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Chapter One

WrestleMania 21 Quick Results: March 20th, 2005

WWE World Tag Team Championship

Tajiri & The Hurricane defeat La Resistance ©

La Resistance came prepared to defend their world tag team titles except Tajiri & The Hurricane had other ideas. Whilst Conway and Tajiri were busy brawling, The Hurricane managed to roll up Greiner and get the pinfall. Tajiri & The Hurricane are your new WWE World Tag Team Champions.

WWE Women's Championship

Stacy Keibler defeats Trish Stratus ©

Trish & Stacy’s feud would come to a one on one match at WrestleMania 21 where Trish could not control the attack from Stacy. Stacy showed her improved in-ring skills and managed to make Trish tap out applying a leg scissors on her. Stacy Keibler won the WWE Women’s Championship for the very first time.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Shannon Moore © defeats Chavo Guerrero

Shannon Moore’s run of wins had escaladed to 20 straight and he didn’t plan on stopping there. Chavo had other ideas though and wanted to once again become the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Chavo’s attempts would fall short however as Moore hit the Moore-Gasm and took his win count to 21 straight.

WWE Tag Team Championship

Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak © defeat Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli

Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak have showed themselves to be true champions even if the fans don’t like it. Luther & Jindrak demonstrated their monster force and showed The F.B.I why they are the WWE Tag Team Champions as Jindrak pinned Nunzio are a huge neckbreaker.

Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio & Paul London defeat Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki & Billy Kidman

Rey Mysterio enlisted the help of an old friend in Eddie Guerrero to even out the sides after numerous three on two attacks against London & Mysterio. Eddie managed to score his team the pinfall victory after nailing Kidman with a frog splash.

WWE United States Heavyweight Championship

Charlie Haas defeats Rico ©

Rico’s growing hatred towards Charlie Haas & Miss Jackie relationship continued to grow. Rico would do anything to get his hands on Haas even if he had to defend the WWE United States Heavyweight Championship which he won the previous month. Haas took full advantage of Rico and pinned him to win his first major title in the WWE.

The Undertaker defeats Rob Van Dam

RVD’s new found attitude against The Undertaker and the fans would help him in his battle against the phenom and his undefeated WrestleMania streak. However it would not help enough as The Undertaker rolled over RVD and nailed him with a Tombstone for the huge victory.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Val Venis © defeats Batista, Maven & Steven Richards

Val Venis surprise victory over Batista for the Intercontinental Championship just six days earlier was thought by many as a fluke. Venis wanted so badly to show the world that his win was not a fluke and he did just that. Venis waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. Venis nailed and unsuspecting Batista with a fisherman’s suplex and picked up the win to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Kane defeats Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho & Christian

Kane made his dramatic return to the WWE with his wife Lita by his side. The winner of this match would be granted a WWE World Heavyweight Championship shot somewhere down the line. Jericho thought he had the match won after applying the Walls Of Jericho to Christian but Kane nailed Benoit with a Chokeslam and got the pinfall before Jericho got the submission.

If Edge wins Shawn Michaels is fired but if HBK wins then Eric Bischoff will be fired

Shawn Michaels defeats Edge

Shawn Michaels bitter feud with Eric Bischoff and Edge would come to a close at WrestleMania 21 because if Edge won then Shawn Michaels would be personally fired by Eric Bischoff from RAW whereas if good ole’ HBK could get the victory over Edge, then Eric Bischoff would lose his job as the General Manager of RAW. The Latter of the two is precisely what happened as HBK managed to overcome Edge’s cheap tactics to hit some Sweet Chin Music and leave with his job in tact.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H © drew Randy Orton

Triple H & Randy Orton both came prepared for a fight but neither man predicted what would go down before the end of the match. The referee was inadvertently bumped during the match and was out for a majority of it. As Orton hit Triple H with the RKO, Flair took full advantage of the referee’s down time and nailed Orton in the back of the head with a steel chair. Batista came out as well and nailed Orton with a huge Sit-Out Powerbomb. The fans started going crazy though as Shelton Benjamin came running down to the ring. Shelton jumped into the ring and began to help Orton but eventually the numbers game was just too much. Evolution left Shelton laid out in the ring until a returning Test & Matt Hardy came storming down to the ring. Test & Matt Hardy cleared the ring of Evolution. Ric Flair, Batista & Triple H retreated to the backstage area with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as Matt Hardy, Test, Shelton Benjamin & Randy Orton were cheered by the fans in the ring.

