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RAW vs. SmackDown!


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Live at the Staples Centre, LA, Sunday 16th May 2004

Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam defeat the Dudley Boyz

The Dudleyz were defeated by the make-shift team of Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam when they each hit a Dudley with the 619, and RVD followed it up with a Five Star Frog Splash to D-Von to pick up the win.

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Before the next match, Kurt Angle came out and informed Torrie that if she were to lose, she would be fired!

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Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie

In a close fought match, Torrie managed to pick up the victory with a backslide, allowing Torrie to keep her job with SmackDown!

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Mordecai defeated Scotty 2 Hotty

Mordecai was hyped and hyped, and he certainly didn't fail to impress as he entered the ring and went on to squash the former Tag Team champion, and picked up with win after hitting a modified Razor's Edge, dubbed the Crucifix.

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--WWE Tag Team championship--

Rico and Charlie Haas retained against Billy gunn and Hardcore Holly

Rico did his usual antics in this match, really getting under the skins of Holly and Gunn in the process. Haas scored the pinfall after a superkick from Rico to Hardcore Holly allowed him to make the pin.

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--WWE Cruiserweight championship

Chavo Guerrero defeated Jacqueline to become the new champion

Chavo had one hand tied behind his back, but with the help of Chavo Classic untying him, he was able to hit a Gory Bomb for the victory.

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--WWE United States championship--

John Cena retained against Rene Dupree

Cena successfully defended his US title against the 'French Phenom', and scored the victory after he delivered the FU.

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The Undertaker defeated Booker T

Mama Shangrie's voodoo powers seemed to have no effect on the outcome of this match. Although Booker has been carrying around that bag full of different items, and claims it will help him defeat the Deadman, Undertaker took the pinfall victory after a Tombstone Piledriver.

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--WWE Championship

John "Bradshaw" Layfield defeated Eddie Guerrero via DQ, Eddie retains the title

JBL guaranteed victory before the match, and proved to be a man of his word, although the victory wasn't quite what he expected. Weeks of animosity between these two men came to a head, and Eddie Guerrero paid the price by bleeding all over the ring. There was blood everywhere, but Bradshaw bled as well. Eddie's emotions got the better of him, as he laid out John "Bradshaw" Layfield with the title belt, causing a disqualification. Eddie wasn't finished, and beat down JBL before giving him the Frog Splash.

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Coming off of Judgment Day, a huge task awaits the writers. Many have called SmackDown the weeker show; some have called it inferior, and many have claimed that WWE officials don't care about it at all.

The fact that some of the storylines make little or no sense, or have been redone could be a big indication of this.

Is Judgment Day the turning point for SmackDown? Or will the next SmackDown be another in a long line of disappointments for the fans?

A side-note about the backstory. I don't like doing backstories, and neither me nor IAceI saw any need for one. So I just posted the Judgment Day report with a little paragraph.

SmackDown roster up next.

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WWE Heavyweight champion - Eddie Guerrero (since February 15th 2004)

WWE United States champion - John Cena (since March 14th 2004)

WWE Cruiserweight champion - Chavo Guerrero (since May 16th 2004)

WWE Tag Team champions - Rico and Charlie Haas (since April 20th 2004)

Faces in Blue, Heels in Red, Tweeners in Green

Main Eventers

Eddie Guerrero

The Undertaker - Appears sporadically

Upper Midcarders

Big Show - Out 1-2 months due to knee surgery

Booker T

John "Bradshaw" Layfield

John Cena

Rob Van Dam


Billy Gunn

Billy Kidman

Bubba Ray Dudley

Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero

D-Von Dudley

Hardcore Holly

Matt Morgan


Rene Dupree

Rey Mysterio



Ultimo Dragon - Out for 1 month, leave of absence

Lower Midcarders

Danny Basham

Doug Basham



Jamie Noble

Johnny Stamboli

Mark Jindrak


Orlando Jordan

Scotty 2 Hotty

Shannon Moore

Spike Dudley



Paul London



Chavo Classic - Chavo Guerrero

Dawn Marie - None

Miss Jackie - Rico and Charlie Haas

Paul Bearer - The Undertaker

Paul Heyman - Dudley Boyz

Sable - None

Theodore Long - Mark Jindrak

Torrie Wilson - None

Tag Teams

Basham Brothers - Doug and Danny Basham

Dudley Boyz - Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley

FBI - Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli

Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn

Kyo Dai - Akio and Sakoda

Rico and Charlie Haas

Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

Too Cool - Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty

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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit

WWE Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton

WWE Woman’s Champion Victoria

WWE World Tag Team Champions Chris Benoit & Edge

Faces in Blue , Heels in Red , Tweeners in Green

Main Eventers

Chris Benoit Current WWE World Heavyweight & One Half of the Current Tag Team Champions

Shawn Michaels

The Rock Appears Sporadically

Triple H

Upper Midcarders

Chris Jericho

Edge One Half of the Current Tag Team Champions



Randy Orton Current WWE Intercontinental Champions

Scott Steiner


Eugene Dinsmore


Shelton Benjamin

The Hurricane

Val Venis

Al Snow



Gail Kim


Matt Hardy

Molly Holly




Tyson Tomko

Lower Midcarders


John Heidenreich



Victoria Current WWE Woman’s Champion

Steve Richards

Christopher Nowinski

Chuck Palumbo

Garrison Cade

Mark Henry

Rob Conway

Rodney Mack

Sylvan Grenier


Johnny Nitro

Non Wrestlers

Jerry Lawler

Lance Storm

Tommy Dreamer

Eric Bischoff



Stacy Keibler

Jonathon Coachman

Trish Stratus

William Regal

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SmackDown! preview for Thursday 20th May 2004

Coming off the huge Judgment Day PPV this past Sunday, SmackDown has a lot of unanswered questions.

First; can Eddie Guerrero actually defeat John "Bradshaw" Layfield? Afterall, the match ended in a disqualification after Eddie blasted JBL in the head with his WWE championship. Eddie Guerrero needed 16 stitches to close the gash in his head, so he will probably be out for revenge, and having said that, JBL may well be out for some revenge of his own, seen as his title shot was cut short.

Second question; why did Kurt Angle add a stipulation to the Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie match at Judgment Day? He said that if Torrie were to lose, she'd be fired from SmackDown. Thankfully, Torrie picked up the win, but Angle gave no explaination for his actions.

Thirdly; what is next for Mordecai? He debuted at Judgment Day in spectacular fashion by destroying Scotty 2 Hotty. Scotty's tag partner Rikishi is said to not be very pleased about how it happened, and is expected to be at SmackDown this Thursday to confront Mordecai.

Also, hot off their succesful title defence, the WWE Tag Team champions Rico and Charlie Haas will take on the dangerous Japanese duo of Akio and Sakoda in a non-title match. Kyo Dai have been left in limbo since Tajiri joined RAW as part of the roster shake-up the week after WrestleMania XX, and will be looking to put themselves on the wrestling map again by defeating the Tag Team champions.

Chavo Guerrero won his coveted Crusierweight title back Sunday night, and is set to defend it on SmackDown against Jacqueline...and his father Chavo Classic in a triple-threat! This has 'double-team' written all over it, but Jacqueline accepted this match and is willing to take part! Can she cause yet ANOTHER huge upset by winning the Cruiserweight title for a second time?

All these questions will hopefully be answered on SmackDown, tune in to find out!

SmackDown should be up in a bit...

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20th May 2004

Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Cole: Hello everyone and welcome to SmackDown! Tonight will be the fallout from one of the greatest PPV’s I can recall seeing. I’m alongside Tazz as usual, and Tazz, what did you think about Sunday night’s Judgment Day?

Tazz: Ah man it was one hell of a show! No doubt man, no doubt. The main event gave me nightmares. I couldn’t even sleep after it! I kept seeing Eddie Guerrero’s bloody face.

Cole: I know what you mean partner. Tonight we have a triple-threat match for the Cruiserweight title; it will be Chavo Guerrero defending the title against the woman who was screwed out of the title at Judgment Day; Jacqueline, and get this, the third person will be Chavo’s father, Chavo Guerrero Sr.! How is that fair?

Tazz: Hey hey hey Cole, it’s Chavo Classic! You gotta show respect to the man!

Cole: It’s essentially 2-on-one though! In any event, we’ve also got the WWE Tag Team champions Rico and Charlie Haas facing Akio and Sakoda in a non-title match.

Tazz: The extremely strange duo of Haas and Rico beat the seasoned veterans Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn last night, so I think they’ve proved that although they don’t…how should I put this…get along, they are a great tag team.

Cole: Well last night Eddie Guerrero was busted open at the hands of John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and the WWE champion required 16 stitches to close the gapping wound on his forehead. Eddie left blood all over Los Angeles, and is not expected to be here…wait a minute! It’s Eddie!

Eddie came out to a huge ovation, and hand a bandage covering his forehead. Eddie was walking out for once, and was certainly not in a good mood.

