai... it isn’t wise to place yourself against the Undertaker...oooh noo... your time will come, Mordecai, to repent for your sins against the true Lord...the Lord of Darkness...the Undertaker...ooh yesss...”

The lights came back on in the arena and the titan tron went black...Jindrak panicked in the ring, and grabbed Teddy by the collar.

Teddy: “Settle down, settle down! That cracka’ thinks that he can just show us up like that? We’ll be ready for his dead-ass next week, and you betta’ bellie’dat’ playa’.”


Rob Van Dam w/ Paul Heyman Vs Rey Mysterio

-Van Dam entered the ring to a chorus of boos from the fans, as Rey Mysterio told them to keep them going. Heyman distracted Rey, which allowed RVD to attack him, but Mysterio saw it coming, ducked it, and sent Van Dam hard into the corner, where Rey put the boots to him as the fans cheered him on. Rey tried for the Bronco Buster, but RVD go his boot up and caught Mysterio in the face to block it. RVD took advantage and sent Mysterio sliding along the mat, shoulder first into the ringpost. RVD posed, and got a few cheers, but then flipped off the crowd, and posed for Heyman, who applauded loudly. RVD tried for a Spinning Kick, but Mysterio ducked it, and then caught RVD with a big Forearm, and another, and then a Hurricanrana for a two count. Mysterio hit a Drop Toe Hold, sending RVD onto the second rope. Mysterio tried for the 619, but RVD blocked it. RVD tried to Irish Whip Rey, but Rey reversed it, only RVD slid out of the ring under the bottom rope and played to the crowd. RVD’s taunting led to trouble though, as Mysterio came flying off the top rope with a huge Plancha onto RVD. Rey rolled RVD back into the ring, and attempted to Drop The Dime, but Van Dam avoided the collision, and caught Rey with a Spinning Legdrop for a two count. RVD hit a Suplex, rolled through, and then hit a Split-Legged Moonsault on Mysterio, but Rey kicked out at two. Heyman grabbed two chairs, put one on the ring apron, and tried to toss another in, but the ref stopped him. The ref left the ring and took the chair away from Heyman, who then pushed the other one into the ring. RVD picked it up and waited. Rey stood, and RVD tossed the chair, but as Van Dam jumped up to connect with the Van Daminator, Mysterio drove the chair hard into RVD’s leg! The ref saw the chair connect, and called for the bell, awarding the match to RVD via disqualification.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

**** ½

After the match, Heyman got into Rey’s face about using the chair, and Rey was about to hit Heyman, but RVD nailed Mysterio in the back with the steel chair. Heyman moved Rey into the middle of the ring, and Van Dam hit the Five Star Frog Splash onto a helpless Rey Mysterio, but as he and Heyman celebrated, the WWE World Champion, Eddie Guerrero ran down to the ring and knelt down to check on Rey. RVD got into Eddie’s face, and the two exchanged words...until the Dudleyz hit the ring and attacked Eddie from behind. All three of Heyman’s cronies put the boots to the WWE Champion, and the Dudleyz held Eddie outstretched for Rob to connect with the Five Star as the show came to a close.

Edited by Gabriel
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A promo aired with some strange metal music playing in the background. The video was completely black, until a flash of silver showed up, then in black lettering, the words “You Thought You Knew Xtreme” showed up, and then vanished just as quickly.

If it's who i think it is then YES!!!!

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user posted image

Scott Steiner is said to be furious with the recklessnes that Tajiri supposedly displayed in their match on Monday. The reason Steiner is so upset? Tajiri legit broke Steiner's nose, which further delayed Steiner's return to WWE. Inside sources claim that if Tajiri hadn't have broken Steiner's nose, Steiner would be in line for a major push.

Some in the RAW lockerroom are suprised that Christian won the #1 Contender's Battle Royale. Many wrestlers thought that either Triple H or Kane had a lock on the #1 Contendership, but with the newly appointed writing team, headed by Casey 'Tristy' Hayze & Traci 'Gabriel' LeGrande, many expect RAW & SmackDown!, respectively, to continue to shock not only the wrestlers, but 'marks' and 'smarks' alike.

