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Looking for good rap or rock songs


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I need to get some more music now but i'm stuck for songs. I like rap songs by people like d12,eminem, westisde connection,(got basically all their songs) and also rappers that ain't very popular, and i like rock bands like linkin park(got almost all their songs as well), so anyway do you have any suggestions for artists/songs for me? thanks

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Guest Angry Baboon

Libertines- "Time for Heroes"

Clash- "Guns of Brixton"

Porcupine Tree- "A Smart Kid"

Refused- "New Noise"

Polyphonic Spree- "Soldier Girl"

Faith No More- "Be Agressive"

British Sea Power- "The Lonely"

Blur- "Trouble in the Message Centre"

Mercury Rev- "Young Man's Stride"

New Pornographers- "From Blown Speakers"

Beck- "Where it's at"

Velvet Underground- "Beginning to see the light"

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Adrenaline (tweaker remix) - Bush/Gavin Rossdale

Holiday in Cambodia - Dead Kennedys

Time of my Life - Swamp Candles (go to www.theswampcandles.com)

The big I am - Dry Rise

Anything - Buckcherry

There are a few off the top of my head

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Suicidal Tendencies - Just Don't Give a Fuck, Join the Army, Cyco Vision

A Perfect Circle - The Hollow, 3 Libras, Judith

Buckcherry - Lit Up

Biffy Clyro - 57, Questions and Answers, Hope for an Angel

Everclear - A.M Radio

Libertines - Don't Look Back into the Sun, Time for Heroes, Up the Bracket

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out, This Fire, Tell Her Tonight, Darts of Fire

Blur - Parklife, Boys and Girls, Song 2

Kings of Leon - Red Morning Light, Wasted Time, Molly's Chambers

Radiohead - Creep, Just

Roots Manuva - Witness, Dreamy Days

De La Soul - Me Myself and I, Magic Number

A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick it?, Scenario

Kayne West - Family Buisness, Jesus Walks, School Spirit

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16. Alice Cooper - A Christmas Poem (0:30)

17. Alice Cooper - Hell Is Living Without You (4:11)

18. Alice Cooper - He´s Back (3:44)

19. Alice Cooper - House Of Fire (3:47)

20. Alice Cooper - Killer (7:05)

21. Alice Cooper - Schools Out For Summer (3:34)

22. Alice Cooper - Bed Of Nails (4:21)

23. Alice Cooper - Department Of Youth (3:19)

24. Alice Cooper - I Love The Dead (5:07)

25. Alice Cooper - Elected (4:04)

26. Alice Cooper - Sanctuary (4:00)

27. Alice Cooper - Blow Me A Kiss (3:18)

28. Alice Cooper - Cold Machines (4:17)

29. Alice Cooper - novocaine (3:09)

30. Alice Cooper - Clones (We're All) (3:03)

31. Alice Cooper - How You Gonna See Me Now (3:57)

32. Alice Cooper - Millie and Billie (4:13)

33. Alice Cooper - Jackknife Johnny (3:45)

34. Alice Cooper - I Never Cry (3:44)

35. Alice Cooper - No More Mr. Nice Guy (4:41)

36. Alice Cooper - Dirty Dreams (3:29)

37. Alice Cooper - Feed my Frankeinstein (4:44)

38. Alice Cooper - Under My Wheels (2:51)

39. Alice Cooper - Dead Babies (5:44)

40. Alice Cooper - Lace and Whiskey (3:14)

41. Alice Cooper - Hard Rock Summer (1:22)

42. Alice Cooper - 04 Black Juju (9:11)

43. Alice Cooper - Is It My Body (2:42)

44. Alice Cooper - Alma Mater (4:28)

45. Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies (3:43)

46. Alice Cooper - Desperado (3:29)

47. Alice Cooper - Halo Of Flies (8:20)

48. Alice Cooper - Hey Stupid (4:33)

49. Alice Cooper - Poison (4:28)

50. alice cooper - you drive me nervous (2:28)

51. Alice Cooper - Im Eighteen (2:58)

52. Alice Cooper - Blue Turk (5:33)

53. Alice Cooper - 08. Trash (4:01)

54. Alice Cooper - Ballad of Dwight Fry (6:35)

55. Alice Cooper - Only Women Bleed (5:49)

56. Alice Cooper - Years Ago (2:51)


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Metallica-Nothing Else Matters, Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, Fade to Black (although 99% of them are good)

Nirvana- Rape Me, Smells Like Teen Spirit, The Man Who Sold the World (and just about anything else)

Led Zepplin - The Immagrent song, Black Dog

Guns 'N Roses - Sweet Child of Mine, Welcome to the Jungle

Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water

AC/DC - Thunder Struck, Hells Bells, Highway to Hell

ZZ Top - Give me all your lovin, Legs

Godsmack - Voodoo

Kiss: Rock & Roll all night

Edit: Korn - Shoots and Ladders!!!!!!!!!!!! Kick ass song

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head...

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nine inch nails:

Head Like A Hole

Terrible Lie

Down In It

Something I Can Never Have


That's What I Get



Happiness In Slavery

Gave Up




March Of The Pigs

The Downward Spiral


Dead Souls

The Day The World Went Away

We're In This Together

Even Deeper

Into The Void

And All That Could Have Been





4 Degrees



Forty-Six & Two

Hooker With A Penis



Third Eye

Third Eye (Salival Version)

Pushit (Salival Version)

You Lied (Peach Cover)

Maynard's Dick

The Grudge

The Patient




Ticks & Leeches


Faaip De Oiad

No Quarter (Led Zeppelin Cover)

Stranglehold (Ted Nugent Cover)

Oh, and for the record, Johnny Cash's cover of Desperado is better than Alice Cooper's.

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First of all, I give you my personal favorite rap song...Regulate by Warren G and Nate Dogg. Get it, put it on a cd, pop it in the car CD player, and just cruise. Awesome chill song.

Some other good rap songs

Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty

Nas - Small World

Ludacris - Roll Out, Southern Hospitality, Saturday...actually, just buy the Word of Mouf album

Kayne West feat. Jay-Z - Never Let Me Down

MOP - Cold As Ice

DMX - Slippin', Make A Move, X is Comin' for Ya

Big L and Fat Joe - Way of Life

Beat Nuts - Watch Out Now

Xzibit - Paparazzi

Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck, C.R.E.A.M., Gravel Pit...again, just buy the 36 Chambers album. Another must have.

Talib Kweli - Eternalist

Redman - Time For Some Action (the real title is spelt in some kind of gibberish that I forget how to write...like Tyme 4 Sum Akshun or something like that)

Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm

KRS-One - Step Into a World

Thats enough for now, a good mix of a few different types of rap.

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