Eddie: Hold up everyone. I’m out here tonight, because I am challenging John “Bradshaw” Layfield to a rematch tonight! You know, at Judgment Day, I bled. He bled. Hell, I bled a hell of a lot, but I never gave up. I had to have 16 stitches in my forehead to close the canyon in my forehead! But you know what? I kept on going holmes! I never stopped, I gave everything I had that night, but you know something; I didn’t give everything that I had. I mean, Sunday night I thought I was so focused man. I thought I knew what I was doing, but no man, no I didn’t. I was driven by rage, I was driven by hatred, I was driven by my Latino Heat! But I was driving. Oh no, I wasn’t in control, and that was why I nearly lost my WWE championship. I didn’t, but I damn sure could have. The rage took over inside me, and I picked up that WWE title and smashed John “Bradshaw” Layfield in the head with it! I got disqualified…but I wasn’t finished! I wanted him to suffer the same amount of pain that I and me entire familia suffered when he…when he touched my mother holmes! He could’ve killed her, and that thought made me want to kill him in return! So tonight JBL…I want you in this ring! Get out here now and give me my answer!

Cole: Eddie, I’m not sure if this is such a good idea! You’re nowhere near 100%.

Tazz: You got that right Cole; I don’t think he would stand a chance against Bradshaw if he faced him tonight.

Cole: Well I guess Eddie is going to get his answer; here comes John “Bradshaw” Layfield!

JBL made his way out onto the entrance ramp, decked out in his suit and cowboy hat, and was greeted by a chorus of boos from the crowd.

JBL: Ok Eddie, I’ll give you one thing; you would have lost the WWE title to me if you didn’t have to cheat and hit me in the face with it! See, that’s what people like you do. They cheat. Whether it’s cheating the system for benefits, cheating the system to get into our great country, or just plain old cheating to win, that’s what you do. But then there are people like me, people who fight to keep this great country the way it is. So Eddie, I accept your challenge! And I would like to announce to each and every one of you poor people in this arena, that after tonight, you shall be looking at the new WWE champion! Thank you!


Cole: Oh no, Eddie Guerrero is in big trouble tonight…oh my; what now?

Tazz: That’s our General Manager, Kurt Angle!

Kurt Angle was wheeled out onto the stage by Luther, and then shook hands with John “Bradshaw” Layfield.

Angle: What the hell are you doing here tonight Eddie? Huh? I gave you the night off! I know what you might do tonight, and I know that you have not been medically cleared to be here tonight. So what I am saying is, there will be no rematch for the WWE championship tonight.

Crowd starts to boo Angle, as both Eddie Guerrero and JBL look shocked at Angle’s announcement.

Angle: But hold on a minute. Mr. Layfield, I know what you went through last night. I saw Eddie Guerrero cheat his way out of the match in which you, someone America can be proud of; you should’ve won the title. So I am giving you your rematch, but not tonight. Your rematch will take place at the next SmackDown-exclusive PPV, which is next month! Now this is the official announcement, as next month, June 13th, the Great American Bash! Now I think that is a fitting name for a PPV where a true American hero will challenge for the title. Now, as for you Eddie, I would like you to leave this ring, and leave this arena right now, as you have the night off!

Eddie: No way holmes! I am not leaving this ring until I get my hands on that piece of ****!

Angle: Don’t you dare swear on my show Eddie! Don’t you dare! Now, you can refuse my offer of a night off that is up to you. But if you DO refuse it, I will suspend you indefinitely, and strip you of you WWE championship and award it to Mr. Layfield! Now, what is your answer?

Eddie: …fine Angle you win tonight. I’m a champion of the people, and I can guarantee that not one of these fans wants to see that walking pile of dog crap with this title! So, I will leave, but mark my words, next week Bradshaw; next week you’re mine!

Eddie Guerrero dropped his microphone and walked down the side of the rampway and to the back, as Luther wheeled Kurt Angle to the back.


Commercial Break

Charlie Haas and Rico w/ Miss Jackie vs. Akio and Sakoda

Akio and Sakoda came out to a near-silent reaction, but Haas, Rico and Miss Jackie got a good pop upon their entrance. Rico and Haas are beginning to work very well as a team, but that may be because when Haas is in there, he seems to forget about Rico’s ‘antics’. Rico and Akio locked up, but Rico put an ended to that by going behind him and grabbing his behind! Akio looked terrified, and ran to the ropes and came back with a spinning kick to the face. Akio and Sakado isolated Rico for a time, but Rico managed to block a superplex from Sakado by groping his groin! Rico came off the top rope with a martial arts kick. Rico got the hot tag to Haas who cleaned house, and soon locked Sakoda in the Haas of Pain, leaving Sakoda no choice but to submit to the painful hold!

Winners: Charlie Haas and Rico




Miss Jackie jumped into the ring and hugged Haas who certainly enjoyed it! Rico then got in on it and literally jumped into Charlie Haas’ arms! Charlie looked horrified, but couldn’t really do anything about it.

Cole: Charlie Haas looks absolutely petrified out there with Rico in his arms!

Tazz: Can you blame him? Rico has tried to kiss him before you know!

Cole: He didn’t just try, he did kiss him! But did you see how happy Haas was when Miss Jackie hugged him?

Tazz: Well, duh! Look at her Cole! I know you don’t really swing that way, but she’s hot!

Cole: Well, whatever Tazz. We’re going backstage now, where Booker T is with Funaki!

Tazz: Oh this should be fun…

Funaki: This is, Funaki, SmackDown, numbah one, announcer! I’m here with Booka T. Booka, Sunday night you lost to the Undertaker, even with the help of, Mama Shangrie, what do you have to say?

Booker: What do I say? Huh Funaki? You’re asking me what I have to say about Judgment Day? Well I’m going to say right now, that Mama Shangrie was a total hoax! Yeah, you heard me. I did a little research, and man, I found out that she’s been pulling this crap on people for years. On innocent people like me! I spent $1000 on her! Man, I’m done with this voodoo crap. Undertaker, I’m gonna take you down once and for all. I was speaking with Kurt Angle earlier tonight, and he’s granted a match. Me versus you at the Great American Bash next month! That’s right Dead Man, you and me once again! You better get your dead ass ready, coz I’m coming for it!


Commercial Break

Booker T vs. Billy Kidman

Kidman made his way out first to a pretty good response, and was then followed out by Booker T who was still carrying that bag. But it soon all became clear, as he opened the bag and threw all the mud and things into the crowd before running into the ring. Booker went to work on Kidman, and laid a beating on the former Cruiserweight champion. Kidman fought out of the Book End by elbowing Booker in the mouth, and slowly attempted to mount a comeback. But Booker cut him off, and delivered the Axe Kick to end the match.

Winner: Booker T




Booker left the ring, but then turned around and returned to deliver the Book End to a helpless Billy Kidman. Booker then went to leave a second time, but decided against it and set Kidman up for a second Book End…but was cut off when the lights went out, and the Undertaker’s music began! The music stopped, and the lights soon came back on, and Booker looked scared. He dropped Billy Kidman, and quickly headed to the back.

Cole: Woah, the Undertaker just send a message to Booker T; don’t mess with the big dog!

Tazz: No doubt. But if Mama Shangrie can’t help Booker, who can?

Cole: Oh I don’t know, maybe Booker T could try and beat him fair and square in a match?

Tazz: Why would he want to do that?

Cole: …well, here comes Rikishi. At Judgment Day, Rikishi’s tag team partner Scotty 2 Hotty was decimated by the debuting Mordecai. That guy is creepy. Totally decked out in white, white hair, white beard, he creeps me out.

Rikishi: I’m out here to challenge that Mordecai guy to a match. At Judgment Day, he injured my friend, Scotty 2 Hotty. He took it to far, and now I’m going to pay Mordecai back. So get out here newcomer, and let a veteran show you how it’s done.

Rikishi threw down his mic, as the lights went out and Mordecai made his entrance, a very impressive entrance at that.


Mordecai vs. Rikishi

Mordecai just stood nose to nose with the big Samoan Rikishi. Mordecai had no expression his face, as Rikishi talked trash to him. Rikishi struck first and tried to take Mordecai down, but he soon fell victim to Mordecai’s stiff punches. Cole made a comment about how Mordecai doesn’t seem to feel pain, and whoever does beat him, it would be a huge accomplishment. Mordecai had a bit more trouble with Rikishi than he did with Scotty, but he still dominated. Rikishi delivered a superkick to him, but he just stepped back a bit! Rikishi aimed another kick, but Mordecai grabbed his leg, spun him around and set him up for a powerbomb! He wowed the crowds with great strength, and hit a modified Razor’s Edge that Michael Cole called the Crucifix! Mordecai made the academic pin, and scored the win over Rikishi.

Winner: Mordecai




Commercial Break

Cole: Welcome back everyone, we just saw Rikishi try to get some retribution on Mordecai for injuring his friend Scotty 2 Hotty, but Mordecai destroyed him in the end.

Tazz: This Mordecai guy is frighteningly powerful. Rikishi is about 400lbs, and he lifted him up with ease!

Cole: I’ve just been told that next week on SmackDown, it’ll be Rene Dupree teaming up with Dawn Marie to take on the WWE US champion John Cena and Torrie Wilson. What a match that could be!

Tazz: No doubt Cole, no doubt. But our General Manager hasn’t explained why he made Torrie’s match at Judgment Day into what he did?

Cole: He said that if Torrie lost she’d be fired. I don’t know Tazz, but hopefully we’ll get some answers next week. Right now it’s time for the Cruiserweight title match. Chavo Guerrero regained his title when he cheated to beat Jacqueline for it at Judgment Day. So tonight, it’s going to be a triple-threat between Chavo Guerrero, Jacqueline…and Chavo Guerrero Sr.!