WWE Championship

John Cena defeats Kurt Angle ©

After winning the 2005 Royal Rumble, John Cena finally got his shot at main eventing a WrestleMania. Kurt Angle’s dream of holding onto the WWE Championship was put to the test as Cena bought everything into the match with nothing to lose. Angle had the belt within an inch of his grasp after hitting Cena with an Angle Slam but Cena managed to kick out. Cena nailed Angle with not one but TWO F-U’s and made the cover. Cena captured his first ever WWE Championship with a huge win over Kurt Angle in the main event of WrestleMania 21…

~Stay Tuned for more info into this diary a little later... This is only a minor part of the backstory but i just thought id tell you people what went down at WrestleMania 21~

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Oh my god that's a horrible show dude. Haas beats RICO, Haas as US Champ is nice but Rico as the challenger.....I mean, where is Carlito Cool? And that Intercontinental Title Match sucks ass too because Steven Richards is in it. You should have given the IC Title to Christian or Jericho and then that Fatal Four Way Match would be for the IC Title.


(Eddie Guerrero, Paul London & Rey Mysterio defeat Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki & Billy Kidman) WTF, what is Eddie Guerrero doing here? Back to the Midcard again eh...

But I don't know what you are going to do because I don't think this is your backstory. Good luck...

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Chapter Two: Part I

An Era Comes To An End: March 21st 2005

RAW had run along smoothly for the evening thus far and it was just about time for Vince McMahon to make his way out onto the stage to give his “YOUR FIRED” speech to Eric Bischoff…

Both Eric Bischoff & Vince McMahon were standing face to face in the center of the ring and the crowd was hot and really into the segment…

Then the moment came…

Vince McMahon: Eric, YOUR FIRED!!!

The fans erupted as he said those two very words… What fans weren’t erupting for or expecting was what happened next…

Vince McMahon suddenly dropped to his knees and was clutching at his chest… RAW went off the air at that very second… Eric Bischoff dropped down and was helping Vince McMahon… Eric Bischoff saw the blood pouring from Vince’s chest and the fans in the arena were in shock… EMTs rushed down to the ring and attended to Vince McMahon however there was nothing they could do…

Vince McMahon was announced dead on arrival at the hospital… Vince McMahon had been shot, clean in the heart and nobody in the arena heard anything because of the crowd noise…

Police filed a report stating that the death of Vince McMahon was that of a murder and that there would be an on-going investigation with every single employee in the WWE… The police have come to the understanding that only someone within the company could have known when to make the shot and from where the position Vince was shot from…


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Seems like I'm always contradicting you FDM.. but here goes...

Oh my god that's a horrible show dude. Haas beats RICO, Haas as US Champ is nice but Rico as the challenger.....I mean, where is Carlito Cool?

Rico is a solid competitor in ring and has a good gimmick going, he's the effeminate legitimate competitor, Goldust did it and he was IC champ, why not Rico with US champ? Just because Carlito has gold now doesn't mean he would have by WrestleMania.

And that Intercontinental Title Match sucks ass too because Steven Richards is in it. You should have given the IC Title to Christian or Jericho and then that Fatal Four Way Match would be for the IC Title.

Richards is BELOVED by Smart Marks, and if given the chance could do tremendous work for marks (EG: Right To Censor). If booked correctly Richards could be legit, Jericho and Christian could do with being on a higher plateau, but yes, I can see what you mean them being better choices than Richards.

(Eddie Guerrero, Paul London & Rey Mysterio defeat Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki & Billy Kidman)    WTF, what is Eddie Guerrero doing here? Back to the Midcard again eh...

See who Eddie is fighting present day? Jindrak and Reigns, essentially the midcard anyway.

Edited by Benji o' Doom~!
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dont expect this very often But i am going to have to agree with *shudders* Benji *shudders* here.

Rico would be a good challenge and it would have agreat storyline going in.

Plus I for wouldn't have liked to see Christian/Benoit/Jericho/Kane fight for the Intercontinential Belt because they are too good for it. Venis is at the level where he could gain from holding the IC belt.

Oh and I'm guessing Linda is murdered as well. Probably by the same person who murdered Vince.

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The card had its good sides, but there were two things I esepcially didn't like:

The finish of the Stacy-Trish match: I can't see a Wrestlemania 21 match, any WM 21 match, ending in someone tapping to the leg-scissors. Long gone are the days in which leg-scissors ended matches.

The finish of the Triple H-Orton: A Wrestlemania match, especially one for the championship, can't end in a draw. I just can't see it happening. And it's Triple H and Randy Orton! A rivalry built for over 6 months!

Other than that, it was a good card.

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The card was solid IMO. Rico and Haas? That would be a very interesting thing to see in real life. I like the whole love triangle concept of Rico-Haas-Jackie.....though in the other side, wouldnt it be better to be a Rico vs Jackie match? Cause as I see it, Rico LOVES Charles than Miss Jackie...ok I'll stop now, cause I think I'm getting too disturbing for my own self.

