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Smackdown: 2003

Guest Jebus

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WWE Wrestlemania XIX Results

• Matt Hardy pinned Rey Misterio to retain the WWE Cruiserweight title

• The Undertaker defeated A-Train & The Big Show in a "handicap" match

• Trish Stratus defeated Victoria and Jazz in a "three way" match to win the WWE women's title

• Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas defeated Chris Benoit & Rhyno, and Los Guerreros in a "three way" match to retain the WWE tag team titles

• Shawn Michaels pinned Chris Jericho

• Triple H pinned Booker T. to retain the World heavyweight title

• Hulk Hogan pinned Vince McMahon in a "Street fight" match

• The Rock pinned Steve Austin

• Brock Lesnar pinned Kurt Angle to win the WWE heavyweight title

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Isn't Kurt Angle meant to be having neck surgery?

Wasn't Backlash still a joint PPV? (Lesnar defended against Cena, I seem to recall)

Does it even matter?

Anyway...Lesnar already did Undertaker and Big Show to death over the previous 6 months, so it's really a matter of whether to turn Benoit or Edge (on the presumption that they'd have to turn). In which case...I go with Edge.

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  • Admin

I started the split PPVs a bit early.

Angle actually didnt need surgery afterall.

Edge just needed time to heal his neck, so he'll be back shortly.

It's a shame that the humour was unintentional, because I laughed out loud at that.

Seriously, you should have gone into greater detail over why Steph was letting the fans choose - that's the sort of announcement that would undoubtedly be made on Smackdown itself.

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Brock Lesnar has a new challenger!

In a recent poll created by our own Stephanie McMahon, we finally have a winner. Edge won the contest cleanly, with second and third place winners close behind, Chris Benoit and Big Show closely behind. We all look forward to our Judgment Day Main Event.


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Smackdown! Preview for April 03, 2003

Tune in for the fallout of Wrestlemania XIX! Its sure to be a great show, as Stephanie McMahon will make a world-wide public announcement about the new number one contender. Also, Eddie Guerrero will be taking on A-Train, while Team Angle will be taking on a newly formed team.

Confirmed Matches:

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benoit vs. Tajiri and Funaki - Non Title

Eddie Guerrero vs. A-Train

Shannon Moore vs. Rey Mysterio

And Stephanie's special main event!

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Smackdown Results

"The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson starts playing, with the usual video, and at the end it shows Brock Lesnar’s amazing victory at Wrestlemania XIX!

Stephanie Announces the New Contender!

As soon as the intro is over “All Grown Up Now” starts playing, and Stephanie McMahon comes down to the ring. She gets into the ring, and gets a microphone.

Stephanie - Welcome tooooo Smackdown! First of all, I would love to congratulate our new WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar! For every champion, there needs to be a challenger. And you, the fans, picked that challenger. In a close match, Edge won first place, followed by Chris Benoit in second. I know what you might be thinking, Edge is still hurt from his vicious attack at No Way Out. Well, I’ve talked to him and his doctors. His doctors said that Edge is not injured at all, and that he will be able to wrestle and less than three weeks. Edge also said himself that he wants a match the night he gets back! And for tonight's main event, we’ll see Brock Lesnar go one on one with a man that wants revenge on Brock, John Cena!


Stephanie McMahon gained overness from this segment.

--Commercial Break--

Backstage, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin are backstage with their Tag Team Titles on their shoulders.

Shelton - Good job partner, nothings going to get these titles off us.

Charlie - You know it, we’re Team Angle, the world’s greatest tag team. No team can beat us, not Los Guerreros, not Chris Benoit and Rhyno, not anyone!

Shelton - Exactly. Did you hear any news on Kurt?

Charlie - I heard he’s coming back next week, hopefully.

Shelton - I can’t wait till his rematch, then Team Angle will be Team Gold.

Charlie - Hey, we got a match to get to, let’s go.


Team Angle vs. Tajiri and Funaki - Non Title

Tajiri and Funaki are just getting in the ring and Team Angle’s music starts playing. Shelton starts things out with Tajiri. The two start grappling, but Shelton gets a cheap shot in. he starts stomping on Tajiri, and puts Tajiri in a leg lock, until Funaki stops the hold. The referee tries to get Funaki back in his corner, while Charlie Haas runs in. The two start double teaming Tajiri, and the ref doesn't see it. Haas then attacks Funaki, and Funaki falls face first onto the mat outside. While the ref tries to see what's wrong with Funaki, Shelton gets one of the tag titles, and nails Tajiri with it! While Haas watches on, Chavo Guerrero pulls him off the apron. Eddie then runs in and hits Shelton with the other Tag Title! Eddie puts Tajiri on top on Shelton, and Los Guerreros hide under the ring. The ref sees the pins, and runs in, 1...2...3 Eddie and Chavo get out of under the ring and walk off laughing at Team Angle, who can’t believe they just lost.

