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All-Round Awards

Guest apeschris0

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Guest apeschris0

This is the EWB All-Round Awards

Yes people, I know this is a completely unoriginal topic, but I haven't seen any all-round awards, ever, on this board. So here goes!

Rules: PM or e-mail your votes to me with "EWB Awards" in the subject line. In the body give the category and name of the nominee you are voting for. You can only vote once for each category. The winners will be posted on Labor Day 2004 (Sept. 6).

The Nominees


Best Movie


Shrek 2

Dodgeball: The True Underdog Story

Napoleon Dynamite

Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Best Late Night Talk Show


David Letterman (CBS)

Jay Leno (NBC)

Conan O'Brien (NBC)

Craig Kilborn (CBS)

Jimmy Kimmel (ABC)

Best Sports Program


SportsCenter (ESPN)

Best Damn Sports Show (FSN)


Best Comedy TV Series


Bernie Mac

Malcom in the Middle


Best Sport


American Football







...more will be added later...

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Guest elJoJo

These nominees are really biased to Americans, and all around bad nominees.

All sports programs are American, all TV shows are American, all of the movies were pretty bad, and for some reason hockey is not on the list for best sport.

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Hmmm, no Eternal Sunshine for Best Movie, no Chappelle's Show for Best Comedy, and no I, Max for Best Sports Series.

I see lots of problems with this. Hopefully you'll add these though.

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My votes comprise of Malcolm in the Middle and Soccer/Futbol (although the Futbol thing confused the hell out of me, what language is that?) simply based on the fact they're the only things on the whole list I've seen other than Tennis which I don't really like. So theres your winners.

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What the hell's soccer?!

Oh you mean FOOTBALL


Not being American I've never seen any of the talk shows, any of the sports programmes, one of the comedies, Bernie Mac is awful, the films are a shocking choice (Where are The Village, Zatoichi, Last Samurai, Eternal Sunshine, Kill Bill 2 for starters?!)

And Labour has a U in it!

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Guest Takayamanofear

Where the hell did you come up with the best sports programs, SportsCenter is great, Best Damn Sports show sucks, You failed to mention Pardon the Interuption, Around the Horm, Imax (sucks but I would rather watch that then best damn) the list could go on for good sports programs.

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