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NWA: Total Nonstop Action

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A Short Historical Timeline of the National Wrestling Alliance


On July 14th, the National Wrestling Alliance is formed by Professional Wrestling promoters throughout North America in order to avoid stringent U.S. anti-trust laws. Although run as separate "territories," promoters agree to work with each other under the NWA banner. The first President is P.L. "Pinkie" George, while Orville Brown, the reigning Midwest Wrestling Association World Heavyweight champion, is recognized as the first NWA World champion, as the MWA is absorbed into the NWA.

On July 20th, Lou Thesz defeats "Wild" Bill Longson in St.Louis to capture the National Wrestling Association World Heavyweight title.


On July 27th, Lou Thesz defeats "Gorgeous" George Wagner in Chicago, to merge the old Boston-based American Wrestling Association version of the World title into the NWA World title.


On May 21st, Lou Thesz defeats Baron Michele Leone in Los Angeles, to merge the California version of the world title [also referred to by some historians as the Olympic Auditorium version of the World title] into the NWA World title. The match draws a record $103,277 gate, the first gate of $100,000 or more in U.S. history.


On June 14th, Edouard Carpentier defeats Lou Thesz in Chicago, when Thesz cannot continue due to a back injury. The NWA Board of Directors, however, rule that the title cannot change hands through an injury and gives the belt back to Thesz. Despite the reversed decision, Carpentier remains recognized as World champion in both Omaha and Los Angeles by the World Werstling Association in order to legitimize the lineages of their respective world titles.

On October 7th, Lou Thesz faces Rikidozan, the father of Japanese Professional Wrestling in Tokyo, for the first ever NWA World title match held in Japan. The match ends in a 60-minute time limit draw.


On January 24th, Lou Thesz defeats "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers in a one fall contest in Toronto. Promoters in the Northeast U.S., however, refuse to recognize the one-fall decision and form the World Wide Wrestling Federation with Rogers as their first World Heavyweight champion. Rogers would later lose the title to Bruno Sammartino in Madison Square Garden, a rematch of their 1962 Toronto bout. The WWWF would eventually become the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).


On September 17th, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair defeats Dusty Rhodes in Kansas City.


On February 9th, The Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes) defeats Ric Flair in Tampa, but returns the belt when asked to indentify himself by NWA president Bob Geigel, as it is ruled by the NWA Board of Directors that a masked man cannot wear the championship. Ric Flair continues to be recognized as the champion.

On July 4th, Ric Flair wrestles World Wrestling Federation (WWF) World Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund to a 20-minute double disqualification in Atlanta's Omni.


On January 11th, Ric Flair defeats Sting in East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA. With all but a few of the regional NWA "territories" no longer operating, the title begins to be referred to as the World Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight title by WCW television announcers as they make the two names interchangeable.

On March 21st, Tatsumi Fujinami defeats Ric Flair in Tokyo. Although Fujinami is recognized as the only NWA World Heavyweight Champion, the WCW World Heayweight title is given to Flair after the decision was changed by WCW to a disqualification, thus splitting the championship.

On May 19th, Ric Flair defeats Tatsumi Fujinami in St. Petersburg, Florida to re-unify the two belts.

On September 8th, Ric Flair is stripped of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship when he enters the World Wrestling Federation as the 'Real World Champion'.


On August 12th, Masahiro Chono defeats Rick Rude in Tokyo during the final match of a tournament to fill the vacant NWA title.


In September, WCW withdraws from the NWA over a dispute revolving around an upcoming Pay-Per-View match between Ric Flair and Rick Rude.

The result has the NWA no longer recognizing Ric Flair as its champion and WCW renaming the title the WCW International title.


Despite all the controversy with WCW in 1993, the NWA continues uninterupted as a legal entity, but without national television exposure and holds another tournament for the vacant World Heavyweight title on August 27th. Shane Douglas defeats Too Cold Scorpio in the tournament final in Philadelphia but refuses the belt saying the NWA is a dead organization; Eastern Championship Wrestling immediately announces their withdrawal from the NWA and changes their name to Extreme Championship Wrestling.

On November 19th, Chris Candido defeats Tracy Smothers in yet another tournament final in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA to fill the vacant title.


On February 24th, Dan "the Beast" Severn defeats Chris Candido in Erlanger, Kentucky, USA.


On January 5th, NWA President Howard Brody and NWA Executive Vice President Dennis Coralluzzo show up on WWF TV in New Haven, Connecticut to award the NWA North American title to the winner of a match between Jeff Jarrett and Barry Windham. It marks the return of the NWA to international television for the first time after a nearly five year absence. Three months later, Dan "the Beast" Severn makes his television debut.


On March 9th, Dan Severn defeated Shin'ya Hashimoto to win the title in Tokyo, Japan.

On May 28th, Dan Severn was stripped by unanimous vote of the NWA Board of Directors for not being able to schedule a title defense on June 19th in Huntsville, Alabama.

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NWA World Heavyweight Title History

Orville Brown - October 1948

Lou Thesz - November 27, 1949

Whipper Billy Watson - March 15, 1956

Lou Thesz (2) - November 9, 1956

Dick Hutton - November 14, 1957

Pat O'Connor - January 9, 1959

Buddy Rogers - June 30, 1961

Lou Thesz (3) - January 24, 1963

Gene Kiniski - January 7, 1966

Dory Funk Jr. - February 11, 1969

Harley Race - March 24, 1973

Jack Brisco - July 20, 1973

Giant Baba - December 2, 1974

Jack Brisco (2) - December 9, 1974

Terry Funk - December 10, 1975

Harley Race (2) - February 6, 1977

Dusty Rhodes - August 21, 1979

Harley Race (3) - August 26, 1979

Giant Baba (2) - October 31, 1979

Harley Race (4) - November 7, 1979

Giant Baba (3) - September 4, 1980

Harley Race (5) - September 9, 1980

Tommy Rich - April 27, 1981

Harley Race (6) - May 1, 1981

Dusty Rhodes (2) - June 21, 1981

Ric Flair - September 17, 1981

Jack Veneno - 1983 (Unofficial)

Ric Flair - 1983 (Unofficial)

Victor Jovica - 1983 (Unofficial)

Ric Flair - 1983 (Unofficial)

Harley Race (7) - February 10, 1983

Ric Flair (2) - November 24, 1983

Harley Race (8) - March 21, 1984

Ric Flair (3) - March 23, 1984

Kerry Von Erich - May 6, 1984

Ric Flair (4) - May 24, 1984

Dusty Rhodes (3) - July 25, 1986

Ric Flair (5) - August 7, 1986

Ronnie Garvin - September 25, 1987

Ric Flair (6) - November 26, 1987

Ricky Steamboat - February 20, 1989

Ric Flair (7) - May 7, 1989

Sting - July 7, 1990

Ric Flair (8) - January 11, 1991

Tatsumi Fujinami - March 21, 1991

Ric Flair (9) - May 19, 1991

Masahiro Chono - August 12, 1992

The Great Muta - January 4, 1993

Barry Windham - February 21, 1993

Ric Flair (10) - July 18, 1993

Shane Douglas - August 27, 1994

Chris Candido - November 19, 1994

Dan Severn - February 24, 1995

Naoya Ogawa - March 14, 1999

Gary Steele - September 25, 1999

Naoya Ogawa (2) - October 2, 1999

Mike Rapada - September 19, 2000

Sabu - November 14, 2000

Mike Rapada (2) - December 22, 2000

Steve Corino - April 24, 2001

Shin’ya Hashimoto - December 15, 2001

Dan Severn (2) - March 9, 2002

Credit to the Wrestling Information Archive for Historical Data

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May 15th, 2002

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Final Details on Jarrett's, NWA's New Venture

The finalized details of Jerry Jarrett new venture with the National Wrestling Alliance, a promotion to be the flagship of the NWA in the 21st century, finally has a name, and a debut date.

NWA: Total Nonstop Action will be holding its first show June 19th in Nashville, Tennesse, and it will be available live through most Pay Per View companies. Already announced for the show are names such as Scott Hall, Rey Mysterio Jr, Ken Shamrock, and of course, Jeff Jarrett.

