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Heyman's Brainchild

Miami Vice

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A lot of people are interested in how I got a position on the booking team, if you can call myself and Paul Heymen a team, in ECW. Well, for most of 1994 I wrote a very popular wrestling column in one of the infamous "dirt sheets" of professional wrestling. I expressed my thoughts and opinions on the WWF, WCW and indy scene offering my view of their products and ideas on how to make things more interesting for the fans. Latter on in 1994 I began to notice a wrestling promotion operating out of Philadelphia, PA. Extreme Championship Wrestling, or ECW for short, is what it was called. More and more fans seemed to be turning their heads away from the WWF and WCW for a moment and looking at what ECW had to offer. I went along with them and took the time to travel down to Philadelphia and take in a show. After the event ended I lurked around the ring and struck up a conversation with a few of the workers who were now busy playing the role of ring crew as they disassembled the ring. I thought it was odd that they would take down the ring when ECW doesn’t really travel around the country a lot but apparently a "Home Garden Expo" was taking place the next day at the arena and the ring had to be moved. I ended up helping the guys take apart the ring and clean up the chairs. After an hour or so of work everyone stood in a line and waited. I just stood beside Tommy Dreamer near the end of the line since I had spent most of my time talking with him. I was about to ask why we were in a line when Paul Heymen came out from the back with a bur let sack in his hand. He looked at everyone, clearly not that well since he didn’t notice me, before giving a run down on his thoughts of the show. He said he was pleased with the effort everyone put forward but felt that one guy was a little off tonight and that was Shane Douglas. Heymen told Douglas if he wants to be a big player in ECW he has to be ready to go every single night. Douglas wasn't happy about being singled out but kept his words to himself and begrudgingly nodded. Heymen then announced that they brought in a few grand in tickets and said the pay outs were not as good as last month. He opened the bur let bag and walked to the opposite end of the line from where I was standing. He opened the bag and pulled out some cash. He went down the line one by one and handed each worker his payout. Some guys weren’t very happy with the result while others seemed overjoyed to have some money in their hands. Heymen worked his way down to the end of the line and didn't even bother to look up at me Instead he just handed me some money and returned to the front of the group. I looked at Tommy Dreamer who said "It's yours bro." I smiled and counted the bills. WOW! An entire $32 just for me!!! Heymen said a few closing comments and then dismissed everyone. The guys walked off while Heymen looked into his bur let sack, eyeing his cash. I approached him and introduced myself. I explained who I was and why I was there. He seemed to get a little defensive when I mentioned the fact that I wrote for a dirt sheet. I told him that I was impressed with the work rate of his wrestlers but said that they lack personality. I reminded Heymen that the only guy that got any real mic time was Shane Douglas, the same guy that didn't deliver the goods in the ring. Heymen seemed intrigued but what I had to say and seemed to loosen up a bit. I suggested giving more guys some talk time so they can develop characters. Heymen explained that it was difficult to do when he has only 1 hour of television time a week. I told him I understood but still felt there was something that could be done. Paul said that he would like to talk some more but he had to get the ECW Truck out of the parking lot before midnight or he would get a ticket. I reached into my pocket and handed him back the money he had given me. Heymen laughed and said he has a million things to worry about with the company, so much so that he finds it hard to manage the financials. I told him that was a little ironic since I had graduated with a degree in Accounting not 4 years ago. Heymen said he had to get going but invited me back for their final event of the year, Holiday Hell. I told him I'd be there and we shook hands.

