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Call to Duty Finest Hour Official Thread

The Sultan of Swank

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Well, I don't know how many of you actually have this game, but I got it for Christmas and to me... it is insanely hard.

Anyways, I guess this could be a help/discussion thread about the game.

If anyone knows how to beat the mission where you have to desroy the airfield as the russians (I think it's the 5th or 6th mission) please tell me. I can get to the airfield but I keep dying from planes exploding on or near me, and because of the overwhelming Panzer guys.

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I refuse to buy the game simply because the absence of offline multiplayer. I did rent it though and made it to the point where your the sniper and have to protect the tanks , making sure no one entered the building. I couldn't get past the second part of that mission.

the game was good but I was really looking forward to offline multiplayer

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Just purchased it and about to play it now, i'm doing it on easy first though :P.

EDIT: Well that's gay. I was at the mission where Puskov has been shot and you had to storm the bunkers, i was down to the last pillar box to destroy, the central one, and i killed someone and there was a gun lying on one of the wooden bits of the bunker, so i got up and pressed X and the screen went black and all i hear is that painfully annoying music and the sound of planes.

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This is one hell of a game, and i reccomend buying it to anyone. It's not so much as hard, but the missions are long and you just have to be careful, make sure you kill people, don't expose yourself.

Fortunately i'm on easy mode so health and medi-packs are easy to come by, i don't know if they are in the higher levels. So yeah, i'm walking around lost in the sewers, Kirelenko is dead, Sokolov is nearly dead. The occassional enemies pop out and give me a heart attack, they get picked off with the snipers.

Oh and the music is scaring the hell out of me, way too tense, X-Boxers have it good :P.

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yea the music makes me so paranoid.

I can't wait for you to get to the factory and go nuts there.

Also, if you beat the mission where you drive a tank through hoards of Nazi's, then to an air base, fight off planes, more Nazis and get into the factory where the assholes with panzer rockets shoot at you, then you have to go into the middle of a runway and shoot planes down before they get off the ground...

tell me how you did it.


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If there so much better, go make a topic about them and keep them away from here. This is a Call of Duty: Finest Hour thread, not a Call of Duty: Finest Hour is better than other games for certain reasons thread. So, take it elsewhere.

And Basha. Help me with this factory mission now. How can you stop them shooting the doors when there is like 498349 shooting. Secondly, even if i lie down and look through a boarded up window area, they still see me and shoot me, that's a gripe about the game.

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