--WWE Cruiserweight title--

Jacqueline vs. Chavo Classic vs. Chavo Guerrero ©

Jacqueline was the out first to little reaction, and then Chavo and Chavo came out together to a chorus of boos. Both Chavo’s double-teamed Jacqueline, and made quick work of the former Women’s and Cruiserweight champion by hitting a double brainbuster, allowing Chavo Guerrero to make the pin.

Winner and still Cruiserweight champion: Chavo Guerrero




Both Chavo’s then kicked Jacqueline out of the ring, as the Cruiserweight champion picked up a microphone.

Chavo: I’ve had enough of you Jacky! I want you out of this ring. Go back to RAW, you’re not wanted here! I’m laying out an open challenge for next week on SmackDown. Any Cruiserweight, all you have to do is turn up. I’ll be in the ring, and all you have to do is come out. No women. Women don’t belong in the ring! They should just be there for eye candy. So, have I made myself clear? I think I’ve made myself clear haven’t I dad? Good. Next week then it begins; Chavo…vs. the world!


Tazz: See Cole? I told you Jacqueline was a fluke, and that she didn’t have a real chance against Chavo Guerrero.

Cole: I don’t see how that was fair Tazz. She was doublet-teamed from the get go!

Tazz: Well, if you want to complain about it, complain to our General Manager Kurt Angle! Not me! Anyway, as Chavo said, Jacqueline has no place in the ring with a guy like Chavo. She could get hurt easily.

Cole: How can you condone what the Chavo’s did to her just now? And I can’t believe what you said! Equal opportunity Tazz; the WWE women have shown time and time again that they can compete with the men.

Tazz: Don’t get your knickers in a twist Cole! It was a match; a match which Jacky agreed to! You’ve gotta believe she understood the risks going into the match, so she has nobody to blame but herself!

Cole: Well, I don’t agree with you Tazz one bit, but we can’t bicker like this, as Josh Matthews is standing by with Paul Heyman and the Dudley Boyz.

Matthews: Thank you guys. Mr. Heyman, I was wondering, as are many of the SmackDown fans as to what your relationship with the Dudley Boyz is?

Heyman: Well Josh, my ‘relationship’ with the Dudley Boyz is that we respect one another. You see, while they were over on ‘RAW is Snore’, they weren’t treated like they should be. They were shackled by Eric Bischoff into being watered down versions of themselves. Tell me Josh; when was the last time you can remember seeing Bubba Ray and D-Von putting somebody through a table?

Matthews: Well I…

Heyman: Exactly, you can’t. But I’ve taken them back under my wing. Under the guidance of Paul Heyman, the Dudley Boyz will return to former glory. They will be the vicious sons of bitches that they once were! Oh and Josh, I can guarantee that this show will not go off the air before somebody eats wood!


Cole: That sounded an awful lot like a threat Tazz.

Tazz: Um…unfortunately I have to agree with you. Either RVD or Rey Rey will eat some wood tonight! I just hope it isn’t our table…

Cole: Me too partner. Anyway, here comes the Dudley Boyz accompanied by Paul Heyman! They look as focused as ever and…wait a minute; Paul Heyman is coming to join us on commentary!

Tazz: Hi there Paul! Wassup man? What you doing here?

Heyman: I’m good Tazz, I’m out here to see the Dudleyz and JBL destroy that ungrateful waste of space Rob Van Dam and that little mosquito Rey Mysterio!

Cole: Paul…

Heyman: Ahem, it’s Mr. Heyman to you Michael Cole.

Cole: …Mr. Heyman, you said that someone would taste wood tonight; do they Dudleyz have a target? Or could it be anyone?

Heyman: Well Michael, you’ll just have to wait and see won’t you?

Commercial Break

John “Bradshaw” Layfield and the Dudley Boyz w/ Paul Heyman vs. Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

SmackDown returns to see the match in progress, as D-Von is in the ring with Rey Mysterio. D-Von is laying into Mysterio with rights and lefts, and takes him into the corner, before laying him out with a clothesline. D-Von makes the tag to his ‘brother’ Bubba, who continues right where he left off. Bubba was vicious enough that even Michael Cole had to agree that the Dudleyz seemed to be reverting to their ECW roots. Bubba whipped Rey to the ropes, but Rey flew over Bubba, hit the far rope and nailed Bubba Ray in the back of the head with a dropkick! Both men were down, and the referee reached a count of 8 before both men got to their feet and exchanged blows that eventually saw Rey laying him out with a enziguri and tagging in RVD! RVD cleaned house, laying out both Dudleyz with clotheslines, and taking down JBL with a kick to the jaw. Van Dam then delivered Rolling Thunder to D-Von Dudley before Bubba threw him outside and tagged in Bradshaw. The big hoss entered the ring, but was met by Rey Mysterio coming off the top rope with a cross body! Rey got a near fall, and then tried to hit hard and fast on JBL, but eventually his speed failed against JBL’s strength when he tasted Bradshaw’s $1000 leather boots in his mouth! Bradshaw signalled for the Stock Market Crash (Fallaway Slam). He went to nail the move, but Mysterio wriggled out of the back and ran to the ropes…but Bradshaw laid him out with the Clothesline from Hell!! JBL covered Mysterio, but pulled back the trousers as well…1…2…3! JBL steals another one!

Winners: John “Bradshaw” Layfield and the Dudley Boyz




JBL wasn’t finished, but as he went to pick up Mysterio’s broken body, Van Dam came off the top rope with a martial arts kick! Van Dam then went to the top and signalled for the Five Star Frog Splash, but the Dudley Boyz appeared in the ring and shoved RVD to the outside!

Cole: Oh my god! Van Dam’s face just bounced off the guardrail! What is D-Von doing? Oh no…

Heyman: Tables! I told you Cole; someone will taste the wood before SmackDown goes off the air!

Cole: My god…they’ve put Mysterio on the table, and have RVD…

Heyman: 3D!!! The Dudley Death Drop! RVD…through Rey Mysterio…to the mat! Oh this is brilliant.

Tazz: Well if there was ever any doubt before, there is none now; the Dudley Boyz are back to their best!

SmackDown went off the air with the Dudley Boyz starring a hole right through the broken bodies of Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam, as John “Bradshaw” Layfield just stands there laughing.

Overall Rating: 73%

TV Rating: 6.23

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Hate to be picky but ......

Matt Hardy



Are all faces at the current moment in time as far as im aware!!

Blame TMM, he was supposed to have editted the data :P

Good show Monkey, just to let you know i won't be doing the Raw that happened after Judgement Day, i'm doing my own.

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Blame TMM, he was supposed to have editted the data :P

Good show Monkey, just to let you know i won't be doing the Raw that happened after Judgement Day, i'm doing my own.

Oops...my bad. I knew I'd forget something. I spent ages going through it to make sure everything was alright and sorted out, but I forget Matt, Rhyno and Tajiri. Typical...Just use the editor to fix the alignments. I hardly doubt anyone would mind would they?

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You can't use the editor to change alignments

Anyway, great show, wonder who the cruiserweight will be? Maybe Hardy?

He meant Arsenic, or you could swap the save game folder to data and data to the save game folder use the editor and then put the folders back.

They both work.

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Saturday 22nd May 2004

Announcers: Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott

Matthews: Hey everyone! Velocity is just about to get underway, and we haven’t even introduced ourselves! I’m Josh Matthews and my big announce partner is Bill DeMott. Come on Bill that was a good intro!

DeMott: ‘Big’ announce partner? You saying I’m fat man?

Matthews: Of course not Bill! We’ve got a big main event lined up tonight, and that is the veteran duo of Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn teaming up against the most dangerous team, quite possibly in WWE history, the Dudley Boyz!

DeMott: The Dudleyz, coming off a big defeat at Judgment Day went on to SmackDown and took part in that assault that was the main event.

Matthews: But that’s later, right now we have Paul London taking on a young man by the name of Joey Ryan.

Paul London vs. Joey Ryan

London started off quickly after a lock-up, and took Ryan down with a backdrop. Ryan recovered, but London put him back down onto the mat after a high dropkick. London dominated for much of the match, but Ryan did have a moment or two where he dominated. He even scored a near fall after a moonsault, but London kicked out after two. London then took control, and after a blockbuster suplex, scored the pin.

Winner: Paul London




Matthews: Big win there for Paul London. Joey Ryan was quite impressive don’t you think?

DeMott: He did good Josh in this, his shot at the big time. Appearing on Velocity; doesn’t get any better than that now does it?

Matthews: No way Bill, when you appear on Velocity; you know that there’s no higher place in wrestling!

Commercial Break

A video aired for a tall Japanese man with long black hair. It showed him taking people out with body tackles and clotheslines and also showed him doing shadow martial arts. The video then faded to black with the words: “Coming Soon” at the end.


Matthews: Well, whoever that guy is, he looks big and dangerous! I wonder who he is?

DeMott: Big, strong and dangerous from what I’m told. I don’t have a name, but I’ve been told when he arrives, he’ll run roughshod through the SmackDown roster!

Matthews: Where do you get your information from Bill?

DeMott: I get it from the guys and girls in makeup. Their information has yet to fail me.

