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Hajjhowe's Super Awesome Fun Video Game Time


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So I've been itching to try these for awhile now, and since I actually have a mic and figured out some recording stuff here it is. Not exactly the best (I don't even realize I can move into the next level of games) but hopefully I'll get sharper as I do more of these. Always open to suggestions, although they'll have to remain NES or Sega Genesis games until I figure out a better way to capture video with FRAPS.

I am getting suggestions on another board, but feel free to request games in here.

Future updates:

Maniac Mansion (NES)

Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage (SEGA Genesis)

Completed Shows:

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Well, if you're gonna' do Spider-Man games for the Genesis, Separation Anxiety was fun, last I played it. At least you knew what bosses to expect. (Fun random fact, a few of them show up in Carnage U.S.A.)

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I follow a lot of Let's players on the interwebz myself and I will be following you Hajjhowe, in a sense of internet loyalty to someone who is also part of EWB.

I wish you good luck, from your first video I can hear that you are coherent... In terms of LPing that is a very useful trait to have.

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