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How much do you spend on 'Entertainment' a month?


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CD's, DVD's, VHS, Video Games, Books, things like that. Not counting cinema tickets, gigs, theatre trips, visits to the pub or anything like that. Just media that you take home to keep.

I only ask because I'm budgeting for next month in my head as I spent far, far too much last month and I wondered what everyone else spends.

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Oh god knows.

I'm in the midst of collecting the X-Files sexy boxsets, and I'm midway through season 3 now.

Basically, once I finish one season I'll get the next, so it depends for me. I'd say about £100 or so at least though.

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Probably about $150 a month. Fluctuates depending on whether or not I order a WWE PPV. The remainder of that is usually spent on DVDs and I usually buy one video game a month. I rarely put down money for an actual CD unless I can't get it from work.

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Depending on whether I am working good hours or not at work, its usually around $100 or so. Thats all DVD's. I dont buy music at all, I borrow it....uh...permently...from friends and other people that I just haven't met yet. :shifty:

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Unless it is a really good month for new releases (see: last October. Jimmy Eat World, the Used, and Sum 41 all came out that month), I usually buy one CD a month. I dont buy movies too often unless I really, really want to see it, and I rarely have time to play video games, so I dont buy too many of those. So, I would say between 10 bucks and 30 bucks. This month is going to be $30 unless I find something else to buy.

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ok this is all based on a weekly rate.

I spend $18 on video/dvd rentals(for the extra $2 I get to keep them a week)

I spend nothing on music because I listen to the radio.

as far as buying dvds/games

I buy maybe $20 worth of dvds a month (I buy all my dvds from ebay so if I search i can usually get around 3-4 dvds for $20)

I buy a new game every 4 months unless I come across a great deal on ebay

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It depends.

I don't 'regularly' buy anything entertainment-ish.

I buy stuff I like when it comes out. Stuff I like rarely comes out :P

Not including presents bought for other people, I haven't bought a DVD or computer game since Dawn of War came out (forgot when that was..November?)

I haven't bought a music CD since Rhapsody's Dark Secret in July (and that's not because of filesharing. Ok...maybe a little bit.)

So yeah, unless you count the £14.00 for broadband, I don't spend much on being entertained.

Edit: Actually, that's a lie.

About £20 a month for Warhammer. But again, that's not every month. Maybe every two months..

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