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  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Welcome to the internet, endure it or go offline. Speaking of the topic at hand, now that I've had roughly two weeks with it, I'm thinking this is my favourite COD yet. It doesn't have that zany, anything-goes feeling that MW2 had, which made it my favourite 'til now, but that's alright because this game seems to be pretty damn balanced. I'm loving the gun-on-gun battles and the fact that there's less of an emphasis on killstreaks due to the support and specialist packages. Killstreaks don't feel important anymore, but I think that's a fair trade for the aforementioned gun-on-gun battles that I've been wanting since COD4. I've seen some mixed feelings on the maps and, yes, I don't like them all, but I'm pretty content with what they gave us and considering I'm only 'eh' on a few of them out of a whopping 16 maps, that's pretty neat. I found some spots during the campaign that I think will be good for DLC maps, too. I'm a bit mixed on the campaign. For me, it started off REALLY slow and generic, but it picked up when you got control of the 'main' characters and it only built from there. I wasn't satisfied with the ending, but the start of the last level more than made up for it. Spec Ops missions are what you'd expect, but I'm enjoying them, and I've already reached level 43 from going through the Survival maps. While it's fun, it got very repetitive after the first half dozen levels, because you know from the start how the waves are going to present themselves and the order that you'll try to combat them. All in all, very satisfied and I don't regret buying the Hardened edition. Elite sucks, though.
  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Obligatory 'making out with Call of Duty while playing with girls' comment.
  3. I don't think the drums in the beginning of one song, is indicative of the entire career of a band that has sold albums amassing a number second only to The Beatles. But yeah, the drums are shithouse in this. After listening to this song at least a half dozen times, I can only wonder if a tremendous amount of miscommunication was had and nobody could be bothered to change things around after the parts were combined. It sounds like Lou is trying to follow the drum beat, sometimes rushing the words and even singing for half a second to fit a line in, in time. The whole thing is just such a pigfuck. I actually wouldn't be surprised if either of them didn't want to insult the other, by telling them that it just doesn't work. But as bad as it is, I've had "I am the root; I am the progress" circling my head ever since I heard it. I don't have high hopes for the album, but I do think that there's a good chance this is one of the worst parts of it and so they can only go up from here. This is 100% an EWB Music Club future nomination.
  4. I love the Metallica parts; I hate the Lou Reed parts. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the project as a whole. Hopefully when the CD 'drops', it won't have been such a waste of time and I have a feeling that I'll like it overall. I'd like to hear a song where Lou isn't talking, because it's just awkward in The View.
  5. Sony Megathread

    I'm trying to do that at the moment, but I just couldn't be bothered. >_< I've got the platinum on COD: World at War (one of the toughest plats, apparently), but I'm having a tough time getting through Superhuman on Resistance 3. I grew up on health packs, but the modern FPS' have spoiled me with regenerating health.
  6. What music are you listening to?

    Agree completely. I'm not an Anthrax fan (for the most part), but the new album is really great. Only song I'm not fussed on is Revolution Scream(?); the rest are fantastic. I don't think the album will get as much acknowlegment as it deserves, though, because it's released so late in their career. I'd put it on par with Among The Living.
  7. Minecraft!

    Love the drawbridge idea, Lint6. Gonna' have to steal that one.
  8. Sony Megathread

    You'd need to buy an online pass. The game is cheap brand new and worth every penny ten times over, so make sure you get that online pass.
  9. Minecraft!

    I just build a shit, dirt house with a wooden door and then delete the world twenty minutes later.
  10. XBOX Megathread

    You made a wise decision. Bad Company 2 is incredible in every way, just make sure to go through the single player on the hardest difficulty if you're into that, because it's very short otherwise. :/
  11. Hamster's top 20 board games

    I hope to see Stratego make an appearance. ^_^
  12. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    COD games are always good, both offline and online, it's just the players that ruin it. Black Ops was an awesome game for a few months, but then everyone settled into their routines and now you see 90% of the population with Ghost, ak74u/Famas and grenade launcher. MW2 is fantastic. The gameplay is so much fun, but again, the players chose to be extreme asshats and ruin it with the noobtubes. I can't stand playing normally, so I use an outside program with dedicated servers, meaning that you'll get kicked if you use 'em in most games. Since I found it, nothing but fun. WaW is very much a 'you love it' or 'you hate it' game, but nobody has a choice now since the players have decided that hacking it to shit is the way to go... and likewise for COD4. which has a lot of hackers. I'm picking up MW3 asap because the COD franchise always delivers. Just gotta' get in early before the playerbase figures out what the 'best' everything is - even if it still doesn't get them to the top of the leaderboards - and ruin it.
  13. Portal is amazing. HL2 might be one of my favourite games, plus the expansions are brilliant. As for TF2, I've never played it. Keep in mind though, that I have Portal and HL2 on the PC, so I can't compare it with the PS3. But yeah, get it.
  14. Sony Megathread

    Why can you barely get two games, SRN? I downloaded one game and then it wouldn't let me download a second one. Did you try: Account Management > Transaction Management > Service List > SCEA Promotion
  15. Sony Megathread

    This is the only thing that bothers me about trophies; the fact that some people are willing to pass up games because they're not going to be rewarded for playing.