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak w/ Theodore Long vs. Shannon Moore

The man “with the face of a god and the body of Adonis” was all over Shannon Moore from the get go. Moore was barely able to mount any sort of offence at all, and even when he did, Jindrak seemed to barely feel it. Moore connected with a dropkick, knocking Jindrak to his knees momentarily, but as soon as Moore tried to capitalise on it, Jindrak took him out with a big clothesline. Jindrak called for it, and hit the Mark of Perfection and picked up the victory.

Winner: Mark Jindrak




Theodore Long jumped into the ring and raised Jindrak’s hand, and kept saying ‘belee dat’.

Commercial Break

A video played to hype the upcoming mixed-tag team match on SmackDown that will pit Rene Dupree and Dawn Marie against John Cena and Torrie Wilson. It showed highlights of the Judgment Day clash between Dupree and Cena for the United States title. It also showed Dupree interviewing Torrie on his interview segment, Café de Rene, and then shows Dupree powerbombing Cena through the announce table to the concrete floor. Amongst this, it shows Torrie defeating Dawn Marie at Judgment Day after Angle stating she’d be fired if she was to lose.


Matthews: The stakes are high this coming Thursday as the United States champion John Cena and Torrie Wilson face ‘the French Phenom’ Rene Dupree and Dawn Marie. Bill, this feud between Cena and Dupree is getting worse as the weeks go on, how do you see this ending?

DeMott: Well Josh; in my opinion it’s only a matter of time before Rene Dupree takes the US title from John Cena. Dupree has built up a lot of momentum since joining SmackDown from RAW, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him wearing gold any time soon.

Matthews: Could very well happen. Someone else who is desperate to get his hands on some gold is John “Bradshaw” Layfield. He faced Eddie Guerrero at Judgment Day, and what happened that night was a total and utter blood bath, take a look.

Clips of the Judgment Day main event match between Eddie Guerrero and John “Bradshaw” Layfield were shown. It showed Eddie bleeding buckets after JBL’s chairshot, and showed Eddie getting himself disqualified after using the WWE championship belt to hit Bradshaw in the face. The video package closed out after showing the bloodstained ring.


The Dudley Boyz vs. Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn

The men who challenged for the Tag Team titles at Judgment Day were the strong fan favourites and came out fighting. The veteran team of Bubba and D-Von had a lot of momentum coming into this match after destroying Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio on SmackDown, and started off strongly against the veteran duo. Holly and Gunn delivered stereo-dropkicks to Bubba and D-Von, and really got the crowd going from that point. Billy hit the One and Only on D-Von, but the cover only managed a two. He tagged out to Hardcore Holly, but Bubba came from behind with a forearm shot to the back off the head, distracting the referee and allowing D-Von to low-blow Hardcore. He then managed to tag in Bubba, and with Billy pleading his case to the referee the Dudleyz hit the wassupp! The Dudleyz then dominated, making quick regular tags and keeping Hardcore Holly isolated. But as soon as D-Von whipped Hardcore to the ropes, Hardcore pulled out one last dropkick from deep down. With both men down, Bubba and Billy Gunn were desperate to get into the ring. Both men got the tag, and Billy cleaned house on both the Dudleyz! Billy signalled for the Fame Asser on Bubba…but came off the ropes right into a 3D! Hardcore was in a heap on the outside, and was unable to stop Bubba from making the 1…2…3!

Winners: the Dudley Boyz




The referee went to raise the Dudleyz hands, but they refused, went outside and brought in a table! They lay Billy Gunn on one table…and hit the 3D on Hardcore through it! Much like SmackDown, the Dudleyz stood victorious over the fallen opponents as Velocity went off the air.

Overall Rating: 59%

TV Rating: 4.45

Just a little note, Velocity will always be much shorter than SmackDown for the simple reason that it's the B-show. If anything relating to storylines etc happens, it'll be longer than the rest.

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Sunday Night Heat

23rd May 2004

Our hosts for the night are Jonathon Coachman and Al Snow

Chuck Palumbo d. Rob Conway w/ Sylvan Grenier

Chuck Palumbo has certainly changed since coming over to the Raw brand, and in a good way too. He came out with black tights on and very focussed look on his face, his opponent Rob Conway though wasn’t going to lie down for him though and gave him a fight. Conway used some technical holds for the better part of the match but Chuck soon gained the crowds affection and sent Conway down to the mat with a boot to the chest. Conway returned to his feet and this time received two right fists followed by a discus punch, Conway took much longer to regain his composure and get to his feet, and even when he did he walked straight into a sit out powerbomb and was pinned for the win. The crowd cheered this new Chuck Palumbo who seemed all business now but Chuck didn’t go off celebrating with the fans, he just walked back up the ramp as if he hadn’t done anything.

(53/38/68/Chuck Palumbo debuted his new gimmick, it got a positive response. Rob Conway is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.)

Pick On Someone Your Own Size

Backstage we see a young, coloured, wrestler backstage identified as Hydro preparing for a one on one match tonight, that’s when his opponent and the much larger Tyson Tomko comes up to him, Hydro turns and looks at Tomko who stares up and down at Hydro but always looking down at him. Tomko smiles a little before grunting and turning away and leaving, leaving Hydro alone, and a little scared and or nervous.

(44/Tyson Tomko lost overness from this segment. Hydro gained overness from this segment. )

Tyson Tomko d. Hydro

The two aforementioned wrestlers are preparing to square off in the ring following a commercial break in which Hydro came down to the ring, Tomko’s music starts up and he comes down to the ring with Trish Stratus and Christian nowhere to be found. The two step forward as Tomko quickly starts the match with a kick to the gut and then pummels the small wrestler with forearms and clubbing shots the back. The crowd aren’t really into the match however as Tomko picks up Hydro and spins him around in the air before dropping him flat on his stomach. Hydro mounts very little offence and the match is short lived and comes to an end when Tomko picks up Hydro and hit’s a reverse death valley driver, a move he calls the “Problem Solver” he gets the easy victory and smugly celebrates to the crowd as if he’d just fought off his biggest challenge yet.


Garrison Cade & Test Speak Out

Test’s music hit and the two unlikely duo emerge from the back, each holding a microphone.

Test: “ Listen up you lot, me and Garrison here are an unlikely duo for damn sure but that doesn’t change a thing when we beat these two losers who think they’re super heroes! ”

Garrison Cade: “ That’s damn right, them two may have more experience but we have to raw power, and more than anything, we have the best damn physical shape in the WWE but enough crap, bring those two losers out! ”

The two climb into the ring and drop the microphones.

(52/Test lost overness from this segment.)

Test & Garrison Cade d. The Justice League [The Hurricane & Rosey]

Test & Garrison Cade kept to their words and prevailed over Hurricane & Rosey in a hard fought match which could have swung either way. Test and Hurricane started off and Test had the upper hand for the better part of the match however when Hurricane mounted some offence Test was quick to tag out. Hurricane returned the favour and Cade ran straight into the 400lbs Rosey, Cade slowly backed off but his begging for mercy got him nowhere as he was swung into the air by Rosey and then Samoan Dropped onto the floor, face first. Cade held his stomach in pain as he was once again hoisted into the air but Test came in with a kick to the gut of Rosey and Cade slipped out. Hurricane clothesline Test to the outside the momentum sending both over, Cade then low blows Rosey when the referee is checking on Hurricane and Test on the outside. Cade covers for the easy three and gets the pinfall. After the match a loud crash can be heard as Hurricane is sent into the ring steps and Test re enters the ring, he crabs Rosey as Cade delivers some closed fists to the stomach before Test uses a massive Full Nelson Slam on Rosey!! The crowd boo as the winning duo leave the ring, and leaving the carnage they caused, in the ring.

(71/66/76/Test is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.)

A New Tag Team?

After the match the duo are seen going backstage when Coach comes up to them after leaving his commentary position. Coach asks if the pair want to tag more often, Test grins a little and then high fives Cade. An unlikely duo has been formed and the screen fades out.

(55/Test lost overness from this segment.)

Overall Rating: 40

Nielsen Rating: 4.22

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Monday Night Raw Preview

24th May 2004


With SmackDown’s! Judgement Day just passed Eric Bischoff has made sure that Raw won’t fall behind as SmackDown! Has a lot of limelight following their pay per view so Eric Bischoff has created a sixteen man tournament that will conclude on June 27th, Bad Blood. The sixteen participants will be divided into four groups of four, Block A consists of Chris Jericho, Edge, Kane and Randy Orton. Block B is Triple H, Christian, Rhyno and Matt Hardy, Block C will be Shawn Michaels, Tajiri, Test and Ric Flair and Block D will be Scott Steiner, Batista, Shelton Benjamin and A-Train. Block A and B will fight on this Raw, then Block C and D on the next one then on the fifth Raw from now everyone from the blocks will fight in there last match, the semis, final and then the overall winner fights against the current Champion all at Bad Blood!

Tonight in the Sixteen Man Tournament labelled “The Bischoff Challenge” we will see Chris Jericho take on his current enemies brother; Edge from Block A, with the second Block A match being Kane taking on the reigning Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton! Block B sees tournament favourite challenge Christian and Rhyno take on an old friends old enemy in Matt Hardy.

