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  1. The TEW13 Worker Pictures and Graphics files are corrupt when I download them so I cant use them. Can this be sorted or can I get them elsewhere?
  2. Is the EWR "Fusient Buys WCW" DATA anywhere on the site?
  3. 2013 is set to be a big year. I shall be hosting a new televised wrestling show. I start my in ring training at the WAW Academy and also promote my first show on January 25th. Cant wait to get 2012 finished with so I call fulfil my dreams!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Naitch


      And I'll be cheering for you when you main event at Epic against Danny Boy Collins.

    3. Australian of the Moment

      Australian of the Moment

      What show will you be hosting and where can we see it? Plug that shit!

    4. Australian of the Moment

      Australian of the Moment

      What show will you be hosting and where can we see it? Plug that shit!

  4. If your 26 and a bit out of shape is it too late in life to consider getting fit and training in the ring?

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    2. AwSmash


      Depends how much you train. Smaller companies would look to sign you if you became good in-ring, and if you could deliver a good promo.. you never know...

    3. Mad Jack Frost

      Mad Jack Frost

      I dunno about training in the ring, but it's not too late to learn the correct uses of your/you're.

    4. AxillaryDeezy


      Most wrestling schools will also train you to become a manger/valet or referee. Try looking for and contacting training schools in your area and see what they have to offer.

  5. I am doing a TEW 2005 scenario based around WCW surviving and still being alive 10 years after it closed. The whole thing is set in April 2011. WCW is still owned by Eric Bischoff and Fusient Media Ventures and operating at an International level and a working relationship with Pro Wrestling NOAH, WWE is still the largest company in the world but has alot of differences to its roster and history, TNA still opened as Jarrett opened it with Russo who was gone from WCW, they are still a part of the NWA, Ring of Honor opened but folded after being bought out and merged with WWA (World Wrestling All-Stars) who tour the world. Bret Hart returned to wrestling to take over Stampede Wrestling and run it with his family, also the British Wrestling Federation formed and returned UK wrestling to mainstream TV and operates with top stars Sheamus O'Shaunessy (Shemus), Stu Sanders (Wade Barrett), Mr. Regal (William Regal), Fit Finlay, Rob Terry, Barry Griffiths (Mason Ryan), Doug Williams, Brutus Magnus, Nigel McGuinness etc. I need help with ways of making Japanese wrestling different, including what talent to have traded between WCW and NOAH. Also anyone with more Mexican knowledge that me.
  6. AWA final show before Battle by the Bay has been posted with the prediction contest. So go enter!

    1. Noah


      Maybe tomorrow :P

  7. who would pay what for a copy of IWA King of the Deathmatch on DVD signed by Mick Foley?

    1. brenchill


      I'll give you...


    2. The Munchies
  8. I dont have the game so im asking someone to look for me and tell me who it is please.
  9. Lowest ranked english team in the game?
  10. Who are the lowest ranking playable english team in this edition? I usually go by their predicted league finish at the start of the game when choosing a team.
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