McMahon dies.....not another of these type diary. I'll forgive you man, cause this story is cooler than your last one. Seeing your sig that its just Shane and Steph, its gonna be interesting what they can do to the WWE. That is if it will still stay after what happend to Vince and what WILL happen to Linda. Cheers to your new diary. I would add a smilie with a 'cheers' on it with two smilies with a beer...but I got the Kevin Nash syndrome right now(tored quad not included).

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Guest Zidane lived

I liked everything here except for two things.

1)  WrestleMania draw

2)  Vince dieing.  I don't like deaths in diaries like that.  Have him retire or something, but I don't like the death.

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Chapter Two: Part II

An Era Comes To An End: March 21st 2005

~VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED~ This next piece of writing is supposed to in NO WAY offend anybody and should only be taken as that, a piece of writing. This next part may offend some people and if it does, I am truly sorry…

Just as it was announced that Vince McMahon had died something else was about to found… Something that nobody in their right mind would have liked to have seen…

Police officers arrived at the McMahon residents to deliver the news to Linda McMahon about the death of her husband… Upon arrival at the mansion though, nobody answered the door… Shane McMahon & Stephanie McMahon both said that their mother was at the mansion when RAW went off the air, so the police officers found this very odd… The officers kicked down the door and searched the place… Upon entering the main bedroom, the officers found a very disturbing scene…

Linda McMahon was found tied up on her bed… There was blood everywhere throughout the room, it was all over walls, the bed, the ceiling, the lot… Her pants had been ripped clean off and her underwear was torn and down around her ankles… Linda had been strangled, raped & tortured to death…

The ambulance arrived and took Linda’s body away… It was announced that both Vince McMahon & Linda McMahon had been murdered on March 21st, 2005… The police will be investigating both deaths and think that they are both related…

The next Smackdown! Has been canceled and it is the day in which the funeral for both McMahon’s will be held…

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Although I think the backstory is going a LITTLE too far, I couldn't help but laugh at this:

It was announced that both Vince McMahon & Linda McMahon had been murdered on March 21st, 2005… The police will be investigating both deaths and think that they are both related…

Now THAT makes the whole thing a little more shocking ;).

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Seeing how this is nothing more than a diary, I for one am not offended by any of this. I mean come on, you if you want to read the usual "Vince retires" or "Vince has a heart attack" and some "lucky kid" takes over, they are just about anywhere. This is somewhat of a fresh new way to approach a WWE without Vince/Linda diary. I think it's a good diary so far. I love to see people go to all kinds of extremes in their diary just for the sake of the art of putting together an interesting show. You my friend get a thumbs up. :thumbsup:

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looking good phat, can't wait for it to unravel so we can see who did it. i might have an idea who would do it but once again your the writer so we will never guess correctly cos anything can happen.

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Chapter Three

Funeral Happenings; The Beginning Of A New Era

It was Thursday, the day in which the bodies of Vincent K. McMahon and his lovely wife Linda McMahon were due to be buried and they were buried very successfully… The funeral ran brilliantly with no interruptions… Numerous speakers spoke about Vince, Linda & The WWE...

Shane & Stephanie McMahon sat down after the funeral with a number of their lawyers to discuss what Vince & Linda had left to them… The will had stated that everything belonging to Vince & Linda McMahon was too be sold with the exception of the WWE and all its trademarks and contracts… All the money proceeding from the sales would be divided equally between Shane & Stephanie McMahon… Everything WWE wise was left in control of Shane & Stephanie McMahon… Shane as of that moment was named the Chairman of the WWE whilst Stephanie got Linda’s old position at C.E.O… There was also a letter from Vince McMahon written personally to his children which stated that he wanted the WWE to continue immediately following his death and didn’t want them to close it down for anything… Shane & Stephanie both signed the contracts and inherited what had been left to them…

They both left the funeral and were on their way back to Stanford where they told all the wrestlers that they were staying on their current shows and everything would be back to normal as of the following Monday night’s RAW event in Washington…

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Equals Heel

Equals Face

Equals Tweener

Main Event

Chris Benoit - Heel - RAW

Edge - Heel - RAW

Randy Orton - Face - RAW

Shawn Michaels - Face - RAW

Triple H - Heel - RAW

Big Show - Face - Smackdown!

Eddie Guerrero - Face - Smackdown!

John Bradshaw Layfield- Heel - Smackdown!

John Cena - Face - Smackdown!

Kurt Angle - Heel - Smackdown!

Undertaker - Face - Smackdown!

Upper Midcard

Batista - Heel - RAW

Chris Jericho - Face - RAW

Christian- Heel - RAW

Kane - Face - RAW

Rhyno - Heel - RAW

Shelton Benjamin - Face - RAW

Booker T - Tweener - Smackdown!

Charlie Haas - Face - Smackdown!

Rey Mysterio - Face - Smackdown!

Rico - Heel - Smackdown!

Rob Van Dam - Heel - Smackdown!


