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  1. Can your under 11's complete the pentagon?
  2. Has Seattle got its team back yet? No? Well back into hibernation for me.
  3. The Detroit Lions changed their gimmick to 'avoid relegation'. It was met with confusion.
  4. @stokeriño I hear Jose Mourinho is available.
  5. Carlito isn't really that cool.

    1. BacktotheCarlito


      You take that back.

    2. Noah


      Yeah I went too far. :(

      Epico is still the best Colon though.

  6. The good meme's never die.
  7. I made it to about 1 minute and 10 seconds before I chickened out.
  8. When does he get around to managing in Scotland?
  9. Is Endgame starting to snap out of cinema's where you guys live to? There's only 2 places I can really go to see movies and it's stopped screening in the closest one, as of tonight and the movie is about to enter its last week in the further away cinema tomorrow. Feels like a movie this big would have lasted a few more weeks....and I kind of needed it to do so, as I've not been able to set aside money for more than cheap luxuries for the last few weeks.
  10. What if Danny Sturridge scored 20 goals every season?
  11. Well this guy's a Manchester United fan. Clearly we win.
  12. What's the point of having ole if we can't sign up all the Norwegian teenagers.

    1. James Yeetus

      James Yeetus


    2. BacktotheCarlito


      Who will challenge him???

  14. There was some rumour going around that he could get the sack with a bad result today.
  15. I finally used my wildcard to change my entire team on the Fox Sports Fantasy Competition. Right before the final weekend.
  16. Aww the Europa league thread again next season, none of the cool kids hang out in there...
  17. A movie should be based on that.
  18. I loved a bit in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, where Robotnik has Sonic captured and locked up in his dungeon and he's going down to gloat and he realized mid-sentence that he'd escaped. "I think I'll tell him...................HE's GONE!" Then that robotic chicken thing says "I don't think you have to tell him he's gone your Rotteness, I think he already knows!"
  19. I prefer It was quite wonderfully bizarre and one of the few to actually work the video game theme into its own intro song.
  20. I enjoyed both of those.
  21. Fantastic. Great move. Well done Angus.

    1. LUKIE


      Senator Jordon Steele-John made a joke about it on one of his posts, and no one got it and were wondering why he was congratulating himself.

      It was amazing.

    2. Noah


      Fantastic. Great story. Well done Lukie.

  22. There was a tweet on the ticker of the mutv radio broadcast with the person saying that Everton could hit 5, if we don't pick up our game. They've stopped showing tweets now, for some reason....
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