When I returned to the ECW Arena in Philadelphia I was excited not only to see the show but also to talk some more with Paul Heymen. The show wasn't that great as the guys I really wanted to see (Benoit, Malenko, Jericho, Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio) weren’t even on the card. Instead Heymen elected to give some guys more mic time. Unfortunately he stuck the stick in front of the wrong mouths. After 911's promo about how he was better then a can of beans but not quite as good as a loaf of bread I knew this mic time thing wasn't working at all they way I had suggested to Paul. The main-event saw Shane Douglas retain his ECW World Title against a debuting Scott "Raven" Levy in a lack luster match. Douglas just didn't seem to have his heart in the match and came of sluggish. The show ended and the fans filed out. I walked down to the ring and tried to get backstage but a security guard stopped me. I wasn't sure what to do when Tommy Dreamer walked up and told security to let me pass. The big guard obliged and stepped aside. Dreamer and I walked backstage as he showed me the dressing room. I was mortified! I had dressed in better rooms while playing minor hockey in rural Nova Scotia! Instead of a bathroom they had what was affectionately referred to as "The Piss Bucket" in a corner of the dressing room. Only two lights hung from the roof, both the old swinging type common in basements. When I asked Dreamer where they took a dump he got a bad look on his face and said "you don't want to know." Dreamer introduced me to Cactus Jack, Mickey Whimpreck and some other guys while we waited for Paul to enter the room. I was talking with Cactus about his time in Japan when Dreamer said Heymen wanted to see me in his office. I said bye to Jack and went through what I thought was another exit door into the hallway. Was I wrong! I opened the door and stepped right into a tiny room with a foul smell. It was dark so I couldn't see much, however I could hear the guys laughing. I turned around and felt my shoe being pulled on by some substance. I looked at Dreamer who was slapping his knees with laughter. He then gasped out between laughs "Well, now you know!"

Once I threw my shoes out and borrowed a pair of wrestling boots from Cactus I walked into Heymen's "office." This "office" was more like a hole in the wall. I had to stand because there wasn't enough room for two chair and a desk in the room. Paul told me how disappointed he was with some of the promos as well as the overall show. I told him he had the right intentions but the wrong execution. He then told me that the house draw for the event was even worse then last month. He said he was having a lot of trouble managing the company's funds and turning out a solid product. He then looked at me with a smile on his face, like a light bulb had just gone off. He then said in a happy kind of way, "Hey, why don't you help me out? Your financial expertise is exactly what I need and I could use someone with fresh booking ideas as well as someone to bounce my ideas off of." I wasn't too sure. First of all I had to move from Canada down to Philly. Second of all I'd have to take a big time pay cut. Third of all I'd have to get a working visa. I expressed these concerns to Heymen before he reassured me that the visa would be no trouble and I wouldn't have to move away from home. All he wanted was me to be in town for about 10 days a month to do the books and help with the booking. I thought about how much fun it would be and agreed, but only if I could have my own office and a port-a-potty be brought in for the guys to use. Heymen chuckled and said I could take the storage room at the end of the hallway and also said my first task would be to order a port-a-potty for the dressing room. We shook hands and that was that. Now, here it is the 1st of January 1995 and Paul and I have decided to shake up the company with fresh blood, fresh talent and fresh ideas.

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Before someone flames you for it, it's Heyman not Heymen.

I don't think Shane Douglas would ever be singled out and just put his head down about it, he'd speak up. Although at the time, I don't think there would be much of a problem with Douglas' workrate, not sure where that whole thing came from.

Not sure when exactly Scott Levy became Raven, but I think it was after 94', someone else will have to verify that though.

All in all, it's not bad and I'm waiting for a show to really see what you can do.

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January 4th, 1995

I arrive at the ECW arena to find Paul Heyman sitting alone in his office with the lights off. I'm not to sure what to make of this as I enter slowly.

Me: Paul, are you alright?

Heyman slowly swivels around in his chair and turns a light on. He picks a sheet of paper up off of the desk and hands it to me. I take the paper from Heyman and read it. The sheet of paper is a fax received this morning from the home of Shane Douglas. According to this Shane is leaving the company to work for WCW. I looked up at Paul with a semi-shocked look on my face.

Me: Is this real or a rib? Because if this is a rib I'm not finding it very...

Paul cuts me off.

Paul: It's not a rib! He' leaving us.

Me: Alright, well who are we going to have him drop the title to? Do we want and face or heel champ? Who do you think is ready?

Heyman leans back in his chair and places his hands behind his head. He then gives a little smirk before sarcastically saying...

Paul: It doesn’t matter, he isn't dropping the belt to anyone. He's done for good. Shane Douglas will never work another match for ECW.

I look up from the sheet of paper at Paul with a "what are we going to do?" type look on my face.

