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Wrestling Tycoon

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theres a patch that supposedly fixes things but it only worked for a short time for me.

its pretty buggy ther interface is a little akward imo but other than that the concept is great , maybe with a few updates it can be good

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It needs a lot of work in the UI department, but the kid got skillz, fo sho.

It's a good starting point anyway, for a first try.

I'm assuming this is a first try?

Edit: BAHAHAHAHAHAA. This kid is blatantly an Orton mark.

Scratch that, a mark.

Look at Orton, Bradshaw and HHH's stats.

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In that case, it's pretty meh.

It looks like someone who just did a course in VB decided to make a sim. If he's been doing it for a while, he should've learned by now..

I do like the way he didn't blatantly copy EWR though.

He blatantly copied the X Tycoon games and PW instead :P

And why do you have to build arenas and then rent them when you want to run shows? :| You have to buy houses for your workers too..

It's a nice concept. Shame about the 'not making any sense at all' thing.

I'm not exactly sure why workers lose and gain stats after every match either. It took a minute or two to work out what was happening. Then it made no sense when I worked it out :P

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