A-Train - Heel - RAW

Matt Hardy - Face - RAW

Maven - Heel - RAW

Rob Conway - Heel - RAW

Steven Richards - Tweener - RAW

Tajiri - Face - RAW

Test - Face - RAW

The Hurricane - Face - RAW

Tyson Tomko - Heel - RAW

Val Venis - Face - RAW

William Regal - Heel - RAW

Billy Gunn - Face - Smackdown!

Billy Kidman - Heel - Smackdown!

Bubba Ray Dudley - Heel - Smackdown!

Chavo Guerrero - Heel - Smackdown!

D-Von Dudley - Heel - Smackdown!

Luther Reigns - Heel - Smackdown!

Mark Jindrak - Heel - Smackdown!

Rene Dupree - Heel - Smackdown!

Lower Midcard

Chuck Palumbo - Heel - RAW

Garrison Cade - Heel - RAW

Sylvan Grenier - Heel - RAW

Gene Snitsky - Heel - RAW

Akio - Heel - RAW

Carlito Caribbean Cool - Heel - Smackdown!

Danny Basham - Heel - Smackdown!

Doug Basham - Heel - Smackdown!

Funaki - Face - Smackdown!

Hardcore Holly - Face - Smackdown!

John Heidenreich - Heel - Smackdown!

Johnny Stamboli - Face - Smackdown!

Kenzo Suzuki - Heel - Smackdown!

Nunzio - Face - Smackdown!

Paul London - Face - Smackdown!

Scotty Too Hotty - Face - Smackdown!

Shannon Moore - Face - Smackdown!

Spike Dudley - Heel - Smackdown!


Carmella - Heel - RAW

Christy Hemme - Face - RAW

Dawn Marie - Heel - Smackdown!

Gail Kim - Heel - RAW

Hiroko - Heel - Smackdown!

Ivory - Face - RAW

Jazz - Heel - RAW

Lita - Face - RAW

Miss Jackie - Face - Smackdown!

Molly Holly - Heel - RAW

Nidia - Face - RAW

Stacy Keibler - Face - RAW

Torrie Wilson - Face - Smackdown!

Trish Stratus - Heel - RAW

Victoria - Face - RAW

Ohio Valley Wrestling Development

Aaron Aguilera

Aaron Stevens

Alexis Laree

Antonio Thomas

Bobby Lashley

Brent Albright

Chad Wicks

Chris Cage

Chris Masters

Christopher Nowinski


Jillian Hall

Johnny Jeter

Johnny Nitro


Mark Magnus

Matt Cappotelli

Matt Morgan

Melina Perez


Nick Dinsmore


Orlando Jordan

Rodney Mack



Shawn Daivari

Tank Toland

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Is it just me, or does it serve little purpose to color-code AND label heels faces and tweeners?

Plus, maybe I'm sadistic, but:

It was Thursday, the day in which the bodies of Vincent K. McMahon and his lovely wife Linda McMahon were due to be buried and they were buried very successfully…
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March 28th, 2005

WWE RAW opens up with a huge video vignette… The vignette covers the career and life of Vince McMahon & Linda McMahon… The video goes for a good ten minutes before it closes with a Rest In Peace symbol to both McMahon’s... Pyrotechnics explode and WWE RAW hits the air live on Spike TV…


Evolution by Motorhead hits throughout the arena and the fans boo like mad… Triple H appears on the stage with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt over his shoulder and Ric Flair by his side… Triple H & Ric Flair strut down to the ring with big smirks on their faces and the fans show their disgust… Triple H & Ric Flair jump into the ring and Triple H grabs a microphone…

Triple H: Well, Well, WELL… Look who still has the WWE World HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP firmly around his waist… I told all you morons that I would keep my belt at WrestleMania and that’s exactly what happened… isn’t it naitch?

Ric Flair: Damn straight it is… The champ is still in the house… WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Triple H: That’s not the only reason why Evolution is in a good mood… You see last week Eric Bischoff was fired from RAW and that leaves no one in charge except EVOLUTION… Evolution WILL run the show, whether you like it or not…

Shelton Benjamin’s theme music interrupts Triple H and the fans go crazy… Shelton Benjamin makes his way out onto the stage and he has a microphone in his hand…

Shelton Benjamin: Yo, shut the hell up… You might be the champ at the moment but that still doesn’t make me like you… As a matter of fact I still haven’t seen anything to make you worthy of being the champ at the moment and I think your nothing more than a CHUMP…

Triple H: You’ve got some real nerve coming out here and telling me that… I think you should bring your ass down to this ring and ill show you why I am the champ…

Shelton Benjamin drops his microphone and begins to walk down to the ring when… RANDY ORTON’S music hits… Randy Orton appears on the stage and the fans go wild with cheers… Orton picks up Shelton’s microphone and begins to talk…

