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Dumb enough to buy Ashlee Simpson's CD?

Lord Nibbler

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A US pressure group is offering music fans the chance to trade in copies of singer Ashlee Simpson's album for "one of a higher entertainment quality".

Fans can bring the CD to a New York venue and exchange it for one by Elvis Costello, The Ramones, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin or others.

The stunt is being held by a group calling itself Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment (Hope).

Simpson recently sparked a furore when she was found to be miming on TV.

She fled from the stage of Saturday Night Live after a guide track she was using started without her. The singer later said she had been suffering from a sore throat and was using the tape to reinforce her voice.

Hope has targeted the film Taxi, with members approaching movie-goers in queues outside cinemas "to alert patrons that it is substandard fare".

The group has also demonstrated against celebrity socialite Paris Hilton, at a Los Angeles signing event for her book Confessions of an Heiress.

Members carried placards with slogans such as "Why are you famous?" and "You can't buy brain cells".

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HOPE might be the best group to come around in a while. They are trying to help stupid people stop watching/listening/seeing horrible entertainment. I applaud their efforts.

Ashley Simpson and Paris Hilton are trashy, and not in a good way either.

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Did you guys know that Ashlee Simpson's nose had an uncredited cameo as a shark fin in Open Water earlier this year?

You won't find that kind of news on IMDB....that's a Numbahs exclusive.  :thumbsup:

Well that explains why the movie was so terrible!

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My mom loves Ashlee Simpson.....

She sings in the car whenever it's on the radio... thus why i have resorted to heading to the heavy metal stations... only one in the entire Southwest Virginia area...

"On a monday, I am waiting, on a tuesday, I am fading.."

She's hot.... but geez i really hate that...

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