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  1. hurricanes have an emergency backup in rn which is pretty buckwild. still beating the leafs tho
  2. leave the memories alone :'''''''''''(
  3. how could this happen to me? i made my mistakes i've got nowhere to run the night goes on as i'm fading away i'm sick of this life i just wanna scream how could this happen to me?
  4. real season starts now, y'all @Ace Berimmer, @The Chiksrara Special, @Maxx: good luck, and i look forward to beating two of you
  5. I DESERVE IT (CLAP, CLAP, CLAP CLAP CLAP) since i'm a big ol' nerd, here's the playoff scenarios heading into this final week of the season: myself and @Ace Berimmer have clinched 1st and 2nd, respectively. the winner of @The Chiksrara Special v @Slogger will take 3rd place if @DFF beats @Maxx he will take 4th (even despite having the lowest points for in the league!) if maxx wins that game, he will take 4th, UNLESS @Pooker beats berober and scores at least 31.11 points more than maxx does, in which case pooker takes 4th. i'm sticking within the bounds of reality here; there are technically other possibilities but they would require teams to score astronomical amounts of points so i'm not going to list them. i think these are correct! they might not be! ah well!!!
  6. you'd better hope @Jake O. Rhodes has a big ol' week then
  7. haha, look at you actually trying to accomplish something with your life! what a nerd! just do what i did and drop out of university, get a retail job and focus on what's really important: a free fantasy football league with people from the internet. that'll fix ya right up.
  8. i think tight ends are pretty neat. they're big and strong and can block but they can also make catches, too! real jacks-of-all-trades, tight ends.
  9. i mean round 11 this time but like i said, no reason it wouldn't work again fr tho i picked dj in round 1 and cam as my starting qb so by all logic my team should be bottom of the barrel. everything's just fallen literally exactly into the right spot for me this season and i'm just waiting with baited breath for it all to come crashing down.
  10. playoff spot clinched. clearly my main mistake all these years was not giving my teams air bud themed names. who'da thunk it.
  11. staying undefeated by the skin of my gosh dang teeth 😬
  12. i feel like the past few seasons i've gotten off to hot starts but finished disappointingly so i can't say my butt's not clenched yet
  13. live feed of me costing my team 43 points by starting cam instead of l-jax
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