Not much else is known, though the word through the grapevine is that the Jarretts plan to stay true to the traditional ideals of the NWA.

World Wrestling Entertainment Downsizes Developmental

In a suprise move, World Wrestling Entertainment has cut loose much of the talent in Ohio Valley Wrestling. This has shocked industry insiders, as many of those allowed to walk are considered exceptionally talented, and the future of the business.

Among those given their release were Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Nick Dinsmore, Rob Conway, and Doug Basham. Also getting their walking papers were ECW alum Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible.

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June 1st, 2002

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NWA: Total Nonstop Action LIVE on Pay Per View

June 19th, 2002


The National Wrestling Alliance. Tradition, History, and now, Total...Nonstop...Action!

Check with your local cable/Pay Per View provider, because for the low cost of only $10, you will get two hours of the finest wrestling action available anywhere. This isn't sports entertainment, this...is wrestling!

Twenty men will step into the ring, as The Gauntlet for the Gold will decide the next NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Will it be 'The Chosen One' Jeff Jarrett, or will 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino claim his second reign as champion? Maybe Scott Hall will take his place as the king of the ring. Anything is possible, as twenty of the sports best and brightest will duke it out for the title of best wrestler in the world today!

They've got 'cruiserweights', and we've got the X Division. What is the X Division you ask? Its not about weight limits, its about no limits, as the most exciting wrestlers in the world come together to compete in the fastest paced matches anywhere in the world. We'll have a taste of this exhilarating competition, as we have six of the world's best competing in tag team action as The New Church's Salem teams up with 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels and 'Primetime' Elix Skipper to take on 'The Last Dragon' Jimmy Yang, 'The Ragin' Cajun' Lash LeRoux, and Mexico's own, Psicosis!

Thats not all the X Division action we have for you, as the NWA's own A.J. Styles goes head to head with the man they call Low Ki! This is one match that could steal the show!

If thats not enough, tune in as two of the biggest innovators in wrestling history, 2 Cold Scorpio and Rey Mysterio Jr. do battle to find out just who is the best high flyer in United States history. Will it be the innovative and charasmatic Scorpio, or the fast paced and mysterious Mysterio? Only one man can walk away with bragging rights in this international collision!

All that, and more, so call your local cable provider, log on the internet, or write yo' momma, just do whatever you have to do to catch ALL the Total...Nonstop...ACTION!

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Fade in on a black screen, with just the NWA: TNA logo. A voice recognizable to WCW fans speaks.

Mike Tenay: ' What is the National Wrestling Alliance?'

Fade out of the logo, into grainy black and white tape of Lou Thesz. As each of the following speakers talk, they appear on screen, then give way to more tape.

Terry Funk: ' The NWA is history.'

More tape, this time of Harley Race, Dory Funk Jr., and Jack Brisco.

Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat: ' The NWA is tradition.'

Tape of Steamboat, Funk, and Barry Windham from the 80s.

Steve 'Sting' Borden: ' The NWA is Shoooooowtime!'

Dusty Rhodes, Kerry Von Erich, Sting.

Jeff Jarrett: ' The NWA is wrestling.'

Chris Candido, Steve Corino.

AJ Styles: 'The NWA is the future.'

Styles, Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper.

Steve Corino: ' The NWA is Total...Nonstop...ACTION!'

The NWA: TNA logo re-appears, then explodes into a LIVE shot of The Asylum where over 2500 fans rabidly await the premiere of NWA: Total Nonstop Action LIVE on Pay Per View!

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June 19th, 2002

NWA: Total Nonstop Action

Week One

LIVE on Pay Per View

The camera pans the crowd, then zeros in on the announce table, where 'The Professor' Mike Tenay is with Don West. Tenay and West welcome the fans to the first ever NWA:TNA live on Pay Per View, then immediatley send it to the ring, where Jeremy Borash is handling ring announcer duties for the first match in NWA: TNA history, a six man tag match as Jimmy Yang, Lash LeRoux, and Psicosis take on Salem, 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels, and 'Primetime' Elix Skipper.

Yang, LeRoux, and Psicosis made their entrance together, slapping hands and kissing babies. Ok, maybe not kissing babies, but you get the idea, before posing on the turnbuckles, and basically trying to hype up the crowd, which succeeded somewhat, as some fans remembered them from WCW.

Their opponents made their entrances individually, with Salem accompanied by New Church members Slash and Sinister Minister. The Minister spent a good portion of the entrance preaching the advantages of evil to the crowd, who weren't buying it, as Slash stood at his side. Daniels made his entrance in a hood, finally throwing it back to reveal his shaven head when he climbed into the ring, while Skipper jawed at the crowd, and slid into the ring.

Jimmy Yang, Lash LeRoux, and Psicosis vs Salem w/ Sinister Minister and Slash, Christopher Daniels, and Elix Skipper

Some fast paced action to start us off, as Tenay and West use this match to outline the X Division concept. Not weight limits... no limits, as he puts it. The faces seem a bit out of sync, put off by the random pairings, as well as the ranting of Sinister Minister at ringside, as he dosen't shut up the entire match, continuing to extole his own personal beliefs. Tenay puts over the athletic abilities of all six men, while West marvels at a beautiful double underhook piledriver by Daniels onto LeRoux that would have put the match away, had Psicosis not made the save.

The match breaks down into a spot fest, as Yang nails Salem with the Yang Time only to have Slash pull his partner out of the ring, while Skipper plants Psicosis with the New School ropewalk-rana, leaving Lash LeRoux, already stunned by the piledriver prey to a double team attack from Daniels and Skipper, as they plant him with a leg drop/backbreaker combo, allowing Daniels to get the pinfall victory for his team.

Winner(s): Salem, Christopher Daniels, and Elix Skipper (Daniels p. LeRoux)


After the match, Slash entered the ring, as Skipper and Daniels made their way to the back. The New Church members begin to attack LeRoux further, until Yang made the save, dropkicking both men from the ring, and jawing at the Minister, before helping the Ragin' Cajun to the back.

[Commercial for NWA:TNA merchandise featuring Steve Corino, Scott Hall, and Jeff Jarrett]

Back from the short merchandise commercial, and Tenay is in the ring, welcoming down NWA legend, Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat. Steamboat gets a nice round of applause from the audience, as he comes out in a simple suit, carrying a suitcase and a microphone. Steamboat shakes hands with Tenay, then sets the briefcase down at his feet.

Ricky Steamboat: ' Mike Tenay, it is my pleasure to present the NWA World Title here tonight, a title I, and many other legends in this business have held, have fought for. Tonight we will see the crowning of the next in this great line, when 20 men do battle in an over the top battle royal, with the final two men facing off in one on one competition. I'd also like to announce that I will be the special ref in that match, and will be awarding this title to one of those two men, who overcome the odds, and win the Gauntlet... FOR THE GOLD!'

The fans pop at the mention of the Gauntlet. Steamboat smiles out at the crowd, then raises the mic again, when Jeff Jarrett's music hits. Jarrett comes out, a smug smirk on his face, in a black TNA t-shirt, with his guitar over his shoulder, and a mic in hand.

Jeff Jarrett: ' Listen up slappy! You might as well open up that case, and hand the title over now, because you and me both know that none of those slapnuts in the back is capable of beating The Chosen One! None of them deserve to hold that NWA World Title, so we might as well put them out of their misery, and just get it over with.'

Jarrett continues on his way to the ring, fully intent on claiming the title right now, without a fight. Steamboat once again attempts to speak, but this time is cut off by a rip off of Ready or Not from the Fugees, which leads to the entrance of one, Scott Hall. Hall also has a microphone.

Scott Hall: ' Hey....yo!'

HUGE pop.

Hall: ' How many of you came here to see Jeff Jarrett... and who came here to see Da Bad Guy?'

The crowd cheers for Hall.

Hall: ' One more for da bad guy! Jeff Jarrett... you ain't nothin', and tonight, I'm gonna prove it! There's 18 guys in the back that think the same way, and tonight, one of them is gonna take your ass, and toss it over the top rope. Hell, it might just be me, and when I do, I'm gonna celebrate, because I would have taken out the biggest jackass in this whole company... SLAPNUTS!'

