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  1. Wow I feel really stupid for forgetting that EWR is only set in NA countries only lol. I guess that is what happens when you haven't played it in a long time. In response to the Roman situation, probably rehab is the best solution however to keep it realistic, personally, I have just put him down in developmental to keep it slightly realistic. For any wrestlers, I have spotted anything wrong so far however I shall keep you updated
  2. Also for Roman, is it possible for you to set him to being injured or being on hiatus?
  3. Not sure there is however there is a TEW 13 one which you can just convert into TEW 16 http://homeofprowrestling.com/tew/tew 2013/rwmods.html There is however an EWR one http://homeofprowrestling.com/tew/ewr/historical mods.html
  4. Not sure if this is as important however 205live doesn't have a tv show WOS Wrestling is also not part of the database
  5. Wait does this mean you are cancelling this suggestion or are you still debating whether to do it or not? Also if you do it, shall it be put on mediafire or somewhere else?
  6. Alright cheers mate but I shall not mess with anything though
  7. I absolutely agree as well. Although I do understand why some might not want it though Personally I have never modded properly before however I can understand how long it would take so maybe an alternative could be on mods at some points in the year like every 3 to 6 months. Maybe in months like January(Royal Rumble build), April or May(Depending on WrestleMania so then it shall start at RAW after Wrestlemania), August(Summerslam build) or perhaps even November(Survivor Series Build however this isn't really necessary tbh)
  8. Will it be possible to add the download on another website other than mediafire? It is just a question sorry if it sounded discourteous! Also is it possible to make a mod than allows more than the allocated feuds? Cheers for the mod though.
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