Paul: Hey, let's deal with this issue. Our champion is gone, fine. At least he didn't take the belt with him. We want to bring in some new guys anyway. This is our chance to start fresh while keeping the guys we want around. I'll tell you what. Your in town for what, three days? In that time you and I are going to pound out a list of workers we want to keep and guys we don't. Were also going to make another list of guys we want to bring in. In fact, I have a great idea of someone who will really shake the foundation of ECW...

Me: Well who's that Paul?

To be continued…

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January 5th, 1995

Paul and I got right to work on the roster. He printed off a list of the guys he has under contract and handed me a copy. After looking over the list I had to admit that I didn't recognize some of the names I was reading. I told Paul to make a list of the guys he wanted to get rid of and then show it to me. Meanwhile I looked over a rather large list of available wrestlers tying to find the right guys to join our roster. After about an hour or so Paul handed me a list. I skimmed it over and noticed that Eddie Guerrero's name was on the list. I asked Paul about this and he said that Eddie had been late for a few events. I told Paul that Eddie was a top notch ring worker who, if given the chance, could deliver on the mic as well. Paul said that was fine and scratched Eddie's name out. I told him the rest were fine. Heyman then went into his office and began to call the guy to let them know ECW no longer required their services.

I got on the phone as well talking with either wrestlers or their agents. After a few hours Paul and I met again. He told me everything went fine and the guys were now gone. He told me We had to till about 12 roster spots. I handed Paul my short list of guys that I felt would help the company. He looked it over and scratched off a few names. He said that the guys I wanted would cost too much. I shook my head knowing I should have caught that myself. Paul laughed and then said that I was supposed to be the financial guy too. I then handed Paul another list of guys that I had already spoken with and who told me they would be interested in working for ECW. He looked it over and then went into his office to call each guy and offer him a contract. Paul came back about 30 minutes later and said that everyone on the list was now a member of ECW.

The List

Al Snow

Lance Storm

Tajiri (From Japan)

Shane D'Moore

"Sugar" Shane

Ultimo Dragon

Scott Taylor

I asked Paul about the guy who would shake ECW's foundation. He responded by telling me they were still negotiating. I then suggested that we fill out a few roster spots with young, cheap guys that will help us build for the future. Heymen said he heard about these two kids from my neck of the woods who have just broken into the business. I asked who they were and he said Adam and Chris. I asked for more details but all he knew was they were very new to the business and were from Canada. I told him to look into it further since he seemed to know a lot more then I did about them. Heyman decided to go with it and went into his office to place some more calls. While he did that I went on the prowl for a new charismatic manager.

To be continued...

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January 5th

Me: That's it! He's the one we want!

Paul comes out of his office to see what the commotion is about

Me: Paul, I think I've found the manager we’ve been looking for. His name is Jeff G. Bailey from Pittsburgh. Apparently he’s very charismatic. That’s perfect! We need a young, charismatic heel manager and he fits the bill perfectly. The Philly fans will hate him just because he's from Pittsburgh!

Paul Heyman: Your right, that is perfect! What's his contact so I can give him a call?

Paul takes it down and returns to his office. He then pokes his head out the door.

Paul: Oh, by the way, those two Canadian kids, they're in.

Paul then returned to his office while my phone began to ring. I answered it only to find that Rowdy Roddy Piper was on the other end! I couldn't believe it, Roddy Piper was calling me! He introduced himself and said that he had heard about ECW and how it’s catching on with the fans. I told him i was flattered he had such high regard for our promotion. He then asked if he would be able to work some shows for us. I told Hot Rod that having him would be great but I'd have to talk to Paul about it first. Well, Piper thought I was Paul Heyman and immediately asked to talk to him, changing his tone from polite and nice to annoyed and rude. I told him Heyman was on the phone with someone right now but I would place him on hold until Paul was done. Well, Hot Rod didn't like that idea. He yelled at me saying "no one puts me on hold, I'm Roddy Piper!" He then said I was a Hogan mark and hung up the phone. Hogan mark, where did that come from?

After a while Paul came out of his office and said that Jeff was in. He then proclaimed the day to be over and said we needed to get something to eat. The both of us headed out for dinner while I began to tell him of my conversation with Rowdy Roddy Piper.

*End of Day*

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The writing's good, the build-up's good, but the signings annoy me.

