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Yea, you should have a 3 year warranty for RRoD if you bought it new.

If that's expired though, I dunno, it does seem a little late in the cycle to be switching, even if you are annoyed at the hardware failure. You'll probably already have an existing library of games that you'd just have to replace, especially digital content that you can't even resell.

I suppose you could always save towards the next Playstation but I'm always of the mind that it's best to wait a year or two on new consoles because launch lineups are usually lackluster and it allows bugs and niggles in the hardware to be ironed out. You could always just get the console and, assuming it's backwards compatible, use that time to catch up on the stuff you missed out on.

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Depends on your library - yeah, and how much digital content you have. I've switched over.. twice, and I've finally learned my lesson about that. I have SO much content on my 360 that is likely going to be able to carry over to the next Microsoft console that I can never even think of switching ever again.

The last time my 360 went on me, I took the harddrive out and bought a used 4GB console, just slipped mine in and I was good to go.

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the reality is ive always been a sony guy and only got the 360 in the first place because i actually won it when it came out lol, and even if the next gen consoles are out late this year reality is i usually wait a year or 2 to get them so thinking about going out and getting a ps3... but also considering just looking for a preowned 360 to continue what ive done, im not really a big online player so that factor doesnt really bother me

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