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  1. Saladin777

    Cobra Kai

    It's WAY better than the concept has any right to be.
  2. I would blow through a ten hour trial. It would kill me to have to stop playing during the weekend. Just gonna enjoy Mass Effect 1 with a MEUITM facelift (plus ENB and SweetFX) and explore planets 'till Tuesday mercifully rolls around.
  3. What a finish! Zeke is an absolute beast with an amazing O-Line!
  4. I...saw it and can hardly believe it. The Cowboys are actually for real!
  5. Will pick mine up tomorrow morning. Been looking forward to it for a while, hope it lives up to the hype.
  6. Yes! My favorite JRPG Series (next to Suikoden) returns! Here's hoping to even better characters and another awesome story! By coincidence I actually looked this up all of five minutes ago, eager to get SOME news. Hoping juicy tidbits will be revealed soon enough.
  7. I'm pretty sure Telltale has some kind of hold on my soul at this point. Finished my first playthrough of episode One and I'm quite intrigued. The engine seems more polished with more action and movement on your part. Not to mention you can dash (I call it a dash, but it's essentially a sped up walk), which speeds things up a bit. As for the story itself, magnificent stuff. Though I never read the Fables comics (a damn crime upon reflection), I was pulled in and already can't wait for episode 2. Great voice acting and some interesting choices. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Season 1 of TWD.
  8. Good god Rockstar. That's just...c'mon. And yes, I had to create a new character.
  9. I have the sinking feeling the cloud just ate my character. I've reset and gone back into Online mode several times, and I keep ending up at the character selection with no sign of my guy.
  10. I'm up for a closed session. Need that munay.

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