Besides the fact that they don't really go with ECW's trademark style, they're all guys who are extremely "EWR/TEW" friendly. "Sugar" Shane, who I presume is Helms. Adam and Chris (Edge and Christian), Ultimo Dragon, Tajiri, these are all guys with HUGE EWR/TEW stats who we know went onto later success, but at the time, weren't highly regarded so why would you just magically pick them?

Any retro diary I read, there's the signings of guys who became major stars in real life and I just like to see more creativity in wrestler selection, but I'm still waiting on a show to form a full judgement.

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None of those guys, with the exception of Snow, who was in ECW in 95, fit ECW from this time period AT ALL. Piper, at a stretch, isn't that bad, but unless you're going to rip off either Steve Corino's old school angle, or the 'WWF Invasion' angle, he dosen't work either.

So, basically, you signed guys that became something, most of who were barely getting trained at this time, and are going to use them because your not creative enough to use people that fit the promotion. Good job.

Care Bear...

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Good, apart from a few things, thus far...

1) Like Phenom said, the signing of the new guys was just a bit too unrealistic for me, it smacks of being hindsight-driven too obviously, especially when you consider Edge & Christian were hardly known outside of Toronto until they signed with the WWF halfway through 1995.

2) Scott Levy, before 1995, had never set foot in an ECW ring. Johnny Polo, in 1994, was the manager for the Quebecers in the WWF. I can't remember exactly, but I think I'm right in saying he was still there until early 1995. He debuted as Raven in 1995 itself - shame you got that wrong, 'cos with this diary's style and your relationship with Paulie, it would've been a good idea for you to "come up with", so to speak.

Still, I'll be reading to see if you can improve on this good but flawed start.


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January 6th

I walked into the ECW arena at around 10am. I went to Paul's office to see what our goals for the day were but he was on the phone and really getting into his conversation. He seemed to be excite and pissed off at the same time. At first I thought it was Roddy Piper after the way he had spoken to me on the phone yesterday. Paul looked up to me and I mouthed the word "Piper" to him. H shook his head and held up a piece of paper. I took it from him and left the office while Paul continued with his conversation. I sat down at my desk and read it over. It was another ECW contract offer, this one for a guy named Mad Man Pondo. I brought up his information on the computer I had brought down from my office in Canada. He is a 25 year old from Arizona with a reputation as a solid hardcore wrestler and brawler. He looked good to me and the numbers certainly worked. I thought it was good we were bringing in a new guy who wrestled more of an "ECW" style since most of the new talent were more technical performers. I knew we were injecting new blood and a new attitude into ECW but I also knew we had to keep that extreme flavour to the show. After all, that's what brought a lot of fans to the arena in the first place. Paul then came out of his office.

Paul: Let me tell you I just had a great phone conversation.

Me: Really, it sounded like things were getting heated in there.

Paul: Heated? Well, I guess that's the way I get when I'm negotiating with people.

Me: Negotiating, with who? The guy who's going to shake ECW's foundation?

Paul smiles and gives out a little chuckle before replying.

Paul: Yea, and were very close to a deal. I need you to finish the books so I know how much I can offer this guy. I'll admit I'm going to need a good chunk of change but it'll be worth it no doubt. So, get the books done and find us some sponsors!

Paul returned to his office while I opened up the ECW account information on my computer. I then went to town on sorting out salaries and merchandise. After an hour and a bit I got down to the business of signing sponsors. I made a few calls and found out a lot of sponsors were nervous about doing business with us because of how risky our product is. Apparently they think by being affiliated with us they will suffer a tarnished image. Fortunately there were a couple of company's who couldn't care less how risky our product is. So, after negotiating with them I was able to pound out four solid agreements that will bring some much needed cash into the company.

Sponsor List



Lugz Footwear


Ford shocked me the most but according to them were have a "diverse demographic that includes several first time vehicle buyers." I didn't care what they said, I was just happy to be making that kind of cash. I told Paul of our new financial success but he really couldn't appreciate what we had achieved. I told him he would make more money and have more money to spend on talent. That set the light bulb off as he shook my hand and congratulated me on a job well done. I then handed him a sheet of paper with salary suggestions. He smiled and walked into his office to make another hone call. I returned to my desk and looked over our near complete roster.

To be continued...