Last week a massive 20 man Battle Royal was announced which would feature the Raw superstars, the winner will be given a shot at Bad Blood but will also have to fight the winner of the Eric Bischoff Challenge, that is, unless they are the same person. Anyone who has wrestled tonight can wrestle again so expect to see Triple H, Kane and the rest in the battle royal as well.

Also in action the mentally handicapped Eugene will face the anti-American Sylvan Grenier. William Regal will, supposedly, be in the corner of Eugene but has been told by Bischoff that if his nephew is removed from Raw that Regal can wrestle again. Grenier will have Conway in his corner as well, this could turn into a 3 on 1 affair!

Confirmed Matches

[block A] Chris Jericho vs. Edge

[block A] Kane vs. Randy Orton

[block B] Triple H vs. Christian

[block B] Rhyno vs. Matt Hardy

Eugene w/ William Regal vs. Sylvan Grenier w/ Rob Conway

20 Man Battle Royal to decide the number one contender for the title at Bad Blood

Raw should be up later tonight, i hope :D

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{NOTE} The ratings will come in a “review” type post.

user posted image

Monday Night Raw Results

24th May 2004

The pyrotechnic start goes off as “Move to the Music” by Union Underground marks the start of Monday night Raw, the camera swings around the fans before focussing on Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler who are at their usual commentary position of the stage.

Jim Ross: “ Hello everybody and welcome to Raw, I’m your host Jim Ross and along side me is non other that Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, hello everybody ”

Jerry Lawler: “ Yeah JR and tonight is extra special because all four members of Evolution are in action tonight! ”

Jim Ross: “ That’s right, tonight marks the start of the sixteen man tournament called ‘The Bischoff Challenge’ in which the winner will be determined and will fight the current champion at Bad Blood. But could Eric Bischoff be any more egotistical? Naming the tournament ‘The Bischoff Challenge’, give me a break. ”

Jerry Lawler: “ I see nothing wrong with the name, all I see something wrong is, is your attitude! ”

Jim Ross: “ Say as you like but Bischoff is also trying to rid Raw of his own nephew, poor Eugene thinks he has a friend in William Regal but he doesn’t, Regal is trying to get rid of him to get back on the Raw roster following a series of heart problems but he is able to wrestle now! ”

Jerry Lawler: “ The sooner Eugene is gone the better I say, he tried to, no, he did, he actually licked my forehead, he played with the pyrotechnics he needs to be put on a leash JR! ”

[The camera cuts backstage where we see the aforementioned Eugene and William Regal backstage, Regal has a tuxedo on and his shirt and tie, Eugene has his typical white jacket on which has Eugene written on back-to-front. Eugene is biting his nail as always and running on the spot in a disorderly fashion.]

William Regal: “ All right, all right. Calm down Eugene stop running on the spot. Come on take your finger out your mouth. ”

[Regal pulls Eugene’s thumb from his mouth and puts it by his side.]

William Regal: “ That’s better, now Eugene you won last week didn’t you! ”

[Eugene gets exited and starts jumping up and down clapping and smiling.]

Eugene: “ Eugene win! Eugene win! ”

William Regal: “ But you like me don’t you? ”

Eugene: “ Yeah, Eugene like his nanny! ”

William Regal: “ I AM NOT YO- ”

[Regal stops himself and takes a deep breath.]

William Regal: “ Right, right, your nanny. And Eugene, you want to see your nanny wrestle again don’t you? ”

Eugene: “ Nanny wrestle! Nanny wrestle! ”

William Regal: “ So, how about you go out to your match and lie down for Sylvan Grenier and then leave Raw and you can watch me wrestle again. ”

Eugene: “ You no want Eugene to win? ”

William Regal: “ Yes of course, I just think that it’d be best if you wrestled elsewhere, because Raw is very tough competition! ”

[Eugene looks sad, his bottom lip sticks out as his eyes bubble up.]

William Regal: “ So go out there and do as your nanny Regal told you to. ”

[Eugene looks at the ground, he turns away and walks towards the entrance looking really unhappy. William Regal is left chucking to himself.]

Eugene d. Sylvan Grenier w/ Rob Conway

Eugene sauntered out not like his usual happy self after being told to lose the match by William Regal . Eugene climbs into the ring and stands in the corner, hanging his head. Then the cocky French-man, Sylvan Grenier makes his appearance with the French synthesiser, Rob Conway , in tow. The French-man gets in the ring and does a side step shuffle before taking off his coat. Sylvan Grenier steps into the centre of the ring and Eugene slowly makes his way to the ring, biting the nail from one of his hands and the other pointing ahead. Grenier looked at Eugene and laughed, he put him in a headlock but Eugene reversed it and applied a headlock of his own. Grenier went to reverse it into a headlock but Eugene slipped behind a tripped him on his face. The crowd roared as Eugene ran around clapping. Grenier gets back up and shouts at Eugene to lie down but he doesn’t and the crowd get pumped. Grenier attacks Eugene with some technical moves but always finds them being reversed, Grenier then takes down Eugene with a clothesline and stomps him on the mat and Eugene crawls to the corner Grenier distracts the referee and Conway begins to punch Eugene from the outside. Grenier walks over to Eugene and is now in full control.

After minutes of being beaten down Eugene eventually gets so momentum flowing and unleashes it by taking down Grenier with a double axe handle to the face, Grenier is instantly up but gets dropkicked back off the ropes and rolled up, near fall there. William Regal then walks out down the ramp, he points at Eugene and begins shouting that he’s been disobedient as if he was his dog. Eugene’s bottom lip sticks out again as Rob Conway comes behind with a roll up, one…two…th- kickout! Eugene kicked out! The crowd roar and Regal goes mad, kicking the ring steps. Eugene goes off the ropes and William Regal grabs onto his leg, Eugene stays standing and then drops down and kicks Regal in the face! The crowd roar once more as Eugene quickly gets up and plants Grenier with a DDT. He turns round and ducks a top rope clothesline attempt from Conway and superkicks him in the jaw! Conway oversells and dives over the top rope to the floor, Eugene gets up and spins round in a odd manor before stopping and kicking Grenier in the gut. Grenier bends over as Eugene puts his knee on the back of Grenier’s head, jumps up and then goes to the mat, driving Grenier’s face into it. Eugene covers Grenier and gets the three count before bailing out and running (walking/waddling/whatever) up the ramp with his arm outstretched and biting his nails once more. After the match is over Grenier and Conway get up in the ring as Regal is standing looking at the ramp, his face a beat red after being embarrassed by Eugene. He turns around and Conway and Grenier lift him up before driving him into the mat with a double spinebuster. La Resistance leave the ring as Regal lays in pain.

[We go back to the announce table where Jim Ross is hyped (as usual) and Lawler looks quite disgusted with the outcome of the just finished match.]

Jim Ross: “ Eugene has done it! Eugene is one-hundred percent in the WWE he’s yet to lose! ”

Jerry Lawler: “ Calm down JR, he’s only wrestled twice. Anyways, ladies and gentlemen don’t forget the 20 Man Battle Royal to decide the number one contender for the title at Bad Blood, the winner will face the champion and winner of the Eric Bischoff Challenge in a triple threat match, and JR, guess who I’m picking. ”

Jim Ross: “ I’m sure none of us know… ”

Jerry Lawler: “ Triple H! ”

Jim Ross: “ How would we ever have guessed that King? ”

Jerry Lawler: “ Well it’s right, Triple H was about to throw Kane over the top rope thus becoming the number one contender but alas HBK sticks his nose in where it doesn’t belong and threw Triple H out of the ring! He’s suspended JR. He’s suspended and should be fired now for intruding in a match when he shouldn’t even be in the arena! ”

[We go backstage where we see Rhyno psyching himself up for his upcoming Eric Bischoff Challenge match against Matt Hardy, he slaps himself in the face a few times like Shelton Benjamin does before shaking his head and walking down the corridor towards the arena, sorting out his wrist wrap as per usual.]

Jim Ross: “ Rhyno vs. Matt Hardy the first match of the Eric Bischoff challenge…next! ”


Jim Ross: “ Hello everybody and welcome back to Monday Night Raw, if you’ve just joined us you missed the fan favourite Eugene defeat Sylvan Grenier and kick the taste out of Regal’s mouth! However there’s no time to chat, Rhyno is heading to the ring, he’ll take on Matt Hardy in the first Eric Bischoff Challenge match! ”

Rhyno d. Matt Hardy

As Jim Ross had stated Rhyno was on his way to the ring, beating his chest as his music blared away in the background, the crowd gave him a reasonably good reception but not as good as the one when the titantron came up and it said User Name: Matt Hardy, Password: Version 1.0 the crowd gave a loud reception as the Matt fact was “ Matt always wears a seatbelt when driving. ” Which shows they are running out of good Matt facts. He climbs into the ring, only one Matt fact, which also shows they are running out of facts. Hardy climbs in the ring and the two former nemesis’ face off. Rhyno of course helping Edge & Christian to that historic TLC win at WrestleMania XVII against The Hardyz and the Dudleyz. The crowd are looking to back Hardy all the way but that doesn’t seem to deter Rhyno as he takes control early on in the match, pounding away on Matt Hardy. Rhyno pulls Hardy up and goes for a short clothesline but Hardy has it scouted as he ducks underneath it and then elbows Rhyno in the face, Rhyno stumbles back against the ropes and Hardy continues to forearm him in the face before whipping him off the ropes, Rhyno reverses it though and Hardy returns with a feeble shoulder tackle. Rhyno stands their as Hardy goes off the adjacent ropes but the shoulder block doesn’t make Rhyno move an inch. Rhyno’s turn, he bounces off the ropes but Hardy takes him down with a drop toe hold! The crowd cheer as Hardy rolls over the back of Rhyno getting to his head and applying a headlock.

