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The DVD Recommendation thread


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Simply put, I don't own enough DVDs. I really want to have myself a good collection of films/tv series/documentaries etc to watch, both that I've seen, as well as ones I want to see/really should see. So I figured I may as well make a thread of it.

But, rather than just have a few replies of DVDs I should purchase, I figured I'd open it up a bit more, so that people can be recommended things, but also so that people can suggest DVDs that they really enjoy.

So EWB, recommend me some DVDs.

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I suppose that would've been a good idea really.

Well these are the DVDs that are currently sitting on my shelf:

- 1 Day (won it in a competition, I don't even think I've opened it)

- A Christmas Carol (Jim Carey version)

- American History X

- American Pie

- American Pie: The Book of Love

- Batman Begins

- The Dark Knight

- Beowulf

- The Boat That Rocked

- Bugsy Malone

- Casualties of War

- Closer

- Dan in Real Life

- Dogtown and Z Boys

- Forever Strong

- Four Christmases

- England 5, Germany 1

- The Godfather trilogy

- Goodfellas

- Happy Gilmore

- Hardcore Homecoming

- Harry Potter collection

- Hot Fuzz

- Inbetweeners Series 1+2

- In Bruges

- Inglourious Basterds

- The Italian Job Collection

- Jerry Springer: The Opera (a joke birthday present)

- Knocked up

- Land of the Dead

- Lee Mack Live

- Million Dollar Baby

- Muppets Christmas Carol

- Nightmare Before Christmas

- Pineapple Express

- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

- Quadrophenia

- Reservoir Dogs

- Rocky Collection

- Role Models

- Romeo + Juliet

- Russell Howard Live

- Sex Drive

- The Shawshank Redemption

- She's Having A Baby

- Skins series 1-3

- South Park the Movie

- Step Brothers

- Sweeney Todd

- The Thin Blue Line

- The Untouchables

- Wag The Dog

I also know that I have 8 Mile, The Quick and the Dead, The Big Lebowski, and about 3 copies of Scarface lying about somewhere.

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Well, it's more that as soon as I buy a copy it seems to vanish, leading me to buy another one. The last one I bought was the 2 disc special edition, but that appears to have gone as well. I wonder if there is an edition with even more discs :shifty: .

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