Shane McMahon is expected to return on the June 14th episode of RAW. It is currently not known what his role will be, but insiders expect it to be a non-contact role, since McMahon 'Jr' wants to be in good enough health to be around his new-born.

Many more trades from RAW & SmackDown! are expected to be made over the next 3 months. If you're following the WWE Pay Per View calender, then you would know that in 3 months time, the interbrand Pay Per View, SummerSlam, will be occuring. Rumors are flying that the roster split could end by Summers end, or even possibly a third brand could emerge.

And finally, management is currently high on Tyson Tomko and, suprisingly, Eugene. Many things are expected out of the two very different characters in the future, most notability Eugene.

- Ashish

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SmackDown News

Credit: PWInsider.com

-Speculation has begun about who this debuting superstar is, using the slogan "You Thought You Knew Xtreme..."

Word has it, that with WWE's recent interest in Joey Matthews, he could potentially be the one, debuting with an "Old School Xtreme" gimmick, which would essenitally be Anti-Xtreme.

-Many backstage feel that the Basham Brothers may have been rushed to the main roster much too early, but head booker Traci LeGrande believes otherwise, and is said to be high on the work of both Doug and Danny.

-WWE has signed independent worker John Walters to a contract, and he is expected to debut soon on SmackDown. This move has come to shock many backstage, as more often than not, new workers are sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling.

-It's expected that Kurt Angle will participate in an angle to give Heyman control of SmackDown again, as Kurt is looking to take some time off to heal, so that he could potentially be ready for a Survivor Series return.

-Eddie Guerrero has been a real trooper through thick and thin with the WWE, and new booker Traci LeGrande is said to have promised Eddie that he'll do the best he can to bring prestige back to being the man on top of SmackDown.

-RVD's heel turn is getting over surprisingly well. Most backstage had reservations about doing such a thing at Judgment Day, but thus far, LeGrande has been able to make it work. The long-term is what really matters though, and many are still expecting this move to be a failure.

-The Big Show is currently scheduled for a return around Vengeance, but probably won't return to in-ring action until Summerslam.

-The planned Booker T character revamp has been scrapped by LeGrande, to the delight of many on SmackDown, including Booker. Vince McMahon wasn't happy about having his authority underminded by a new booker, but LeGrande promised that if Vince wasn't content with the product after Summerslam, he would gladly walk out and never come back.

-The Hurricane is expected to be let go from WWE, or at least SmackDown, for the time being. Traci LeGrande was quoted as saying - "he's so much better than this, and I hate to see a guy with his talent wasting away with so little."

-John Bradshaw Layfield is expected to fall into a concrete Midcard position, and is slated to help elevate John Cena.

-Rumor has it that LeGrande is making his first unpopular decision since being hired, as he has spoken with Ultimo Dragon recently about cutting the Japanese legend from the SmackDown roster.

-LeGrande is spending a lot of time in his meetings trying to find some way to bring up Nova, who he feels has been in OVW for far too long.

Quick Velocity Results

The FBI def. Orlando Jordan and Shannon Moore via Sicilian Crab/Flying Legdrop combo.

Billy Gunn def. Jamie Noble via One and Only

Rico and Charlie Haas w/ Miss Jackie def. The Basham Brothers via German Suplex to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles.

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user posted image

Fallout From The Battle Royale!

Live from the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon comes all the excitement that is RAW!

Last week on RAW, Christian won the 20 Man Over-The-Top Battle Royale to earn the chance to face Chris Benoit at WWE RAW: Bad Blood for the Worlds Heavyweight Championship. This Monday Night, it's said that Christian, Trish & Tyson Tomko are going to be holding a Party backstage - and in the ring, in celebration of Christian's major win, and also Tomko's debut win. Tune in this Monday night to see what unfolds!

