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Into the Unknown


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“This machine,” I began, letting my hand wave over the surface of cold steel, hot wires, and room-temperature buttons, “will change the entire world. Well, the entire world of wrestling. Imagine, if you can, a world where Bradshaw did not defeat Eddie Guerrero. Imagine a world where Scott Steiner became a singles superstar in the NWA. Imagine a world where David Arquette never won the WCW World Heavyweight Title! Well, with this machine, everything will be different. This is the Book-O-Matic 9000- part time machine, part… something else. This machine will transport the user to any wrestling league at any point in history, and it will make him head booker of said company. It’s that simple. Just enter the date, the promotion, and how long you wish to be there, and- voila, it does its job.”

Well, I knew the presentation speech inside and out. That just left one little detail… the one I had dreaded most. I had to test my invention.

Well, no time like the present.

As I reached for the dial, horrible visions ran through my head- well, just one vision, really: the inside-out monkey from The Fly. Still, that was enough to make me nervous. I squeezed my eyes shut for a second, and the fear passed. I had worked out various formulas that, for all I knew, were correct, and I had attached a lot of tubes that looked very official. I saw no reason why things shouldn’t work out.

I decided to start with the aforementioned Arquette title reign. I set the date dial to April 22, 2000, the federation dial to WCW, and the duration dial to one week. More than enough time to set things straight.

I flipped the switch and was enveloped by what I imagined static must feel like.

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It's fairly late at night and I'm tired, but April 22nd, 2004 wouldn't take you to the aforementioned David Arquette reign. :)

I woulda rather seen more information on what you're going to do with the fed, how your booking style differs from what was there and whatnot. I'm sure it'll come later, I just don't see a point in a backstory that leaves me with no information.

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When I rematerialized, I was standing in an empty corridor. These would be the inner workings of the arena- dressing rooms, maintenance areas, and the like. Well, I had work to do. Dealing with Russo would be a pain, though at least I’d have Bischoff on my side for this particular argument. However, I’d have to be forceful. Otherwise, what would stop Russo from putting the belt on Arquette after I left?

My worries were interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming around the corner. I stood perfectly still, not even truly knowing if I was supposed to be in this part of the arena. After a few seconds of waiting with baited breath, a figure stepped out into my line of vision. My sheer surprise prevented me from identifying the person at first, but after a split-second, I knew who it was. I just didn’t know why it was him.

“Where the fuck have you been?” shouted Shane McMahon. “I’ve been looking all over for you. We go on in four fucking hours.”

“I… I’m sorry,” I told him, “Where… are we?”

“We’re in the Manhattan Center,” he told me. “Wake the hell up, and follow me.”

I followed Shane down a number of hallways, both of us totally silent. Finally, we stopped in front of a side room. He pushed open the door, and I saw a bare-bones office set up inside.

“Get to work,” he told me. “You need to be done by, at most, two hours before the Superstars tapings begin, so that gives you…” Shane checked his wristwatch, “about an hour and forty-five minutes. On the desk, you’ll find a roster. Bring it to me when you’re done, I’ll be down and around the hall. My room has my name on it.”

Without waiting for me to reply, Shane left and closed the door behind him. I took a look around and sat down in my chair. There was a stack of papers left on my desk. The top one was a mostly-blank sheet, with the top reading “WWF SUPERSTARS TAPINGS, SEPTEMBER 1, 2004.” Okay, now something was seriously wrong. However, this wouldn’t compare to what I saw when I looked at the roster list.

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Chapter 1: The Trial

WWF Superstars Preview

At WWF SummerSlam on August 31st, the world witnessed history being rewritten- Bret Hart defeated Mike Madness to claim his eighth WWF World Championship, breaking the record that he himself had set.  Also at SummerSlam, the dastardly Al Snow defeated and bloodied Shawn Michaels, while Chris Benoit and Jeff Jarrett retained the WWF World Tag Team Titles, and Shawn Locke retained the WWF Intercontinental Title.

On Saturday, the fallout from SummerSlam will surely be felt.  Not only has Al Snow demanded to speak in front of the fans at the Manhattan Center, but an Intercontinental Title match has been signed- Shawn Locke will defend against Fatu!

