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  1. hey could we please make it so i can put a qb in the flex spot please and thanks
  2. i guess i really ought to think about taking mahomes off the bench, huh
  3. not only did i get to watch my favourite team lose 3 of our best players to injury while playing some garbage football over an excruciatingly long period of time, but i also got treated to my fantasy team playing like complete garbage!!!! football season is back babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i long for death
  4. hey i appreciate the thought but i'm not really a fantasy hockey person. tried it before but couldn't get into it like fantasy football. sozz y'all : /
  5. jake elliot, k, phi and carolina’s defence @North Of Seattle SeaCattle
  6. marqise lee, wr, jax and isaiah crowell, rb, nyj @North Of Seattle SeaCattle
  7. devante parker, wr, mia and tevin coleman, rb, atl @North Of Seattle SeaCattle
  8. done so, thanks for being such a benevolent and gracious overlord!
  9. @HC since sean hasn't picked yet, can i change my pick? i'm an idiot who misread my rankings. if so, swap out lewis for lamar miller, rb, hou. if not, no worries, i'll wallow in my stupidity.
  10. lamar miller, rb, hou and evan engram, te, nyg @North Of Seattle SeaCattle
  11. alshon jeffery, wr, phi and cam newton, qb, car @North Of Seattle SeaCattle
  12. you, uh...you sure you've got enough wide receivers there, chief?
  13. christian mccaffrey, rb, carolina and doug baldwin, wr, seattle @North Of Seattle SeaCattle

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