Jarrett is livid that Hall used his catchphrase, and starts jawing at Hall, when once again, music fills the arena. Both Jarrett and Hall look back at the entrance, and Steamboat is becoming more and more frustrating, as 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino steps out onto the stage.

Steve Corino: ' Will you both shut the hell up! No one cares about old geriatric patients who had their prime when dinosaurs still walked the earth! This is about the future, and the only future for you two is in an old age home... so... Last Call... Slappy... you two can step aside, because the only choice to hold that belt is someone who already has... The King of Old School... ME.... Steve Corino!'

All three men look ready to fight, right now, which the crowd loves, until finally, Steamboat is able to get a word in.

Steamboat: ' ENOUGH! This belt is going to be decided the right way... in the ring! You three, and 17 other of the world's brightest stars, are going to be in this ring tonight, and the best man is going to win, wether its Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, Steve Corino, or anyone else! Now, unless you want to lose your shot, I suggest that you calm down, and go get ready.'

All three men stare at Steamboat, who looks at them with a 'bring it on' type look. None of them look like they want to try the legend, the man who battled Ric Flair so famously, and finally make their way to the back, but not before Jarrett and Hall almost get into it, and Corino plays to the crowd. Finally, Steamboat thanks the crowd, and apologizes for the actions of the three men, before heading to the back as well.


Some face time for West and Tenay, who talk about what just happened, as well as run down the rest of the entrants in the Gauntlet for the Gold. They each make their picks, with Tenay going with former UFC champion Ken Shamrock, and West picking the New Church's monster Malice. Finally, some fast paced techno style music hits, as Christian York and Joey Matthews bound out of the back, slapping hands and getting the crowd hyped up for their match with The Harris Boys.

Pounding, drum driven music heralds the entrance of Ron and Don Harris, backed by their manager Francine, who immediately gets a small 'slut' chant. ECW dies hard, it seems. The Harris's seem to not give a damn about the crowd, as they focus their full attention on York and Matthews, as the slowly walk to the ring, and step over the top rope.

York and Matthews vs The Harris Boys w/Francine

York and Matthews use their speed and quickness advantage in the early going, with hit and run tactics, to bewilder the Harris brothers, and gain the early upper hand. Quick tags and lightning fast moves enable them to get a few nearfalls, but a missed kick attempt by York is the beginning of the end, as he's slammed down by Ron. York and Matthews' bumping really saves this match, as they make the Harris's look really good.

Don beats Matthews down with clubbing forearms, then sends him for the ride, and catches him with a big boot on the rebound, causing Matthews to somersault over, in what goes for a big spot in this match, as its very much grounded after the inital burst by the smaller men. York and Matthews are able to make a short comeback attempt after an enziguri by York, but he's absolutely demolished by a clothesline from Ron, who puts the match away shortly after with a H-Bomb.

Winner(s): The Harris Boys (Ron p. York)


The Harris's have little time to celebrate however, as they are attacked immediatley following their match, as out of the crowd come... The Pitbulls! Holy shit! Pitbull #1 and #2 take it to Ron and Don, and all four men brawl around the ring, as Matthews attempts to pull York out of harm's way, and get backstage. Pitbull #1 attempts to cave Ron's head in with a chair, as #2 and Don battle around, and over the guardrail. The entire time, Francine is going hysterical, calling for security, and freaking out, until...

Voice: 'Well...well...well...'

The former ECW fans in the crowd pop, as between the familiar phrase, and the voice, they know what's coming, as Joel Gertner makes his way out onto the stage, much to the chagrin of Francine.

Joel Gertner: ' It is I, Joel, if it walks like a slut, and sucks like a slut, it must be Francine, Gerrrrrtner!'

The crowd eats up the risque statements by Gertner, while Francine is furious in the ring, and the two tag teams continue to brawl, as finally security makes their way down in a, thus far, vain attempt to end the carnage.

Gertner: ' Never thought you'd have to hear those words again, did you Franny? See, what you don't realize is that while I forgive, I never forget. I'll never forget what you did, and neither will these two men. I forgive, they don't. They'll never forgive you for using them, for ruining their careers, all for your pitiful pursuit of the next big thing, and I'm told you are very fond of big...things.'

Francine can't believe it, as her face goes red, and she begins yelling at Gertner.

Gertner: ' Hits home, dosen't it? You see, The Pitbulls, they came to me, asked for my help, and I was more then happy to oblige, because, what you want to be, I am. I am a manager of champions, and you, you just hop along to the next co*bleep*, chasing gold. I make champions... you sleep with them.'

The crowd has started up a 'slut' chant now. Gertner has them really going, as Francine covers her ears in the ring, and does the same schtick she did in ECW, yelling at the crowd to shut up.

Gertner: ' I think we've done enough for today. We'll see you around Franny. Let's go guys.'

The Pitbulls finally stop straining against security, trying to fight with the Harris's, and follow Gertner out, leaving Francine to yell in vain at the departing trio.


[Commercial for the Gauntlet for the Gold, with a run down of all 20 men; Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino, Ken Shamrock, Malice, Curt Hennig, Rick Steiner, Buff Bagwell, 'Wildcat' Chris Harris, Brian Christopher, Glen Gilbertti, Konnan, 'Screamin' Norman Smiley, Sabu, Simon Diamond, Sonny Siaki, CW Anderson, 'Cowboy' James Storm, Jerry Lynn, and Ron 'The Truth' Killings.]

Tenay and West talk about what just happened, and Tenay's extensive knowledge of wrestling history shows through, as he talks about ECW, and how Gertner is right, the tag teams he lead won championships, while Francine did go from champion to champion. The two then put over the next match as another example of the great action in the 'X Division', as AJ Styles is slotted to take on Low-Ki.

Styles makes his entrance in a sleeveless hoody and wrestling trunks, and quickly pulls back the hood once in the ring, spinning around, looking at the crowd. He jumps up onto the turnbuckles, and poses for the crowd, before removing the hoody, and preparing for the match.

Low-Ki is the oppisite of the high energy Styles, slowly making his way to the ring, business-like in his demeanor. His face shows not anger, but a fierce competitive fire, as he is truely focused only on the task at hand. He climbs into the ring, and allows the referee to check his loose pants, before returning to his corner, and psyching himself up even further.

Low-Ki vs. AJ Styles

The two men begin the match by circling in the ring, before a lockup ends up with Styles getting taken over, and put in an armbar. He kips up, and flips out, and Low-Ki releases the hold. Another lockup, and Styles pushes Low-Ki back into the corner, before allowing him a clean break. A third lockup, and the oppisite happens, as Low-Ki pushes Styles into the corner, but there's no clean break, as he lets off a stiff kick to Style's midsection, doubling over the Atlanta native.

Ki pushes Styles to the ground, and sinks in a necklock style hold, forcing Styles to grab and claw for the ropes, and the break. The ref has to pull Low-Ki off at four, allowing Styles to roll from the ring, in an attempt to regroup. Upon re-entering, Low-Ki seems content to exchange strikes with Styles, but gets suprised when Styles grabs his leg, and trips him down, and attempts to work the leg, only to have Ki struggle away.

Both men back to standing, and now much more apprehensive of the other. A lockup results in Styles taking the ride, and Ki charges in with a blitz of kicks and strikes, slumping Styles in the corner. Ki backs up, and signals for a knee to the face, only to have Styles move at the last moment, as Ki crashes, knee first, into the turnbuckle. Styles immediatley moves in, utilizing a dragon screw, into a figure four, going for the submission victory. Ki fights the hold, but Styles holds firm, trying to turn up the pressure. A good half a minute passes, until Ki is finally able to rock his body weight over, AND REVERSES THE HOLD! Styles pounds the mat in frustration, but does not tap, and this gets the crowd behind him, as they cheer for him to break the hold. Finally, Styles reaches the ropes, but the exchange has taken its toll on both men.

