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  1. that last picture of Kristen Bell makes me happy in my pants
  2. PS3 and XBox 360, simultaneously.
  3. what systems is this being released on?
  4. How bout those Warriors?
  5. So I'm not a Spiderman buff but answer me this. Black Spiderman and Venom are totally different, no?
  6. Fredde le Grand - Put Your Up For Detriot Moby - Go (Trentmollier remix) Axwell - Watch the Sunrise Deep Dish - Party All The Time Deep Dish - Say Hello Pryda - Proper Education Hook n Sling - He Doesnt Love You Those are some tracks that are slaying the floors now (plus some older ones), if you want to get a real clubbing crowd moving, find those. If you need anymore, let me know.
  7. How is no one else here not exicted about 300 the movie?
  8. Krazy_K


    Lee is gone from the world cup. keeps getting worst for you Zaz. Harhar.
  9. Just watched the highlights of the Bac game. Bellamy is a god. Clubbing swinging after his goal was fucking excellent.
  10. Krazy_K


    Dear Australia, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fuck you guys, all the time you pricks said we couldnt play cricket. Adam Gilchrist you can go fuck yourself, no one cares if you guys didn't want to come over and LOSE 3 GAMES IN A ROW AND FORCE A SERIES WHITE WASH. I hope your new born baby is born with no arms and no legs. And Hussey, you fucking suck as a captain. When it's 8 from 8, put in a good bowler who doesnt crack and play the field right. We chased 330+ twice in three days, and we're going to win the world cup, ill put anything on it. p.s. shame zaz
  11. Krazy_K


    Motherfuckers give it up. Everyone was singing our prasies after we beat Australia by 10 wickets It old everyone to be quiet it was a second string team but chasing 336 off any 11 players in the world is an incredible feat.
  12. Krazy_K


    Two excellent wins for New Zealand. Woohooo.
  13. RIP Bob you'll be missed the most
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