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Don't Starve


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I just bought this (and have an extra copy). It's still in beta, but it's RIDICULOUSLY fun. You have to collect stuff, fight creatures, and build new improvements. Game cycles through days. At this stage, at night time, I am finding myself just standing near the fire, since I can't be bothered walking around with a torch.

If anyone is interested PM me your steam for a copy.

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I'll send it to Quom. It's a cheap game, I paid 10 bucks for it, and got two copies. So much fun. Got up to day five, and had a little area where I was planting trees around as a border. Had a nice camp fire going, and my research machine. Then my Axe ran out battling a spider, and I died :(

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I thought Lukie sent it to you? Or was that just another example of Lukie being nothing but talk?

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