The two men slowly rose to their feet, and once again met in the middle of the ring. Ki goes to the leg with kicks, but they seem to have lost some of their effectiveness after the damage done to them by Styles, although they are still enough to drive Styles to one knee, where a 'kick of death' attempt is ducked, allowing Styles to catch Ki from behind in a suplex! He takes him over, and immediatley goes for the cover, only getting a short two. Styles is frustrated, but dosen't show it, pulling Ki up from the ground, only to recieve more strikes, this time in the form of punches to the midsection, followed by chops to the chest. Ki backs Styles up into the corner with the chops, but is suprised when Styles REVERSES! Styles on the offensive, as he lights Ki's chest up, then sends him to the oppisite corner, only to recieve a pair of boots on a charge.

Styles collapses to the mat, allowing Ki to come off the second rope with a double foot stomp to the chest, driving the air out of AJ's lungs, and sending him rolling on the canvas, gasping for oxygen. Ki simply stands over him, and sets himself, a fierce determination on his face, preparing for what he hopes to be a final barrage of kicks. Styles struggles to a knee, and into the ropes, Ki winds up... kick is... NO GOOD! LOW KI MISSES! Styles swings around him... SNAP SUPLEX... SNAP SUPLEX... SNAP SUPLEX!!! A trifecta of snap suplexes has rocked Low Ki's world! Styles is in control, and looks towards the turnbuckle, contemplating going for the Spiral Tap Shooting Star Press, but with the damage to his leg, thinks better of it. He lifts Low Ki up, and positions him for the Styles Clash! Styles is moving slowly, due to his leg, which allows Low Ki to get a headscissors-rana counter! He flips Styles shoulders to the mat... ONE...TWO...THREE! LOW KI HAS PULLED THE MATCH OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A COUNTER TO THE STYLES CLASH!!! HOLY SHIT! STYLES CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

Winner: Low Ki


Low Ki is victorious, but dosen't look to be in the celebrating mood, keeping the same fiercely determined expression he has throught the match as his hand is raised. Styles slowly rises from the match, shaking his head in disbelief, as he truly believed he had the match won, until Low Ki pulled out that amazing counter. Looking around the ring, Styles finally focuses on Low Ki, and walks slowly over to his opponent, extending his hand. Tenay and West put over this show of sportsmanship, while Ki just looks at Styles. He seems about to accept the handshake, then stops... AND SPITS IN STYLES FACE!!! AJ Styles offers a handshake, and Low Ki disrespects him by spitting in his face! Styles is livid, but by the time he has a chance to respond, Low Ki is on his way to the back, not even looking toward the ring. Styles can't believe it, as he pounds the ropes in anger.

[Catch NWA:TNA Live on Pay Per View next week, when the X Division Tournament will kick off with 4 matches pitting 8 of the world's most exciting wrestlers against each other! Already announced for the tournament are 'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels, Salem, 'PrimeTime' Elix Skipper, and REY MYSTERIO JR! In fact, Rey Rey's in action NEXT!]

Back to The Professor and Don West, as they are appalled at Low Ki's actions, having considered him and honorable man, and a great wrestler. West says that competition can change a man, as he just got word that both Low Ki and Styles will be in the X Division Tournament starting next week! Tenay says thats huge, especially with how close that match just was. They then put over the two men in the next match, though they don't really need it.

Some generic hip hop music begins to play, as international star 2 Cold Scorpio makes his way out. He gets a nice reaction, as some recognize him from ECW, some from WCW, and some from Japan. He makes nice with the fans, before sliding into the ring, and doing a little electric slide style move for them, along with his signature Tumbleweed hand spin.

Scorpio's reception however, is dwarfed by his opponent, as the roof blows off when a re-masked Rey Mysterio Jr runs out, getting the crowd going by spinning around on the stage, then rushing to the ring, slapping hands the entire way. He slides into the ring, and poses on all four turnbuckles, before turning to Scorpio. The two have a short staredown, then Rey extends his hand, which Scorpio accepts, and the bell rings.

Rey Mysterio Jr vs 2 Cold Scorpio

Tenay is at the top of his game calling this one, as he runs down both men's impressive accolades. Mysterio, as usual, is at a size disadvantage, but has the upperhand in terms of quickness, though not by much. The two start off circling, and then lock up for a split second, before Rey gets taken over with an armdrag. He reciprocates on a second lockup, and then the two go into short lucha nearfall sequence, which seems to be lost on the majority of the fans, though it gets a smattering of applause.

Mysterio gets the upperhand with a dropkick, and quickly cinches on a hammerlock as 2 Cold fights to his feet. Flip over counter, and Mysterio is now in front of Scorpio, but still has the arm, which predictably leads to another armdrag, this time held, until Scorpio bridges his head, and rises up off the mat, to another small round of applause. Armdrag over, and they are using up Jericho's movelist in this match, as the move sends Rey from the ring.

2 Cold Scorpio takes a look around, then bounces off the oppisite ropes... PLANCHA SUICIDA! Both men crash into the guardrail, as finally the crowd reacts, even getting these two ECW alum a 'Holy Shit' chant. Pretty good for an old guy and a midget, eh? Scorpio is up first, and sends Mysterio into the ring. Springboard splash attempt is met with a sweet low dropkick, and both men are on the mat.

Mysterio rose first, and kept up the fast paced onslaught with a nice sprinboard rana to a rising Scorpio, that completely discombobulated the veteran, and sent him spinning into the ropes, his head and arms resting in between the middle and top ropes. Rey signalled to the crowd, then did a run up, jumping OFF SCORPIO'S BACK, INTO A BACKFLIP! That was nice! Scorpio's throat bounced off the ropes, and he fell backwards, holding his throat. The ref admonished Rey for the move, but it wasn't strictly illegal, so he let it go. Moonsault got two, and a second got two as well. The trifecta was thwarted as Scorpio rolled through, getting two of his own, but Mysterio reversed into a pinning combination of his own. Scorpio got his shoulder up, and broke up the sequence, pushing away from Mysterio.

Both men once again circled in the ring, and a lock up turned into a dropkick by Rey, staggering Scorpio, who then got dropped with a DDT. Rey bounded to the top rope, and startlingly, finished off the match with a Hurricanrana into a pin, holding onto Scorpio's legs for the sudden three count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr.


After the match, Rey extended his hand once again to Scorpio, who although angry at himself for losing the match, accepted, and the two left to the back together, as Tenay and West went into supermegahypedrive for the Gauntlet for the Gold, before sending us to the back for urgent breaking news! Ooooh, sounds exciting.

Backstage, 'Wildcat' Chris Harris is stretching, preparing to go into the Gauntlet for the Gold. He reads a small scrap of paper, and shakes his head disappointedly.

Chris Harris: ' Numbah seven... dammit.'

Suddenly, from off the screen, Harris is blitzed by an attach, as the New Church's 6'8. 300+ pound monster, Malice, absolutely crushes him with a lariat! Harris has no chance to fight back, as he's thrown around the backstage area, as Lucy Furr, formerly known as Daffney in WCW, jumps and claps happily in the background. Malice finally ends the assault, looking over at a now disappointed Lucy.

Lucy Furr: ' Awww, but Malcy-walcy... you promised...'

Malice nods, then picks up the beaten and bloody Harris, effortlessly sending him crashing, head first, into a nearby snack machine, sending broken glass and potato chips flying. Lucy happily skips over, and selects a bag of cookies from the machine, then skips out of the scene, leaving Malice to look at the carnage, before walking off as well.


Tenay and West are amazed at the strength of Malice, but wonder if Lucy is 'all there' as West puts it. Either way, they agree, Malice is a force to be reckoned with in the Gauntlet, and beyond. As they speak, running down the list of names going into the Gauntlet, they get news that Harris has been taken to a nearby hospital, but he will be replaced in the Gauntlet. Both men wonder about who could be taking his place, then re-affirm their earlier picks to be the next NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

As they talk, some island themed music hits, and 'Cocky' Sonny Siaki is announced. Siaki hits the stage doing his best Rock impression, even giving the crowd the 'People's Eyebrow', but it seems they could care less. Siaki seems a bit disappointed with his number, but a longshot is better then no shot, as they say.

