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  1. I really don't know how I feel about so many former Flames on the Canucks. I'd feel better about it if they brought in Loui Eriksson.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S-DGTBZU14 I started watching this and actually had to stop because I was so pissed off.
  3. https://twitter.com/leeberr09/status/1145792238619942912
  4. Have been playing on and off the past few weeks, had a game going where I was so close to becoming King Of Ireland, just slowly collecting the required gold. Then my leader got the flu and his court chaplain suggested drinking human breast milk, which was considered to be an excellent treatment. A few weeks later he got food poisoning so since my court chaplain gave him excellent treatment, I felt safe in his hands. He elected to amputate a leg, which then subsequently got infected, which led to him dying, just as the last gold coin dropped into the box, but before I could hit pause to formally sign the papers and become King Of Ireland. So then I was stuck as his sole heir (he was only 20), a 1 year old girl. 15 agonizing years later, then another two years collecting taxes, and finally the kingdom was formed. Only she's Anglo Saxon so it's not Ireland. No, it's the domain of queen Albinn, known as the Kingdom Of Albinny, home of the Albino.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhYbDs7MpOA
  6. They should have just did an in memoriam for their entire franchise.
  7. I shot through it over the course of two days and I enjoyed the shit out of it, but then I could probably watch David Tennant read a phonebook so...
  8. I think the Raptors got robbed personally. Nurse should be coach of the year. Khawi MVP. DeRozen should be comeback player of the year, in as much as he should comeback next year.
  9. Supposedly this guy doesn't just exist but he's actually a prospect that generates some measure of excitement: https://secretscout.blogspot.com/2019/06/2019-nhl-draft-profile-5-isak-walther.html?m=1#more
  10. The pick is lottery protected so if the Canucks have a top ten pick then it backs out a year. Last year, the Canucks had a winning record in 5 out of 7 months of the year; they had an atrocious stretch that tanked them but they are closer to the playoffs than a lot of people think. They think that Miller can be a second line winger and if he can, he's worth a midround first. I came here to post this though: Nashville drafted a player so obscure the NHL didn't know he existed.
  11. I am excited based purely on the twitterverse controversy.
  12. Most Canadians have become Raptors fans. I personally still hate The Bruins and am so glad they lost.
  13. Hey, what are you talking about? I still use Google Plus to share my Google Wave projects!
  14. It's called After The End. You can play as Caribbean voodoo pirates.
  15. "It's YOUR DUTY to not sex up your blood family."
  16. That's if he even finishes at this point.
  17. SeanDMan


  18. God, the tension. You guys should just fuck already.
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