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Elder Scrolls Online


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Kotaku did a follow up about things they'd like to see. The one I agreed with was to allow for first person, amd to keep the UI minimal, if they could shoot for the same audience that were won over by Skyrim, they'd have a good shot at breaking into the MMO market.

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The single player games already are timeconsuming. When this gets released some people will just vanish for years. (and i am only half kidding, my old flat mate skiped uni for 6 weeks when a new wow addone was released...)

I will be interested, but i will pass. I hope. :shifty:

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I expect this to be a rushed cash-in.

I hate MMOs. It's like entering an entirely new social scene and having an entirely new life. You have to meet up with your game friends, schedule times to play together, work on keeping your relationships strong. I won't go into a long rant but they just aren't for me.

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