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Strange Flash Game


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I just solved it all after quite a few tries. It too me a while to realize the effect needed for the mountain with... SPOILERS

the orange thing...


Yeah, I wasn't sure whether you needed it to be a volcano or not for it to work, but it was alright once you figured out the sequence.

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How is this game confusing? It’s very simple. All you got to do is get all the items to their maxed level. You got to find the right sequence. Items interact with other items, like to get the cube to max out, you need to get the ladder maxed out. The point system is rubbish. All you need to concentrate on is how many items you maxed out.

Here's the combos you need...

#1 The Propeller (Maxed) – Tornado (Maxed) – TV Screen – Satellite (Second Level) – Rocket Pad (Maxed)

#2 Orange Ball (Sun stage (Last level before maxed)) – The Propeller (Maxed) – Tornado (Maxed) - Gear (Maxed) – Rocket Pad (Maxed) – Egg (Hatched (Last level before maxed))

#3 Mountain (Second Level) – Pipe (First Level)

#4 Ladder (Maxed) – Cube (Robot Form (Last level before maxed))

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