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January 6th

Paul came out of his office in a dejected mood. He sat down beside me after kicking a garbage can over.

Me: What's the problem Paul?

Paul: It's not going to happen, he can't work for us.

Me: Who are you talking about?

Paul: THe guy who was going to shake the foundation of ECW. They won't let him out of his contract.

Me: Shit. Well, we can get someone else.

Paul: I did have someone else in mind, but it just won't be the same. Oh well, we'll take the punches as they fall. I go give this guy a call and see what we can do.

Paul returned to his office while I read over our current roster.

Main Event

Sabu (Face, 65)

Upper Midcard

Cactus Jack (Tweener, 64)

Scott "Raven" Levy (Heel, 48)

Terry Funk (Currently inactive)

The Sandman (Face, 58)


2 Cold Scorpio (Face, 50)

911 (Heel, 40)

Chris Benoit (Heel, 50)

Dean Malenko (Heel, 44) - ECW Television Champion

Eddie Guerrero (Face, 43)

Johnny Grunge (Heel, 52) - ECW Tag Team Champion

Konnan (Face, 47)

Lance Storm (Heel, 41)

Mad Man Pondo (Face, 43)

Pitbull #1 (Tweener, 44)

Pitbull #2 (Face, 46)

Rocco Rock (Heel, 53) - ECW Tag Team Champion

Stevie Richards (Heel, 47)

Tajiri (Heel, 45)

Tasmaniac (Heel, 50)

Lower Midcard

Al Snow (Face, 41)

Chris Jericho (Face, 45)

JT Smith (Face, 44)

Juventud Guerrera (Face, 40)

Mikey Whipwreck (Face, 49)

Psychosis (Heel, 39)

Scott Taylor (Face, 36)

Sugar Shane (Face, 34)

Tommy Dreamer (Face, 47)


Rey Mysterio Jr. (Face, 40)

Shane D'Moore (Face, 28)

Paul then came out of his office and tossed a contract on my desk. He turned around and walked back into his office with out even a word. Apparently plan B had worked out.

I spent the following day with Paul hammering out some storyline ideas for the next month and talking with some of the talent. After all of that I boarded a plane and returned to Canada.

*End 3 Day Tour*

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Tajiri didnt even start wrestling until mid 95 so I'm not sure why Heyman hired him. Plus Douglas would never be welcome in WCW around this time period. And where did you get this scenario? A bunch of guy's positions on the card seem off.

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Have you ever clicked on the Enter-button? That backstory would've needed you to do that a lot more times than you did now.

Quickly skimmed and I'm not impressed (read: the conversations with Paul aren't convincing), plus the fact that there's no show after, what, 5 posts? That doesn't impress either...

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I like old school diaries and this one seems to be off to a good start. A lot talented workers (Malenko, Benoit, Guerrero) to which you can rewrite history and make them ECW workers, not WCW workers. Your opening needs some spaces, it hurts the eyes to read. Otherwise, great start.

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Well, you certainly have the right to write YOUR diary the way YOU want to. However, people who are commenting ALSO have the right to respond to YOUR diary in the manner THEY want to, assuming that it's not just pointless flaming. Which, I've got to say, I haven't seen any of here. I've seen people (some of whom you DEFINITELY should be listening to as regards diary writing) respond with some valid points about how implausible the set-up for your diary is. That's called constructive criticism there, which you don't really seem to want. I mean, they brought up points, and you've basically just ignored them or said "if you don't like it, you don't have to read". Which is not only a violation of Dome rule #5 (god I sound like such a goody-two-shoes saying that), but which I believe I'll be doing, starting right now.

But first, just so I'm not accused of flaming or whatever, here's some constructive criticism: Your grammar and spelling seem to be lacking at this point. Your conversations between yourself and Heyman aren't really believable, and the signings follow in that same pattern. There you go.

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ECW Hardcore TV - January 10th, 1995

- Taped from the Bingohall

Joey Styles and Don Callis welcome us to ECW Hardcore T.V. Joey says that Paul E. will be speaking to us tonight with regards to the ECW World Title. Callis says he should be the one appointed since he has more charisma then the entire roster of ECW put together. Styles ignores him and says that in an attempt to undermined the momentum that ECW has been building, WCW took it upon themselves to steal Shane Douglas from them. According to Styles, WCW could feel the heat coming from Philly and decided they had to do something to "turn it down." Callis laughs and says it's not the ECW's heat WCW felt, it was the sex appeal of he himself. Before anything can be said Paul E. walks out from the back with the ECW World Title in his possession. He enters the ring and pulls a microphone out of his jacket.