Elsewhere on RAW, Kane brutally attacked Matt Hardy, who was trying to protect his girlfriend Lita. Kane is demanding an answer this Monday Night, and he promises if Lita gives him the wrong answer, RAW will plunge into new levels of destruction never-before seen. Will Lita spare the entire RAW roster, and Matt Hardy, and give Kane the 'right' answer? Or will she put her own well being before others, and let the rest of the roster pay?

Also scheduled for Monday Night's RAW LIVE in Portland, Oregon is a Women's Title Defense, which pits Victoria © against the always intemidating Jazz. Eugene & William Regal are in action also, facing off against La Resistance, Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier.

Last, but certainly not least, General Manager of RAW Eric Bischoff won't be in the house this Monday Night, due to Mr. McMahon requesting Bischoff be in Greenwich for a 'General Manager Review Meeting'. What will Bischoff's fate with WWE, and RAW, be after this Monday Night? And how will Bischoff's replacement for the night, Johnny Nitro, handle the pressure of GM?

It all happens on Monday Night RAW at 9/8 PM CT Monday night on Spike TV!

Confirmed Matches:

WWE Womens Championship

Victoria © vs Jazz

Eugene & William Regal vs La Resistance

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Guest Sean O'Haire

Very good shows from the both of you, although I did like RAW more. Christian winning was a shock, I was hoping for Hurricane.

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So far so good, and you already got a reader in me for christian winning the battle royale. :D PUSH HIM TO THE MOON BABY! You know the peeps want to see the CLB go over benoit. ;)

Also on the SD! side another reason you've gotten a reader in me is FINALLY rvd has returned to his roots, heeeeeeeel roots.Also i have a few ideas of who this Xtreme person is. The only problem i could see is it becomes a RTC copy. Then again RTC + Stevie as the leader of a stable = One happy wrestling fan. :D

Also i found it odd that hurricane was in the battle royale picture when he had been traded to SD! already.... :blink:

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user posted image

Live from the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon

*The WWE, Inc. video package airs, showing the logos of various WWE shows, such as Velocity, RAW, Heat, Velocity, etc. We fade to the WWE logo, and then into Eric Bischoff's office, where Johnny Nitro is standing infront of a mirror, checking his hair & straightening out his outfit for this evening. He turns to face the camera, and fumbles around in his brown leather jacket's pockets. He pulls out a crumbled piece of paper.*

Nitro: As you all know, Mr. Bischoff is at the WWE Offices in Connecticut undergoing a General Manager review. He's left me with this note pertanning...Haha, my bad, I mean, "pertaining" to tonight's show.

*Johnny Nitro clears his throat and begins to read from the note*

Nitro: "Dear RAW Fans & Wrestlers. Tonight's show is a great show for all of you live and at home, no doubt about it. Sadly, I will not be there tonight to witness the show. Hell, last week was probably my last RAW ever."

*The fans cheer at what Bischoff said in his note.*

Nitro: "But I won't bring down this show. Tonight is a great RAW. Before I left, I signed one match for you all to see LIVE tonight on RAW. Tonight, Shelton Benjamin will face 'The Big Valboksi' Val Venis. Hopefully, last week wasn't my last show. Have a good show. Your RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff."

*Nitro wads up the piece of paper, and throws it in the trash. Nitro walks out of the camera shot, and we fade into the RAW opening. The Union Underground's Across The Nation plays, as pyro and the like explode on the set of RAW.*

WWE Womens Championship

Victoria © vs Jazz

*'All The Things She Said' by T.A.T.U signals the arrival of the WWE's Womens Champion, Victoria. She walks to the ring, happy as ever, slapping the hands of fans at ringside.*

JR: Hello folks, and welcome to another edition of RAW! This week we're coming to you LIVE from the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon! As you saw from Johnny Nitro's statement at the top of the show, Eric Bischoff has signed Shelton Benjamin to face Val Venis tonight. Also, Eugene & William Regal face off against the French Sympithizer, Rob Conway & Syvlan Grenier. But right now, Victoria defends her Womens Championship against Jazz.

King: Why couldn't it be Nidia or Trish? Then there would be two sets of puppies in the ring, now we get one!

