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  1. Attractiveness is a valid and meaningful attribute to wrestlers in my opinion. For example, straight female fans will evaluate male wrestlers on the same basis as any straight male will evaluate a females level of "hotness", attractiveness as the game calls it. Dolph Ziggler's "attractiveness" is a factor in his gimmick for an obvious example (though many will disagree about whether or not Ziggler is "hot"), even Randy Orton (disagree again) whose cheering sections are notably more high pitched than Daniel Bryan's (goatface) for example. I think that different looks work with different gimmicks, it could perhaps be combined with weight class in that regard; choosing from different look classifications much like different gimmicks, though obviously looks should be harder to change in game (forcing a guy to put on yokozuna weight, or to put on 50 pounds of muscle are a lot harder then putting on a different ring attire). I guess I'm just saying there is something to this attractiveness attribute...

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