Winners: Tajiri and Funaki

Chavo Guerrero Jr debuted his new gimmick (Rebel), it got a positive response. Eddie Guerrero (Rebel) debuted his new gimmick, it got a positive response.

--Commercial Break--

Rey Mysterio vs. Shannon Moore w/Matt Hardy V1

The two starts going at it with quick attacks, but no one gets an advantage until Matt Hardy started interfering and starts toying around with Mysterio. this continues until Shannon accidentally knocks Rey into the referee. Matt takes advantage of this, and runs in and nails Rey with his Cruiserweight Title! Shannon covers and Matt wakes up the referee, 1...2...3! Matt Hardy gets in the ring and continues his assault on Mysterio, telling him he’ll never be the champion!

Winner: Shannon Moore

72/67/84 ***

Shannon Moore gained overness from this match.

The Devil’s Advocate

A video starts airing with a dark theme, with a dark voice in the background.

“I’ve been in the dark too long.”

“Their shadows consume me.”

“It’s time to come out!”

“You’ll see me soon”

“And remember, I warned you!”


--Commercial Break--

Is This Cena’s Night?

Backstage, John Cena is standing next to Josh Matthews.

Matthews - John Cena, tonight you will be facing Brock Lesnar, and comments?

Cena - Why would I be here if I didn't have no comments? I so hyped up for this match, I’m not even going to rap for this one. Its been months since I got my rematch with Brock. He injured my leg, and I’ve been waiting so much for this for too long now. When I win this match, then I finally get my title match. But wait, hers a tiny rap for you. “Yo Brock, you thought I was gone, but by the end of tonight, you’ll be just like William Shatner, screaming “KHAAAAAAAAAAN!”


--Commercial Break--

Backstage, Undertaker is on a phone, talking to his wife, when all of a sudden the FBI runs in and attacks him! The beat him down with steel chairs until he's is unconscious.

Nunzio - Lets go tell the boss, his work is done!


The Undertaker lost overness from this segment.

Eddie Guerrero vs. A-Train

As we come back from the backstage segment, you can hear the train, and out comes A-Train. After he gets in the ring, “We lie, we cheat, we steal” starts playing and out comes Los Guerreros, and Chavo holding a steal chair and stays on the ramp if Haas and Benjamin attack them. To two trade blows, and have a long match, until Eddie busts out the tri-fector suplex, then gets the Frog Splash for the 1...2...3! Los Guerreros celebrate, then leave.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

77/77/78 **1\2

--Commercial Break--

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena - Non-Title Match

First out is Cena with his usual jersey but with a serious look on his face. Then Brock Lesnar's music starts playing, and comes out to the ring sporting his WWE Title and new pyro. The two fight for close to twenty minutes in a long, and grueling match, with lots of cheating by John Cena. Cena starts to get sick of the beating, so his picks up his steel chain. He goes to hit Brock, but Brock nails the F-5 on him! 1...2...3!

Winner: Brock Lesnar


Wolverine Hunted

As Brock is celebrating, we are shown backstage footage, and someone is knocked out, its Chris Benoit! Theres blood all over the ground and the back of his head. WWE officials and superstars such at Rhyno, and Los Guerreros are trying to help him and figure out what’s happening. We leave Smackdown with a huge mystery!


Chris Benoit lost overness from this segment.

Overall Rating: 69% (Ouch)

We got a 5.85 rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The attendance level was 7510 people.

We made $300400 from ticket sales.

Brock Lesnar and John Cena didn't 'click' in their match, maybe due to their mismatched skills causing their styles not to gel? - Road Agent

I think I should be higher up the card. - Eddie Guerrero

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin work well together as a team, it adds to their matches. - Road Agent

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Velocity Results - Saturday April 5, 2003

Recap Video of Chris Benoit's attack from Smackdown!


Chris Benoit lost overness from this segment.

Los Guerreros def. The FBI (Palumbo and Stamboli), Team Angle failed attack afterwards

84/76/93 ****

Matt Hardy def. Brian Kendrick

76/68/84 ***

Recap Video of Stephanie McMahon announcing Edge as the new contender to Brock's Title


Brock Lesnar lost overness from this segment.

Recap Video of Undertakers attack


"The Boss" gained overness from this segment.

Nunzio def. Billy Kidman with help from Stamboli and Palumbo

71/59/83 **1/2

Overall Rating: 70%

We got a 4.45 rating for 'Velocity'!

The attendance level was 7529 people.

We made $301160 from ticket sales.

NWATNA got a 0.69 television rating for 'XPlosion'!

The event was attended by 4538 people.

They made $181520 from ticket sales.

WLW TV, Xplosion, HWA TV, Rage TV, La Lutte FLI, and Fake You TV are trying to compete with us, but are being destroyed in the ratings. - Road Agent

I think i should be higher up the card. - Chuck Palumbo

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I already do short recaps for Smackdown matches. >_>

But, Velocity is meant to be a small show, so I dont give much details for it.

And for Nunzio, Im really thinking of making FBI a strong group. Dont have much ideas for them right now though.

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