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Movies with staying power, or lack thereof, in your local area.


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I just found out that Black Panther is finishing its run at my local cinema as of the end of Wednesday.

I thought for a movie that's taken as much money and is as loved as it was, it seems like a short run.

It just got me thinking. What are some movies that have surprised you with the length of their run at your local cinema?

On the flip side Wild Hogs took what seemed like forever to disappear. Still can't figure that one out.


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Yeah, a local art house theater with a rich history does monthly midnight screenings of The Room and Rocky Horror.

More in the spirit of this thread, I think Coco and Thor: Ragnarok May still be playing at a theater or two around here. I’m sure Black Panther will have a similar run.

Also, th-

2 hours ago, Deathlok190 said:

Failure to Launch (2006) still airs most Sunday evenings in my local cinema (at a reduced price), it is regularly packed with couples on dates.

Wait, what???

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On 12/03/2018 at 22:46, Benjamin said:

They're still showing the Greatest Showman over here. That came out in December.

That movie's just randomly been brought back for a bonus week here.

By the way, the only reason I ever saw Deadpool in the cinema was because another local venue randomly brought it back for a week. So if a local cinema wants to do the same for Black Panther when I actually have money, that'd be nice.

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