JR: What about Victoria's opponent tonight, Jazz?

King: What about 'her'?

*Jazz's...well, jazzy theme music hits, as the 'Bitch' walks out from behind the curtain. She quickly rushes down to the ring, slides in, and knocks Victoria down with a stiff elbow shot to Victoria's face.*

JR: And this match is officially underway!

*Jazz stomps on Victoria a few times before picking her up. Jazz screams durogatory comments about Victoria, and then whips her into the ropes. Jazz charges at Victoria, and knocks her down with a well-botched boot. Victoria makes it to her feet rather quickly, and chops Jazz's chest a couple of times. She kicks Jazz in the gut, and moves in closely for what appears to be a Powerbomb, but Jazz makes her way out of the powerbomb attempt, and back body drops Victoria to the mat. Jazz grabs Victoria's hair, and slams her face into the mat 2 times. She does her trademark 'The Bitch Is Back' taunt, which is horribly outdated by the way, and climbs the turnbuckles in celebration like she's won the match.*

JR: Why is Jazz celebrating? She hasn't won the match yet!

*By this time, however, Victoria sneaks behind her, grabs Jazz's arms, and walks to the middle of the ring with Jazz high above her in a Razor's Edge-like position. Victoria smiles wickedly, and drops to her knees rather suddenly in what looks to be a slightly modified version of the Widow's Peak. Victoria goes for the pin and successfly gets the 1-2-3 at 4:21.*

Winner: Victoria via Modified Widow's Peak @ 4:21

Star Rating: 3/4*

JR: Victoria gets the win over a cocky Jazz toni-

*The fans attention turn from Victoria, who is on the middle turnbuckle celebrating, to the entrance way. From the back comes a rather...well, "large" figure. She walks slowly to the ring, clad in only a Geisha outfit, with very, very thick white makeup for the Geisha makeup.

JR: That has to be Gail Kim! I don't know why, but it just HAS to be!

King: Uh, JR, unless Gail Kim gained ALOT of weight over the weekend, I doubt that's her buddy.

*The large woman makes her way into the ring, and stands face to face with Victoria. She tilts her head slightly at the figure in front of her, and goes to remove the hood, but suddenly the woman drops Victoria down with a single left uppercut to her jaw. Jazz comes from behind to attack this mystery woman, but the woman simply turns around, grabs Jazz's throat, and chokeslams her rather easily to the mat. The woman picks Victoria up, and bodyslams her right back down to the mat. The woman goes to the top turnbuckle, and performs a flawless (well, better than Lita's) moonsault.*

JR: Who is this mystery woman?! And why did she attack Victoria?

King: Well I think it's a no-brainer, JR. She's after the Womens Championship.

*The woman slides out of the ring, and jumps the barricade. The woman surveys the damage that she caused inside of the ring, and turns backwards, heading towards the 'Exit' doors.*

*We suddenly cut to Johnny Nitro in Mr. Bischoff's office. He's sitting down on a leather couch, being "entertained" by a petite brunette, when Chris Jericho bursts into the office, obviously fumming from last week.*

Nitro: Hey! You can't just come in here a-

Jericho: Shut the hell up! I didn't barge into your makeshift office to argue with you.

Nitro: Well, what do you want then?

Jericho: I want a match with Randy Orton tonight! Did you see what that assclown did to me last week in the Battle Royale?! He caused me to lose that damn match! I WANT HIM TONIGHT NITRO.

Nitro: Well, Jeric-

*He moves in closer, pushing the stripper off of Nitro's lap.*

Jericho: I'm not asking for a match, Pony Boy. I'm demanding one. I want Orton, tonight!

Nitro: Well, I'm sorry, I just can't do that. Mr. Bischoff left specific orders for me to follow, and I'm not permitted to make any on the fly matches. Sorry.

*Jericho brings his hand up to his face, and rubs the whiskers on his chin, and then slaps the taste out of Nitro's mouth. The stripper looks on, shocked.*

Nitro: Alright! That's it! Screw what Bischoff said! Tonight, it's going to be The Highlight Of The Night Chris Jericho-

*Jericho smiles*

Nitro: Against...The Nature Boy Ric Flair! With the VERY special guest referee, Randy Orton!

