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I Need More RATM...

Dr. Rated-R

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Rage Against The Machine:

Killing In The Name Of..

Wake Up


Sleep Now In The Fire

Born As Ghosts

No Shelter

War Within A Breath

Renegades Of Funk

Take Tha Power Back

Township Rebellion



Bullet In The Head

Bulls On Parade


Calm Like A Bomb

Zack de la Rocha:

We Want It All

March of Death

EDIT: Added a few more.

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"Bulls on Parade", "Down Rodeo," "Born of a Broken Man," "Wake Up," "Bombtack," "Calm Like A Bomb," and "War Within A Breath," are you best choices. Awesome songs.

I also like "Ghost of Tom Joad," "Voice of the Voiceless" and "Killing in the Name."

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"Calm Like A Bomb" pwns.

One of the only three times I was ever tricked by Hollywood to watch the end credits of a film, in this case The Matrix Reloaded.

What were the other two times?

The other two Matrix movies. ;)

I don't know why the third one didn't continue the trend and use a RATM song to finish out the movie. It didn't seem right.

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Guest Bluesman

My dad taped their concert in Mexico City, I believe it's called something like "The Battle for Mexico City", I'd recommend picking that up if you can. I've also got one where it is a mix of concert footage and music videos. It just says "RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE" on the front, with a red star in the middle, a black background, and a snapshot of the band playing live at the bottom. It comes in both VHS and DVD (I have the VHS, unfortunately)

The best is when, before one of the songs, Morello's mom is on stage and goes "And now, the best band in the fucking universe, Rage Against The Machine"...old people swearing kicks ass.

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They also released their last ever concert on DVD and CD - "Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium" which is a great gig to end off an even greater career. "Freedom" is a song which hasn't been mentioned and its one of my favourites.

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You really should get all the CDs, there's only 4 (5 if you count Live & Rare), and they're probably about $12 per CD by now, you won't be dissapointed...Live & Rare is an import though, and you (probably) can't find it for less than $30. It's worth the price, although RATM is in my top 5 favorite bands.

But, if you just want songs, my favorites are:

No Shelter

Voice of the Voiceless

People Of The Sun

Bullet in Your Head

Born of a Broken Man

Sleep Now In The Fire

Down Rodeo

War Within A Breath

Tire Me

Bulls on Parade


Clear The Lane

Fistfull of Steel

Township Rebellion

Pistol Grip Pump

Microphone Fiend

The Ghost of Tom Joad

Maggie's Farm

In My Eyes

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I used to be the biggest RATM mark in middle school, but these days not so much. However, I still like to pop them in every so often for a bit of my own personal nostalgia. If you like one Rage song, you're probably going to like almost anything they have done. Their first two albums in particular are very good, the third one was decent, and Renegades of Funk is ok if you like covers. My recommendation is starting with their self-titled album, then Evil Empire, and if you really like those then move onto Battle of Los Angeles and Renegades of Funk. It's too bad they broke up because Audioslave just does not do it for me.

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