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CSI marathon


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I watched it yesterday, but i had no clue that it was on all day today too :(. Oh well, ill catch an episode or two before i go to sleep. When's does the marathon end?

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I've watched about two or three episodes:

The one where (I forget the character's name) Marg Helgenberger's character was re-investigating her best friend's murder and there was a murder at a Buddist temple, with Marc Decascos was playing the only surviving monk. (I really wish he'd get a new tv show, btw)

The one with the bus crash being investigated, and it turned out that someone had put chloroform in one of the tires.

And one today, where a boxer caused another boxer's death by loading his gloves with mercury.

I usually watch Law & Order on TNT; the only reason I watched CSI yesterday is because I had already seen one of the episodes of L & O that was on yesterday.

Law & Order is the shiznit. :ph34r:

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yeah i usually watch law and order it truly rocks but i've seen msot of the episodes and Csi i haven't watche dbut maybe 2 0r 3.. I think it last all week can't be sure though

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I watched it pretty much all Monday but i've only been watching bits and pieces seeing that i've been back at school. The one with the Kamakazie Grannie last night was good. I laughed at Clawson who's a huge CSI fan for missing most of the marathon.

Btw, Kou can suck my balls. Law & Order > him. GhostMachine agrees L&O is the "shiznit". :P

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And the Shield >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Law & Order

fixed it ;)

about CSI, it´s a realy well don show, i like to whatch it ever now an than but if i have the option to whatch it once a day ore so it just growes boring to me somehow, especialy with the Miami spinn of, the million rip ofs (medical detectors and such) and i heard that the New York thing still is suposed to start soon ? It´s just to much . . . and somehow, as a person that is not even whatching all the shows, i have the feeling that they run out of ideas for cases and it gets x-fileiger and x-fileiger with every newer episode i get to whatch. :/

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