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What truly was the best film of 1994?


Best Film of '94?  

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  1. 1. Best Film of '94?

    • The Shawshank Redemption
    • Pulp Fiction
    • Dumb and Dumber
    • Forrest Gump
    • The Lion King
    • Four Weddings and A Funeral
    • Speed
    • Hoop Dreams
    • True Lies
    • Other

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I found Dumb and Dumber to be kind of tacky. I acknowledge Speed, Forrest Gump and Four Weddings as being good, but not really good enough for me. I haven't seen Hoop Dreams or True Lies, so I'm left with Shawshank, Pulp Fiction, and Lion King - all of which are excellent films. However, I'm much more likely to just pick up and watch Shawshank than either of the other two. Therefore the Shawshank Redeption gets my vote.

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the first one came out in 1990. So I'm gonna assume the second one came out before 1994. I'm not even sure if the 3rd one was in theatres at all or not.....but it was completely garbage.

I remember it being in the theatres because I saw it. My cousin and I saw all three in the theatres together. We used to be huge Ninja Turtles fans.

As for the poll, I voted Pulp Fiction. The movie is a favorite of mine, but Shawnshank is also up there.

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I like GYS' list. I'd put True Lies over Shawshank. True Lies is probably one of the more intelligent action flicks I have seen.

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Guest homerjfry

Pulp Fiction: It was a great flick and has redefined movie making ever since. A feat that hadn't been done for a while.

Shawshank was very good, but seemed too easy to make a good film out of it. You have Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman delivering amazing performances with a very vicious and touching plot. Same with Gump. Tom Hanks playing a retard=guranteed Oscar.

Pulp Fiction was a much more difficult movie to make, and even envision, but Tarantino did it, and did it perfectly.

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