Randy Orton: Shelton, at WrestleMania you cost me the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when you interfered in the match but you do make a very clear point… Triple H, Flair, you two cowards are standing in the ring like you own it… I know for a fact that half the locker room is ready to rip your throats out at any given moment… You know though, there is two men in front of you that would do just about anything to take that title off of your waist…

Triple H: Anything… Sorry son, there is nothing you can do to take this belt from around my waist… NOTHING…

~Here Comes The Money~

Shane McMahon’s music hits loud throughout the arena… The fans go crazy as they hear his music and they are all wondering what he is doing here… Shane McMahon walks out on the stage and greets Randy Orton… Shane McMahon has a microphone in his hand and he looks to speak…

Shane McMahon: I was sitting in the back and Triple H, I heard you say that Evolution is running RAW now…

Triple H: Your damn right we are…

Shane McMahon: Well think again Hunter… There is no chance in hell I would leave RAW in your hands… You see I’ve already appointed a new General Manager of RAW…

Triple H: WHAT?

Shane McMahon: You heard me… Before I give the power of RAW to this person though, there is a match that I would like to make for tonight… Seeing as though RAW still has no main event… I think we should have ourselves a little tag team contest… Tonight in that ring we will see Triple H & Ric Flair take on the team of Randy Orton & Shelton Benjamin…

The crowd goes wild when they hear that match announced…

Triple H: You think your smart don’t you Shane… You think that Evolution will be tamed by some new General Manager, well… YOUR WRONG… Evolution doesn’t back down from anybody…

Shane McMahon: We’ll see, won’t we… Ladies and Gentlemen… The NEW RAW General Manager… TED DIBIASE!!!

~Million Dollar Inc.~

Ted DiBiase’s music blasts over the titantron and the fans go crazy… DiBiase struts out onto the stage and he shakes hands with Shane McMahon and looks Randy Orton up and down before shaking his hand… Shane McMahon leaves and gives DiBiase the microphone…

Ted DiBiase: Hello Boys… It seems we have a little problem out here, now don’t we… Triple H I think it is about time you need a little reality check… You wont control RAW as long as I am the General Manager… You hear me boy…

Triple H: You can come out here and claim that you run the show but you know damn well you cant control me…

Ted DiBiase: Is that right son… There’s a Pay Per View coming up called WWE Backlash… Well I’ve just cancelled that Pay Per View and made a new one… WWE BETRAYAL… You know what Triple H… I’ve just figured out the perfect main event for Betrayal… You WILL be defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal Fourway Match against Shelton Benjamin, Randy Orton & just to even out the sides, RIC FLAIR…

Triple H: WHAT? DiBiase, you cant make that match… Flair will never be apart of it…

Ted DiBiase: Actually, he will be apart of it… Because if he doesn’t… Ric Flair will be FIRED on the spot… Let this be the beginning of something great wont you boys… Now to all the boys in the back… I will be a fair General Manager, and ill say one more thing… Whoever said Money Can’t Buy You Happiness, was either messing with you or really STUPID, because with Ted DiBiase, MONEY CAN AND WILL BUY YOU HAPPINESS…

Money Inc. hits again and the fans in the arena begin to cheer as Ted DiBiase drops his microphone and disappears into the backstage area… Triple H & Ric Flair stare at each other in the middle of the ring in disbelief whilst Randy Orton & Shelton Benjamin have smirks on their faces…

Rating: 95%

Stacy Keibler is walking around the backstage area with the WWE Women’s Championship Belt around her waist… Stacy Keibler walks around the corner and bumps into Molly Holly…

Molly Holly: Watch where your going air-head…

Stacy Keibler: Sorry, you were the one with your head down though…

Molly Holly: Wow, you think because you’re the WWE Women’s Champion you can do whatever you want… Well that’s not true… You better watch your back miss… There’ll be a lot of girls out to get you now…

Stacy Keibler: I’m sure I can handle myself…

Molly Holly smirks as Stacy Keibler goes to walk off… Stacy gets past Molly before Molly nails her… Molly grabs Stacy and throws her into the wall… Stacy bounces off the wall hard and lands face first on the concrete… Stacy Keibler is down and out… Molly Holly walks away dusting off her hands and the fans in the arena are booing wildly… The WWE Women’s Champion has been laid out by Molly Holly…

