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  1. Yes, spread the Uncharted love. And I'm pretty sure they quit including the ethernet cable with the systems after the 60 GB was discontinued if I'm not mistaken.
  2. I usually actually criticize the hell out of games, but Uncharted was just fun all around. I only wish it was a little longer. More people need to play it. And from what I've read Matt Damon hates video game violence so he refused to allow his likeness for the game. Unfortunately there's no good RPGs for the PS3. You got Oblivion if you're into western style stuff. But the only thing really out right now is Encharted Arms, which isn't that good. But there's a bunch scheduled for the next year or two. As for hack and slash, Hamster likes Bladestorm. From what I played of the demo it was better than most of that kind of stuff, but I'm not that interested. And of course Dynasty Warriors. I'm not that knowledgeable of them And if you mean Marvel Ultimate Alliance style stuff, aside from it, I have no clue.
  3. Boy, you sound like someone else's broken record. How original. I didn't compare shit. Learn to read. And albeit literally means, "although". I never misuse it, overuse maybe, not misuse. And did I say you said Goldeneye was better? Nope. In fact, I said what you just did, so good job. Albeit, you could fuck off and not read my posts and that would just be peachy.
  4. Same here honestly. I've been invited to games that just don't connect or drop me out for whatever reason. Or the lag makes it near unplayable. Lack of communication also kills interest, as it just seems like aimless "death match" after another, and I can't seem to find my mic. That and a certain partial MMO addiction has crept up and bit me all of a sudden so that's taken my all my spare time.
  5. And the point of that was? I wanted to make it abundantly clear I was speaking of current games only. There's nothing wrong with the sentence as is... ah sorry, forgot I was on EWB for a second. I R IDIT!@ And so is Call of Duty 4's single player, but it's still mostly referred to as an online experience for the most part. Just as Goldeneye was heavily revered for its split screen. But yeah, you go live in fantasy land where that aspect isn't what people loved the most. Yep, this new damn fangled machines are ruining your fun and games.
  6. http://www.us.playstation.com/PS3/About/SystemUpdate You don't need to lug your system around anywhere. Yes, updating via the Playstation Network is the best option but if you can't do that for some reason (your don't have your PS3 hooked up for it) you can easily do it via a USB thumb drive, SD card, etc. And at that, as has been said, any new game always comes with the most recent firmware that it needs to play it. You don't need (outside of when a game requires it, but again, they come with the required firmware) them. But they offer extra features to the systems, better stability and an overall better experience and value. As Ellis said, No Mercy is a great example. Would you rather the game randomly wipe all your data due to a defect or be able to download an update to fix it? And games "solely" intended for online have existed for ages due to PCs. It's simply a natural progression for console games to offer the same service. And even then, most games that are "online only" (in value) would have simply been referred to as 'multi-player only'. Look back at stuff like Goldeneye for the perfect example. There's always been a glut of quality single player games for all three systems. The really good ones just have multi-player as an added bonus of goodness (like Call of Duty 4 for instance). I find there's a certain aesthetic to recent games that's lacking with a lot of recent titles. A lack of spunk if you will, the personality that sets them apart from their peers. A lot of stuff has a banal uncreative nature. Not as exciting or "new" if you will. But I chalk that up to playing games my entire life and having grown entirely used to them. All in all though this current generation has been fantastic for game players. And as long as all three stay strong and keep trying to one up each other, we're in for more greatness.
  7. Vilge Duin


