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  1. If a team can't win more regular season games than they lose, why should they even get the chance?
  2. Not the marijuana! Anything but the marijuana!
  3. Take your stereotypical MAGA guy and turn that volume up to 11 and that's Aubrey Huff.
  4. He was apparently awake when they took him out of the car. But yeah, it's weird that it's been over an hour and nobody has any kind of update.
  5. Also because NBA games take place in arenas that hold 16,000-18,000 whereas MLS games mostly take place in large outdoor stadiums that hold two or three times that.
  6. The short answer, for me, is yes. No way all 26 teams survive. MLS expanded way too fast.
  7. Do you automatically get fired if you’re relegated? I’ve only really played the lower level leagues and the one time I was close to getting relegated I admitted defeat and resigned before the end of the season.
  8. I feel like every six months or so I completely forget that Neymar is on PSG.
  9. Yeah, I’m hoping for a return to creamsicle myself!
  10. Every time I play, I always use the historical stadiums. They have personality. Shibe and Polo Grounds are my two personal favorites. I wish they’d add more historical stadiums, honestly.
  11. Let’s find one more and we can have twelve! @damsher hatfield @B-li Manning play!
  12. Yeah some of his social views are distorted and just gross, but he at least gets baseball and the business side of it.
  13. You don’t just come back from a bruised ankle.
  14. Yeah, MLB is pissing themselves because they refused to market their stars or toward the younger demographic for the last decade, and now those shares of the market don’t care about MLB. So instead of fixing things from the ground up, they’re pulling a NASCAR and trying to fuck with everything that those of us who watch love in hopes of bringing in new viewers. Its more likely to have the same results as NASCAR too, where they fail to bring in that new audience and they turn their loyal fans away by changing the things we all love about the sport.
  15. @Maxx see what happens? I join and two past players get skeered.
  16. I haaaaaaate dealing with people who don’t realize you have to give to get in trade talks. The Strat league I’m in, I need pitching help so I contacted a guy who has Lance Lynn. He wants me to give him Ketel Marte AND MacKenzie Gore. I suppose it can’t hurt to ask but when that’s the original demand, I always follow it up with a smart ass remark instead of a counter offer.
  17. My daughters are now obsessed with the Sims 4.
  18. C, 1b, 2b, 3b, ss, of, of, of, utility. SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P. Yeah, maybe four bench would be nice. Give us a nice round 20.
  19. Alex Wood, Trevor Bauer, Didi. A lot of player's are not being quiet and letting everyone know just how moronic this potential new playoff system is.
  20. What positions do you guys usually do? The regular eight, utility, and pitchers?
  21. I literally had a post identical to this typed up the other night. We lost four straight and didn’t even score a goal in those games when I fired up my save the other night. I didn’t even want to play a fifth game, saved it, and tried again the next night and we won 3-0.
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