Paul E.: I'm sure that all of you have heard by now that Shane Douglas has left ECW for "greener pastures" down in Atlanta. The key word there being "green." Shane Douglas, I'm sure you'll be watching this from down south and I just want to make sure that you and I understand each other. I just want to make sure that you know how I feel about you. Shane, as far as I'm concerned your a no good, back stabbing sell out who couldn't run fast enough to the fat contract and warm weather. You lied to me and I'll never, ever forgive you for it! And of course there's the big wigs down in Turner's big office who think they've just killed the momentum of ECW. Well guys, good try but you didn't get the job done! It’s going to take a hell of a lot more then that to steal out thunder!!! Maybe you did take out champion, but you didn't take our pride, you didn't take our will and you didn't take our hearts! The pulse of this promotion is sitting in all of these seats around me. These are the people who keep us going. You might be able to take our champion, you might be able to take out top draws but it's clear that your not taking any of our fans! In fact, with the product your offering these days were the ones taking YOUR fans! The fans are going nuts for the respect Paul E. has shown them. They then start a large ECW chant that fills the venue. You hear that, that’s the sound or ECW's heart beating louad and proud. But it;s not like a regular heart, it doesn’t beat "Thump Thump. Thump Thump". It beats "ECW ECW ECW ECW!!!!!" The chants grow louder as Heyman really starts to get emotional. You hear that you sons of bitches?!?!? ECW is alive and well!!!! You accomplished nothing by taking Shane from us!!!! ECW doesn’t need Shane Douglas, Shane Douglas needs ECW!!!! So Shane, Turner, all of the Turner executives, I speak for myself, the guys in the back and for all of the fans here tonight when I say YOU...CAN SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!

"ECW, ECW, ECW" the fans chant while Paul E. tries to calm down and collect himself. After a few moments he starts again.

Paul E.: So with that said we now have no World Champion. The question is who will be our next champion? Well, were going to find out at our next event "Championship Showdown." We will have a mini-tournament to crown our new ECW World Champion. Two of the four men have already been decided. However, there are still two spots open. I know everyone wants a shot but only two of you are going to get it. So, with that said tonight we are going to have our first match up to decide who get into the tournament. Tonight, Tommy Dreamer, you will get your shot. But in order for you to get in you've got to beat... The Sandman!

Paul E. tosses the mic down and walks to the back with the title while the fans cheer on the match just made for tonight. Joey Styles echoes Paul E's thoughts on Shane Douglas before hyping up the main-event tonight between The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer. Callis laughs and says Dreamer has no shot against The Sandman claiming Sandman to be too drunk to feel pain. We cut to commercial while Styles says "give me a break."


Al Snow vs Psychosis

Al Snow was making his debut in ECW and was looking to impress. Psychosis was looking for the win as well to try and build some momentum. The match started off with a lot of chain wrestling. Both buys really seemed to know what they were doing on the mat as they exchanged holds and reversals for a few minutes. The pace began to quicken which played into the hands of Psychosis. After missing a clothesline Al Snow fell victim to a nice solid drop kick. When he returned to his feet Snow ate nothing but boot as Psychosis connected with a spin heel kick. The masked man began to really build some momentum as he hit a springboard leg drop for a near fall. Unfortunately, the lucha librae got a little to confident as he missed with an attempted moonsault. That allowed for Snow to sneak in with a roll up for a near fall. The Snowman then went on the offensive, delivering a series of high impact moves that included a DDT and Snowplex. Al, feeling he had the match in hand, decided to show up Psychosis and went to the top rope. Psychosis saw what was coming and got to his feet. He cut Snow off in the corner and then climbed up to the top himself. The fans got to there feet as the knew something big was coming. Psychosis delivered a huracanranna from the top rope much to the delight of the fans. He then made the cover but Snow was able to just get his shoulder up before the three. The fans cheered Snow's efforts as Psychosis brought him o his feet. Psychosis then hit the ropes and went for something but Snow side stepped him and caught him in a waist lock. Then, in the blink of an eye, Snow delivered a belly to back suplex into a bridge for a three count and the win!

