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  1. Officially, but internally he retired after the third inning.
  2. I watched them both last night. Neither of them made me want to watch the respective shows but it did make me want to watch a spin off where Riker is a chef and makes various alien dishes for familiar guests.
  3. New trailers for Picard and Disco3 are out and my work computers don't have speakers, I need you guys to tell me what to think of them.
  4. There are no easy games for Calgary since Calgary doesn't get to play Calgary at all.
  5. I mean, this is the nature of journalism now. It's going one of three ways. Firstly is this way, where everything is about algorithms and influencers, getting metrics and social currency, with the actual content created by robots and simply designed to push site views for ad revenue. The second is heavy handed, agenda driven propaganda designed to spread commercials as journalism, and meant to play up emotions and biases to generate those some social currencies. The third form of journalism we see all the time with Lineker and I think we can all agree that's the worst kind of the three.
  6. SeanDMan

    NFL 2019

    hell a few more losses they might try playing him
  7. Todd Gurley is killing me. :|
  8. Man I need The Bears to score plenty tomorrow, I need 20 points from Allen Robinson.
  9. Sad news, guy did a lot with what was originally a very limited and limiting role.
  10. SeanDMan

    NFL 2019

    yet kap is still blackballed
  11. Okay guys it was weird enough with the teams swapping goalies and overpaid power forwards but whose bright idea was this?
  12. The Oilers new uniforms are so, so bad. It's like someone looked at their current uniforms and said "Listen, guys, the salary cap keeps going up. Is there anyway we can have a uniform with LESS colors? No, it doesn't have to look good, just cheaper to make. Thanks guys."
  13. SeanDMan

    NFL 2019

    He should go to the CFL next year where he can be both a highly lauded on field player as well as a personality.
  14. SeanDMan

    NFL 2019

    NFL has a huge issue when you look at Josh Gordon against Ray rice. the solution to that isn't to make a bad call now to balance it out.
  15. Come on guys, Puck is way cooler than bouncy ball.
  16. SeanDMan

    NFL 2019

    pats have to cut him now right? or are they in too deep?
  17. SeanDMan

    NFL 2019

    the whole thing is kind of cute until you see gronk break the goose's neck so Brady can use it for blood doping and Bellichek plucks it to make socks
  18. Goddamnit I wrote that joke and then my ISP died. Have your fucking upvote you filthy flames fan. When I know, you will know. Currently down: 1. Me 2. Maxx 3. Hatfield 4. Lowerdeck 5. Crab Person 6. Ruki 7. Fucking Gabriel 8. Stinko Malenko 9. Sloppy Slogger
  19. SeanDMan

    NFL 2019

    Antonio Brown accepted a Twitter invite to the training camp for the Vancouver Canucks
  20. Yeah, that's a great idea, let's have an even longer draft.
  21. SeanDMan

    NFL 2019

    there's no way he makes it as an NFL quarterback, none of his friends went to his birthday party.
  22. So who else wants in? So far we have: 1. Me 2. Maxx 3. Hatfield 4. Lowerdeck 5. Crab Person 6. Ruki Should we tag everyone from last year?
  23. That's waivers. The issue I have was what Gabriel suggested last year where players dropped and added inactives, so if a guy didn't have games on Wednesday, you drop him and add him back before his game on Thursday. Thats way too gamey for me. There has to be an inbetween compromise I would think.
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