*Jericho's smile turns into a frown, but then into a smile again.*

Jericho: I knew you'd come to your senses sooner or later. Have a grand ol' time with this disgusting..low-down..brutal..bottom feeding, trash-bag ho!

*Nitro is obviously irate at that comment, and stands up to face Jericho*

Nitro: You cannot talk about her that way! You..you..

Jericho: What?

*Nitro goes to grab Jericho's throat, but Jericho just simply pushes him backwards and back onto the couch.*

Jericho: Haha, see you later Pony Boy.

*Jericho exits the room, and we get a closeup of Nitro and his beat red face, trying to act pissed. His straight, anger laden face turns into a happy one as we zoom out to see the woman dancing. Fade to commercial.*



Shelton Benjamin vs Val Venis

*Shelton Benjamin's entrance theme played, and the man himself walked out onto the stage. He's all fun tonight, like most of the RAW locker, since Bischoff is all the way in Connecticut. He sprinted to the ring, slid in, and climbed the turnbuckles and yelled out to the crowd. He jumped down off of the second turnbuckle, and awaited his opponent.*

*"Hellooo, ladies!". The cheesy porno cued up, and out came the affection of, well, some ladies in the arena. He walked to the ring, and got inside of it. He goes to the ropes to pick out a lady to take off his towel from his waist, but Shelton comes behind Val, grabs his legs and sends Val over the ropes and out into "no man's land".*

King: Aww man, we didn't get to see any ladies in the ring!

*The crowd collectively boos Shelton as he climbs through the middle ropes to pursue him. Shelton & Val come to blows when they meet, and start brawling, for about 3 minutes to be exact, and finally all the way to the entrance ramp. Val gets the clear upper hand, and hooks Shelton in a front face lock, and falls backward into a DDT onto the entrance way. Val stomps on Shelton, but he grabs Val's foot, and punches him straight in the groin. He falls to the ground, and Shelton gets to his feet. He grabs Val by the hair and throws him into the ring.*

JR: Finally, this match has officially begun!

*Val is still holding his groin in pain and Shelton starts to attack Val's lower-body, particularly his legs. He turns Val over, and Shelton hooks his leg into the calf of Val's leg/foot area, and lunges backward into an Indian Deathlock. Shelton stays in that submission hold for 4 seconds, until the referee makes him break the hold. He goes for the pin on the aching Val, but only gets a 2 count.*

King: Did he honestly think he could pin Val with a submission attempt? Come on!

*Val makes it to his feet, and manages to knock Shelton down with a clothesline. He taunts to the crowd, and goes to the top rope. He signals for the Money Shot, but Shelton quickly gets to his feet, leaps onto the second turnbuckle, hooks Val's arm, and slings him off with a Super Armdrag (~!). Both men are down, and Val hurting more than anyone most likely. Shelton gets to his feet at the count of 3, and goes for the pin. Again, he only gets the 2 count. Shelton, obviously pissed, picks Val up, and goes for a Superkick. He catches Shelton's foot, and Val taps his own head saying "Nuh Uh", but Shelton swerves around and blasts Val with a Dragon Whip. Shelton goes for the pin, and finally gets the three count at 6:09

Winner: Shelton Benjamin via Dragon Whip @ 6:09

Star Rating: **3/4

JR: Well, that was awfully one sided. Seemed like Val was out once he got punched in the...well, you know.

King: I think you would be too, JR! That hurts! I wonder if Val is okay!?

JR: Folks, after this commerical break we'll have a live video feed from Connecticut, where Mr Bischoff is in a General Manager Review Meeting. We'll be right back!



JR: Welcome back folks. We now take you LIVE to Connecticut.

Bischoff's Fate Is Decided

*A video feed his shown, all static. The video tunes itself, and the pictures clears to see Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon, Eric Bischoff & some "WWE Executives". Shawn Michaels can be seen sitting in a chair.*

Random Ex. #1: Mr Bischoff, I assume you know why you're here?

