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Miguel Ferrer dies


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Actor Miguel Ferrer died yesterday from throat cancer. His most well-known role in cinema was probably coke snorting corporate executive Bob Morton in the original Robocop movie. He had small roles in such movies as Star Trek III, Revenge, Hot Shots Part Deux, Trafic, The Manchurian Candidate remake and Iron Man 3. He also did some voice acting in movies such as Mulan (in which he voiced the main antagonist hun-leader Shan Yu), the Beverly Hills Chihuaua Movies and Rio 2. 

He was also a prolific TV actor. He had guest roles in many TV shows. I first saw him when he played a pationt being diagnosed with cancer in the pilot of Emergency Room. He was Lloyd Henreid in Stephen King's The Stand mini-series, Dr. Garret Macy in Crossing Jordan (my favorite role of him), FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield in Twin Peaks and most recently Owen Granger in NCIS: LA.. 

And he was George Clooney's cousin. Which I had no idea about. 


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To me he'll always be Dr. Garret Macy. He was a great actor. I always hoped that we might get a final season of Crossing Jordan on a streaming service like Netflix I know the chances for that are slim to non-existent since the show was never that popular. Nevertheless I hope that it'll happen but it won't be the same without him. 

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20 hours ago, Menorah Julep said:

To me he'll aways be Albert from Twin Peaks. 

Likewise, but brilliant in so many things, such a great supporting actor. Or, as my brother always called him, "The quintessential That Guy".

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