Remember, folks, there’s only one way to catch this action… tune in to the USA Network at 11 AM, and hold on to your seats!


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There was a stack of papers left on my desk.  The top one was a mostly-blank sheet, with the top reading “WWF SUPERSTARS TAPINGS, SEPTEMBER 1, 2004.”  Okay, now something was seriously wrong.  However, this wouldn’t compare to what I saw when I looked at the roster list.

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I was expecting a diary where you'd go to many different times and promotions and book something differently, but this is better than what I had imagined. I really enjoyed the backstory and the surprises it's had so far, might as well say you have me hooked. :>

So now expecting a show...

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WWF Superstars

September 4, 2004

Jim Ross: Good morning, WWF fans, and welcome to Superstars! I’m Jim Ross, right beside Jerry “The King” Lawler, and King, if that wasn’t a heck of a SummerSlam we had last week, I don’t know what would be!

Jerry Lawler: Well, you’re right about that, J.R.! Say what you want about Bret Hart- and believe me, I do- but the way he finally took the title back from Mike Madness proves what he says- he really is the top wrestler of all time!

Jim Ross: Hart is undoubtedly the most heralded performer of this age, but he knows better than anyone else that winning the title is only the beginning- keeping it is a whole different story!

Violent Times (Adam Hardcastle and Christian Cage) versus The Next Generation (Carlos Colon and Jimmy Snuka, Jr.)

The Next Generation came into this match determined, but the sheer aggression of Violent Times proved to be too much to handle. Adam Hardcastle started things off with Jimmy Snuka, Jr., mauling him with lefts and rights, punches and palm-strikes. Finally, Snuka managed to shove Hardcastle away. Hardcastle charged at Snuka, but Snuka took him over with a Japanese Armdrag. Snuka followed up with a dropkick, then tagged out to Carlos Colon. Colon charged the ring, but Hardcastle took him down with a drop toe hold while Cage, who had snuck into the ring, got a legdrop. Hardcastle followed up with a snap suplex for two, then tagged Christian Cage. Cage came in with a springboard dropkick, then covered Colon, but Snuka broke the count. As the referee admonished Jimmy Snuka, Jr., Carlos Colon hit a low blow on Cage. Colon took the opportunity to tag Snuka, who went up top and signaled for the Superfly Splash as the crowd booed viciously. Snuka came off the top, but Christian Cage moved and Snuka smacked the canvas. Cage rolled him up with lightning quick speed, but Snuka kicked out at two. Cage got to his feet and powerslammed Snuka, then jumped up in the air and came down with a knee on Snuka’s forehead. Cage lifted Snuka to his feet, but Snuka countered with a gut punch and followed up with a DDT. Snuka climbed up to the top rope, but hit the canvas hard when Hardcastle shoved him off. Both men lay prone in the ring, and when they finally regained enough energy to move, they spent it trying to get to their partners. Snuka tagged Colon, but Cage was unable to get to Hardcastle. Colon ran over to Cage and kicked him twice, then lifted him up and hooked him for a suplex. However, Cage quickly rolled Carlos Colon up and scored the pin before Colon even knew what had happened.

Overall: 70%

Crowd: 79%

Match: 79%

Time: 9:38

Jim Ross: Well, I’ll be! Neither of these teams are what you would call fan favorites, but darned if the crowd didn’t get into this contest!

Jerry Lawler: Not only that, J.R., but now it looks like it won’t be long before World Tag Team Champions Chris Benoit and Jeff Jarrett hear Violent Times knocking at their door!

Jim Ross: Violent Times are rising up the rankings, that’s for sure. Before long, they could have the WWE World Tag Team Titles back around their waists. However, now we’ve got something entirely different on deck- Al Snow has requested this interview time, and he will receive it!

Gold Ambition

Al Snow makes his way out to the ring amidst a chorus of hate-filled boos.

Al Snow: Boo all you want! The angrier I get, the more of your idols I’ll leave in pools of their own blood! You all saw what I did to Shawn Michaels last week at SummerSlam! I can destroy anybody I want! And I’ve got my sights set on the king of the mountain!