Rating: 81%

Matt Hardy vs Batista

Twist Of Fate hits and the fans go crazy. Matt Hardy appears on the stage and he looks prepared for a fight. Matt Hardy comes charging down to the ring and the fans cheer him every step of the way. Matt Hardy runs into the ring and has a smirk on his face as Evolution’s music hits. Batista appears on the stage and he looks all business. Batista comes down to the ring and Matt jumps over the top rope and lands on top of Batista. Matt grabs Batista’s head and begins to viciously slam it into the floor. Matt Hardy gets off Batista and rolls into the ring. The referee rings the bell and the match officially starts. Batista pulls himself up and rolls into the ring under the bottom rope. Matt pounces on Batista and nails him with some rights and lefts. Batista shrugs off Matt Hardy which causes boos from the fans. Batista climbs back to his feet and dodges a dropkick attempt from Matt Hardy. Matt gets back to his feet and Batista nails him with a huge clothesline. Matt Hardy hits the mat with brute force and looks to be dazed. Batista grabs Matt Hardy off the mat and hoists him into the air. Batista plants Matt into the mat with a deadly spinebuster. Batista covers Matt Hardy and the referee makes the count. 1……………2……………… Matt Hardy just sneaks his shoulder up in time. Batista gets back to his feet and eyes off the referee. Batista grabs Matt Hardy and is suddenly stunned as Matt grabs him and plants him into the mat with a Twist Of Fate. Both Batista and Matt Hardy are down. The fans are chanting Hardy as they try to revive him. Matt starts to get back to his feet when MAVEN enters the ring through the crowd. Matt turns around and sees Maven in the ring. Matt has a confused look on his face. Maven walks up to Matt and grabs him. Maven shocks Matt and plants him into the mat with a vicious DDT. The referee calls for the bell and disqualifies Batista. Matt Hardy picks up the win. Batista gets back to his feet and smiles towards Maven. Maven grabs Matt off the mat and throws him towards Batista. Batista catches him and sets him up. SITOUT POWERBOMB! Batista drives Matt Hardy into the mat with the Sit-Out Powerbomb and the fans are booing in disgust. Batista grabs Maven’s arm and holds it high into the air. As he does this TEST comes running down the ramp. Batista & Maven both high tail it out of the ring as Test slides in. Batista & Maven walk up the ramp and into the backstage area with smirks as the fans in the arena cheer Test for making the save for his friend Matt Hardy.

Winner via DQ: Matt Hardy

OR:80 CR:81 MQ:81

Chris Benoit is shown on the titantron and he is watching the footage from WrestleMania 21… We see Kane pick him up and slam him into the mat with a Chokeslam before pinning him and getting the three count… The fans are cheering as Kane is victorious… Chris Benoit grabs the TV set and throws it on the ground… There is an explosion and as the TV set his the ground… Benoit is standing there with a angry look on his face… The fans in the arena have no idea what is going on in the head of Chris Benoit…

Rating: 83%

The Hurricane vs Tyson Tomko

Stand Back… There’s a Hurricane Coming Through. The Hurricane’s music hits and the fans in the arena go crazy. The Hurricane appears on the stage and he has Tajiri by his side. The Hurricane & Tajiri are wearing the WWE World Tag Team Championships as they walk down to the ring and the fans cheering them on. The Hurricane’s music is interrupted though as Tyson Tomko’s begins. The fans let out their disgust through boos as Tomko appears on the stage with his tag team partner, Chuck Palumbo. Tomko & Chuck cockily walk down to the ring. Tomko slides into the ring and gets right into The Hurricane’s face. Tyson slaps The Hurricane and the match begins. The Hurricane retaliates and tries to clothesline Tomko but ends up knocking himself down. Tyson grabs The Hurricane off the mat and nails him in the gut with a boot. Tyson sets up Hurricane for a Powerbomb but The Hurricane counters it and rolls off the back of Tomko. Tomko turns around and Hurricane nails him with a dropkick to the face. Tomko backs up against the ropes and The Hurricane runs through and nails him with another huge dropkick. Tomko falls over the top rope and lands on the outside just in front of Tajiri. Tomko quickly gets back to his feet with a look of shock on his face and the fans are going crazy. Tomko notices Tajiri and steps into his face. Tomko begins laughing as Tajiri doesn’t back down. Tomko turns to walk away but changes his mind and spins back quickly. Tomko nails Tajiri with a Yakuza Kick and the fans in the arena begin booing. The Hurricane comes off the top rope and splashes Tomko. Chuck Palumbo runs around the ring to check on his partner. The Hurricane begins to argue with Chuck Palumbo. Tyson gets back to his feet and slides into the ring. Tomko has the referee distracted as The Hurricane tries to re-enter the ring. Palumbo grabs him and throws him into the steel ring post. The Hurricane hits it hard and flies into the barricade. Chuck begins to laugh as he grabs Hurricane and rolls him back into the ring. Tomko grabs Hurricane off the mat and plants him in the middle of the ring with a Tombstone. Tomko covers The Hurricane and the referee makes the count. 1…………………2…………………3! Tyson Tomko wins the match thanks to help from his tag team partner, Chuck Palumbo. The fans in the arena are booing crazily as Tomko & Palumbo celebrate in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Tyson Tomko