Rhyno manages to make it to the ropes, slinging his arm across the bottom rope, the crowd are still behind Hardy as Rhyno pulls himself up taking a few shots to the head in the process. Rhyno then grabs Hardy and presses him above his head before dropping him flat out on his stomach, Rhyno is forced to go to one knee to recuperate. Rhyno picks up Hardy after a moment of taking some deep breaths and puts him under his arm, he lifts him up into a suplex position and allows the blood to rush to Hardy’s head, he then sets him back on his feet and drops down with a DDT! JR talks about how the blood would rush to Hardy’s head, then he’d feel dizzy when set on his feet. Rhyno covers but Hardy is out at two, Rhyno can’t believe it and pulls Hardy to his feet, he whips him into the corner and follows up, clothslining him down. Rhyno goes to the opposite corner but suddenly there is a loud explosion followed by red gas. Slow Chemical can be heard around the arena and the boos pick up loudly as Kane walks to the ring, Rhyno rushes to the apron as Kane climbs in but it is worthless, Kane simply wraps his hand round his throat and then chokeslams him down. DQ victory for Rhyno! Kane turns his attention to Matt after staring down Rhyno, he grabs him by the throat and raises him up…chokeslam! The crowd boos turn into cheers as Lita sprints down the ring, she slides in and jumps on Kane’s back choking him. Kane staggers about for a moment before leaning over and sending Lita crashing onto her back. Kane grabs Lita’s throat and pulls her to her feet, he slowly moves in and kisses her on the cheek. JR talks about how revolting it is, before Kane gives Lita a chokeslam. A kiss of death so to speak. King, for once, backs Hardy and Lita, as he too says how despicable Kane is.

Jim Ross: “ Kane is a horrible human being! I hope he dies a horrible death. ”

Jerry Lawler: “ I don’t think you can say that on live television JR, but you’re right, not only did Kane but his hands on Lita, but he kissed her. That gross human being kissed Lita! ”

Jim Ross: “ I don’t care King, that sick human being burnt me! He deserves to die! ”

Jerry Lawler: “ We’re going to a commercial break, we’ll be right back… ”


Jim Ross: “ Hello everybody and welcome back to Monday Night Raw, just before the break we saw an incident involving Kane, Matt Hardy and Lita. It was disturbing what Kane done to those two human beings but here’s what happened during the break. ”

[The screen changes showing a logo in the bottom saying “ During The Break ” it is still at the moment and shows Kane walking down a corridor. It comes to life and he is infact walking down the corridor when he is stopped by Eric Bischoff.]

Eric Bischoff: “ Dammit Kane, this charade has gone on long enough and it ends on June 27th, I don’t care if either of you win my tournament you will fight at Bad Blood. Kane vs. Matt Hardy, one on one…in a…a…dammit, a fifteen foot high steel cage. ”

[Kane smiles slightly, although it’s a frightening smile non the less. However he grunts as he rolls his eyes upwards, Bischoff looks at him and backs off before walking away, looking back frequently but Kane just stands their laughing and we go back to the commentators.]

Jim Ross: “ He’s one sick individual King but June 27th, all hell will break loose! Kane vs. Matt Hardy! In a steel cage! ”

Jerry Lawler: “ It’s going to be an awesome match JR, no interference will occur, although it is possible. ”

Jim Ross: “ Well up next is Chris Jericho vs. Edge, also in the Eric Bischoff Challenge, this match is in Block A and will surely be a great match. ”

Edge d. Chris Jericho

The duo circled the ring before meeting in the middle, following a brief stare down Edge extended his hand, Jericho paused before slapping it rather than shaking it. Edge grinned slightly and backed off, the two sidestepped around the ring before doing a traditional collar and elbow tie up. Jericho went behind with a wrist lock, Edge too reverses it into a wrist lock of his own. Jericho spins free he goes for a lock up but decides against it, he wipes his forehead and circles the ring again. The two run at each other with Edge ducking a clothesline and rebounding off the ropes he comes back with a takedown and opens up with some closed right fists. Jericho manages to push him off and mounts Edge this time, he too opens up with some right hands before the referee pulls Jericho off. Edge gets to his feet holding the side of his face with both hands. Edge waits until the referee releases Jericho and Edge runs at him, Jericho moves and throws Edge through the ropes sending him to the ground below. Jericho is quick to follow him to the outside, he picks up Edge and drops him onto the ring barrier, the crowd let out an “ooh” as Jericho whips Edge into the ring apron and follows up with a spear! Jericho rolls Edge into the ring and crawls to him before covering, one...two...kickout!

Jericho slams his hands onto the mat in frustration before placing them on his thighs. He pulls Edge up by the hair before whipping him off the ropes, he elbows Edge in the face but instead of going down Edge turns away holding his face, this allows Jericho to get a school boy roll up, one…two…kickout again. Edge rolls backwards and stands up, Jericho runs at him but Edge ducks and Jericho takes down the referee with a clothesline! Jericho turns round into a dropkick from Edge but the crowd are drawn to the ramp with a lot of boos chorusing around the arena. Christian is with his girlfriend, Trish Stratus, the two walk down with Christian with his hand around Trish’s waist. Jericho turns around and points at Christian, he begins to head up the ramp towards him however in the ring Tyson Tomko has made a quick entrance and clubs Edge from behind. Edge stumbles forward and turns round into a big clothesline folding him up like a deckchair. Jericho turns round and slides in the ring, he sends Tomko against the ropes with right hands, he tries to whip him but it is reversed, Jericho comes off the ropes and Tomko lifts him up and holds him before dropping him with a spinebuster, by now Christian and Trish are at ringside, Trish hands Tomko a chair who slams it off the ground. Tomko raises it as Jericho gets to his feet, staggering a bit, Tomko brings the chair down hard on Jericho’s head, Jericho stands straight for a moment before collapsing on the floor, Tomko puts Edge on top of Jericho and the Tomko bails along with Christian and Trish. The referee comes round after about half a minute (not immediately for once) and slowly counts, one……two……three. The crowd were expecting a kick out from Jericho but it wasn’t to be, it took a minute before either man got to their feet and it was Edge’s hand that was risen.

Jim Ross: “ I don’t believe it, Christian, Trish Stratus and the “Problem Solver” Tyson Tomko interrupted this great match up and now Edge has took home a win with unwanted help! ”

Jerry Lawler: “ That’s great JR! Christian and Jericho’s feud is escalating to new levels! ”

Jim Ross: “ Well that ma- ”

[JR is cut off as we head backstage where we see Chris Benoit walking down the corridor, the crowds cheering is deafening, he props his title on his shoulder until he is brought to a halt by non other than Evolution leader Triple H.]

Triple H: “ Chris, don’t expect me to go round beating everyone to get into this match at Bad Blood. I’m gonna win the tournament because I don’t like losing, that’s why I will win the Battle Royal and get to face you…one…on…one. ”

Chris Benoit: “ Well Trips, I got a surprise for you, but I don’t wanna spoil it for you, so I’m sure you will find out later tonight. ”

[benoit smiles before pushing Triple H aside and walking by. Triple H gets a look of anger on his face and runs up behind Benoit and clubs him around the back of the head. The rest of Evolution come into the screen and are quick to attack Benoit, stomping him as Triple H takes his title. The rest of Evolution hold him up and Triple H nails the World Title over Benoit’s head. Benoit goes down and Triple H drops the title on Benoit’s chest as Evolution leave.]

Jim Ross “ Damn Evolution, damn them all to hell! Attack Benoit from behind like that and then taking Benoit’s title and using it as an offensive weapon! ”

Jerry Lawler: “ Benoit shouldn’t have put his hands on Triple H, doing that puts your own health at risk! ”

Jim Ross: “ They attacked him from behind King, that’s the sort of thing Evolution would do anyways. Attacking someone from behind! ”

Jerry Lawler: “ Hey, if it gets the job done, it gets the job done. ”

Jim Ross: “ I don’t really agree but I realised your head is so far up Evolution’s ass its impossible to win with you so lets just move on to the next match of the night. The monstrous Kane takes on the Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton! ”


[Eric Bischoff is at the top of the ramp holding a microphone, he waits until the boos die down enough for him to be heard.]

Eric Bischoff: “ Y’know, it’s come to my attention that as a good business man that this following match will be not only an Eric Bischoff Challenge match, but ALSO an Intercontinental Title match as well! Enjoy! ”

Bischoff leaves to the back which is shortly followed by the entrances of the two superstars.]