Jim Ross: Could he be talking about…

Al Snow: Bret Hart… you went through hell at SummerSlam, didn’t you? Mike Madness must’ve thrown you around for forty minutes. I want you to think about that match, Bret. Take those memories and hold them tight. Wrap yourself up in them. Let them protect you. By the time I’m done with you, Bret, those memories of your match with Madness will be like sweet dreams compared to what’ll happen when I get you… in the ring… for the title. I want to see you face to face in this ring tonight, Bret. Not a match, just a meeting. Will there be violence? It’s very possible. But I know you aren’t afraid, Bret. So I’ll see you later.

Overall: 91%

Jim Ross: If I know Bret, he’ll be out there tonight, ready to meet Al Snow!

Jerry Lawler: But Snow is so vicious, J.R., that by tomorrow, Bret may end up wishing that he had never shown his face!

Johnny Malone (with Nora Green) versus Paul London

London took the early lead by faking a grapple, but sliding in between Malone’s legs and catching him with a spinning kick from behind. London quickly snapped on a headlock, but the larger Malone was able to get to his feet and shove London off. London went towards the ropes, and when he bounced back, Malone caught him with a flapjack. Johnny Malone quickly got to his feet and attempted a knee drop, but London moved, quickly got to his feet, and crowned Malone with an enziguri kick. London covered, but only scored two. He got to his feet, lifted Malone up, grabbed him by the arm, ran up the ropes, and came off with a hurricanrana. London covered again, but Malone was still able to kick out with authority. Both men got to their feet, and London charged at Malone. Malone countered with a backdrop, but London grabbed the top turnbuckle and wrapped his legs around Malone’s head. However, Johnny Malone pulled London’s legs apart, hooked them under his arms, and gave London a crushing wheelbarrow suplex as Nora Green cheered on. Malone lifted London to his feet, only to take him back down with a legsweep. Johnny Malone got up again and flexed for the crowd, but was rolled up by London for two. Malone got to his feet and charged at London with a clothesline, but London ducked and got a backslide for another two count. Malone got to his feet, and with speed that belied his size, caught London in the jaw with a superkick. Malone then lifted London up and gave him his signature move, I Think I’m Malone Now. After that, the pin followed.

Overall: 61%

Crowd: 55%

Match: 81%

Time: 6:02

Jim Ross: A big win for Johnny Malone, London is a pretty highly ranked opponent!

Jerry Lawler: This Malone kid is impressive, and I’m not easily impressed, J.R.!

Jim Ross: Speaking of impressive, we’re about to see the most dominant man in WWF history up next! The Undertaker will go one-on-one with Doug Bashman!

The Undertaker versus Doug Bashman

The ever-pugnacious Bashman tried to scrap away on The Undertaker, but it had no effect. Undertaker chopped Bashman in the throat, which sent him reeling. Taker followed up by grabbing Bashman’s head and throwing him down to the mat. When Bashman got to his feet, The Undertaker shoved him into the corner and brutalized him with lefts, rights, and elbow shots. Undertaker backed off while Bashman crumbled to the mat. Once he got to his feet, Bashman attempted to whip Undertaker, but The Undertaker reversed it and sent Bashman into the turnbuckle hard. As he staggered out, Undertaker grabbed him by the throat and Chokeslammed him. Taker then lifted him up and delivered the Tombstone, which led to the pin.

Overall: 63%

Match: 73%

Crowd: 64%

Time: 3:51

Jim Ross: Amazing! Bashman is no slouch, that’s for sure, but The Undertaker dismantled him! That man, The Undertaker, has only been defeated three times in his WWF career: once by Hulk Hogan, once by Yokozuna, and once by Mike Madness.

Jerry Lawler: And those three men are among the most dominant champions in WWF history!

Jim Ross: They certainly are, and on the topic of Mike Madness, up next is his first match since losing the WWF World Title! You can bet he’ll be even angrier than usual!

Mike Madness versus Kid Golden

For all Kid Golden’s talent, he was severely overmatched when put in the ring with Mike Madness. Madness started out with a forearm shot powerful enough to send Kid Golden to the mat. Mike Madness lifted Kid Golden to his feet, and the Kid landed a few punches to the gut of Madness, but Madness absorbed them easily, grabbed Golden, and demolished him with a T-Bone Suplex. Madness stomped Golden a few times, lifted him to his feet, and delivered the Head and Arm Suplex. After that, the three count was merely a formality.