Bischoff: Yes, I do.

Vince: Bischoff, you've tarnished the legacy of RAW. You've allowed Evolution & Kane, among others, to run rampant on RAW, and do what they please. You allowed Kane to tombstone my wife on the RAW stage, shock my son, and attempt to through my son into a flaming dumpster. And that's just about Kane! You allowed Evolution to man handle Mick Foley, Randy Orton to "kill" legends in non-sanctioned matches, and you've given Triple H one to many title shots. Who can forget about how you conspired for Eugene, your NEPHEW, to lose him debut match with RAW, and allow his dreams to be crushed. Not to mention you've suspended Shawn Michaels for no real reas-

Bischoff: Mr McMahon, I suspended Shawn because he was being disruptive to my show!

Vince: And what about Hunter, Bischoff? He interfered in Michaels' Worlds Championship match in Phoenix. What about that?

Bischoff: Well, that really doesn'-

Vince: Shut up Bischoff. Just shut up! You're a disgrace to RAW, and WWE. No wonder Turner fired your sorry ass!

Linda: Mr Bischoff, do you have anything to say before we make our decision?

Bischoff: Yes, I do. Thankyou.

Linda: You have the floor.

Bischoff: I'm sorry that Kane tombstoned your wife, Vince. There was nothing I could really do about it! I had 5 road agents and numerous referees out there. No one could have stopped him at that point. If I could have, I would have. As for the Evolution thing, I just try and make my stars happy so they don't defect to SmackDown!. I'm just looking out for whats best for the show. And about Eugene...he doesn't have what it takes to make it on RAW. One day Regal, or myself, won't be around to protect him, and he's going to get his ass beat. I wanted him to lose his debut match so he could walk out of RAW safely, and not on a stretcher.

Vince: Eric, this isn't WCW. RAW isn't Nitro. You can't just cater to your friends. You say Evolution are the stars of RAW? What about the damn Worlds Champion? Or Shawn Michaels? Eric, your behavior is ridiculous and unacceptable. I, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, vote in favor of a new General Manager of RAW.

Linda: I agree with Vince.

Random Ex. #1: Same here.

Random Ex. #2: Same here.

Vince: So it's official. Eric, your services as General Manager of RAW are no longer needed. But since RAW has a Pay Per View coming up, I'll allow you to stick around. The night after Bad Blood, a new General Manager for RAW will be chosen.

Linda: Sorry Eric, its the way it has to be.

*Eric storms out of the room, slamming the door on his way out. Michaels gets up from the chair, and shakes hands with everyone in the room. They all begin to talk as we fade back into the arena.*

King: Wow! Eric Bischoff just got handed his pink slip!

JR: You heard it folks, June 14th, we'll have a new General Manager for RAW!

*We cut backstage where Regal & Eugene are getting prepared for their tag match. The door bursts open, and a hefty young man wearing all black attacks the two. He grabs Regal by his tights and throws him up against the wall, and ten grabs Eugene by his jacket, and drags him out the door.*



*We come back from the commericals to see the masked man inside of the ring with Eugene. He has Eugene pinned down on his back, holding him by his throat. Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier walk out from the back, without music, and storm the ring. They slid into the ring, and tell the masked man to back off. La Resistance both pick Eugene up, grab him by his throat, and double chokeslams him. Conway whispers something to the masked man, and he slips out of the ring. La Res. beat Eugene down, while the MM grabs a table from underneath the ring, and slides it into the ring.*

JR: Oh my god, no!!

*The MM sets up the table near the far left turnbuckle, and Grenier sets himself up on the top turnbuckle, ala The Dudleys in 1999/2000. Conway picks up Eugene from behind, and lifts him up to Greiner. He grabs ahold of Eugene in a powerbomb position, and stands up using the middle turnbuckle as support, and powerbombs Eugene into the table, shattering it into pieces. Referees swarm the ring, but Johnny Nitro comes out with mic in hand.*

Nitro: Whoa whoa whoa! This is a match! We only need ONE referee!

