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Mark Hoppus is Battling Cancer

Szumi - A Polack

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Cannot describe how absolutely bummed I am about this. Thankfully the post seems somewhat positive about the potential for recovery, but it's never ever something you want to hear.

Mark Hoppus is my absolute favourite musician, it's not even a competition. Without him and blink-182 my musical taste would not be what it is. They were the transitional band for me to finding genres outside of bubblegum pop, and they have remained my favourite band since. For wrestling reference, they are a lot like Rey Mysterio or Shawn Michaels, they influenced a lot of people like me, and created a lot of imitators, but never duplicated.

Mark himself became a particular favourite though after blink split up (the first time). He started a podcast I loved, and I grew to enjoy his personality, he was warm, charming, funny, and caring. He went on to embrace his position as the dad of the pop-punk genre and I love finding out he has had his fingers on something new in guest spots or as a producer.

His work outside of blink has been great too, +44 was the first rock concert I went to (S Club 7 beats them to being the first concert, I'm so cool) and remains in regular rotation in my music. That album is a seminal part of my life, it's the album I listened to when I started to feel like my own person. It made me feel less alone in darkness, and accentuated the light.

More recently Simple Creatures has brought a lot of happiness to my life, and last year they and blink were both among my most played artists.

I honestly can't describe what Mark Hoppus means to me. To some blink might just be a pop band that want to be punk, or "that band with the whiny Tom" or whatever, but to me Mark Hoppus and blink are the soundtrack to my life. The lyrics, the instrumental hooks, the melancholic sadness, the joyful impishness, the basic instinct to make you dance and move. Just everything.

So yeah, he'll never read this, but I have been stuck thinking about this all morning and needed to get it out.

There's nobody like Mark Hoppus, he's the fucking best.

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He looks like Billy Corgan

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