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Anyone up for a good ghost hunt this Halloween?  Early access game on steam, its about $15.  It's a bit janky but its still a fun time with friends, and who doesn't love verbally harassing ghosts?



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Saw this on my YouTube feed, and watched Markiplier's runs through it. The damn game gave me dreams last night, though thanks to the confines of my brain and not a game, once I got ghost activity I promptly went out to the van for a PKE Meter and Proton Pack :shifty: . 

What? I ain't afraid of no ghosts.


(hold me)




Though I did get this. IDK, I'm having some kind of mic issue, where I'm not sure if I can actually talk to these bastards or not. Still trying the training level out. 

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So, couple hunt recaps. 


First one, team had 3 out of 4 on voice chat. Managed to make it out alive, though the other two on voice chat weren't quite so lucky. Always fun to see the ghost make a beeline towards a team mate and then watch them drop. 


Second one was a demon :( . I had walked into the house, then the lights start flickering right in the foyer 😐 . Ghost comes charging for me. Knowing I'm boned, I muster up the only line I can say until it gets me: 


Being a ghost sucks :shifty: . 


Third one. No voice chat, two people. I think he heard me because once we had all three pieces of evidence and I announced it was a Poltergeist, he noped the fuck out in the van. Ghosts can cause car alarms to go off, but we made it out okay. 


This is not a good game for anxiety :shifty: . 


*Loads new game*

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