*And with that, Nitro sprints down into the ring. He slides in, and talks with La Res. for a minute. They nod their heads, and Conway drags Eugene into the middle of the ring. Conway sprints the ropes, and drops down on Eugene's neck/head area with a ATOMIC LEGDROP(~!). Grenier pins Eugene, as Nitro drops to the mat and counts the 1-2-3.*

Winners: 'La Resistance' Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier via Atomic Legdrop @ 3:05

Star Rating: *

*La Resistance, The MM, & Johnny Nitro all head up the ramp, and leave Eugene decimated in the middle of the ring. The referees swarm the ring again, and check on Eugene.*

JR: That was just disgusting! La Resistance are cowards!

King: I admit, that was pretty disgusting. I don't like Eugene, but he didn't deserve what just happen.

JR: Ugh, well folks, up next is the clash of the Legends, in many peoples view. Ric Flair versus Chris Jericho, is next.



Chris Jericho vs Ric Flair

Special Referee: Randy Orton

*The countdown clock begins, as the fans slowly start to cheer. The clock hits '0', and pyro bursts out from the stage. 'The Highlight Of The Night' Chris Jericho walks out, turns his back to the ring, and sticks his arms out. He turns out and yells to the crowd, getting them pumped up for tonights main event. He walks to the ring, walking past the fans, each trying to get a solitary touch. He walks up the stairs, and poses on the apron. He goes through the ropes, and spins in a circle a few times before walking to Lillian Garcia and retrieving a microphone.*

Jericho: Welcome...to RAW...Is...JERICHO! Tonight I have the pleasure of wrestling possibly the greatest wrestler alive, Ric Flair. But make no mistake, he will NEEEEEEEVVVERRR compare to the 'Highlight Of The Night' Chris Jeric--

*Before he can finish, Ric Flair's legendary theme hits, and out comes the man himself in a blue robe. He's accompied by tonight's special referee, the Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton. They walk to the ring, Flair looking all business, and Orton..well, he's just Orton. Flair climbs into the ring, and stands toe-to-toe with the self-proclaimed 'Living Legend'.*

JR: Here we go! Jericho versus Flair, a dream match for many.

*The two trash talk for a few seconds, until Flair takes a step back. It looks like he's going to leave the ring until Jericho walks towards Flair. He simply brushes Jericho off, but Jericho keeps on coming back, and Flair soon gets agetated and begins to chop the holy hell out of Jericho's chest. He grabs Jericho by the hair and sends him into Randy Orton. He seems Jericho coming his way, and simply trips Jericho face first into the lower turnbuckle padding.*

JR: Damnit! Orton is the referee, he shouldn't be getting involved in the match!

*Jericho staggers back to his feet, and goes after Orton, but Flair sidesteps in and and decks Jericho with a left fist. Flair & Orton stomp Jericho for a second or two, until Jericho can finally make it to his feet. Orton holds his hands out like DDP (think about the diamond), and measures up Jericho. When he's found the perfect angle, Orton jumps in the air and RKO's Jericho. Flair taunts to the crowd, doing his strut and whatnot. He moves to Jericho's legs, and locks in the Figure Four Leglock.*

King: Haha! Jericho is going to lose the match!

*Orton gets down on the mat, probably taunting Jericho as well, but asks him if he submits. Jericho spits in Orton's face, and Orton stomps on Jericho's face in return. Minutes go by, and Flair still has the leglock, well, locked in. Jericho finally submits at 5:10.

Winner: Ric Flair via Figure Four Leglock @ 5:10

Star Rating: **1/2

*After the match, the beatdown continues. Orton picks Jericho up again, and delievers another RKO. Orton grabs a microphone from Lillian Garcia, and stands over the fallen Jericho.*

Orton: And to think he wanted to face me. We just demolished him! Do all of you get that? We demolished him! Jericho, you're nothing. You can't compare to me, Randy Orton, the Legend Killer! I'm the REAL Living Legend, Jericho, not you. I beat Mick Foley!

