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  1. I think I was there for that.
  2. I'm subscribed so I get notifications, if I'm around I will pop by hopefully it will last more than a few seconds. Playing Fall Guys like everyone else or do you have something else in mind?
  3. I seem to have terrible timing, I get a notice you're streaming so I join and a few seconds later it says the stream ended. The one time it lasted I couldn't hear anything you were saying and just heard music, and then it ended.
  4. Montreal/Pittsburgh was absolutely awful. Truly a battle of who wanted it least.
  5. Flames advance. I hope they aren't still around if the Canucks get to round three. So this is a thing. https://thecomeback.com/nhl/sam-blazer-blue-jackets-ass-tattoo.html
  6. Blue Jackets gonna Blue Jackets.
  7. SeanDMan


    I mean The Rock was trying to create the next big babyface star in Paige and WWE was so jealous they sent Tonya Harding out to end her career.
  8. Dude don't say that, they will put Pierre Mcguire back on the air.
  9. Also, let's be honest, this is hardly a male exclusive issue. I am reminded of the girl who killed her puppy because one of the Jonas brothers didn't follow her on social media. And I have seen some absolutely stupid arguments between female shippers. In any fanbase, there are going to be a fringe who have completely lost the plot, and it's not always dudes.
  10. As a guy who went to 2 movies with dudes in cosplay, as a guy with a Star Wars tattoo, as a guy who has taken women to Star Wars for dates, etc etc etc... yeah Star Wars fans are pretty awful.
  11. Between work and dome stuff I am stretched pretty thin. If we are ready for a full season next year I might be back.
  12. He doesn't like the way you've been talking about other birds.
  13. The whole "locker room culture" shit where guys will be guys needs to die a quick death.
  14. Given the family who own the team, should just call them the Dickwolves.
  15. You heard the Ruki. More!
  16. I made a Google doc! Play guys? Four is a bit small. But is small season. Four good? Maybe more?
  17. Over/under new infections that can be traced directly to this day?
  18. Bit of a bump but since this isn't specific to 4/76, this feels like the best thread for it. Feel like most of the points are pretty spot on. Haven't played 76 so if it's true that one of the best parts of the game is "you can take screenshots" which has been true for every single game in the series, that is sort of sad. But otherwise not sure I would make any different choices.
  19. So expect lots of injuries in week one and two.
  20. That is a perspective. Fallout to me is like the sports team I grew up watching. It has some great runs, some very lean years, but no matter what, I am always going to follow it, good or bad. There has been some good and bad since Bethesda took over Fallout. The Pitt was great, so was New Vegas. But there has been some very very bad too. Like Kid In A Fridge. And Mothership Zeta. I don't trust the creative genius of Todd Howard very far at all. Really though, that was a foregone conclusion, that he would be involved. But I didn't anticipate Nolan and Joy getting attached to the project. That bit is what I am more skeptical about. I loved Season 1 of Westworld, it was well paced and satisfying. So if the news had come out then, I might actually be more optimistic. But that was before Season Two of Westworld which limped along, a sad shell of what it used to be. But hey; if it turns out to be good, I will gladly eat my words. Getting good Fallout stuff is better imo than getting bad Fallout stuff. To me though this seems like yoir favourite sports team comes out and says "this is going to be the year" and then installs Mr. Blobby as manager.
  21. Did they or did they just disable the search term?
  22. I think you're being overly optimistic.
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