The second man to enter the Gauntlet is the K-Dawg, as Konnan makes his way out, in full plaid shirt and bandanna. He yells 'Odala, ariba la raza, where my dawgs at?' to the crowd, which gets a small response, before ripping off his bandana and shirt, and rushing to the ring, to slug it out with Siaki.

Gauntlet for the Gold

20 Man Over the Top Battle Royal for the NWA World Heavyweight Title

Currently in Ring: (In order of entrance) Sonny Siaki, Konnan

Konnan takes it to Siaki with punches, then sends him off the ropes and nails his trademark rolling clothesline. The two seem content to just slug it out for now, though both make half hearted attempts to throw the other out during their minute alone in the ring. Finally, after brawling, the last ten seconds counts down on the small big screen, which prompts a portion of the crowd to count along.


I can't tell if its heel heat, or groans, as Marcus 'Buff' Bagwell hits the stage, in that shitty looking top hat of his. He flexes and poses for the crowd, but gets little more then legit boos from a small section of fans, before getting in the ring.

Currently in Ring: Sonny Siaki, Konnan, Buff Bagwell

Bagwell begins to brawl with Konnan, as Siaki takes a breather in the corner. After a few moments, he rejoins the fray, and Bagwell and Siaki begin to double team Konnan, until he's able to hit a double clothesline, and take both men down. Unable to throw either out, he resorts to playing to the crowd, who begin to count down the last ten seconds again.

Some dance style music hits, and Brian Christopher is out, sprinting to the ring. He throws off the old goggles he's still wearing, and leaps into the battle from the top rope, catching Bagwell and Konnan with an axe handle. Siaki then blitzes him from the side, and its every man for themselves as they pair off and brawl for the next minute, with several close calls, but no real chance at eliminations.

Currently in Ring: Sonny Siaki, Konnan, Buff Bagwell, Brian Christopher

Siaki is nearly eliminated near the 50 second mark, but is able to hold on and get back under the bottom rope, as the buzzer sounds.


It's Rick Steiner! The Dog Face Gremlin is wearing his traditional leather jacket/headgear combo, and runs to the ring, sliding in, effectively bringing any chance of an actually interesting wrestling move to zero. He doles out punches to all involved, then back to the clusterfuck we go!

Currently in Ring: Sonny Siaki, Konnan, Buff Bagwell, Brian Christopher, Rick Steiner

The ring is filling up, and all 5 men take turns brawling with each other, with the odd man out catching his breath in the corner. Steiner seems to have the upperhand, but Siaki is going strong, and still battling with Konnan. Brian Christopher faces near elimination on a whip by Steiner, but 'skins the cat', and stays alive. The buzzer sounds.

A rip off of Riders on the Storm hits, as 'Cowboy' James Storm rushes to the ring, throwing his Stetson into the crowd, and diving right into the action. He gets roughed up by Steiner, but holds his own.

Currently in Ring: Sonny Siaki, Konnan, Buff Bagwell, Brian Christopher, Rick Steiner, James Storm

All six men are involved in the brawl now, and Bagwell seems to be the target of most of the aggression, as several attempts are made on his World Title hopes. Tenay and West mention that Chris Harris' spot is up next, and wonder who could be filling it. They don't have to wait long, as the buzzer sounds, and the jig is up!

Familiar music hits for the second time tonight, as Rey Mysterio Jr makes his second appearance, making the crowd happy. The masked superstar runs to the ring, and springboards in, nailing Steiner with a dropkick as he does.

Currently in Ring: Sonny Siaki, Konnan, Buff Bagwell, Brian Christopher, Rick Steiner, James Storm, Rey Mysterio Jr.

Konnan is thrilled by the entrance of his long time friend, and the two immediately form an alliance, going to work to throw Siaki from the ring. Just when it looks like they'll succeed, a Mysterio dropkick attempt goes awry, AS HE ELIMINATES KONNAN! Neither men can believe it, and Konnan angrily yells at Mysterio, who dosen't have much time to apologize, as he's pulled back into the match. Konnan angrily pounds the ring apron, but eventually leaves, his championship dreams dashed.

Eliminated: Konnan by Rey Mysterio Jr.


That can only mean one thing, as Glen Gilbertti makes his umm.. much heralded... entrance, dancing his way down the ramp in his best John Travolta impression. He passes a pissed off Konnan, and cutely dances away from him, avoiding confrontation. Gilbertti stops dancing at the bottom of the ramp, and instead of getting in the ring, decides to dance around it, which is cool, until Rick Steiner reaches over the top rope, and pulls him in, to the delight of the crowd.

Currently in Ring (# of Eliminations): Sonny Siaki, Buff Bagwell, Brian Christopher, Rick Steiner, James Storm, Rey Mysterio Jr. (1), Glen Gilbertti

The next minute is spent with Mysterio flying around the ring, both bumping for, and getting offense in on, all the men in the ring. This really gets the crowd going, as Mysterio has immediatley become the fan favorite to win, at this point. Gilbertti gets made into Steiner's bitch as this goes on, as he gets a mudhole stomped into his ass in the corner.

Music reminiscent of the old Horseman music begins to play, as 'The Enforcer' C.W. Anderson makes his entrance, slowly walking down to the ring in his black and purple singlet. He does the 'C-W-Throat Cut' taunt, and climbs into the ring, immediatley nailing the person closest to him with a forearm, and getting right into the action.

Currently in Ring: Sonny Siaki, Buff Bagwell, Brian Christopher, Rick Steiner, James Storm, Rey Mysterio Jr. (1), Glen Gilbertti, C.W. Anderson

Anderson brings a technical edge to the match, as he suplexes Siaki, and locks on a neck wrench, only to get kicked in the back by Christopher, which turns into a mistake by The King's boy, as he recieves a Ferris Wheel for his trouble. Anderson is throwing down, and dominating the ring, even nailing his trademark stalling superplex on Mysterio, and just showing off his technical skill.

All that looks to change, as The New Church's music hits, and all eight men in the ring look towards the entrance way, as they know what that means. The crowd gives a mixed reaction, popping for what is likely to happen, but boo'ing Malice for what he did to Harris. Malice gives no fucks, and slowly makes his way to the ring, as the men already entered strategize on what to do.

Currently in Ring: Sonny Siaki, Buff Bagwell, Brian Christopher, Rick Steiner, James Storm, Rey Mysterio Jr. (1), Glen Gilbertti, C. W. Anderson, Malice

Malice steps over the top rope, and is rushed by Gilbertti and Bagwell, who are unceremoniously deposited over the top rope for their trouble. Next is Brian Christopher, who makes a stupid kamikaze rush, and gets slammed to the outside by the big men, who has already lived up to the crowd's expectations.

Eliminated: Glen Gilbertti, Buff Bagwell, and Brian Christopher by Malice

Malice continues his march through the men in the ring, sending Siaki over the top as the buzzer sounds for the next entrant.

Eliminated: Sonny Siaki by Malice

Familiar sounding music hits, as Curt Hennig makes his entrance, in full on Mr. Perfect mode, though, of course, we can't call him that. He sends the gum flying, which gets a slight pop, as does the towel toss behind the back. He looks at the ring, and eyes up Malice, who is brawling with Rick Steiner, before sliding into the ring.

Currently in Ring: Rick Steiner, James Storm, Rey Mysterio Jr. (1), C.W. Anderson, Malice (4), Curt Hennig

Malice eliminates Steiner, non chalantly tossing him over the top, then turns around, right into Hennig, who was never one to back down from a challenge. Hennig tries some chops to Malice's chest, but they have little effect, as the big man just pushes the legend back with a one handed shove. At this point, Anderson and Storm join in, but its Hennig who pays the price, as he's sent out quickly by Malice, who is just downright dominant thus far.

Eliminated: Rick Steiner and Curt Hennig by Malice

Malice turns his attention to Storm, but is cut off when some pounding music hits, and the crowd pops for 'The World's Most Dangerous Man', as Ken Shamrock hits the curtain! Shamrock makes no bones about it, heading straight to the ring, calling out Malice on his way! Shamrock stands on the apron, and points a finger at Malice, screaming at him!

