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The Top 20 PS1 games of TKz


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What? If the music forum can have enough 'Top 100 Songs' lists to write a list of the Top 100 lists of Top 100 songs (try saying that five times quickly), then why can't I completely and shamelessly rip off Hammy in Coin Op? :shifty:

I think 20 is enough for my nostalgic value, because I had a shitload of games growing up and this means I don't miss out on too many of the ones I loved and actually will have to decide on a few to cut. >_> Unlike Hammy and his list, this'll be one a day (if I remember!) so hooray for me.

So, without further ado... a list that almost no one will agree with!

NUMBER 20...



Yeah, a fucking Rugrats game makes my list. Why? Because this game was freakin' awesome. It's essentially twenty or so mini-games that were fun as hell to play and I must have played this game 100 times over. Featuring voice overs from the actual cast, storylines that kind of mimicked the show (and who didn't love Rugrats?), I'm honestly considering pick up a copy of this game if I can find it. The real crown jewel of this game though? Other than being able to play as your favourite Rugrats (Tommy, obviously) was one mini-game in particular that was balls to the walls fun.

A video! (That probably won't load because EWB hates when I post videos)

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