Overall: 68%

Crowd: 74%

Match: 78%

Time: 1:18

Jim Ross: Mike Madness steamrolled over Kid Golden!

Jerry Lawler: No kidding, Ross! Hey, look, it’s Michael Cole, running up to Mike Madness with a microphone! If that goofball Cole isn’t careful, he’ll get his head handed to him!

Undimmed Determination

Michael Cole intercepts Mike Madness as he walks up the aisle.

Michael Cole: Mike Madness, I think the fans all need to know, what’s going to be next for you?

Mike Madness: Next for me? Next for me? What do you think would be next for the longest-reigning World Champion in sixteen years, brutha? Because Bret Hart got lucky, you expect me to roll over and play dead? The minute- the second I get my hands back on him, the World Title is mine again. Now get outta my face!

Madness shoves Cole away, then heads to the back.

Overall: 86%

Jerry Lawler: You believe that, J.R.? Not even a week as World Champion, and Bret Hart has two of the toughest men in the WWF breathing down his neck!

Jim Ross: There’s nothing strange about a champion being hunted, but to have to deal with Madness and Snow at the same time? That’s just unreasonable!

Jerry Lawler: If anyone can handle it, Bret can… but can anyone handle it?

Jim Ross: How… well… maybe we’ll have to wait and see, because now, the focus switches to the Intercontinental Title. Shawn Locke cheated to beat Randy Orton at SummerSlam. Will Fatu now take the belt from him?

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match: Shawn Locke © versus Fatu

Before the opening bell could even sound, the fans nearly booed Shawn Locke out of the building. He blew kisses to the crowd, making them even more irate. Because of all of this, Fatu had the firm support of the fans in attendance. The two competitors locked up to start, with Fatu backing Locke into the corner. Fatu broke cleanly, but Locke slapped him in the face. He ran out of the corner at Fatu, but the big man hiptossed the Intercontinental Champion. Locke popped to his feet and ran at Fatu again, but Fatu countered with a back body drop. Locke got to his feet, slower this time, only to take a sidekick from Fatu. Locke hit the mat, but he had the presence of mind to roll out of the ring. The crowd booed as he walked around ringside, and they got even madder when he started to head up the aisle. Fatu would have none of that, though, as he ran after Locke, grabbed him by the head, brought him to ringside, and tossed him back in the ring. Fatu climbed up to the apron, but Locke quickly got to his feet, grabbed Fatu’s head, and jumped down, pulling his throat across the top rope. Fatu fell down on the apron and rolled onto the floor. As he lay there, Locke got his strength back inside the ring. At the eight count, Fatu rolled back in, but was met by several vicious stomps from Shawn Locke. The referee admonished Locke, as Fatu was still partially underneath the ropes, and the challenger was given the time to get to his feet. Locke charged at Fatu, who lowered his head, but Locke, living up to his self-imposed nickname of “The Thinking Man’s Wrestler,” stopped short and grabbed a headlock. Fatu pushed him off, but Locke came back with a running crossbody for two. Locke pulled Fatu to his feet and hooked him for a suplex, but the champion was unable to lift the 400 pound challenger. Instead, Fatu punched Locke in the gut to break the hold, then grabbed Locke and delivered a belly to belly suplex. Fatu let Locke get to his feet, then ran at him, but Locke hit a low dropkick to Fatu’s knee. He then jumped in the air and drove both of his own knees down on the same knee of the challenger. The damage to his leg made it difficult for Fatu to get to his feet, and this gave Shawn Locke ample time to reach the top turnbuckle. When Fatu finally got up, Locke jumped off the top and nailed him with the Steel Wheel. Locke followed up with the cover, and was able to pin Fatu.

Overall: 63%

Crowd: 71%

Match: 68%

Time: 12:29

Jerry Lawler: What a match, J.R.! I knew that Shawn Locke would come out on top!

Jim Ross: Well, I’ll give credit where credit is due. Locke beat Fatu fair and square, and he walked in and walked out with the Intercontinental Title.

