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Maple Story - The Best MMORPG Ever


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Yes that's right, I have discovered a game that is 1/2 Super Mario Bros. 1/2 RO. And It's all online and FREE!!

It's called Maple Story, check it out at mapleglobal.com.

It is one of the best online games I have played in a while. If you play (or are going to play) just leave your character name here. (Mine is Generico)

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Guest Future Shock

I just turned level 12, and I'm a mage!


However, I don't see the point of making multiple characters until you finish the game.

Partying is worthless too. Just bring your sword and do the UBER WHACK!

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Guest Future Shock

Yea, their server is iffy, which is teh piss. But I got it within like an hour and a half, so I don't care.

I'd tell you my name, but I don't want to associate with ANY of you whatsoever. :-p

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