Currently in Ring: James Storm, Rey Mysterio Jr. (1), C. W. Anderson, Malice (6), Ken Shamrock

Shamrock and Malice meet in the ring, and the former UFC champion is able to rock the big man with hard right hands, but a takedown attempt is stopped with a clubbing hammer style blow to the back. Shamrock shows dogged determination though, and dosen't back down, going toe to toe with the man who thus far has owned the Gauntlet! James Storm becomes an unfortunate casualty of the battle between these two, as he gets in the way, and is knocked out of the ring with a thrust kick by Shamrock, which was meant for Malice.

Eliminated: James Storm by Ken Shamrock

Shamrock continues his attempts to takedown Malice as Scott Hall's music hits, and 'Da Bad Guy' hustles to the ring, jumping right in the fray!

Currently in Ring: Rey Mysterio Jr (1), C.W. Anderson, Malice (6), Ken Shamrock (1), Scott Hall

Hall takes it right to Malice as well, as Shamrock takes a moment out to eliminated Mysterio, who had attempted to jump on the big man's back, but missed, nailing Shamrock. Hey, its only fair.

Eliminated: Rey Mysterio Jr. by Ken Shamrock

Hall, Shamrock, and Anderson all team up in an attempt to dump Malice, but even their combined might is not enough, as the monster of The New Church fights back, and nearly eliminates Hall in the process. Finally, during a second attempt, some metal-ish music pounds out, and Jerry Lynn hauls ass to the ring to join the struggle to eliminate Malice.

Currently in Ring: C.W. Anderson, Malice (6), Ken Shamrock (2), Scott Hall, Jerry Lynn

Another minute of handicap action, with the same result as before, as Malice continues to fight off the odds. Finally, the four other men relent, exahausted in their effort, and Malice falls to a knee, as the other four regroup on the oppisite side of the ring.

This dosen't last long, as Steve Corino's theme hits, and he makes his way to the ring. Instead of joining in the effort to eliminate Malice, he focuses his attention on Hall, evidently intent on backing up his early statements. This leads to the others in the ring to also abandon the battle, and we are back at clusterfuck.

Currently in Ring: C.W. Anderson, Malice (6), Ken Shamrock (2), Scott Hall, Jerry Lynn, Steve Corino

Corino is joined in his fight with Hall by Anderson, and the two seemed to have formed an alliance. On the other side of the ring, Shamrock has Lynn on the ropes in the corner, working his midsection. Malice still rests in the corner.

A record screeches, and harsh rap begins to play, as the former 'K-Kwik' Ron 'The Truth' Killings makes his entrance. Killings rushes down to the ring, and joins the Gauntlet.

Currently in Ring: C.W. Anderson, Malice (6), Ken Shamrock (2), Scott Hall, Jerry Lynn, Steve Corino, Ron Killings

Killings launches himself into the match, using not only his freshness and energy, but his speed to do damage. He stays away from Malice, however, who has risen to his feet, and begun brawling with both Corino and Anderson. Lynn rushes over to help them, and it looks like they might finally succeed in ousting the big man, when the timer runs out.


Yes, indeed, it is Simon Diamond, who rushes down to the ring, throwing off is black and gold robe on the way, and dives straight into the action, helping Lynn, Corino, and Anderson, as they FINALLY succeed in eliminating Malice, although it took all four of them to do it.

Eliminated: Malice by Steve Corino, Jerry Lynn, C.W. Anderson, and Simon Diamond

At this moment, almost all action in the ring stops, as every superstar looks at what just happened, a smile on their face. Malice pounds the mat in frustration, and refuses to leave ringside. With the distraction, Ron Killings takes the oppurtunity to eliminate Jerry Lynn, who, though angered, takes one look at Malice, and high tails it through the crowd!

Eliminated: Jerry Lynn by Ron Killings

The buzzer sounds, and another familiar face makes his appearance, as 'Stormin' Norman Smiley starts to walk to the ring, playing to the crowd. He dosen't make it under his own power, however, as Malice is finally making his way up the ramp, and decides to take out some aggression on the British superstar, smashing him with forearms, and tossing him into the guardrail, before throwing him into the ring, where he's quickly eliminated by a oppurtunistic Steve Corino.

Currently in Ring: C. W. Anderson (¼), Ken Shamrock (2), Scott Hall, Steve Corino (1¼), Ron Killings (1), Norman Smiley

Eliminated: Norman Smiley by Steve Corino

As this is happening, Scott Hall bundles C.W. Anderson over the top rope, and the next superstar prepares to make his entrance, as West and Tenay wonder if its Sabu, or Jeff Jarrett. The Arabian style music gives it away, as Sabu makes his entrance, accompanied by a whistle blowing Bill Alfonso. Alfonso is yelling 'This is Sabu baby!' to the crowd, as the Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal one throws off his turban, and leaps off the top rope, into the ring, landing on top of Killings.

Eliminated: C.W. Anderson by Scott Hall

Currently in Ring: Ken Shamrock (2), Scott Hall (1), Steve Corino (1¼), Ron Killings (1), Sabu

There's no mystery in who's left, as West and Tenay actively wonder how Jarrett could have gotten the lucky draw. This dosen't stop the action in the ring however, as Shamrock surges to life, and dominates, tossing Killings around the ring, until he's stopped by the unorthodox attack of Sabu. During the minute, there's only one elimination, as Simon Diamond gets dropkicked over the top rope by Sabu!

Eliminated: Simon Diamond by Sabu

This leads to much whistle blowing and yelling from Alfonso, who continues it even when Diamond gets in his face, and gets tossed into the barrier for his trouble. Satisfied with his work, Diamond walks to the back, just as the final buzzer goes off.

'The Chosen One' Jeff Jarrett finally makes his entrance as the last man, with his trademark guitar over his shoulder. He rips off his sunglasses, and strides purposefully to the ring, where he slides in, and makes his prescence felt by absolutely demolishing Ken Shamrock with a guitar shot, and bundling the World's Most Dangerous Man out of the ring with suprising quickness.

Eliminated: Ken Shamrock by Jeff Jarrett

Currently in Ring: Scott Hall (1), Steve Corino (1¼), Ron Killings (1), Sabu (1), Jeff Jarrett (1)

Jarrett continues his dominance, removing Killings and Sabu in short order, albeit with an assist from Corino and Hall, which leaves us where we started the night, with three clear cut contenders for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship!

Eliminated: Sabu and Ron Killings by Jeff Jarrett

Currently in Ring: Scott Hall (1), Steve Corino (1¼), Jeff Jarrett (3)

The three look at each other, and Jarrett smiles, believing momentum is on his side. A dramatic pause, and then all three men charge the center of the ring. Hall is almost eliminated when Corino reverses a whip, but hangs on and rolls underneath the rope. Some trickeration, as Corino whips Jarrett to the ropes, and Hall tries to pull them down, but Jarrett is able to pull up. Jarrett then eats a snake eyes from Hall, who turns his attention to Corino.

The two men look at each other, then start jawing. A moment passes, and Hall points at Jarrett, then at himself and Corino. It seems we have an alliance! Tenay smartly points out that neither man needs to actually toss the other over the top to win, they simply need to get rid of Jarrett, and then its one on one, with pinfall or submission rules. Corino seems to like his chances, and nods his head.

They advance on Jarrett, who is slowly rising to his feet, and shaking out the cobwebs. He sees them coming, and starts wildly throwing punches, but the combined effort of both men is too much, as they succeed in ousting him from the ring, much to the delight of the crowd. Jarrett attempts to plead his case with officials at ringside, but it does no good, as the bell is rung.

Survivors: Scott Hall and Steve Corino

Jarrett slowly walks to the back, staring a hole in Hall, and yelling at him about revenge. Moments after he passes the curtain, Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat makes his triumphant return, with the NWA World Heavyweight Title, ready to ref the match between Corino and Hall.

Steamboat announces a five minute rest period, and we cut to a quick commercial.

[Don't miss next week's NWA:TNA Live on Pay Per View, as we'll have the first round of the X Division Tournament, as well as a rematch for the NWA World Heavyweight Title, no matter what happens tonight! Oh and check out our sponsors, Electronic Arts, Domino's Pizza, Sega, and Snickers. Junk food and video games, what else do you need?]

