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I've only started watching this new series. I know that two schools merged and the old teachers had to move to a new school, but what I don't get is why the new teachers seem to ignore and hate the other teachers. Can anyone enlighten me?

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I don't like it cos Kurt and whats-is-name have left.

Those two were great.

The episode in series 3 where he ends up in the wheelchair and makes the school have disabled events at sportsday is one of the funniest episodes of anything evah.

As for this, I think all the teachers are worried that their jobs will be cut so some of them will have to be fired.

Or some have given up positions as head of department because of the move.


Bob: "I'm the daddy, I'm the f***ing daddy!"

Okay so that was funny.

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We were never told how Brian/Kurt/Matt died (Series 3 finished with them outside the pub, but the date they died was the day the school broke up, so I presume they had a car crash or something driving home). Without Brian and Kurt it just doesn't seem like Teachers anymore to be honest. Penny and Bob are really the only long remaining characters I care about (Penny started Season 2, Bob was on from the beginnning but both only became majorish in season 3 once Susan, Jenny, Simon and JP left). There is Carol and Liz and Clare though. Just wondering, is Carol's baby Kurt's or is it someone elses?

All of the new characters seem okay. Damian is the best. Ewan has countless possibilities with Clare after him, and Bob trying to get him sacked. But the RE teacher (Ben I think), I dunno, he just doesn't interest me at the minute. (But did anybody else notice when him Damian and Lynsey were lying back against the wall he looked like a small version of Brian?)

It's good (Mainly because of Bob, he's the fucking greatest character on TV at the moment) but it just doesn't feel like Teachers. I see Bob becoming the new "Simon" of the series, with lots of it being around him. I hope he does get his mail order bride, as it would be absolute hilarity. So, it's good but it just doesn;t feel like Teachers to me.

Also a couple of other notes, Lynsey's (sp?) accent annoys the fuck out of me, it's toned down from the last series but it still seems like over-dramatised geordie, eugh. And Penny looks even hotter this series, that is all.

Can't wait to buy Season 3 on Monday, w00t. The wheelchair one was great (The Bob and Liz affair episode was good too).

I'm just wondering, out of the 3 previous series what was your favourite? I'm going with 2 then 3 then 1. I don't think 4 will be as good as 3 but from the first episode it looks about on a par with 1's first episode.

Also another reason the teachers previously at the school are ignoring the ones brought in when it was merged, is a sort of play on the new kid kinda thing. The stereotype that the new kid is ignored, they're just twisting it so that the new teachers will be ignored, trying to show that the teachers are childish (If you've seen previous series, that's pretty much true).

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Yeah if Bob had left as well as Brian & Kurt I'd have lost all faith in the show but the 3 new guys seem quite good and Clare making the buzzer noise was funny as hell but Bob pissing in the bin was the best.

Oh and the episode from season 2 where they all tried to convinve Brian that he's gay is my favourite

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Just really a question, changing the topic slightly. What are your 5 favourite Teachers episodes?

Mine are,

1. The one where they wind up Brian, so he thinks he's gay (Episode 4, Season 2)

2. Sports Day/Disabled Sportsday one (Season 3, don't know the episode)

3. The one where they have to do the surveys on the kids, the one after Simon leaves (Episode 9, Season 2)

4. Christmas Party Episode (Episode 10, Season 2)

5. Simon coming back for 1 episode (Season 3, again I don't know the number)

The top three are really close, they'll probably change a lot. The one on the surveys is hilarious as Brian/JP just make up disfunctional problems. For example, JP has one that is "He couldn't do his homework because his dog ate his mum".

And Kurt's, which ranks up with the greatest line in any TV history.

Kurt : They found their mom in bed with the vacuum cleaner and discovered that their father was a cross-dressing caberat act called Madaam Flamingo

Brian : Fuck, who's that?

Kurt : I dunno, but i'm sure i'll think of someone

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