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Def Jam: Fight For NY


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I recently recieved the new Def Jam game, and I have to say that i'm impressed. I was getting tired of wrestling games, so instead of opting for the new Smackdown! game I went for this, after it got a 9/10 in both GMR and the OPM. And i've got to say one thing, it's amazing.

The story may be a little bland (save fight club runner from police, fight for him against other owner, plot twist, etc.) but iot works great actually, but that's not where the game does it for me, the fighting aspect is where it shines. A lot of people say that the AI's too cheap, but that's only because they don't know how to play it properly, once you learn the block\counter system and what tactics to use against the 15+ fight styles, you'll have it down.

The graphics are also excellent, damage on the fighters is great and all the models look like their real life counterparts. But before I ramble too much and start sounding like a review, let's start some discussion.

A better part would be the fact that I got to kick the shit out of Sean Paul finally.

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5. The Fighters

-001: Baby Chris

-002: David Banner

-003: Baxter

-004: Method Man as Blaze

-005: Bless

-006: Bo

-007: Bone Crusher

-008: Bubba Sparxxx

-009: Capone

-010: Carmen Electra

-011: Chiang

-012: Cindy J

-013: Comp

-014: Fat Joe as Crack

-015: Crazy Legs

-016: Snoop Dogg as Crow

-017: Cruz

-018: D-Mob

-019: Dan G

-020: Redman as Doc

-021: Elephant Man

-022: Erick Sermon

-023: Fam-Lay

-024: Flava Flav

-025: Freeway

-026: Ghostface Killah

-027: Havoc

-028: House

-029: Ice-T

-030: Jacob

-031: Jervis

-032: Joe Budden

-033: Kimora

-034: Lauren

-035: Lil' Flip

-036: Lil' Kim

-037: Ludacris

-038: Mack 10

-039: Busta Rhymes as Magic

-040: Manny

-041: Masa

-042: Meca

-043: Memphis Bleek

-044: N.O.R.E.

-045: Nyne

-046: Omar Epps as O.E.

-047: Pockets

-048: Prodigy

-049: Henry Rollins

-050: Rome

-051: Santos

-052: Scarface

-053: Sean Paul

-054: Shaniqua

-055: Shawnna

-056: Skull

-057: Slick Rick

-058: Snowman

-059: Solo

-060: Starks

-061: Sticky Fingaz

-062: Stingray

-063: Suspect

-064: Teck

-065: Trejo

-066: Trick

-067: Warren G

-068: WC

-069: Xzibit

As you can see, the bigger named or more mainstream guys have their names changed to play characters in the game. It's a big roster, but you can create just about anyone through the story mode, so meh.

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I thought someone was joking when they told me Rollins was in the game (cause he's a media whore) but I guess it's true. I dunno about getting this though as the last Def Jam game got to be like back and fourth reversals, just really boring after a while.

Yeah they've changed it so that you don't need to be "Blazin'" to finish a guy off. So you don't have like 50 minute matches. It's more of a fighting game now then a wrestling game.

Some matches will take a while, but never over 8 minutes I say, once you're good, you'll fire off combos and kick ass in under a minute. You can win a few ways, but you don't just by dropping your opponents health meter. Once they get low "Danger" flashes in their bar and you have to start a sequence finish them off now, it won't count if you go out and back in. You win by:

1) Crowd attack, when you get a crowd member to help.

2) Strong grapple attack, not really wrestling although it's one of the styles

3) Weapon attack.

4) Wall\object\environment attack

5) Special ability, for example streetfighters can knock out opponent with a haymaker, kickboxers with a flurry of kicks.

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