The rest period is over, as Tenay and West make their final predictions, splitting down the middle, Tenay with Corino, and West with Hall. Hall looks winded in the ring, and Corino looks to be ready to go another hour if he needs too, which could be a key element in the match. Steamboat shows both of them the prize, the NWA World Heavyweight Title, then holds it aloft for the crowd, before handing it off to ringside, and calling for the bell.

Steve Corino vs. Scott Hall

NWA World Heavyweight Title Match, Special Guest Referee: Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat

Hall remains in his corner for a moment, seemingly trying to catch his breath, which gives Corino the opening to charge in, only to have Hall dodge out of the way, while Corino crashes, knee first, into the turnbuckle. A smart move by the wily veteran, who taps his head, letting us all know he's still got it. Hall slams Corino's head into the turnbuckle a few times, then sends him to the other corner.

Hall saunters in, which costs him, as Corino reverses him into the corner, and lays in some chops, looking back at Steamboat with a sneer on his face after each one. Steamboat is eventually forced to break it up, and call for action. Corino is incensed by this, and argues with Steamboat, which results in him getting backdropped by Hall, and covered for a short two.

Hall continues his onslaught, laying in some stomps, then taking time to play to the crowd, and making the cardinal mistake of turning his back. This allows Corino to grab him from behind in a waistlock, but Hall throws an elbow, causing Corino to stumble back, where he runs into Steamboat, knocking him backward, AND OUT OF THE RING! Corino turns around to look at what happened, then nonchalantly turns around into a clothesline by Hall, who just now sees Steamboat out at ringside.

Scott Hall exits the ring, going to check on Steamboat, when there's a commotion in the crowd. ITS JEFF JARRETT! Double J blitzes Hall with rights and lefts, then rolls him into the ring, yelling at Corino to hold him up. Corino does so, as Jarrett retreives another guitar from underneath the ring. He sizes up Hall, takes a run up, swing and a...MISS! JARRETT HITS CORINO! HALL DUCKED, HALL DUCKED! Jarrett can't believe it, but his disbelief is shortlived, as KEN SHAMROCK IS ON THE RAMP! JARRETT SEES SHAMROCK, AND TAKES OFF INTO THE CROWD! Shamrock gives chase, as Hall once again goes to check on Steamboat. He succeeds in rousing the legend, and then climbs back into the ring.


Winner and NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Scott Hall

61,64,57 - Gauntlet for the Gold + Corino vs. Hall

NWA: TNA Live on Pay Per View goes off the air with Scott Hall posing with his belt on the turnbuckle, Corino in the background pleading his case to The Dragon! TUNE IN NEXT WEEK!

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Scott Hall as champ, nice and reliable... uh...

That was a well written show, some of the tags are a bit screwed up but that's nothing to do with the writing. I'm kind of confused by a lack of Russoesque booking, but that's by no means a complaint.

Especially good use of Corino and his former reign and I do pray that you really give him a solid run with the company. Keep it up past a second show now syco ^_^

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I don't usually reply to single pieces of feedback, but I gotta on this one.

One, thanks for the heads up on the tags. As you can see, there was a shitload of them in the Gauntlet, and as I put them in as I write, sometimes I forget slashes. Should be fixed now.

Second, why would you expect Russo-ish booking? Russo is in no way involved in this diary, and I don't book like him :P. Just curious where that comment came from.

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Second, why would you expect Russo-ish booking? Russo is in no way involved in this diary, and I don't book like him :P. Just curious where that comment came from.

It was never mentioned who was booking, so I just assumed it was the original team, of which Vince Russo was a part IIRC, he came up with such bull as "The Johnsons" early on. Just an assumption by me, but I'm glad if he isn't around on this 'booking team'.

The tags are a nightmare for me too, I can't count the amount of times I realise just before a show that I've left the slash or put it after the letter.

Like I said, shoot with this one because I'd like to see a syco diary that everyone gets a chance to get into before it ends :P

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*Sighs* ANOTHER syco diary? :P

Kidding, kidding. Seriously, this one looks to have a lot of potential. TNA had a very diverse talent roster when they began, and the first show did a good job of showing that off. I'm looking forward to the X-Division Tournament, as that should really show off some good wrestlers and give you a chance to write some fun matches. This is a change in the type of diary one normally assaociates with you syco, but that's a good thing in this case.

Not sure about Scott Hall as champ, as he's NOT the most reliable person. But he can still wrestle a good match, and he's got lots of charisma (and machismo...and chest hair), so hopefully it'll all work out for the best.

Good format, writing, and all the rest you would expect make this one to watch. Keep up the good work, and I'll look forward to the next show.

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Well that was a damn good show my man. Not too long, but not too short either. Also had some of my favourites (Simon, Lash Leroux, Buff Bagwell, Disco) and realistic booking.

Hall would make a fine champ... should he not have any spells with rehab. Good luck with this, and push Buff Bagwell for reasons I will never understand.

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Guest UmpireAJS

How could Hall vs Corino get such poor ratings.

Also your format looks kinda bland.

On the positive side,nice start with good writings (expected really), and please dont turn this one to some Hardcore fed.

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I'm liking this a lot so far.

Steve Corino as a major player is good stuff. I always felt that TNA could have really used him as a top guy, he reminds me of a more talented version of Double J. Maybe that's why he didn't get used.

The Gertner/Francine feud is off to a good start, and your pimpage of it in the NSZ leads me to believe that you got a lot of shit up your sleeve for it, which is all good.

The Low Ki spitting thang was also pretty groovy, I wouldn't mind seeing ki kick the living shit out of some X-Division pretty boys like Yang, Leroux and Skipper, instead of being a cowardly bitch like TNA presented him.

So yeah, overall damn good, but when Hall fucks TNA up, don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

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Good job syco. Here's hoping you did what we discussed a few weeks ago.

I liked the history of the NWA, but you should go back to that first post and decide if it's the National Wrestling Alliance or Association. That aside, it was/is a good backstory, and one I've always preferred. Just give us the historical data we need and let's move along to the show.

Speaking of which...

While I would have loved to have seen Lash and company win, being the Ragin Cajun mark I am, I also remember your own fondness for all things Lash, so I have hopes that he will do well in the future of this diary. Perhaps a pairing with Yang? I've seen worse things. I always loved Slash, just a personal favorite for some odd reason in the formative years of NWA, but for the life of me I can't think of who Salem might be.

Nice segment with Steamboat, JJ, Hall, and Corino. It did it's job, telling us who the top stars already are, as well as HOPEFULLY swerving us into thinking it will be one of them? Nah, I saw the sig so i already know, but more on that to come.

Let me say, I sure as hell hope you give Malice a good push. I dunno why, but whereas I always found The Wall to be a horrid wrestler, Malice excited me. I know that makes zero sense, but eh you'll have that.

York and Matthews against The Harris Boys did zero for me. It was what it was, and all it was was a set up for a feud between Gertner's Pitbulls and Francine's Harris Boys. Oh by the way...YAWN. Sorry. On the plus side, you have Gertner down to a T. I actually cracked a few smiles with his promo there. Almost saved the segment.

Let me just say your Styles/Low Ki exchange and match was fantastic. Can't go wrong there, ever, and here's hoping these two put on a brilliant series of matches. Hell, throw in the next set of competitors, Rey and Scorpio, and you may have a four way dance dream match. Or is that just me thinking aloud? Either way, the idea stands, as does the segue, so let me mention how much I loved that next match as well. That would definitely qualify as a dream match as far as I am concerned. Not sure if Rey and Scorpio ever met, although I am sure they have, but the meeting described here was damn good. Too bad the crowd wasn't exactly into it. I really am hoping to see all four of these men do well in your X Division Tourney, even though i am totally unsure if Scorpio is even going to be in it. Here's hoping.

More Malice goodness. Thank you kind booker.