Winner: Al Snow

Styles and Callis went over the reply while The Snowman took in a round of applause in the ring. We then cut to a pre-taped interview from Jeff G. Bailey.

The camera shows Bailey standing in front of a big ECW backdrop. He is dressed in kakis and a sweater vest while sporting glasses and stupid looking spiked blond hair.

Jeff G. Bailey: Hello ECW! I'm Jeff G. Bailey, the "new guy in town" so to speak. A lot of you are probably wondering who I am or where I'm from. Well, like I said, I'm Jeff G. Baily. What I didn't say was that I'm from Pennsylvania’s real number one city, Pittsburgh! I'm sure you Philly fans will admit that Pittsburgh is head and shoulders above this bum town. I mean we have cleaner street, nicer people and lovely rivers. All you've got is an artery clogging sandwich to your name. And do I need to mention the two time Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins? When's the last time the Flyers won the cup? Before I was born, ha ha ha. But enough about how crappy this town is, let's talk about the reason I'm here. I've come to ECW to find the very best talent in the world. I've heard that there are a few talented workers here in this promotion and I want to sign them up to Team Bailey. I want them under contract to me so I can have all of the gold. And when I say all the gold, I mean every belt this company has! So over the next few weeks I'm going to be doing a lot of scouting to find those few elite wrestlers that can help me achieve my goal. Stay tuned sport fans, because I'm going to make things very interesting. Ha ha ha ha.

The camera then cuts out before we go to commercial.


Cactus Jack vs Rocco Rock W/ Johnny Grunge

Cactus Jack received a mixed reaction from the crowd while Public Enemy was booed pretty well. After a few minutes the fans got behind Jack as Rocco Rock used a lot of under hand tactics on his opponent. Rock was in control through out the first minutes of the match as Jack had difficulty battling all the eye racks, chokes and even a low blow. The action spilt out onto the floor where Johnny Grunge decided to get involved. Together Public Enemy slammed Jack into the guard rail a few times before Rocco Rock jumped off the apron with an axe handle smash. Grunge grabbed a chair and went to hit Jack with it but missed. Cactus then hit a kick to the midsection and a double arm DDT onto the chair!!! Rocco Rock grabbed at Jack but got a right hand for his trouble. Jack then delivered a scoop slam on the concrete floor before going to the apron and taking flight, jumping off the apron with a sick elbow drop. "ECW, ECW" the fans chanted as all three men laid on the concrete floor in pain. Eventually the action returned to the ring where Jack put Rocco Rock in a tree of woo. Jack then charged in from the opposite corner and hit a knee right to the mid section. Rock collapsed out of the corner while Jack gave the double guns and a "Bang, Bang" to the crowd. Johnny Grunge entered the ring again and charged at Cactus. Jack side stepped him and Grunge went sternum first into the corner. He backed up into a punch to the back of the head. That sent Grunge through the ropes and out to the floor. Jack then turned around and CRACK! Rocco Rock drilled him with the steel chair. Jack backed up and staggered off the ropes CRACK! into another chair shot. Jack collapsed to the mat before Rocco Rock made the cover for the three count and the win.

Winner: Rocco Rock

After the bell Grunge pulled a table out from under the ring and set it up on the floor. Rocco Rock returned to his feet and rolled Jack out onto the table where Grunge positioned him. Rock then took off from the opposite ropes and charged towards the two on the floor. Rocco then did a flip over the top rope and crashed onto Jack through the table! The fans went nuts for the spot while Grunge played to them. The referee handed Grunge the ECW Tag Team Titles and told him to get out of here before attending to Jack. The Public Enemy then walked to the back a job well done.