Randy Orton © d. Kane

Intercontinental Title

Randy Orton is visibly nervous and who wouldn’t be when their standing in front of a 7’ 300lbs psychotic monster. Orton carefully gives the referee the title and then dives at Kane catching him by surprise with a right fist. Kane shrugs it off and comes back with a right fist of his own and for a few blows each they trade right hands with Orton surprisingly getting the better. Orton tries to whip Kane off the ropes but the larger man reverses it, Orton comes back and Kane knees him in the gut before lifting him up around the throat, chokeslam already, no, Orton kicks him in the gut and is dropped to his feet. Orton plants Kane with a DDT and attempts to catch his breath but Kane simply sits up. The crowd don’t know who to cheer, they seem to hate both so it’s a mixed reaction for both. Orton can’t believe it as he backs into the turnbuckle, as Kane begins to get up he drops him in the face and covers, one…t- kickout. Not quite a two count as Kane powers out! Orton gets up but Kane is already there and Kane takes him down with a clothesline, before raising his arms and the dropping them in his pose. Orton stands in the turnbuckle and Kane turns round, he goes for the RKO but is pushed towards the ropes but the velocity sends him over the ropes to the outside!

Kane follows where he is hit with a cheap shot to the gut, Orton throws him into the ring barrier and follows up with a clothesline over it. Orton drops to his knees but manages to crawl into the ring, the referee gets to four on the out count when Kane’s hand appears on the barrier, he then pulls himself up and Orton can’t believe it. Kane climbs over the barrier on six and walks to the ring, he gets onto the apron and finally climbs in on nine. Orton nails him with a flurry of right hands followed by a dropkick but Kane just leans back against the ropes, Orton tries to whip him but still hasn’t learned and it is reversed, Kane delivers a big boot to Orton. Kane grabs Orton and pulls him to his feet before wrapping his hand around his throat once more, he lifts him up but again Orton gets out of it, this time rolling through sending the big man down. The Big Red Machine once again sits up, Orton once again can’t believe it and thinks about what he has to do to keep Kane down. Kane slowly gets up as Orton elbows him in the face and Kane turns around, he turns back to Orton…RKO! Kane bounces over onto his back and Orton collapses on him, he tries to hook the leg but the referee counts, one…two…three! Orton has done it! Orton has his hand raised by the referee and given his title as he raises it into the air.

Jim Ross: “ What a match King, I hate both of them but I’ll give the devils their due with that awesome display and no Evolution, Matt Hardy or Lita either it was a good clean match. ”

Jerry Lawler: “ It was all Randy Orton, JR! I’m telling you the kid is a star and a future legend of the business. ”

Jim Ross: “ He has a bright future ahead of him, I’ll give you that one King. ”


Jim Ross: “ Hello and welcome back to Monday Night Raw, we have no time to chat because we have Triple H vs. Christian and then that Battle Royal! ”

Christian w/ Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko d. Triple H w/ Ric Flair & Batista

When Christian came out, accompanied by that jezebel Trish Stratus and the huge problem solver Tyson Tomko the odds were evened as Evolution minus Randy Orton came out. Although comparing Ric Flair and Trish Stratus to each other isn’t exactly fair, neither are Evolution so it didn’t really matter. Triple H started off in complete control, not only that but we were seeing an old 2001 technical Triple H rather than the brawler we have today. Triple H had Christian in an STF wrenching the left side of Christian. Christian slowly made it to the ropes and the referee called for the rope break, after a little resilience Triple H let go and the referee had a word with him allowing Batista to deliver an open right hand taking the taste right out of Christian’s mouth. Christian was pulled back to the middle of the ring by Triple H who dropped to his knees to apply the hold again but Christian elbowed himself free. Triple H let go of his slight hold and Christian crawled to the turnbuckle, he pulled himself up and Triple H ran at him so Christian raises his knee, catching Triple H in the face, as Triple H turned away Christian stood on the second rope, Triple H turned back and Christian leaped off with a tornado DDT taking both men down. Both men slowly got up at about the same time, Christian slightly ahead in the race to get up. Christian quickly seized the initiative and kicked Triple H in the gut and threw him into the turnbuckle, sharply following up with a clothesline. Triple H stumbled forward a bit and Christian clubbed him from behind and in desperation to keep Triple H down began stomping him before holding onto the ropes and standing on the back of Triple H’s head. Evolution we’re trying to will Triple H on as we went to a commercial break!


We return from the break and its amazing how the tables turn in such a short amount of time as Triple H has Christian in a sleeper, both men are standing but Christian is showing signs of falling down. Triple H puts his foot behind the knee of Christian and pushes down sending Christian to his knees. Triple H wrenches the sleeper around a bit more as the referee checks on Christian, he raises the arm…it falls, he raises it again…it falls, but before he can raise it again Christian manages to elbow Triple H in the gut and while loosening the grip Triple H frantically holds on and Christian delivers a stunner sort of move, but JR and King refer to it as a jaw breaker. Triple H staggers back and Christian gets up but runs into a raised knee from Triple H, that’s how its done he shots, obviously referring to when Christian done it earlier. Flair applauds at ringside with Batista shouting “finish him” at Triple H. Triple H complies and stuffs Christian between his legs, Pedigree, no! Christian back dropped Triple H over, Triple H gets up a little shocked and hurt at once and Christian goes behind grabs his arms, turns and drops down! Unprettier! Tomko takes Flair and Batista down on the outside with a double clothesline as Trish Stratus pulls Triple H’s foot down not allowing him to kick out! One…two…three! Christian’s done it, Christian wins and he isn’t sticking around long as he rounds up his troops (a.k.a Trish and Tomko) before running off up the ramp leaving a frustrated Triple H in the ring.

Jim Ross: “ Christian done it King! Christian won! ”

Jerry Lawler: “ I…a…I…I don’t believe it…I’m in total shock JR and why? Because Christian cheated that’s why! ”

Jim Ross: “ We could argue all night and it won’t get us anywhere so I’ll just say that cheating isn’t soil that Evolution are too unfamiliar with, speaking of whom have been joined by the fourth member, Randy Orton and look like they have something to say ahead of the 20 Man Battle Royal! ”

[We go back to the ring where Ric Flair, Batista, Randy Orton and Triple H, collectively known as Evolution stand in the ring. Triple H stands in front of the rest and raises a microphone to his mouth.]

Triple H: “ What you just witnessed was grade a cheating, that’s what it was. ”

[Ric Flair applauds in agreement, as always.]

Triple H: “ It’s something I’m not going to stand for, now I’m really pissed and Christian you’re lucky neither you or your goon is in this battle royal because you couldn’t image the amount of pain we would inflict on you, instead we’ll have to settle for someone else, infact we will have to settle for sixteen other people to destroy, so come on, bring those idiots out here and let me win! ”

[Triple H drops the microphone as Ric Flair massages his shoulders and we go to another commercial break, the penultimate of the commercial breaks.]


Batista d. Triple H, Chris Jericho, Maven, Shelton Benjamin, Kane, Edge, Randy Orton, Ric Flair, Johnny Nitro, Steven Richards, Rosey, The Hurricane, Rob Conway, Val Venis, Sylvan Grenier, Garrison Cade, Test, Rhyno & Shawn Michaels

Nineteen superstars where in the ring, when suddenly “ Ooh, ooh, ya think I’m cute, I know I’m sexy. ” could be heard, the camera focuses on Triple H who stares in shock at the entrance at the top of the ramp. JR goes hyper “ This must be the surprise Benoit was on about, he’s been unsuspended! ” Michaels sprints down the ramp and slides in, he takes down Triple H with a spear and everyone begins fighting. Cade and Test work on Maven in the corner as they struggle to get him over. Maven fights on and in the end they let him go and he climbs back in. Nitro dropkicks Rosey off the ropes, Rosey nearly goes over and Nitro follows up with a forearm and Rosey falls backwards and out of the ring.

Elimination 1: Rosey by Johnny Nitro

Hurricane avenges his partners elimination as he jumps on Nitro’s back and starts hitting him around the face. Nitro throws him off before turning round and getting dropped by a big boot from the big red machine, Kane. Kane turns round and gets kicked in the gut by Hurricane, he barely feels it and wraps his hand around Hurricane’s throat. He hoists him up before slamming him down in the middle of the ring. Evolution are all beating on HBK until Shelton Benjamin comes to his aide but he falls victim to the numbers game too. Maven turns around and Test hoists up Maven into a powerbomb position, Cade goes down onto one knee and Test powerbombs Maven sending his neck onto Cade’s knee! Cade picks up Maven and allows Test to clothesline him over.

Elimination 2: Maven by Test

The crowd boo as the two high five. They turn around and are met by two hands to the throat each, Kane looks at them both but Cade and Test kick him in the stomach and don’t run, they both fight! Maybe because they have a numerical advantage, until Kane delivers an uppercut to Cade taking him off the ground momentarily! Test suddenly stops and backs off and Kane grabs him and tosses him over the top, maybe that was for the best.

Elimination 3: Test by Kane

Kane turns around himself and is met by Steven Richards who starts punching him in the face, to no avail. Richards shouts and some people soon join in to assault Kane, Garrison Cade, Val Venis and Rob Conway all try to help but Kane takes them all down individual. Kane big boots Val Venis to the mat and clotheslines Conway and Cade down. That leaves Richards who gets military pressed above Kane’s head. Sylvan Grenier then clubs Kane from behind, Kane stumbles forward but Grenier’s blow only causes Kane to let go of Richards who crashes to the outside! Richards has been eliminated by…um.

