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  1. c-mil, those are literally perfect. i suppose that shouldn't surprise me at this point but, still, thank you so much, dude. you absolutely nailed it .
  2. hey y'all! i'm runnin' a cornellverse game in tew with a custom promotion and if i could get a logo for it. the company name is "dirty south deathmatch club", and as you might imagine it's centred around hardcore and weapon and deathmatches and the like. i'm thinking something sort of dirty looking, if that makes sense? dull colours and whatnot. maybe some barbed wire in there if you can. also, it's based out of tennessee, so if there's any way you can get the tristar somewhere in there that'd be rad. if that's too much though don't worry about it! thanks in advance!
  3. just wanna take this moment to cordially invite @james_ewing88 to GET DUNKED ON, YOU FUCKING GEEK i am going to win every game this year hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i am so good at fantasy football
  4. a visual representation of mine and headcheese's week one matchup:
  5. Minnesota's Defence @Davidmarrio
  6. Graham Gano, K, Carolina @Mick
  7. Ryan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins @Davidmarrio
  8. Zach Miller, TE, Chicago @Mick
  9. Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee @Davidmarrio
  10. Willie Snead, WR, N. Orleans @Mick
  11. no worries! ty v much!!!
  12. don't mean to be a jerk or nothing but if y'all could stick with "ms. forbes" and use she/her that'd be preferred!!! (i thought putting "trans" in my team name and setting my gender on this here forum site would be enough for people to get the gist, but hey, ain't no thang )
  13. i like to imagine you as just an all-knowing swarm of information. i'm not sure what pronouns all-knowing swarms usually go by, but i guessed they. sorry y'all! flubbed everything up!! my bad!!! i will not do this again!!!!
  14. it's been 12 hrs, so @munky can pick if they so desire
  15. Marvin Jones, WR, Detroit Lions @Davidmarrio