Jerry Lawler: And as good as that was, J.R., now we get to see Bret Hart and Al Snow, face-to-face!


Bret Hart walks out to the ring, ready to meet with Al Snow. However, when he’s only halfway down the aisle, Al Snow runs out from the back with a chair and clobbers Bret with it. He grabs Bret by the hair, lifts him up, and drags him into the ring. Snow goes back out for the chair, and takes it back into the ring with him. He waits for Bret to get to his feet, then slams him in the head with the chair. Finally, Al Snow throws the chair on the mat, lifts Bret up, and Piledrives him onto it.

Jim Ross: I… I don’t believe this! This is just outrageous!

Jerry Lawler: I like violence as much as the next guy, but give me a break! I thought Snow had a little bit of honor!

Jim Ross: Oh, and now he’s smiling, and he’s holding up the dented chair! As far as I’m concerned, Al Snow can rot in hell!

Overall: 96%

Overall: 77

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I walked through the employee entrance to the Trenton Civic Center at about 2:00 PM on Saturday afternoon. This was our first show since my very mysterious booking of WWF Superstars, and I was hoping for some information. As far as I could tell, nothing outside of the world of wrestling had changed. There was still a presidential election coming up. The same big-budget blockbuster movies were tearing up the box office. And most importantly, Beef Supreme Gorditas still cost $1.19 at Taco Bell. However, the world of pro wrestling, as was evident on Superstars, was very much different from the one to which I was accustomed. After some research online, I gained even more information. There was only one other major league in the country- but it was World Championship Wrestling. However, from a few quick glances at figures and sales, neither them nor us were doing very well. There was also virtually no independent scene. Wrestling just wasn’t profitable, it seemed.

I had to throw all these thoughts to the side, though, as I walked in and came face to face with Shane McMahon.

“Fried,” said Shane as he shook my hand. He was in a much more friendly, relaxed mood than on Wednesday, so it seemed. Guess the house show atmosphere didn’t really get to him.

“Good to see you again, Shane,” I told him. “What have we got tonight?”

“Bret versus Regal and Snow versus Orton on top.”

“Are you sure that’s wise?” I asked. “The fans saw Bret get decimated just this morning.”

Shane’s eyes dropped a bit. He seemed embarrassed. “We can’t afford to kept Bret off this show.”

“Fair enough,” I replied.

“Okay,” said Shane, “what I need you to do is have a seat in the locker room, by the monitor, and watch the show. Take some notes, and afterwards, you can talk to the boys, tell them any thoughts, and you can talk to me and do the same. I can get you all set up, come with me.”

“Alright,” I said, but stopped. “I was wondering, should I speak to Vince at some point?”

Shane’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t think you’re funny, motherfucker. Follow me.”

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Not to beat a dead horse, but I like this based on the sole fact that Snow is getting pushed.

To me he will always be the biggest 'missed hit' in wrestling. He had a pretty good chance of going big if they only pushed him right. Expressly when he had his mini program with Mick and The Rock in the Rock n' Sock Connection days...

Oh well.

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The show had gone off without a hitch. I saw the whole thing on a monitor is a room adjacent to the locker room, and I got to speak with all the wrestlers I needed. I didn’t really have any major complaints, as far as the in-ring action went. Everybody went out there and gave it their best. I sighed, got up, and opened the door back to the locker room.

As soon as I swung the door open, I saw a figure lying across a bench. His face was obscured by a comic book bearing the title “SPACE TRAVELER.” The sound of my closing of the door alerted the reader, who whipped the comic book down and spun around into a sitting position. It was Shane Helms.

“Sorry, boss,” he told me. “I was just resting a bit before heading out.”

“Hey, take it easy,” I replied. “Relax, man. I really liked your match with Johnny Malone tonight.”

“Thank you,” he said. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” I said. I thought for a second. If anyone was going to be able to give me the tiniest bit of help, it would be Helms. “Let me ask you something- “Space Traveler”- do you believe in that stuff?”

“Oh, heh heh, no sir,” he told me.

“Come on,” I said. “You’ve got an imagination. And I’ve done my homework, I know you’re a smart guy. You don’t think there’s any chance?”

