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  1. Pleased to be wrong. Gary played great all tournament and deserved it. On the contrary, it was Rose who kind of pooped the bed today instead.
  2. I have a feeling Rose pulls it off tonight. Woodland has had at least a share of a lead going into Sunday seven times and has yet to get a win. Add in this being a major and I think the pressure gets to him and Rose benefits.
  3. Granted, the US hasn't looked super sharp, but this Chilean goalkeeper is playing great. It could easily be 5,6, or 7-0 right now, but she's kept it respectable with several impressive saves.
  4. The World Cup has reminded me to ask; have they added women's teams and leagues, or at least the women's national teams to FM yet?
  5. In what is essentially a "three-person draft" I'm not sure what they're expecting. The Knicks having the #3 pick was a big reason why I thought we'd get AD over the Lakers. The Pelicans could have walked away with Zion and RJ Barrett, along with whoever else they wanted from NYK.
  6. Juan Then I say that's a great trade for the Yanks. Then was with the Mariners a couple years ago and he came over in a trade. We're basically just giving him back for Edwin at half his contract? Beautiful.
  7. Just got an alert that the Yankees have acquired Edwin Encarnacion from the Mariners. No word on who we gave up. But 21 homers to our line-up is a-ok with me.
  8. I have it on PC and PS4, so if that’s their announcement consider me letdown, since I won’t be getting it on a third machine. Is there a good AEW roster out on Steam? I haven’t played or looked in a while but I’d imagine there must be at this point?
  9. It's kind of just that as talented as Embiid and Simmons are, it's clear that Butler is the straw that stirs that drink and is the take charge guy on that team. With no Butler, they don't push Toronto as far as they did. Simmons is someone who, so far, shies away from the bright lights of big games, and Embiid is remarkable, but only when he feels like playing. Butler was the one out there busting his ass all playoffs. I think a lot of people believed he'd be back next season to take the Sixers even deeper into the playoffs. Granted, he could very well just re-sign with them and it's all moot, anyway. But there's going to at least be some doubt now in the minds of the fans.
  10. Oh I hope he leaves. Philly sports talk will be so much more fun to listen to if he bolts.
  11. Sad, though probably a relief for his family with the reports of how bad he had gotten health wise.
  12. Also? Hats frigging off to Nick Nurse. How many head coaches win a championship in their first year? My buddy and I have major crushes on her and I have no idea how to explain it.
  13. Somewhere in San Antonio, a single tear runs down the cheek of Demar DeRozan.
  14. For real. Who gives a shit, dude. End this so they can celebrate.
  15. Yeah. It's definitely not a good one.
  16. Why does he say it like it's a super hidden message? They're doing it for the city they play in and their fallen teammate.
  17. Too much money to be made to worry about people, my good man.
  18. For real. I went to get two more Joy-cons for the Switch. Fools want $80 for them little things? The hell, you say.
  19. Yeah, see, my option guys never show up on the pending free agent screen. I even started a side franchise to try it out to see if it was just my current game that was jacked up, but nope. I'll try it again tonight as I think there was a patch since the last time I played.
  20. So toward the end of the offseason I’ll sign an older vet to a two year deal with that second year being a team option. But in the following offseason I never see a screen where I can go and accept or decline the option. I have my regular contracted guys I can re-sign, but anyone with a team option is nowhere to be found on those contract screens.
  21. And thus ends my streak of wanting to see the Hard Knocks teams and players do at least somewhat well.
  22. Nope. Stick it out until the All-Star break sale.
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