    He had a part in The New World (not that great of a movie admittedly), then did Rescue Dawn, The Prestige and 3:10 to Yuma along with his part in I'm Not There between the two Batman movies (in which, at least going by just the first he does a fantastic acting job). All pretty serious actor roles. And he has Public Enemies and Killing Pablo coming up. He can do big budget franchise stuff just as well as acting heavy "serious" roles. With all considered that's the best route for his career if he can do it as it allows him personal variety in what he takes on and he won't be pigeon-holed into any particular style or type of movie. Something that happens to actors of all varieties way too often. As for the three Terminator movies... eh. I have interest because of Bale but I don't expect much. They were Cameron's vision and that ended with 2. 3 was a decent enough popcorn flick but should not have been made. And continuing them is pretty pointless (from a storyline perspective). But I'm sure they'll be action heavy with lots of booms and nice CGI.
  8. That was my biggest issue with the game. Lack of variety and way too short. After finishing I started up a new game to just piss about with it, and the lack of interest ht me big time. No more katana killing sprees, getting the army after me, robbing people, destruction derby, gambling, parachuting or just screwing around with a harrier. Even the mission variety is lacking. As Jouzy said, effectively you chase people and/or shoot them to death. And by skipping the cut scenes the second time around and knowing precisely what to do along with taxiing my way everywhere I got through half the game in about 5 hours and then quit. A lot of it was just dull. Some of the missions are fantastic though no doubt, and the game is quite nice looking. I just wish there was more to do. Guaranteed the DLC for the 360 or at least the next game (more likely of the two) will have or bring back most of the elements people miss.
  9. Vilge Duin


    I was constantly comparing GTA: SA to GTA IV while playing it. San Andreas just had so much fun shit to do, and a lot of stuff that wasn't even relevant to the game but still fun. GTA IV conversely had more stream lined, and quite frankly linear, feel to it that didn't jive well with the other ones. At least for me. I'm also pretty much done GTA IV whereas San Andreas I played for weeks on end doing this or that. A key part in any game that has repetition is the ability to proceed differently (thus making it "new") or allowing you to improve something (beat a boss quicker, reach a higher score, etc.). And a big factor is getting to what you want and enjoy as quickly and efficiently as possible. Take Super Mario Bros. for example. The game is as basic and simple as they come with the occasional wrinkle to switch it up a bit. But with the high score, the timer, power ups and even the warp pipes you can set your own goal or what you want to do. Play a couple levels, go warp to World 8 as quick as possible and beat the game, do the 1-up trick, go to minus world, etc. All in the basic framework of go from side to side, jumping on the occasional object/enemy and collecting coins, you have variety. You buy GTA to shoot people and drive cars. That's it's basic fundamental nature. Tossing out a random ballet mission where the mechanics don't fit at all with the game or anything else in it kills interest (thus why a lot of sandbox games fail when it comes to GTA, despite the variety Rockstar sticks to what works within their game). Meanwhile allowing you to snipe, blow up, run over and knifed to death a target for assassination gives you variety within that framework. Thus why for me GTA IV isn't as good as the others (or even other sandbox games in recent years). And as an aside, they really need to have a 'select mission' feature so I can go back and play certain missions whenever I damn well please. That's why I liked Hitman Blood Money over the other ones. You could proceed with each hit in a different way while Silent Assassin didn't quite have that (at least not to the same degree). For most of the hits there were literally half a dozen or more ways to take someone out. You're basically doing the exact same thing, but you can do it how you want. Which is where games succeed. Something like Assassin's Creed on the other hand was derided for it because despite a perceived forced notion you have variety at your finger tips, you don't. It literally is all the same.
  10. Not on PC. The PC version was fantastic for its time. And in some ways still holds up decently today. The console versions, not so much.
  11. Best PS3 exclusives that are online would be Warhawk, Unreal Tournament 3 and Resistance Fall of Man. And of course there's multi-platform stuff like Call of Duty 4 and such. Sports games, etc. And Grand Theft Auto IV obviously. I personally recommend Warhawk, but if you're looking to play with EWB people GTA IV has more active people than other games. But you should do yourself a favour and play Uncharted if you haven't. Class game.
  12. USB or Blue tooth head sets work, nothing else that I'm aware of.
  13. Holy fucking shit is this trailer beyond awesome. Just watched it for the third time straight. One month to go.
  14. Vilge Duin

    American TV

    Actually, no it's not. TBS Superstation (TBS, ie 'national feed') and Peachtree TV (WTBS, local Atlanta feed) air different programming, thus why people weren't amused up here when they split apart because legally we have to air the WTBS signal. Look no further than what they broadcast. Diff'rent Strokes, All In The Family, The Jeffersons, etc. compared to Yes, Dear, Home Improvement, Saved By The Bell, etc. They do share obvious similar shows (ie. stuff like Family Guy and Seinfeld) but aren't the same.
  15. I must say... That Gears of War 2 footage looks fucking wonderful. I wasn't that impressed with the first, but this thing... wow.
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