Shane’s face lit up, as if he previously thought I was trying to ridicule him, but now realized that I was on his side. “Well… maybe,” he said. “I don’t know what’s out there, but the universe is full of possibilities. I guess you could say I believe.”

“I have something I need to tell you, Shane,” I said as he lifted his eyebrow. “I’m not supposed to be here.”

“You’re the boss, man. You’re supposed to be wherever you want.”

“Just… believe me, Shane,” I took a deep breath. “I built a machine that would let me travel through time and take control of wrestling leagues. Only problem is… there was a problem. I’m still in the present… but everything’s different.”

Shane just looked at me for a moment. “I… I don’t know. It sounds like bullshit… but, on the other hand, it explains how you went from being a nobody to being head booker overnight. But come on, it’s ridiculous!”

“Damn it, I’ll prove it! Actually, there’s no way I can really prove it, but you have to believe me!” Maybe the frantic tone in my voice let him know I wasn’t kidding around. Or maybe he was just humoring me. Either way, Shane softened.

“Well,” he said, “if this is true, then I guess it would mean you’re in a different dimension. That’s the only explanation, logical or otherwise, I can come up with.”

I sat down on the bench. “A different dimension… I’ll be damned. Hey, according to science fiction literature, alternate dimensions and parallel universes are usually built on one diametric difference, right?”

“That’s how it generally works,” Helms told me. “Oh, and by the way- I think you’re absolutely crazy.”

“Yeah, I figured,” I said, “but thanks all the same. There’s something here that’s different, and I may just know what’s at the center of it. Shane, where’s Vince McMahon?”

Shane had been looking at the floor, but he raised his head and faced me. “Vince is in jail.”

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I KNEW the steroids would catch up to him. Now, he's in prison pretending to be some guy named Bubba and having his way with smaller guys that he considers Cruiserweights.

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Thanks for all of the feedback, everybody. I have a big, epic story planned out, and I hope you'll all be around for the ride. Sure, some stuff is a little forced (like Helms's willingness to believe me), but it's for the sake of the story (and it's no less realistic than a dimension-switching machine). As for the initials, well, just wait and see.

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After some research, I found the following article in the July 23, 1994 edition of the New York Times:

Wrestling Impresario Found Guilty

McMahon sentenced to 15 years in federal penitentiary

Yesterday, a nine-month long legal battle was resolved in the form of a guilty verdict.  Vincent Kennedy McMahon, chairman and primary owner of Titan Sports, parent company of the World Wrestling Federation, was found guilty on several criminal counts, the most serious of which were distribution of controlled substances and creation of an unsafe working environment.  McMahon was sentenced to 15 years in Sing Sing prison, the maximum penalty carried by these charges in the state of New York.

To say that the defense was shocked by the verdict would be an understatement.  McMahon’s lawyer, Jerry S. McDevitt, spoke to the press only minutes after the sentence was handed down.  “We’re all… quite frankly, we’re all still in shock,” McDevitt told reporters.  “This is bigger than wrestling.  This represents a black eye on the face of American justice.”

McMahon’s trial was the subject of much controversy in recent months.  His supporters have argued that McMahon’s questionable actions took place in 1989, two years before legislature against those actions was officially activated.

When reached for comment, Eric Bischoff, Senior Vice President of the WWF’s primary competition, World Championship Wrestling, said, “This is far from a victory.  To be perfectly honest, McMahon’s transgressions were subject to much doubt.  His conviction is proof that our industry is at the mercy of special interest and regulatory groups, and unlike mainstream sporting bodies, we do not have the ammunition to fight back effectively.”

The McMahon family could not be reached for comment.

-Nancy Thompson

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WWF Superstars Preview

Last week, Al Snow shocked the world with a vile assault of WWF World Champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart.  It is unknown whether or not Bret will be in attendance on Saturday.  What is known, however, is that Snow will be in action, as he faces the ever-exciting Comet Kickboxer!

In other matches, Violent Times will take on The Hardy Brothers, with the winners becoming the number one contenders to the WWF World Tag Team Titles!  Also, Randy Orton will wrestle Lord Steven Regal in a bout that’s sure to be ultra-competitve!

Remember, folks, there’s only one way to catch this action… tune in to the USA Network at 11 AM, and hold on to your seats!


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