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  1. A defining influence on American culture. And a just plain good guy. May his memory live within us all. Excelsior!
  2. Went in search of a treasure map in Barrow Lagoon in the frozen northwest. Investigated a nearby shack nearby and found a newspaper clipping detailing a terrible accident that cut an ice skater's career short. Close by was a dug up burial mound with a one legged corpse. Their epitaph was defaced with the phrase "No Ice In Hell." I love finding this stuff.
  3. Bear with me. This gets a little...out there. I approached a shack and met one Francis Sinclair. Fast talking guy with red hair and a distinctive birthmark on his right eye. He used a lot of interesting slang Arthur had no idea about. The gist is he was lost and needed to find some interesting rock carvings. For a puzzle or some such. Francis was an interesting duck so I figured I'd give it a go during my travels. I was avoiding the main storyline like the plague regardless. After a little doing I find'em all and send the locations via the post office. A little while later Francis se
  4. While finding Dinosaur Bones for Deborah MacGuinness, I stopped at a shack. Turns out the occupants were obliterated by a meteorite. Took the meteorite, looted the place and moved on.
  5. So...I see this guy on the side of a dirt road. He's having some trouble with his horse. Trying to replace it's horseshoes or something? I ask if he needs help, he answers in the affirmative and gets the everloving life kicked out of him by his own ride seconds later. Did the sensible thing and looted his body, pretending the whole thing never happened.
  6. Saladin777

    Cobra Kai

    It's WAY better than the concept has any right to be.
  7. I would blow through a ten hour trial. It would kill me to have to stop playing during the weekend. Just gonna enjoy Mass Effect 1 with a MEUITM facelift (plus ENB and SweetFX) and explore planets 'till Tuesday mercifully rolls around.
  8. What a finish! Zeke is an absolute beast with an amazing O-Line!
  9. I...saw it and can hardly believe it. The Cowboys are actually for real!
  10. Will pick mine up tomorrow morning. Been looking forward to it for a while, hope it lives up to the hype.
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