OR:77 CR:71 MQ:84

Backstage we see Steven Richards walking out of Ted DiBiase’s office with a huge grin on his face… As Richards walks past we get a glimpse into DiBiase’s office and we see him there fanning himself with a wad of money and a huge grin on his face… What the hell was that all about… The fans are booing as they think Steven Richards is up to no good…

Rating: 82%

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Val Venis © vs William Regal

William Regal’s music hits and the fans begin booing him. This is the man that ended Eugene’s career at the Royal Rumble after turning his back on the youngster and costing him a match against Ric Flair in a loser leaves town match. Regal appears on the stage and he begins waving to the fans which prompts more boos than cheers. Regal comes down to the ring and begins shadow boxing. HELLOOOO LADIES! Val Venis’ music erupts and the fans go crazy. Val Venis appears on the stage and he has the WWE Intercontinental Championship Belt around his waist. The fans go crazy and most of them are the female ones. Venis gets into the ring and begins to gyrate as he removes his towel. Regal has enough and attacks Venis whilst he is removing his towel. Regal begins to kick at the fallen Venis. Regal applies pressure to the shoulder of Venis with an arm bar. Venis reaches with his free arm and grabs the ropes to break up the submission. Regal continues to hold on though until the referee pulls him off at the 5 count. Regal gets back to his feet and begins to argue with the referee. Venis climbs up and Regal nails him in the face with a forearm shot. Venis flies towards the corner and hits it hard. Regal runs and nails Venis in the corner with a clothesline. Regal grabs Venis and nails him with a suplex out of the corner. Regal covers and gets the count. 1……………2…………… Venis gets his shoulder up at the last second. Regal gets back to his feet and turns away from the referee. Regal pulls a pair of brass knucks out of his trunks. The fans begin to boo like crazy. Regal begins to stalk Venis as he starts climbing back to his feet. Venis gets up and turns around. Regal lines him up and goes for the Power Of The Punch but Venis ducks out of the way. Regal turns around in shock and Venis grabs him. Fisherman’s Suplex delivered from Venis to Regal. Venis has the leg hooked and the referee counts. 1………………2………………3! Venis retains the Intercontinental Championship. Venis gets up and the referee hands him his belt. Steven Richards comes running down the ramp way and the fans are booing wildly. Venis turns around to leave the ring but gets blasted with the Steven Kick. Venis is out cold in the center of the ring. Richards picks up the WWE Intercontinental Championship Belt and poses with it. The fans in the arena are booing wildly though and Richards just smiles at then as he holds the belt. Richards throws the belt down on Venis before leaving to a monstrous amount of heat.

Winner & Still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Val Venis

OR:78 CR:68 MQ:88

Shawn Michaels is shown backstage on his cell phone and the fans give him a huge cheer…

Shawn Michaels: Nice… Yeah, I haven’t had any problems since WrestleMania… It seems like I’m in the clear… Really… You’ll be here next week… Awesome, yeah ill be here to greet you man…

Suddenly Edge appears from nowhere and cracks Shawn Michaels in the back of the skull with a wild chair shot… Shawn Michaels falls to the ground and looks to be in a serious amount of pain… Edge has a sick and twisted look on his face as he begins laying into HBK’s legs with the chair… Shawn Michaels is down and in a serious world of hurt as the fans are booing the actions of Edge…

Edge: No Shawn, you wont be here next week… I’ve just been and seen Ted DiBiase… He has signed another match for Betrayal… Edge versus Shawn Michaels… I’m finally going to take care of your career and put you out of commission for good… These people don’t want to see you, they want ME!

Edge drives the steel chair into the face of Shawn Michaels… The fans in the arena boo and begin an asshole chant as Edge drops the steel chair and walks away with a smile on his face…

Rating: 99%

Chris Jericho vs Maven

5…4.36…3.25…2.01…1…0… BANG… Break The Walls Down… Chris Jericho’s music hits throughout the arena and the fans go absolutely nuts. Jericho appears at the top of the stage as the lights come back on. Jericho turns around and begins to walk down the ramp. Suddenly RHYNO comes running out onto the ramp and nails Jericho from behind with a wicked GORE~! Jericho is down and his back is in a serious amount of trouble following the Gore. Rhyno picks Jericho up off the ground and then slams him hard into the steel ramp again. Jericho is down and rolling around on the ramp in pain. Jericho begins to climb back to his feet and the fans are booing the actions of Rhyno. Jericho gets up and Rhyno grabs him and whips him into the steel barricades. Rhyno has a sick smirk on his face as he picks up Jericho off the ground. Rhyno charges Jericho backwards into the side of the ring. Jericho’s back torques against the ring and the fans don’t like what they are seeing. Rhyno picks Jericho up off the floor and nails him with a boot to the gut. Rhyno drives Jericho into the floor on the outside with a vicious jumping piledriver. Jericho is out cold as Rhyno scrapes him off the floor and rolls him into the ring. Maven cockily comes running down to the ring. Maven starts bouncing around the ring like he has done all the work. Maven places a foot on the chest of Jericho and the fans begin to boo. There is nothing the referee can do except make the count. 1……………2………………3! Maven takes the win over Jericho here and the fans hate it. Rhyno completely destroyed Jericho before the match even began. Why did Rhyno do that? What does Rhyno have against Jericho? Maven leaves the ring to the boos of the fans as EMTs rush out to check on Jericho.