Elimination 4: Steven Richards by Kane

The elimination was awarded to Kane as he was the one who let go of Richards albeit thanks to Grenier. La Resistance start punching at Kane but nothing works and they both get took down! Meanwhile, Rhyno has Jericho in the corner and is delivering some body shots. Jericho pokes Rhyno in the eye who turns away and turns into a dropkick, Rhyno stumbles back into Kane! Kane stops his assault on the entire under card in this match. Rhyno stomps and raises his arms as if to say “ Woah, wasn’t my fault ” Kane just looks at Rhyno who explodes with a gore! The crowd go nuts as Grenier, Cade, Conway, Rhyno and Val Venis all pull up Kane and get him against the ropes. They all try to get him over but Kane fights out of it and knocks them all down, until Jericho clotheslines him over! Kane is gone!

Elimination 5: Kane by Chris Jericho

Jericho celebrates but turns around into a gore too! Rhyno beats his chest and pulls Jericho up, meanwhile La Resistance are taking on Venis & Cade until Rhyno comes over and grabs Venis from behind, he puts one hand on his back and grabs a fistful of tights and thrusts Venis up and over the ropes, gone.

Elimination 6: Val Venis by Rhyno

Cade attacks Rhyno from behind but La Resistance grab Cade and deliver a double spinebuster, their trademark finisher! Cade folds up as Jericho grabs Grenier, he clotheslines him down and tries to throw Conway into the ropes but Conway holds onto the ropes, Jericho runs and Conway low bridges the ropes and Jericho tumbles over, but he holds onto the top rope and skins the cat, Conway celebrates unaware Jericho is still in it. Jericho grabs him and turns him around before throwing him over the top Conway too holds on and tries climbing in underneath by Jericho doesn’t make Conway’s mistake and kicks him off the apron with his two feet.

Elimination 7: Rob Conway by Chris Jericho

Grenier had saw what happened and he attacks Jericho from behind and begins stomping him. Currently left are Jericho, Grenier, Rhyno, Orton, Batista, Flair, Triple H, Michaels, The Hurricane, Johnny Nitro, Benjamin, Cade and Edge. Hurricane comes off the top rope with a corssbody! Risky to go to the top in this sort of environment! Hurricane takes down all of Evolution and HBK and Benjamin too! He gets up and Johnny Nitro dropkicks him over the top rope!

Elimination 8: The Hurricane by Johnny Nitro

The crowd boo the elimination but Nitro turns around into a spear from Edge which gets some cheers. Edge picks him up and tosses him over the rope with ease, the crowd cheer once more.

Elimination 9: Johnny Nitro by Edge

Edge walks over and picks up Ric Flair, he slaps him in the face which gets an “ooh” from the crowd, Flair tries to slap him back but Edge blocks it and wrenches Flair’s wrist around. Benjamin joins in the assault before the duo double clothesline him over the top rope.

Elimination 10: Ric Flair by Edge & Shelton Benjamin

10 are gone, 10 remain as we take the last commercial break of the night.


We return to see Batista, Orton and Triple H beating down Benjamin, Edge and Michaels. Rhyno and Grenier slug it out in the middle of the ring and Cade and Jericho fight at the ropes. Cade clubs Jericho on the back of the head taking him to a knee followed by a dropkick. Evolution all grab Edge and Triple H and Orton hold him as Batista runs and nails Edge with a clothesline, taking him over the top.

Elimination 11: Edge by Batista

Evolution keep on beating Michaels and Benjamin who are left as Rhyno takes down Grenier with a clothesline. Evolution see an opening as Grenier lays motionless on the mat, suddenly Michaels and Benjamin spring to their feet, Triple H turns around, and Michaels clotheslines him over the top, but the momentum takes him too!

Elimination 12: Triple H by Shawn Michaels

Elimination 13: Shawn Michaels

Benjamin grabs Orton and knees him in the gut, and tosses him over! There’s only one Evolution member left, and that’s Batista!

Elimination 14: Randy Orton by Shelton Benjamin

Batista sees what is going on and silences Benjamin with a clothesline, on the outside Triple H and Shawn Michaels have disappeared through the crowd. Cade takes down Rhyno and Jericho with a double clothesline and picks up Benjamin, he whips him off the ropes, and Orton low bridges him! Benjamin goes over the top and is eliminated too!

Elimination 15: Shelton Benjamin by Garrison Cade

That leaves Sylvan Grenier, Batista, Chris Jericho, Rhyno and Garrison Cade, one of these will get a World Heavyweight Title shots at Bad Blood with the World Champion Chris Benoit and the winner of the Eric Bischoff Challenge. All five men collide in the middle of the ring, Batista watches as the other four go at it until Rhyno looks like he’s going to gore Jericho but changes his direction and gores Batista! The crowd cheer as Rhyno stands up, he turns around and Jericho takes him down with a spinebuster, walls of Jericho! Cade grabs Jericho and pulls him away, he throws him off the ropes and Grenier follows up with a clothesline, Jericho rocks on the ropes until Grenier superkicks him over!

Elimination 16: Chris Jericho by Sylvan Grenier

We’re down to four. Rhyno begins kicking Batista who is still down from the gore. Cade and Grenier fight in the middle of the ring until Batista grabs Rhyno round the throat, he pulls himself up and then grabs his head, DDT! Grenier throws Cade off the ropes, Cade holds on and Grenier runs as Cade moves, Grenier rocks on the ropes and Cade grabs his legs and pulls them up as if he was doing a Hardcore Holly low blow. Cade then pushed Grenier’s legs over and he is eliminated.

Elimination 17: Sylvan Grenier by Garrison Cade

Cade turns around and gets clotheslined over from Batista!

Elimination 18: Garrison Cade by Batista

Rhyno gets up to his feet and the finalists square off, they go off in a slow fist fight with Rhyno getting the upper hand. The crowd cheer Rhyno on as he throws Batista off the ropes who comes back with a knee to the gut of Rhyno. Batista unleashes a massive clothesline and Rhyno doubles over. Batista pulls him up to his feet and the two fight close to the ropes, Rhyno nails Batista with a punishing right hand and runs at him, he gets caught with an elbow and Batista chucks Rhyno over! We have a winner!

Elimination 19: Rhyno by Batista

The crowd boo as Evolution’s theme plays to the crowd and Batista celebrates in his victory, despite being jaded.

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Monday Night Raw Review

24th May 2004


Overall Rating: 72

Nielsen Rating: 6.02

Attendance: 6533

William Regal & Eugene Segment 67

Eugene d. Sylvan Grenier 71 / 67 / 75

Rhyno Warms Up 63

Rhyno d. Matt Hardy 76 / 74 / 79

Kane vs. Hardy Is Made For Bad Blood 74

Edge d. Chris Jericho 79 / 81 / 75

Benoit Is Attacked By Evolution 77

Randy Orton © d. Kane [intercontinental Title] 60 / 48 / 73

Christian d. Triple H 66 / 60 / 73

Evolution Interview 91

Batista Wins 20 Man Battle Royal To Face Chris Benoit & The Eric Bischoff Challenge Winner At Bad Blood 72 / 73 / 72

Match of the Night Edge d. Chris Jericho

Segment of the Night Evolution Interview

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SmackDown! Preview

SmackDown is preparing for a big show this Thursday, as General Manager has already booked four matches for the show!

*Rene Dupree and Dawn Marie vs. John Cena and Torrie Wilson*

Last week on SmackDown, Kurt Angle informed Michael Cole through his headset that Torrie Wilson and the WWE United States champion John Cena would team up to take on Rene Dupree and Dawn Marie in a mixed tag team match. Dupree and Cena have been at each other's throats since Rene Dupree joined SmackDown from RAW, and Dupree has been after Cena's US title. As much as Angle considers himself to be a great American, he hates John Cena so much, he is even willing to help a French-man take the US title from him!

*Mark Jindrak vs. Rob Van Dam*

Mark Jindrak has been on a role of late since having been taken under the wing of Theodore Long. Long has helped Jindrak to realise his potential, and the "Reflection of Perfection" is looking to leave the 'Mark of Perfection' on Rob Van Dam. Van Dam, however, will be in a bad mood after tasting wood at the hands of Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley last week on SmackDown!

*--No.1 Contenders Match for the WWE Tag Team titles--*

Basham Brothers vs. the Dudley Boyz vs. the Full Blooded Italians vs. Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly

Speaking of the Dudley Boyz, they have a chance to earn the right to face the champions, Charlie Haas and Rico if they can overcome three other teams who are hungry for the gold. The Dudleyz could become 18-time Tag Team champions, but the FBI want a tase of some WWE gold for the first time, and the Bashams are looking to become 2-time champions. Gunn and Holly are veteran tag team wrestlers as well, and will want to pick up their first Tag Team titles as a team at the Great American Bash.

*John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. Rey Mysterio*

Rey Mysterio has been fed to the wolves here, as he will return from being put through a table by the Dudleyz and go right into a match with the no.1 contender for Eddie Guerrero's WWE title. JBL has promised to take the WWE title from Eddie, and will gladly go through Mysterio to get there. Mysteiro, however will want to slow Bradshaw's momentum by giving him a devastating loss here, that could swing the advantage to Eddie Guerrero.

In addition to this, Chavo Guerrero has stated he will put his title on the line against any MALE Cruiserweight that will step up and challenge him. Who will respond to Chavo's challenge? The last time Chavo laid out a similar challenge, Jacqueline defeated him for the title! Will this match have the same outcome?

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