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  1. Binged it the other night, I was very surprised how much of a labor of love this was. The last two episodes of the season have personally my favorite viewing experience in a very long time that hit all the emotion chords they where aiming for. Considering the scuess it's been for YT Red and how the ended the series/season, I'll be very disappointing if we don't get a follow up of sorts.
  2. Horus

    The Anime Thread

    Currently doing a proper rewatch of the Namek/Ginyu/Frieza sagas for the first time since my original viewing and although the brutality of second form Frieza torturing Krillin in front of Dende, Vegeta and Gohan has always stuck with me I had completely forgotten Gohan has probably has his third best moment in the entire series directly afterwards, only beaten by his transformation into Mystic Gohan and of course, during the Cell games when he goes Super Sayian 2.
  3. As a huge, huge, huge fan of the first two Karate Kid movies finding out that there is a upcoming series that reunites some of the original cast has been a very pleasant surprise.
  4. Binged the last 6 episodes of AHS: Cult last night and after it was all said and done instantly I thought to myself it'll be a shame that we'll probably never get Evan Peters as Lex Luthor either on television or in a Superman movie. The guy put on a tour de force as the megalomaniac cult leader and would be politician.
  5. Just got done reading Stephen King's Christine yesterday and what book. I've seen John Carpenter's adaption a bunch throughout the years however it just doesn't do the source material justice, in my opinion, however it's still a fun film itself. Also the ending though, well I wasn't expecting anything happy still left me gutted:
  6. Yeah so that blow out for the Raptors last night was something, it's fair to say they completely outclassed the Cavs.
  7. Last night I gave Bob Clark's Christmas classic, Black Christmas a go, and although I tried to watch it years ago when I was super into slasher/horror movies from 70's/80's my only memories of it was that I was super bored during the entire movie ... However this time around, I can really appreciate it for the genre masterpiece that it is, today's group of horror writers and directors really need to watch this and take some notes on how to craft a atmospheric movie.
  8. Dark Shadows is so odd, like the first year or so the show is utterly unremarkable (or atleast from what I've watched) then the Barnabas Collins saga starts and it becomes actually really compelling.
  9. Not related to this season whatsoever but Michael Skupin was found guilty today of 11 accounts of child porngraphy and is due back to court next week on racketeering charges.
  10. If the Jets can play with a sense of urgency this season like they did during the last ten or fifteen minutes of last nights game, they're in for a good season. Still a few years away from a Stanley Cup I think, though. Laine has all the potential in the world, should be interesting to see how his career plays out.
  11. I'm not an overly big Marvel fan but I'm really hoping Doctor Strange is well received, which I'm sure it will be. One of my favorite aspects of the Marvel universe is its Supernatural characters and there's alot of potential for some fun stories there. If they own the rights or at least share them with Sony it'd be awesome to see Morbius finally get an adaptation, rather it be a movie or a Netflix show.
  12. Horus


    Enjoyed the on screen chemistry between Superman and Supergirl however...
  13. I'd say more open, but I'm sure that comes down more to the person then anything. The whole "Emo band" wave of the mid 2000's was more of a fad then anything, so most bands that made there name during that time where almost forced to evolve there sound.
  14. This is me just totally judging a show before it even gets up and running but I'm currently watching the Lethal Weapon series and besides a few instances here and there I'm totally not buying into the actor playing Riggs. Like he's a good actor, he's got a charm about him but unlike Gibson who made you believe he actually was a loose cannon who didn't give two shits about himself, I'm not just feeling it from this guy. Again, its probably just a case of me judging a show before it even gets a chance.
  15. I was going to give a shout out to Fallout Boy but I figured that'd be pushing it. As others have said Panic! is something you should check out. Was never really a fan of them myself but anytime I saw one of their music videos they'd always remind me of MCR.
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