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The *OFFICIAL* The Bill Discussion Thread


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Surely some people on here watch The Bill. One of my favourite programmes ever made on British TV.

Anyway, do you think Gabriel is going to get away with murdering Kerry, I hate him, why doesn't anyone see that he is a twat :angry:. I think someone else is going to go down instead, maybe Andrea, what does everyone think?

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I used to really like The Bill but the last 2 years or so it has sucked a lot. Paul Marquess has ruined what used to be one of the best shows on television. There was a time when the episode had a start, a middle and an end. Now it's all confused and confuzzled. I just want UK Gold to go back to the start again or at least the early 90's. DI Deacon, DS Grieg, Tosh, June, Carver, Quinnan, Boyden, Bob Cryer. That was when it was good.

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Yeah, Kerry was well fit. Now there's pretty much, Honey and that's it (The reporter woman is nice too, but I don't know if she's still on).

Am I the only one who thinks the storyline about that woman (I don't know names) and her daughter has been going on too long. (I think it's that guy who keeps on sniffing around who abducted her. You know the one who analysed the letters).

In fact all the stoylines went on too long. The reporter, the missing daughter, the reporter, Gabriel (The rapist/Sniper/Mass Murderer/Not really Gabriel and has a fake ID, storyline), Kerry, the guy and the Radford's etc. And the gambling storyline with Jim, just doesn't interest me.

The only person who remotely interests me is Smithy, but he's still a lot watered down from his original stint.

Anyone remember Duncan? What the fuck happened to him, he was amazing.

I agree, it's a lot worse from what it used to be. Around late 90's to 2000 was when it was at it's peak, interesting characters, shocking storylines. But now, everything is way too over the top to be taken seriously, or it's been done before and is boring. But the main problem is that the characters seem so boring (Well most and that the stories aren't believable and anyone could play it, it doesn't matter that it's them. Whereas back in the good ol' days, the storylines were done to suit the characters. Now the characters are just manipulated in order to suit the storylines). It needs an overhaul, a drastic overhaul (Also, anybody remember Des. he was the last good character The Bill's had IMO) if it's going to be good.

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I preferred it when it was episodic, but now it's a soap and I have gone off it.

I did see tonights episode though. I was kind of getting into it, then at the end they showed a preview of the next episode with Jim being all pissed off, so they've basically given away that the bet doesn't work for him - now I don't need to watch the next one!


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Duncan got shot, IIRC. He was cool though..

As was that Aussie guy. I think he's still in it..

If you're thinking Duncan Lennox, he transferred to MIT after D.I. Cullen left.

And I hope Gabriel gets away with it. Best character in it at the moment. Though the bad guys usually are (Taviner, Beech, Chandler, Boulton, Burnside...)

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