Winner: Maven

OR:86 CR:89 MQ:81

Kane & Lita are shown backstage in a locker room and the fans cheer loudly…

Lita: You would never believe who I just spoke too… Matt came and saw me…

Kane: He wouldn’t want to have touched you…

Lita: No don’t worry he didn’t… He just wished us all the best and told me, that there were bigger things happening in the WWE than you and I… Kane, the whole time I was with you whilst you were recovering from what Snitsky did, I never got to tell you that I know it wasn’t your fault what happened and I never got to thank you properly for saving me from Snitsky…

Lita grabs Kane and gives him a huge kiss… The fans in the arena cheer wildly…

Lita: Thank You… Now you do realize you’ve got a match with Snitsky next week don’t you…

Kane nods…

Lita: Good… I want you to show him, the real meaning of pain… Then after we are through with him… We will move on to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship…

Kane nods again as the camera fades out and the fans in the arena are cheering wildly…

Rating: 72%

Triple H & Ric Flair vs Randy Orton & Shelton Benjamin

Evolution blasts over the titantron and the fans in the arena begin to boo loudly. Asshole chants pick up as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H and his partner Ric Flair appear on the stage. Triple H poses with the championship belt before walking down to the ring. Triple H & Flair get into the ring as Randy Orton’s music begins. Orton comes charging down to the ring and takes down Triple H. Orton begins to pound away at Triple H. Flair pulls Orton off of Triple H but Orton takes him down with DDT. Orton goes back to Triple H and begins laying into him. Flair slowly gets back to his feet. Flair kicks Orton low and from behind. Orton falls to the mat in pain. Flair grabs Orton’s leg and begins to drop his knee down into his thigh muscle. Orton is on the mat and is in pain. Shelton Benjamin’s music erupts and the fans cheer. Shelton comes charging down to the ring. Triple H meets Shelton as he slides into the ring. Shelton takes down Triple H and begins to pound on him as well. The fans are going crazy for Shelton. Evolution’s music blasts throughout the arena again and the fans erupt with boos. Batista & Maven appear at the top of the stage. Batista & Maven charge down to the ring and join the action. Batista grabs Shelton and throws him across the ring. Shelton gets up and turns around. Maven comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Batista picks up Shelton off the mat and plants him in the middle of the ring with a Sit-Out Powerbomb. Maven goes over and helps Triple H up. Triple H has a pissed look on his face as he gets back to his feet. Triple H leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. Triple H slides back into the ring with a steel chair in hand. Triple H tells Flair to pick up Orton. Flair picks up Orton and holds him up for Triple H. Triple H goes to blast Orton with the chair but Orton moves and Triple H nails Flair in the face with it. Flair is down and looks almost out cold. Triple H gets frustrated and swings again at Orton. This time however Triple H drives the chair across the back of Orton. The referee has left the ring and thrown the match out. Orton & Shelton have been completely destroyed at the hands of Evolution here. Maven shakes hands with Triple H and it looks as though Evolution has a new member. Batista is trying to revive Flair after the wayward Triple H shot. Flair gets back to his feet and is eyeing off Triple H. The fans in the arena are booing this display from Evolution. Flair rolls out of the ring and leaves Evolution standing in the middle of the ring. TEST & MATT HARDY come charging down the ramp way and the fans go nuts. Test & Matt Hardy are carrying steel chairs with them. Evolution quickly scrambles out of the ring. Test & Matt Hardy stand tall in the middle of the ring as Evolution retreats with smirks on their faces. Flair stops and is standing between Evolution and the guys in the ring.

Winners: No Contest

OR:84 CR:85 MQ:84

As WWE RAW goes off the air we see Ric Flair still eyeing off Triple H and Evolution whilst Test & Matt Hardy help Randy Orton & Shelton Benjamin up to the cheers of the fans…

Overall Rating: 83

Television Rating: 5.27

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I don't like the set-up (Vince and Linda being murdered - and Linda being raped), but I do like where this is going.

I've used DiBiase as an authority figure in several games, and he was always one of my favorite wrestlers\managers. Good choice. But....

If he's evoking stuff from the Million Dollar Man gimmick, or actually still using it, I hope he's a tweener instead of a face.

(And I'm going to be disappointed if Flair is being thrown into the match at Betrayal so he can be the one who gets pinned.)

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