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  1. i mean round 11 this time but like i said, no reason it wouldn't work again fr tho i picked dj in round 1 and cam as my starting qb so by all logic my team should be bottom of the barrel. everything's just fallen literally exactly into the right spot for me this season and i'm just waiting with baited breath for it all to come crashing down.
  2. playoff spot clinched. clearly my main mistake all these years was not giving my teams air bud themed names. who'da thunk it.
  3. staying undefeated by the skin of my gosh dang teeth 😬
  4. i feel like the past few seasons i've gotten off to hot starts but finished disappointingly so i can't say my butt's not clenched yet
  5. live feed of me costing my team 43 points by starting cam instead of l-jax
  6. nyheim hines, rb, indy devin singletary, rb, buffalo
  7. @DavidMarrio sorry 'bout your damn luck 😕
  8. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh damn
  9. yeah hc always goes off of yahoo and myers is who was the top available there
  10. i'm gonna go ahead and use my brand spankin' new deputy commish role to make that official ok cool @Jake O. Rhodes
  11. @The Chiksrara Special gould has been picked already
  12. will lutz, k, new orleans @DavidMarrio
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