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Actor Nick Stahl, Found?


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Nick Stahl, the "Terminator 3" actor who was reported missing by his estranged wife nearly a week ago, sent an email to friends on Friday indicating that he would enter a 30-day rehab program, his wife reportedly said.

"I'm relieved," Stahl's wife, Roseann Murphy Stahl, told People Magazine, but she added that she was "also skeptical that he was really in rehab."

She said he sent friends an "unemotional and unapologetic" email around 10 p.m. Friday, telling them that "he's OK," that he'd be entering a month-long stay at a rehabilitation program and that he planned to make arrangements to pick up some of his clothes, according to People.

Early this morning, Roseann Stahl tweeted, "I cannot thank you all enough for the love and support. So i will share that There is a new solid lead that nick is possibly ok.."

Jesse Grant/WireImage/Getty Images

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She was not among the recepients of her husband's email, but was able to access his email account because she knows the login and password, People said. The email did not indicate whether Stahl was using drugs on Skid Row, as his wife had suspected, or why he had disappeared on May 9, according to the magazine.

Attempts to reach Roseann Stahl via Facebook and Twitter were not immediately successful.

A spokesman from the Los Angeles Police Department said that it had not received any updates from its Missing Persons Unit implying that it would be closing its case for Nick Stahl. The LAPD's Missing Persons Unit did not immediately return a call for comment from ABC News.

TMZ.com reported that a source from the unit said Stahl's file would remain open for now because an email didn't constitute sufficient evidence to close it.

Stahl's wife notified the LAPD when she hadn't heard from him since May 9, and said he had been spending time in Los Angeles' Skid Row area.

The "Carnivale" actor, 32, was rumored to be dabbling in drugs, according to custody paperwork his wife filed in February, TMZ.com reported. The couple have one child together.

Stahl took over the John Connor role from Edward Furlong, whose own career was sidetracked by drug addiction after 1991's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."

So yes. Apparently he's in a rehab facility - but he didn't tell anyone, and when finally explaining where he was... didn't include his wife in on the e-mail. This is getting interesting.

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