*The crowd cheers oddly enough, and Orton gets a cocky smile. Little does he know that Shawn Michaels has jumped the barricade and slid into the ring, steel chair in hand. He smacks the chair squarely in Flair's back, and Orton notices and runs over. Michaels drops the chair, and quickly plants Orton with a Sweet Chin Music. Out from the back comes Batista & Triple H. They both slide into the ring and Batista goes to check on his fallen comrades, while Hunter goes straight for Michaels. Michaels picks up the chair quickly, but before he cat hit Hunter with it, he kicks Michaels in the gut and attempts to go for a Pedigree, but Jericho finally gets up, picks up the chair, and smashes it over Hunter's head. Batista runs over, but Jericho waffles Batista on the side of the head with it. Michaels sprints to the other side of the ring, and waits for Hunter to get up. He does, and Michaels plants Hunter right in the jaw with the Sweet Chin Music!*

JR: Shawn Michaels has saved Jericho from an Evolution beatdown!

King: I bet Triple H is going to be mighty pissed when he wakes up!

*Shawn Michaels' theme plays, as Jericho & Michaels exit the ring. When they make it half way up the ramp, Hunter is just getting to his feet. He screams at both of them, as we fade to commerical.*



Peep Show?: Christian's Celebration

*The ring mat is covered in red carpet, and there is a podium in the middle of the ring. Christian's theme hits, and Christian walks out, alone oddly enough. He smirks that cocky smile, and makes his way to the ring. He climbs in, and steps behind the podium, and begins to speak.*

Christian: I've finally done it! Last week, I eliminated Kane & Shelton Benjamin to gain the right to face Mr Toothless Agression for the Worlds Championship! Haha, seems like my career has taken off(!) ever since I stole the lovely Trish from Chris Jericho! Yes! So you know what, in honor of my WWE career rising to new heights, I want to bring out the woman that's made it possible for me to get here...Trish, come on out!

*Christian turns towards the entrance way, but nothing happen. After a few minutes, Christian turns back to the podium.*

Christian: Uh, Trish, baby, come on out...

*As soon as Christian said that, "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace starts up, and out walks the Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit! The crowd errupts in cheers, as the Worlds Champion makes his way to the ring. He climbs in, drops his belt, and walks directly up to Christian. He snatches the microphone away from Christian, and begins to address him.*

Benoit: You don't deserve a shot at me? You know why? You're to cocky for your own good. You had to have help from practically every member of Evolution to win that Battle Royale. If I was in that Battle Royale last week, you know what I would have done? I would have eliminated you. I would have made you tap...out! But you won, and now you get to face me at Bad Blood. That's fine with me. Just another person I can mow down to prove myself to all the boys in the back.

*Christian starts to get angry, but Benoit speaks again.*

Benoit: Hey, you won, you have nothing to be upset about. So let's celebrate your victory last week!

*Christian nods his head, and takes the microphone away from Benoit.*

Benoit: You know what, I judged you all wrong. You're not so ba--

*Before he can finish, Benoit grabs Christian's arm and forces him to the mat. He locks in the Crippler Crossface, and seconds later Christian is screaming and tapping out. Tyson Tomko runs down to the ring and slides in, but Benoit is already on his feet. Tomko goes for a clothesline, but Benoit ducks it, goes behind Tomko, and gives him a German for his troubles. Christian is rolling is way towards the apron, but Benoit grabs him by the feet and drags him to the middle of the ring. He knocks over the podium, and stomps on Christian a few times.*

King: That's no way to treat the #1 Contender!

*Benoit does the Cut Throat taunt, and makes his way to the top turnbuckle. He looks around at the crowd, and leaps off with a Swandive Headbutt. Christian rolls around, screaming in pain, holding his right shoulder. Benoit gets to his feet, and picks up the Worlds Championship. He stomps Christian a few times, and stands over him, with the Worlds Championship high above his head. Benoit smiles that toothless grin, as RAW goes off the air.*


World Wrestling Entertainment

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