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looking for a mod

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9 hours ago, jonny_what said:

Is there a mod where every wrestler is in there prime?

Wanted to start a fantasy game where I can have the likes of Vader vs big E and the American wolves vs the eliminators and Austin vs ambrose etc etc

Is this for TEW or EWR?

If it's TEW then War of the Immortals is your best option.


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I have started work on a EWR mod that takes place in the later 90's around the Monday Night War era, with modern promotions like AEW and the NJPW current-ish roster. It has been a headache, though because I cannot find the resources I need. Here is sorta where I was going:

WWF Attitude Era
WCW late 90's
ECW late 90's
ROH around 2004 or 2005
TNA around 2006 through 2010, or whichever is the best time period
AEW current roster
NJPW current roster with legendary stars
AJPW 90's stuff
NOAH not sure
CMLL just basically an all legends roster 
AAA same as CMLL because I know very little about them
Stampede or ECCW because I need a Canadian promotion

So I went looking for information on stars because I wanted to start from scratch and I quickly realized what a task this was going to be. Would love it if someone else had already started a similar mod where today's stars were all in the attitude era, and ROH existed in its 2004-2005 time period.

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