I also liked the write-up for the battle royal portion of The Gauntlet. Loved the Filthy animals reunion leading to a Konnan eliminiation by Rey. An accident? I think not. Rey realized he was about to be ruined again and said fuck that, leaving the past where it so rightfully belongs. I hope. Here's an idea I alwayts had that you may use as I never will. I love me some C.W. Anderson, I mean he's the shit isn't he? Ever notice the odd resemblance between he and David Young? Interesting idea for a Minnesota Stretching Crew kinda Tag Team, no? Rename David Young to something with an Anderson, and voila. I like it. And here comes Malice. This man needs to eliminate half those currently in there please, Kane style. And I ask and I shall recieve as he eliminates three dead weights right off the bat. Malice rocks, proved further by him eliminating Siaki, Steiner (YES!!!), and Hennig (NOOOOOO you bastard). By the way, you eliminated the wrong AMW member to be from the match. Harris is far superior to Storm by far. And as if on cue, Malice and Shamrock eliminate Storm. Gotta love it. And finally when the "stars" arrive we get the elimination of Malice. Nice push right outta the gates for this guy, I'm loving it. Booooo on the quick elimination of Smiley as well. My tweo faves in this match, he and Hennig, and you discredit them on the first show? Bastard indeed. I didn't like how the final three were the three you pointed out to us at the top of the show were hte "stars", but I guess you'll have such paint by numbers booking from time to time. Oh well.

This leads to the title match, and the outcome I already know. Yay Hall? No, not really. I don't know why, as I am a mark for Da Bad Guy, but it seems to, I dunno, something. It's a good move from a strong champion standpoint, but it's not what I wanted to see after that exhilerating Gauntlet. Oh well. Good job on getting to the inevitable let down by the way.

So the overall grade for a show that impressed me far more than I expected and yet let me down in the same way is a B+. Now, let's see if and how a second show turns up, okay?


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June 22nd, 2002

user posted image


- Reviews of the debut of NWA:TNA Live on Pay Per View were mixed. The X Division was well recieved by the internet community, based on its emphasis on the in ring action, but The Harris Boys vs York and Matthews had the exact oppisite effect, although many admitted that the appearance of Joel Gertner somewhat saved the segment.

- We'd like to congratulate Scott Hall on his first ever reign as a World Champion. Its been a long time coming for Da Bad Guy, as he's fought through his demons, and claims to be ready to put TNA on his back, and carry it to the top. He'll get his V1 defense June 26th, against the man he defeated to win the belt, Steve Corino.

- Speaking of Corino, he has gone on record with his complaints about legend Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat's officiating at the end of the Gauntlet, claiming the match should have been thrown out after the interference by Jeff Jarrett. Corino was inscensed after the show backstage, to the point of throwing chairs and various other objects around his lockeroom. We'll have to see if that fire shows up in his match with Hall on Wednsday.

- TNA is actively looking to gain a nationwide audience on cable television, and is in talks with several networks, including the USA Network. Word is that if this happens, the weekly PPV model will be dropped for a more traditional monthly model, more in the vein of the mid-90s WWF 'In Your House' style, with minor PPVs building with the television programming towards quarterly major PPVs.

- With six of the eight slots in the X Division Tournament filled, TNA officials have scoured the globe for worthy entrants. Rumor has it that a certain former NCAA All American wrestler, and a bit of 'Thunder' from the Land of the Rising Son have expressed interest in gaining a shot at this exciting new division.

- The Dragon has laid down the law as it concerns Ken Shamrock and Jeff Jarrett. Due to Jarrett's interference in the NWA World Heavyweight Title match between Scott Hall and Steve Corino, Double J has been ordered to stay at home for the 26th. Jarrett was outraged at this announcement, and claimed that, as 'The Chosen One', he'd do what he damn well pleased, slappy. His words, not ours. As for Shamrock, he has expressed a demand to take on Jarrett in the ring, a challenge that the Director of Authority is weighing with great concern.

- In other news, TNA is actively preparing to decide how to proceed with the NWA World Tag Team Champions. The current champions, Mike and Todd Shane, are at the moment unable to defend their titles in TNA, due to commitments in South America. If they are unable to defend their belts within the next thirty days, TNA has full authority to strip them of their titles.

- Sometimes we have to report the not so great news along with everything else, and this week that is the case. David Young, a contracted TNA superstar, has admitted himself into rehab for his addiction to painkillers and alcohol. We wish David the best in his recovery, and will be with him every step of the way.

- As for those contracts... TNA has offered 'No Compete' contracts to several of its superstars, for varying amounts of time. These contracts basically restrict which promotions, or the amount of promotions, TNA superstars may work. As of this time, this means that superstars under contract may not work World Wrestling Entertainment shows, nor any shows that conflict with TNA tapings, although special consideration will be applied to the latter. This will not affect any of our superstars prior responsiblities, nor their ability to tour Japan, as we feel that the puro scene is a great way to gain exposure and experience for our stars.

As of June 21st, the contracted stars are as follows:

Chris Harris

David Young

Don Harris

Elix Skipper


James Storm

Joel Gertner

Johnny Swinger

Lucy Furr


Pitbull #1

Pitbull #2

Ron Harris

Ron Killings

Scott Hall

Simon Diamond

Sinister Minister


Steve Corino

- Don't forget to catch the next NWA:TNA Live on Pay Per View, Wednsday, June 26th, headlined by the NWA World Heavyweight Title rematch between the champion Scott Hall, and the challenger Steve Corino, as well as the first round matches in the X Division Tournament.

- Check in every week for ALL the TNA news, right here at TotalNonstopAction.com!

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June 22nd, 2002

user posted image

NWA: Total Nonstop Action LIVE on Pay Per View

June 26th, 2002



What a night the debut of NWA:TNA was, as we saw Scott Hall win the first World title of his illustrous career, as he defeated 19 other men, including 'The King of Old School' Steve Corino, in the Gauntlet for the Gold. As the last elimination, Corino has a title shot, and he's taking it this week! Can Hall overcome the odds like last week, when a guitar shot gone awry by Jeff Jarrett seemingly won him the title, or will Jarrett's jealousy catch up to 'The Lone Wolf', and cost him his title, just a week after he won it?

Hall's victory wasn't the only thing to come out of the Gauntlet for the Gold. The New Church's monster, Malice, showed exactly why he is considered the most dominant man in TNA, as he registered the most eliminations, and in dominating fashion. While he is not scheduled for a match tonight, The Sinister Minister has promised that the New Church WILL make its prescence felt, no matter what happens to Salem in the X Division Tournament!

Speaking of the X Division Tournament, all but two competitors have been announced, and we bring them to you now...

'The Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels

Rey Mysterio Jr.


A.J. Styles

'PrimeTime' Elix Skipper


We are also proud to announce the seventh entrant in the X Division Tournament. Yes, the rumors are true, as NWA:TNA Live on Pay Per View has been christened 'And the Thunder Rolls', because the one, the only, JUSHIN 'THUNDER' LIGER HAS BEEN SIGNED TO COMPETE! This is truly a must see, as the masked legend has been absent from the US scene for years. Who will he take on? It all depends on the draw, because the X Division Tournament is completely RANDOM!

So, Hall/Corino, Jushin 'Thunder' Liger, what else do you need? Contact your local cable or satellite provider, for NWA:TNA Live on Pay Per View - 'And the Thunder Rolls'! You won't want to miss it!

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This is looking good so far, Syco.

I like how you’re rewriting history, with the inclusion of Rey Mysterio Jr., and the pushing of Steve Corino.

I also like the feud with the Pitbulls and The Harris Brothers, and Joel Gertner is gold. I just hope the Pitbulls go over because I hate The Harris Brothers and their Nazi ways. I got a chuckle out Gertner’s promo on Francine as it sees you have him down pretty good.

Malice was the shit when TNA first started and I’m glad you’re pushing him like they did.

I’m hoping the last entrant to the X Division tournament is Shelton Benjamin, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if it’s Charlie Haas either but I’m a Shelton Benjamin mark so that would just make me happy.

The Styles-Low-Ki match was great as I would expect, and the Mysterio-Scorpio match was pretty good, too. Scorpio’s pretty under-rated in my opinion; I hope he makes a return.

Scott Hall winning the championship was nice, glad to see you didn’t go with Shamrock like the real TNA did, and I’ve always wanted to see Hall with the gold.

Try to keep this one up. :thumbsup:

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