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  1. Is the Lucha Underground temple in this? And if so, what is it called?
  2. I would try adding a few duos to announcer experience, I'm not sure how it works, but these all have experience together. Michael Cole / Jerry Lawler Michael Cole / John Layfield Jerry Lawler / John Layfield Michael Cole / Booker T Booker T / John Layfield Mike Tenay / Taz Josh Matthews / Taz Josh Matthews / Al Snow
  3. Thank you for the update! CHIKARA looks good, although a few things should be changed. -3.0 and The Batiri need to be Face. -Nøkken should have a mask. -Mike Quackenbush should be a Staff Member. I will edit if I find any more things.
  4. A few CHIKARA related things. -Chuck Taylor is in CHIKARA, I'm not sure what his alignment would be, but I would keep it heel for now. -F.I.S.T seems to be no more. -Amasis and Ophidian are face and teaming together once again. -The status of the CDP is unsure right now, so I would make it Vacant. -CHIKARA is very popular in the Midwest, they sold out an entire show in under three days. So I would make them popular there.
  5. Two new CHIKARA Logos. First batch of updated CHIKARA wrestlers.
  6. Hunico should be full time Sin Cara now, as Mistico is out of the company.
  7. Yeah, especially the first four, it makes it difficult to use them when you're playing as WWE. I'd remove them at this point, especially after all four appear frequently for WWE.
  8. Does anyone have the logo pack? The one with the light gray background?
  9. Without any knowledge of what you prefer such as Meacon123 said, only thing I can tell you is don't get The Orange Box for Xbox 360. Amazing games are in it, but it is generally preferred for PC considering not as many people play it on the 360.
  10. Can he talk like he's from India?
  11. He's in the game, just not in OVW. He's worker 1657 in the May update. I'll look at the stats and adjust accordingly, but he is in the game, just as a Free Agent. -Bill Oh he is? Awesome. I just looked at his stats, those honestly seem a lot better than what I went with except for the brawling, that should be higher. Keep everything but brawling the same and make his birthday august and his age 35 and it'll be perfect.
  12. I'm catching up with OVW and noticed that Lennox Lightfoot wasn't in the game, I'd really like to use him so I attempted to make stats for him. The Stats Also, not sure if it's been mentioned: -Add Jessie Belle Smothers and Mickie Knuckles to OVW as a tag team named "The STDs" with 7 Experience. -Add Ryan Howe to OVW as Diamond Steele with a Rock Star Gimmick
  13. I've been on a Marvel Cartoon kick the past couple days, decided to cut someone in a Carnage Costume.
  14. Anyone else have problems signing up to this Curse website? Edit: Nevermind, you apparently can only sign up on Internet Explorer. Wonderful.
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