We then go backstage to where we see Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio and others sitting around talking. "Shooter" Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit then walk into the room and wave over Guerrero. Eddie looks around before getting up and walking over to the two by the door. They then wave Jericho over who quickly meets up with them. They then take the two and lead out of the dressing room, talking about some "great idea". Joey Styles and Don Callis speculate as to what they are talking about as we go to break


Tommy Dreamer vs The Sandman

Both men got decent pops from the crowd but Sandman was really well received since he tossed out an entire 12 pack of Bud to the audience. He then reached into his back pocket and pulled out a can for himself. Dreamer was focused, pacing in the ring while The Sandman had fun with the crowd. Sandman entered the ring and Dreamer charged at him. Unfortunately Sandman still had his Singapore Cane and smoked Dreamer over the head with it, shattering the stick into a thousand pieces. Dreamer fell back onto the mat, already bleeding. The Sandman finished his beer, smashed the can on his head and made the cover for a two count. The Sandman then backed Dreamer into the corner and began to clock him with hard right hands. He then climbed up to the second rope and did the 10 punch count. After number 10 Sandman backed up and watched as Dreamer collapsed from the corner onto the mat. The Sandman played to the crowd while Dreamer's blood pooled around his face. Sandman then picked Dreamer up and tossed him out onto the floor. He followed out and pointed into the stands. The fans cheered as Sandman tossed Dreamer over the guardrail and into the front row. The Sandman followed him into the crowd and began to nail him with right hands. He then lead Dreamer by the head to the back of the arena and smashed him face first into the cement wall. Dreamer fell to the floor while The Sandman pointed out the blood print Dreamer's head left on the wall. The Sandman then picked up a garbage can and dumped it out onto the floor. He then waited for Dreamer to crawl to his feet before cracking him right over the head with the can. Dreamer fell back down while The Sandman tossed the can away and laughed. The Sandman picked Dreamer up and brought him back towards the ring. The two got over the guardrail but before returning to the ring The Sandman was sure to smash Dreamer face first into the ring post. The action returned to the ring where Sandman placed Dreamer spread eagle in the centre of the ring. He played to the crowd before falling to his knees and making the cover. 1...2... suddenly the referee is pulled from the ring. The camera pans up to reveal it was Paul E. who did it! The Sandman looks over and sees Paul E. staring back. He isn't impressed as he gets to his feet and walks to the corner yelling and pointing at Paul E. Paul E. gets up on the apron and the two begin to argue. Paul E. shoves his finger into the chest of Sandman before Sandman grabs him by that very finger. The Sandman then cranks it back and snaps Paul E's ginger! Paul falls down to the floor screaming in pain while The Sandman turns around... right into a Dreamer DDT! The fans cheer on as Tommy slowly turns from his back and drapes an arm over The Sandman. The referee then counts, 1...2...3!!!!

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Joey Styles can't believe it and neither can the fans. Some cheer while others seemed more shocked the anything. The referee raises an unconscious Dreamer's hand in victory! After a few moments the fans come around and begin to cheer on as Dreamer struggles to his feet. Callis says this is one of the worst days in ECW history while Styles says it's one of the best! We then go off the air with a bloodied Dreamer having his hand raised once again by the official.

Paul E. interview - 67%

Al Snow over Psychosis - 54%

Jeff G. Bailey interview - 62%

Rocco Rock over Cactus Jack - 64%

Benoit & Malenko talk with Guerrero & Jericho - 51%

Tommy Dreamer over The Sandman - 53%

Overall: 57%

Edited by Miami Vice
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I know you're probably sick of the responses pointing out inaccuracies, but you've got to see it from our POV - we go to read a diary because it looks interesting, and any inaccuracies or problems spoil our enjoyment of it, which is especially true of retro diaries where people have got their own memories and things for you to live up to.

I didn't watch much ECW in early 1995, being as I was around 9 at the time (ahem), but the show was well-written, despite a few things...

a) the Enter key is your friend, seriously

B) Spelling/grammar are taking a knock - we're not were, their not there in the possessive, etc.

c) You skip from word-for-word in the Paul E. promo to recap style in your Benoit/Malenko & Guerrero/Jericho segment, which confused me a bit.

The Raven thing needs some serious dealing with in-diary, because I'm only one of a huge list of Raven fanatics who will want it explained why their favourite wrestler is working in ECW about 6 months prior to his WWF release date, under a gimmick he didn't come up with until that time. Basically - if you're gonna re-write history pre-game, so to speak, explain it well. I get it in the neck for misusing commentators in my diary, so you've got to expect some comments about workers and whatnot.


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