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anyone watch this show? I think it's great, I really can't wait for the new season to start in October. This show is on Noggin on satellite TV and it's basically about a group of kids that attend a public high school.

anyone else have an opinion on this show?

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Yeah, I meant the next generation . . . i didn't see the original. and I just have to say this . . . Manny is fuckin hot. Paige is alright too . . . and Emma doesn't look too bad either. I saw her Unscripted episode and she looked a lot better that from the show.

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The new one is quite irratating. The only reason is because it tries to take the cutting edge off of the original one, but it can't as when the first one was around it was the first show to deal with these issues. Now, many shows deal with these and the new Degrassi isn't that cutting edge.

Also, these kids can't act any better or worse then the original cast, it's just that the writting was so much better for the first one, so the original characters were able to develop a lot better.

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